Friday, December 31, 2010


" You know what makes me sad? YOU DO!!!
(What makes me sad is that I have to tell you that I am using a statemant from a Geico Ins. commercial, as they have probably patented the statement and would be more than willing to sue my pants off for using it without their permission. Isn't that pathetic and something to be sad about?)

What really makes me sad is the fact that the "Global Warming Scam" even exists in the first place, and because of the this made up crisis, we will no longer be able to use the incandescent light bulb. Also, energy costs will be going through the roof to stop the flow of harmless carbon dioxide gas. Because of "Global Warming", Americans are burning food in our automobiles and trucks in the form of corn ethanol, while the world's population of poor and hungry are getting poorer and hungrier. Remember when America was the world's bread basket, thanks to Al (I can't believe the earth is cooling) Gore, the world will still be hungry, but perhaps not poorer as Obama is taking our wealth and redistributing it to everyone else in the new global community.

What really makes me sad is changing terminology and names to somehow make things that don't exist seem more palatable to the American people. For instance: What once was "Global Warming" was changed to "Climate Change" but because the global warming crisis was debunked, as it was determined that the whole thing was based on false science, most recently the term has been changed to "Global Climate Disruption". Just another non-existent crisis, that isn't a reality at all. Here are a few more: "War on Terror" has been changed by the Obama administration to "Overseas Contingency Operation" as if we have already gone to plan "B". " Terrorist Attacks" are now "Man-caused Disasters." And last, but not least, perhaps the most ridiculous terminology change by the Obama administration so far, are you ready? "Illegal Immigrants" are no longer Illegal Immigrants, they are, get this, "Displaced Foreign Travelers." As if somehow Mexicans and or anyone else who are here illegally, merely lost their way while strolling along the border and mistakenly stumbled into the United States of America and couldn't find their way home. If that's true, these interlopers into our country aren't really breaking any laws, right. Wrong!!! But that's what the liberals would have you believe. If Obama had been president in 1941, the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor would have just been considered "Displaced Foreign Air Travelers", who merely strayed into U.S. airspace and while they were there, accidentally dropped bombs, torpedoes and machine gun rounds killing thousands of Americans, and by some wierd twist of fate, destroyed most of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. So, consequently the 9/11 attack was perhaps the result of a misunderstood accident. According to Obama, those pieces of worthless garbage who hijacked American aircraft and murdered some 3,000 people must have been "Displaced Foreign Travelers" too.

Yeah, that's right Obama, you know what makes me sad? YOU DO!!! It makes me sad that we have a Muslim/Progressive in the White House. It offends me that the First Lady has the gall to even suggest that America eat healthier when her butt has just about the right dimensional characteristics needed to be fitted with 17 inch saddle. It makes me sad that her own husband can't stop smoking like a chimney and pounding down greasy cheeseburgers. (Let's face it, if the Obama's were to lead by example, the entire world would be expected to be arrogant and lie to each other at the drop of a hat). People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, even if their house is a White House. It makes me sad that the entire United States Military is being forced to cow tow to the homosexual agenda. It makes me sad that the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs are in favor of the repeal of DADT. It makes me sad that thousands of unborn babies are brutally murdered each week in abortion clinics, here and around the world, and my tax dollars are being used to fund the despicable act of the slaughter of innocents. It makes me sad that anyone who professes to be a Christian can vote in favor of and or condone abortion, and at the same time be worried about animal abuse. It makes me sad that our current administration has placed a moratorium on American deep water oil drilling and then gives billions of American tax dollars to foreign governments so they can drill in those exact same areas. It makes me sad that every administration since Carter has run on the platform that America must become energy independent, and independent from foreign oil, but have done nothing to make that happen. It makes me sad that when George Bush led us into war in Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11, was brutalized by the media. Now that the wars, both of them, belong to Barack Hussein Obama nothing is being said, not by the media, not by congress, not by Code Pink. It makes me sad that our president, can bald face lie to the American people every time he opens his mouth, and the media remains silent. It makes me sad that ever since 9/11 when Muslims (I mean Displaced Foreign Travelers) attacked and killed no less than 3,000 people on our own soil, that this Obama administration has done everything in it's power to convince the American people that we are somehow responsible, and we are the ones who need to be tolerant and reach out to the murdering Muslim Faith, so they won't be offended. It makes me sad to hear Katie Curic say something so stupid like "America could use a Muslim sitcom like Cosby". Can someone who gets paid millions by the media really think that there could ever be a "truthful" sitcom about Muslims. Trust me Katie, do some research, there is nothing funny about Islam or Muslims. I think a program about Muslim life should be put on TV, but I think it should depict actual life of a Muslim family that is controlled by the Qu'ran and Sharia law. Maybe Katie could get a good laugh at the male star stoning his wife because she spoke to some other man she wasn't related to in public. Yes, a truthful depiction of Muslim life would certainly bring the guffaws to the liberal audiences everywhere. You know, perhaps that is what America needs to see after all. Thanks Katie!!!

I for one am happy that another year of the Obama administration is coming to a close. A lot of damage has been done in the last two years to our country, our economy, and to our once impeccable reputation around the world. It is unfortunate that there are still two Obama years to come. I pray that the new conservative congress can, at the very least slow any more damage. Although it is apparent that Obama has determined that congress is no longer relevant for him to forge ahead with his agenda. I pray that somehow the Lord will step in on America's behalf. I pray that once again the American people will turn back to God, and get a firm grasp on His Divine Providence, and pray for mercy. I pray that the new year brings about a change for the better. I pray this in Jesus' name. Amen

"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Situ

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Can you spot the Illegal Aliens in this picture? If you guessed all of them, you are correct. What a fine lot, wouldn't you agree?

On a talk radio program the other day, the host was talking about stores and other merchants that cater to Illegal Aliens, and that the Illegals are easy to spot. The studio telephone line lit up immediately. On the line was a liberal listener who accused the host of being racist. The caller also said "that there is no way that you can spot an Illegal Alien just by observing them". The talk show host rebutted the caller's statements, and so do I. Anyone who thinks an Illegal Alien cannot not be picked out of a crowded Walmart store, simply has his/her head in the sand, or elsewhere. If you are behind some little brown people in line at a Walmart checkout, and no one in the entire family/group speaks a word of English, this is a clue as to their legal/illegal status. If they have two overflowing carts and the assumed husband/honcho in the group pulls a wad of cash from his pocket gives some to the checker, and pays the rest of the bill with a government entitlement card or Food Stamps, chances are, the entire family/group are in the United States illegally. If the whole family/group are wearing the latest $100.00 a pair tennis shoes, and they all appear two sizes too big, chances are, they are illegals, and they just came from the shoe department of a J.C. Penny store down the road. Oh yes, Illegals are easily spotted, so much so, that is escapes me how I.C.E. agents have a difficult finding them. I would certainly like to volunteer my services to I.C.E. and for a nominal fee of say $50.00 a head, I will gladly point out the Illegals at any Walmart or other store of I.C.E.'s choosing. I would venture to say, that within a few months I would be able to retire quite comfortably on the money. Suffice to say, it's not that I.C.E. can't find them, it's because they aren't allowed to profile, and well, I am!!! One of the easiest ways to spot an Illegal in a grocery store, is when you try to maneuver around all eight of the children to get to a box of cereal, the tell tale sign is when you say "excuse me" and both mom and pop give you that blank stare and smile, because they don't understand a word you said. They are easy to spot in the parking lot too, they will be the ones going the wrong way in the parking aisles, and they are all smiling at you as you try to pull far enough over to allow them to get by. (I should mention that holding your ground and staring them down until they back up, or move over for you, would be an exercise in futility at best.)
Here are a few statistics regarding Illegals: You should know that 43% of all Food Stamps are given to Illegals in America.
95% of all murder warrants in Los Angeles are for Illegals.
Less than 2% of Illegals are actually working in the agricultural industry, but 41% of Illegals are collecting U.S. government assistance, paid for by the American taxpayer.
Over 66% of all new births in California are from Illegal Mexican alien families.
60% of all HUD properties in America are occupied by Illegals.
More than 39% of students in California grades 1-12 are Illegal Aliens.
75% of Los Angeles' most wanted list are Illegals.
U.S. companies using Illegal Aliens in 2005 profited over 2.36 trillion dollars. All at the expense of American citizens who are now collecting unemployment. So you see, on this one the taxpayer is paying twice. How you say, well, the employer is paying the Illegal less than minimum wage, and they are paying him cash, NO Taxes that way.
Merchants who cater to Illegals are the ones that boast about being multi-lingual. Stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes and a host of others. I was even at a dentist's office last week and he was boasting to me that his office is the only bi-lingual dentist in town. That really didn't impress me very much. When we visited that office again, it was no wonder the waiting area was full of non-English speaking little brown folks all gibbering in Spanish. I doubt I will go back. Just as I refuse to hire a company to do work on my place that uses Illegal Alien labor, I will also not go to a dentist who caters to Illegals. ( I probably shouldn't shop at Walmart either, but with the taxes I pay to support the Illegals, I am forced to save some money somewhere.) Understand, that I hold no grudge against Spanish speaking people, but because my state, county and other local taxes are being used for TennCare and other Social programs specifically designed to enable Illegals, I do take umbrage to that form of taxation. Remember, entitlements are only free to those who are on the receivng end, not to those who have already paid or are still paying their fair share. Unfortunately many of the folks on TennCare are illegal, and I'm paying for their dentistry work as well as mine, and I can't get TennCare. Bottom line, Caucasian, English speaking, working taxpayers in Tennessee and many other states are being discriminated against. The government takes our money through the tax system so that others can take advantage of state and federal insurance programs that we can't have access to. If that's not discrimination and redistribution of wealth, I don't know what is. And in this taxpayer's humble opinion, this practice must be stopped.
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Situ

Thursday, December 23, 2010


For those of you who are familiar with Wall Builders, you will appreciate this, and accept it's authenticity without exception. For those of you who aren't familiar with Wall Builders, this is a perfect opportunity to delve into truthful American History. Feel free to click on the above link to Wall Builders, and enjoy. You can even click on the Nativity Scene to take you to the Wall Builders website.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

"The Watchman"

Strangely enough, the same Progressive Congress and White House that are determined to remove God, Jesus and Christianity from all things public and private, are now on Christmas recess. The only good thing, which is a blessing from our Lord, is that many congressmen and women will not be returning to Washington, D.C..

If the word "Christmas" is offensive to Muslims, why isn't the word "Ramadan" offensive to Christians?

God Bless us, everyone!
John 3:16, For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


"The Charge of the Light Brigade"
I would venture to say that Alfred Lord Tennyson might find the obvious correlation between the title of his poem and the new American military, just a little disturbing.
It probably won't be long now until Congressman Barney Frank (pictured above with friend) throws his hat into the ring for appointment to some/any post in the Pentagon. I have no doubt that since "Don't Ask Don't Tell" has been repealed, any position where Barney has authority over military personnel will please him, no end. Obama's signature hasn't even had time to dry on the document yet, and Barney Frank is already trying to make sure that the now openly gay servicemen are allowed to shower with the straight servicemen.
My hat goes off to, and my heart goes out to the Commandant of the Marine Corps for his understandable opposition to repealing DADT. There will be numerous distractions and problems that will come about from, this repeal of DADT, simply put, who must shower with whom will just be scratching the surface. The bottom line problem in my minds eye, will be keeping the straight servicemen from engaging in a mass exodus from military service. At any given time there are and have been a minimal amount of gay recruits and active duty servicemen, now, with the repeal of DADT, there will be more gays entering the military, this you can count on. Consequently, the predicament is reversed. Will straight servicemen and women be comfortable with the openly gay activities of their comrades in arms? Somehow, I don't think so!!! Suffice to say, there are more straight servicemen and women in our armed forces than there are gays. So, I ask you, what happens if the straights decide not to serve along side the gays? We do have an all volunteer military, do we not? Then, that does leave America in quite a pickle should the straight servicemen and women decide to search for another field of endeavor, does it not? As an ex-serviceman myself, I think this entire repeal of DADT has the potential to blow up in Obama's face. That is of course if Obama really cares whether the American military survives this radical change. I'm thinking that Obama and his minions are not only sure the American military will collapse in upon itself, but they are counting on it, and that's why so many are being sacrificed for so few. When the straight servicemen leave, then Obama will be left with a few gays to carry the entire weight of this nation's security, and he also knows, that the gay military can not handle it on their own. This will be just another nail in the United States of America's coffin. First destroy the economy, then take over industry and banking, and destroy that, then take over health care, and destroy that, strictly through its unsustainability. Then get control of the media, and now, destroy the readiness of the military. What a sweet little package our President has bundled up in two short years.
As I've said many times throughout the last two years, Obama is not dumb, he is not ignorant, he is not inept, and all the things he's doing that seem,well, stupid, are not stupid at all. Obama and his Progressives intended to fundamentally change America, (he said so himself), and that is exactly what he is doing. Those who say Obama is young and inexperienced, are simply playing into his hands. To state that his actions are those of an inexperienced President, is simply affording him a pass. It's so very obvious to see that Obama wants all of America and the world to think he is just making the mistakes of an inept leader, that all one must do is to look at what he is doing from his standpoint. Collapse America, and build a new One World Order. Has it not occurred to anyone else but us few, that America is the last bastion of freedom in the world? Do we not realize that it is America that keeps the One World Order from coming to fruition?
One thing that American people and the world's people need to understand, and that is, Obama is only interested in his agenda and the agenda of his leader George Soros and the Progressive minions at their beck and call. The repeal of DADT wasn't done so Obama could please the gays, and the Obama Care plan wasn't done to be sure 30 million Americans have health care. Obama and Soros have no interest in gays and lesbians, and they could care less if you or I ever have health care. All these entitlements are being put into place to add to the chaos, and believe me America, chaos is coming, and it's coming fast.
Look at the signs, prepare yourselves!!!
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Is it possible that Charles Dickens somehow traveled forward in time, and met up with Harry Reid? Did Charles Dickens return home to his own time, and begin writing the "Christmas Carol"? Throughout the years, many actors played the role as Ebenezer Scrooge on stage and in movies and for TV Specials. From W.C. Fields to Basil Rathbone, Kelsey Grammer and even "The Fonz" Henry Winkler. None of them can hold a candle to the infamous Harry Reid. Just look at that pathetic puss, if that isn't the face of Scrooge, I don't know what is!!!

In a statement the other day, Harry Reid had the gall to refer to himself as a Christian. To me, that's a tough one to swallow. For Harry's entire career as a U.S. Senator, he has been thumbing his nose and shaking his fist at Jesus. He has pushed through legislation (along with his cohort in the House, Nancy Pelosi) that finances the slaughter of millions of innocent unborn children, both here in America and around the world. It is reprehensible that honest Christian taxpayers are being forced to support abortions in the four corners of the world through taxes. I wonder how he sleeps at night, knowing that one day, before the throne of God, he, Harry Reid will have to justify his life's decisions.

There is no end to the evil that permeates our government, from the White House, both Houses of Congress and America's Courts, from the Supreme to the lowest local courtroom. God has been removed, and the state of the nation proves that out. Power corrupts and absolute power, corrupts absolutely. As Americans, we've turned our back on our values and Christian principles and allowed corruption to continue, as long as it didn't hurt our pocket books, now look where we are! We have people, who are knowingly aware of the devious and corrupt character of Harry Reid, but they re-elect him to the Senate regardless. You all know the old adage: "You get what you deserve", or better yet, "You reap what you sow". Here we are America, reaping what we've sown. Make no mistake people, we will all stand before the throne of our Lord one day, and He will ask us why we voted for whom we voted. Just a thought to ponder; How will you answer?

I will end with "Merry Christmas", I don't think the government will execute me for saying it, at least not yet.

God Help US
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

Sunday, December 12, 2010


It's called "jihad", so what is it you don't understand, or refuse to believe? We are engaged in a Holy War, we didn't start it, but make no mistake, we're in it, and in it for the long haul. Unless of course we continue to surrender to the Muslims who are conquering us. Yes, that's correct, I said conquering us. America is making the same exact mistakes as Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. For example, Sweden could very well be the most open and tolerant country on the face of the planet. They have accepted Muslims, and Islam with open arms. Has that stopped, or even slowed down Muslim jihad? The answer is no, it has not.
I challenge you, pick a place, a location anywhere on the globe. If there is any violence there, you can bet your sweet bippy that somehow Islam and the propagation thereof is at the bottom of the turmoil. It has been that way for centuries, check it out yourselves. Some place has been bombed, someone has been murdered by stabbing or beheading, some innocent group of people have been blown to smithereens, I can go on, but I'm sure you're getting my point. If not, here it is: Islam is behind it!!! Islam is a way of life, a terrorist organization with an intent to rule the world, and they disguise themselves as a peaceful religion. Let's just approach Islam very simply. Muslims, (all Muslims) pray to Allah, a false god. Muslims, (all Muslims) have some kind of sick loyalty to Muhammad. To use the descriptive term "false prophet" for Muhammad, simply would not be doing the man justice. In reality, there are several ways to describe Muhammad, here are but a few: Homicidal maniac, Pedophile, Schizophrenic, Ego maniacal narcissist, just for starters. Muhammad is the epitome of a "hate monger". Muhammad's so-called religion, is not a religion, but it does preach the hatred toward anyone who is an unbeliever in his Islamic teachings. These wonderfully peaceful Muhammad teachings can be found in around and throughout the Muslim holy book, "the Qu'ran. Muslims teach their children, boys and girls that Jews are pigs, and so are Christians. They teach their youngest of children that Israel must be wiped from existence, and that America is the great Satan. They have been, for centuries instructing their children on techniques of deception and silent and violent jihad against all infidels. Just a point to ponder, the following are infidels: Christians, Jews, Buddhists, atheists, homosexuals, both male and female, and even those who claim to be both. The point, if you are not Muslim then you are to be converted, or enslaved or murdered. That is the teaching of Muhammad, plain and simple.
What surprises me most, is the around the world acceptance and embracing of Islam as some kind of peaceful humanity saving religion. The evidence to the contrary permeates all facets of the news media, almost every day. How is it that Islam can fool so many people? Why is it that Islam, who demands tolerance of their belief, have absolutely no tolerance of anyone else's faith? And then again, why is that type of intolerance tolerated by truly peaceful people around the globe? The answer to these questions is based on one thing, and one only, even if it's denied. That one thing, is FEAR. That's correct, FEAR. Peaceful people are not naive, to believe that in sight of the evidence, that Islam is a peaceful religion would certainly carry naivete to a whole new dimension. No, it's FEAR. Fear in knowing that Islam and it's followers, the Muslims will carry out violent acts, up to and including murder, against anyone who opposes Islam. What other religion murders non-believers? None!!! The slaughter of innocents is unique to Islam, and has been for centuries, and that my friends instills FEAR into the hearts of men.
FEAR is why governments in Europe, UK, Netherlands, Canada and recently the United States of America are becoming Sharia compliant. Not admittedly so, but factual just the same. Where once peaceful people of many religions lived and worked in peaceful co-existence, Islam has infiltrated and demanded, not asked, not earned, but demanded that Muslims be treated to special rights and liberties at the expense of all others. Playing the victim and creating chaos are just tools of stealth jihad. Under the threat of violent jihad, our governments and even our Christian churches have chosen to bend over backwards to appease Islam. Appeasement is easier than opposition, but believe me, appeasement will not work. The more liberties, land and rights that are ceded to Islam, the more the rest of the world becomes slaves of Islam. Ironically, Muslims were responsible for 9/11 attacks, but it is the free peaceful people, the victims of 9/11 that are forced to suffer the degradation of body scanners and pat-downs at airport security stations, and yet, the Muslims are the ones demanding a pass through that same security system. A system that wouldn't even be in place if it weren't for them. Yes, it's FEAR, it's not tolerance, it's not love of Islam, it's not acceptance of Muslims and their strange violent religion, it's FEAR.
America, you can't fight FEAR, unless you recognize it for what it is. Islam, is not invincible, but they are the enemy. Denial on the part of free people is also the enemy, the enemy within. Islam knows that America has become weak, simply because of our tolerance, and the apologetics of our president. America, it's time to take a stand against the propagation of Islam in the U.S. The longer it takes for Americans to admit they FEAR Islam, the more difficult it will be to find the heart and fortitude to fight against the Islamization of America.
God Help Us
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore Ullo Sito

Friday, December 10, 2010


The Black Farmers Settlement Act of 2010
Something of a settlement that has been long over due, or just another racially motivated shakedown of the American Taxpayer?

Last week, President Barack Obama signed into law the Black Farmer's Settlement Act of 2010.
With the stroke of his pen, Obama has deemed that all of us white folk owe something to all those black farmers, for what reason, I'm not sure. I'm going to take a wild guess though, and say race had something to do with it. Perhaps some black farmers were refused home and or property loans on the basis that they were black, but then again I know many white farmers who have been turned down for loans too, could it be because they were white, or was it because their farms were already financially in the dumper. Oh, wait a minute, is it possible that the black farmers were turned down for loans because their farms were also in the dumper financially? That just can't be, the black farmers must have been seeking property loans because their farms were super profitable.
In all fairness, the settlement act contains money for Native American farmers too. I'm thinking this government owes the Indians more than a few million dollars, after all, didn't the government pretty much steal everything from the Indians. Okay, I'm sorry, the government did actually purchase some land from the Indian for a few trinkets and the promise that they would be taken care of. Well, they were taken care of alright. European settlers and the new U.S. government literally evicted and pushed the Native American from one end of the continent to the other. Without getting into the plight of the American Indian, suffice to say, the U.S. owes the Indian plenty.
The black farmer though... I suppose there were many black farmers who were in actuality discriminated against simply because they were black. But I'm guessing that there are a lot more black folk getting this compensation than there are, or ever were black farmers in this country. For example: As far as records go, there were only 33,000 black farmers in this country during the time period they were supposedly discriminated against. This year's 2010 census data shows that there are presently 13,000 black farmers in this country, at this time. So someone needs to explain to me why are there applications for a piece of this settlement from over 94,000 black farmers? Who are these farmers? Where do they live, and what do they farm? No one in the White House, the Department of Agriculture, or either house of congress are asking these questions. Is this a race thing? I'm inclined to think that it is. Let's face it, each alleged black farmer applicant stands to receive a check in the amount of $50,000.00 to be drawn on the bank of the American Taxpayer, and no one, and I mean no one is even concerned whether these applicants are farmers, or ever were farmers. It is my understanding that each applicant must have grown something or have a witness that confirms they tried to grow something. I also understand that even if you grew or attempted to grow something, in your back yard, or even in your bathtub, you qualify as a black farmer, if of course you are black. I'm not sure what the black population is in this nation at the moment, but if the NAACP had their act together they could demand the $50,000.00 for every black adult in the nation, even the ones who are growing weed on their back porch. Perhaps, that's exactly what the next step will be, as I understand that Al Sharpton doesn't think the settlement is near enough. So, let's see, this country has a presumably black president, a black first lady, a black secretary of Agriculture and a lame duck, far left liberal congress, that just can't wait to put another financial doomsday bomb on the American taxpayer, so chances are good that Crooked Al Sharpton might just have a great opportunity to get even more money allotted to black farmers. Who knows Al, weren't you a black farmer once. before you were a minister? Are you really a minister, c'mon really?!!
I sincerely hope that come January 2011, our newly elected congress will look into this matter and appoint someone credible to exercise a modicum of oversight. Let's at least verify that all the applicants are black, and there aren't any radical Muslims
looking for some free dough, to finance the next attack.
This whole settlement act is nothing but blatant redistribution of wealth, because that's the plan. It is another attempt to bring about class warfare. Given time, the Progressives will succeed in collapsing this nation.
God Help Us
Sincerely, "The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore Ullo Sito

Friday, December 3, 2010


NOT!!! - GERALDO RIVERA: Read This Before Voting on the DREAM Act

Like all of Geraldo Rivera's journalistic attempts, this OpEd for FOXNews is no different. It is chock full of melodramatics. As in most of Geraldo's editorials it begins with his bloviations about how wonderful and brave he has been, as FOX's "War Correspondent". I don't mind a man polishing his buttons once in a while, but Geraldo, next to Bill O'Reilly, you've got to be the biggest ego maniac on television. To swipe a phrase from O'Reilly, "And that's the memo."
I certainly understand that Geraldo Rivera fashions himself to be the champion of the Illegal Aliens in America, he's in good company there's also Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. John McCain was a champion for the Illegal Alien plight, until he found out that his political career was in the dumpster, so he changed up. At least Geraldo is consistent in his beliefs, and is determined in his convictions, feeding his own ego is necessary at all costs. If you can actually get through his entire OpEd without throwing up, you'll find that his statements completely miss the mark, and his emotions are controlling his brain. Geraldo, no matter what you say or write, you'll never be able to convince the majority of American taxpayers that amnesty will be anything but disastrous for America.
In the FOX OpEd Geraldo speaks about all the brave Illegals who are in harms way in the middle east. I was in Vietnam, I knew many brave men, and guess what? None of them Illegal Aliens, at least not as far as I could tell. Every last one of them spoke fluent English, and none of us non-coms had to learn Spanish to convey orders. I won't detract from the bravery of these men, but number one, they should not be serving in the military in the first, which tells me, they either lied (again) to gain access to the service, or their recruiter forged documents. Anyone serving on active duty that is found to be an Illegal Alien, needs to be removed from active, and prosecuted for conduct unbecoming. If it was his/hers recruiter that did the lying, or knowingly turned a blind eye to obviously forged documents, that person needs to be stripped of their rank, and prosecuted for conduct unbecoming. Illegal Aliens, regardless of what country they are from are NOT to be in the military, period. Compounded criminal acts, do not somehow turn out to be the right thing to do, just because the person is of Hispanic lineage.
Bottom line, it's not the brave, the hard working, the families, the legal immigrants, the law abiding naturalized citizens that are the subject here. Understand, there is no such thing as a law abiding Illegal Alien, you can not be Illegal and law abiding at the same time. It must be understood, there brave men and women from all nations. Bravery is not what makes a person a citizen, honesty, that's what qualifies to make a person a candidate for citizenship. Being Illegal is NOT being honest. Lying to get into America, then lying to get a job then lying to get into the military, none of these acts are the acts of honest and forthright citizens. As former military, I have nothing but respect for bravery of these men and women that Geraldo writes about, but keep in mind, it's not a matter of bravery. If we give passes to those Illegals in the military, then we must understand that if they are then allowed to bring family into this country, then we are forced to take the bad with the good. America doesn't need Mexicans like the ones pictured above. America doesn't need or want Mexicans that are loyal to Mexico, Saudi's that are loyal to Arabia, Egyptians that are loyal to Egypt, and so on and so on. America needs and welcomes those who wish to become Americans, and only those who want to become American. Honesty will be a good start.
So you see Geraldo, your statements are as empty as Al Capone's vault, you know what I mean.
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Mullen: Troops Who Balk at Change in Gay Service Policy Can Find Other Work -

Admiral Mike Mullen, in my opinion made the dumbest statement of his career. Today he said: "Troops who balk at change in gay service policy can find other work." This is obviously a statement made by someone whose bunk mate will either never be gay, or by a gay Admiral who hopes to get in on a little of the well.....action as soon as he's allowed to come out of the closet without blowing his retirement. Unless Admiral Mike Mullen plans on sailing aboard his new Flagship, the USS Gay Ship Lollipop and intends on allowing his now openly gay Executive Officer share the new Admiral's Quarters, perhaps he should not be speaking for our nation's military, and that includes all the branches.

It never ceases to amaze me how tolerant someone of high rank can be, especially when he knows that the new changes won't affect him. I have yet to see an Admiral in shared sleeping quarters on board ship, or a Captain either for that matter. I guess it's okay though if the Admiral's crew spends the lonely afternoons and evenings playing Kissy-face, at least until it's time for their watch, and then again what will the boys be watching Admiral?

I am so glad that my service time in the Marine Corps was in the 1960's, and not now. If the don't ask don't tell policy is repealed, you couldn't make me enlist in the military again. I'm thinking there are plenty of active and reserve duty Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airman who will most certainly take Admiral Mullen's advice and vacate the military ASAP. Somehow, I don't see where gay men and lesbians are going to be clamouring to enlist in the military service. Admiral Mullen may be able to put together a "Light" Brigade, and maybe with some luck and promises of a lot of free recreation time get a crew together for the boat he'll be sailing into combat on. But, I have my doubts that either will ever happen. Just to clarify something, I have no doubt as to the fact that there are gays serving bravely and heroically in today's military. I do not, and will not question the fact that many gays, past and present have served this country honorably, and will in the future. But if these gays want to be sure somebody is watching their backs, and not their "backsides" in a firefight, I believe keeping silent about one's sexual persuasion should be the "order of the day."

It pains me to think that a man with so little respect for the majority of men and women in service to their country, can actually be in the Navy long enough to ascend to the highest military rank, and yet be a pathetically miserable suck-up, and cave to special interest pressure. Perhaps, I just answered my own question regarding Admiral Mullen's success in the Navy. After his statement today, I doubt very seriously that Admiral Mullen will command much respect from his subordinate troops. He will never get any respect from this old Marine, and that's a fact.


"The Watchman"

Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito


They're lovin Obama in South America and Mexico that's for sure!!!

Between Obama and Eric Holder, who do you think is less American?
I think they are equally anti-American.

News Flash: The Obama administration and America's Attorney General Eric Holder have cordially invited 10 South American Nations to join Mexico and of course Obama himself in suing the state of Arizona over their immigration law. No wonder our neighbors to the south love our president!!! The Obama administration's open borders and amnesty plans have been an embarrassment to this country and the American citizen since Obama was elected. He (Obama) has got to be the most anti-American person to ever set foot in the White House, let alone occupy it. Who elected this filthy traitor anyway???

It seems that Obama and Eric Holder, and the El Presidente's of these South American countries are concerned that Arizona's Immigration Law will stifle trade and commerce. (I'm thinking they just don't want to have to dig new drug tunnels.) Let's just take a look at that commerce thing for a minute, shall we? Okay, I did a little research and came up with this, there is nothing America gets from South America and Mexico that we don't already grow, mine or manufacture here. Except for the following items, coffee & cacao beans. So the exports these countries are worried about must be heavy duty drugs, human trafficking/slaves and illegals from all over the world that want into the U.S. It occurs to me that someone very high up in America's political chain of command stands to lose a bundle if Arizona is actually allowed to shut their border with Mexico down, and get rid of all those illegals that are costing the American taxpayer billions of dollars every year.
This is the list of all the countries that Barack Hussein Obama has managed to bring on board to back him up on his lawsuit against Arizona: Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Paraguay and of course Mexico. If you should be caught sneaking across the border of all or any one of these countries, the penalty is immediate prison, (do not pass go, do not collect $200.00.) All of the mentioned countries have been, and are still guilty as sin itself, when it comes to their respective human rights violations. Of course our closest neighbor, Mexico, is the worst offender, bar none, of stomping all over the human rights of their own citizens and those visitors from other countries, especially America. (Of course stories about the Tijuana jail come to mind.) So, the question remains, what possible constructive input could any one, or all of these countries have regarding the constitutionality of Arizona's immigration law? The answer is NONE!!! It doesn't surprise me that Barack Obama would seek the council of these third world poverty stricken nations, because I'm sure they remind him of home, you know, Kenya, Africa.
Given the fact that Obama is doing everything in his power to destroy America, from collapsing the financial system to taking control of private business. From shredding the constitution to sucking the life blood from our military and defense systems. From shutting down all forms of energy exploration and mining to disabling small business with exorbitant taxes, rendering them unable to remain viable. I have a real difficult time understanding how anyone in their right mind could stand back and look at the evidence and say "Obama is doing a good job". There are some people out there however, and they'd vote for this man again. The how and why of it, wouldn't make any sense if we could ever discover what it was.
I am afraid the sovereignty of America is sitting on the "two-cent" table of the world's garage sale. Even the Russians are snatching up our assets, they were just given permission to purchase two uranium mines, yes, I said uranium, yep, that radio active nuclear bomb making stuff, in the state of Wyoming. Where the buffalo roam and the skies are not cloudy all day, at least not yet. Could a radio active cloud be in America's future, and will it come from our own home grown nuclear fissile material? I'm just asking!!!
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Above are a number of pictures from an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute, the exhibit is called: Hide & Seek. It is a blatant attack on Christianity, and a blatant promotion of the Homosexual Lifestyle. The top picture is an example of what children drew after being exposed to this filth. What parent would knowingly expose their children to this garbage? UnGodly parents, that's who. A point to ponder, the Smithsonian is 85% funded by taxpayer dollars!!!
The portrait on the left, is a depiction of two brothers (gays) kissing, one of the degenerates is holding a gun to the others chest. The picture on the right, is taken from a video running on a kiosk screen, it is a crucifix being overrun with ants. The name of this particular disgusting video exhibit is called: A fire in my belly. The picture at center bottom, is a photograph of none other than Ellen DeGeneres, the TV talk show host/comedian. Nothing funny about this photographic exhibit. If there are any moms out there who allow their children to watch the program "Ellen", I would encourage to find something more appropriate on television for them to watch, or better yet, when dad comes home, sit together in a common room of your home, and dad, read the Bible with your children. Either way, "Ellen" should be strictly forbidden on TV in any Christian home.
Ironically, the atheists continue to put up billboards that mock the birth of Christ, and call it a myth. The Gays have an agenda that certainly mocks the Bible, and God's commandments. When all the the time these degenerates are fulfilling prophecy right from the Bible itself, and they can't see it. Perhaps they do see it, and they are simply denying it. Either way, these groups that profess they want more rights, and more tolerance, are demanding that others cede their rights of freedom to appease them. The Lord tells us this will happen, and now it is, by leaps and bounds, America is becoming the new Sodom and Gomorrah. And like Sodom and Gomorrah, America will not survive the impending tribulations. Is it any wonder, that there is no America referred to in Revelations?
Beware the false Prophets-Muhammad, Obama, Allah
Beware the incest, the homosexuality, debauchery, and all the morally corrupt
Beware the corrupted government, and their programs
Read the Bible, walk daily with the Lord and keep your heads and eyes pointed to the sky.
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

Monday, November 29, 2010



I can help but ask myself, how can anyone, let alone an FBI agent or law enforcement official make such a stupid and blatantly inane statement like that?

Once again, the Muslim community in a small town needs to portray themselves as the victims in some kind of Islamaphobic plot of retribution for one of their own, who just happened to get caught attempting to blow up hundreds of innocent men, women and children. The Mosque in Corvallis, OR. where the Christmas Tree Lighting bomber attended, not regularly they say, but just a couple times a month. Is feigning an incendiary attack by intolerant and Islamapbobic Infidels. If I were the Corvallis Police, and or the FBI, I would be investigating the Imam in charge of the Mosque itself for this little one room blaze. How convenient that the fire was discovered by a patrolling police officer, and just in the nick of time, fire fighters were called and the entire Mosque was saved, except for that one room of course. Sounds more than a little fishy to me! I am curious to see what started the fire, was the kindling something like Muslim hate literature, or perhaps a lesson plan on how to actually build and or appropriate bomb making materials, and carry out violent jihad against the innocent citizens of Portland. My guess, the arson investigation will not uncover one shred of evidence pointing to a Mosque member.

I find it ironic that in 2005 the Portland Mayor and the oh so wise city council decided to opt out of the Federal Terrorism Task Force. Even more ironic, the Portland City Council's decision was under the direction of the beloved ACLU of Oregon. Now, the city has stated that perhaps they should rethink that decision. The state of Oregon is a liberal state, and Portland, Oregon is an extremely liberal and tolerant community, too much so for their own good. The thing that Portland, and actually the entire state of Oregon needs to realize, is Muslim Jihadi's don't really give a big rat's butt about how loving and tolerant you are. Muslims are on a quest to rule the world, and a few over zealous liberals aren't going to make them give up that goal and suddenly start playing kissy face with Oregonians. Wake up Portland, wake up Oregon, jihad has arrived, right there, oh yes, right there in Portland, that's right, jihad has arrived in River City.

I am ecstatic that the FBI was able to thwart another mass execution plot, but I'm not ready to crown them with endless wreaths of Laurel just yet. Certainly, the FBI and all law enforcement officials and officers are well deserving of accolades, but not if they have the gall to say" No one was in any real danger." There is no way that anyone from the White House to the bottom airport or mall rent-a-cop could be unequivocally sure that no one was in any real danger!!! Let's just throw in a couple of "what if's" here, shall we? 1). What if the FBI was never tipped off about this Muslim Jihadi vermin? 2). What if this piece of filth was a decoy, and the real bomb was twenty feet away from the decoy bomb? 3). What if this terrorist's accomplices knew all along that they were being duped by the FBI, and decided just to play out the scenario, just for terrorism's sake? 4). What if there are accomplices? No one in any real danger? I've got news for you Mr. FBI agent, every American citizen has been in extreme danger ever since the first Mosque was built in this country, and ever since the first Muslim was invited to our shores. Instead of telling the citizens of Portland, OR., that no one was in real danger, why not tell them the truth about Islam. Yes, people of Portland and people everywhere, you are a being played like a fine fiddle by these Muslims. The truth is: Not a single American citizen is safe anymore. Regardless of whether you are Christian or Jew, whether you are straight or gay, whether you are liberal or conservative, you are all targets of Islam. You will bow to Allah, or they will kill you, or make you slaves. It's time to take a stand against Islam, because Islam is the new pestilence and plague of the twenty first century.


"The Watchman"

Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oregon: Muslim teen arrested after attempted car bomb attack at Christmas tree lighting ceremony - Jihad Watch

This one is going to be a classic. The Somali Muslim Terrorist you see pictured above, has been in America and suckling from the taxpayer's teats for most of his years. He is not an Arab Muslim, he is not an African Muslim, and he is not an American Muslim, what he is, is a Somali immigrant brought to America by either bureaucrats or some missionary church, and dumped in Oregon, and he is a Muslim, period! The key word here, (are you listening liberal thinkers?) The key word is "MUSLIM". That's correct, a follower of Muhammad, Allah, the Qu'ran, Hadith and he worships through Islam. Is any of this striking a sour note with you liberals? Well, it should. Those who think that Islam is this "peaceful religion", should be waking up right about now to the fact that Islam teaches hate, preaches the murder of non-believers and wants to rule the world, and establish Sharia Law as the law of the land. Yes, even our land. I would encourage anyone who believes that Islam is a religion of peace, or a religion at all, for that matter, to remove their heads from their proverbial butts, and smell the coffee for a change.
A thought occurred to me as I read the article about this Muslim terrorist in Portland, Oregon. What flashed through my mind is; I think I understand why the liberal thinkers in Portland, OR., Murfreesboro, TN., Mayfield, KY., and other towns across America where Muslims are securing permission to build their Mosques, are getting that approval. Can it possibly be this simple? Could it be that these small town councils aren't making the connection between Somali Muslims and Arab Muslims? Can it be that because the towns of Murfressboro, TN. and Mayfield, KY. do not equate the fact that a Muslim is a Muslim regardless of where he is from. The connection is the word "Muslim", Arab Muslims and African Muslims and Somali Muslims, are one in the same. They all follow the teachings of a perverted self proclaimed prophet named Muhammad. Regardless of where a Muslim is from, he/she is equally as dangerous as the other. I personally don't find this difficult to understand, but I can see perhaps, where a liberally indoctrinated Progressive young American population would have some misunderstandings regarding true Islam.
Knowing the state of Oregon as I do, having lived in neighboring Washington state for 16 years, the Oregon lawmakers and citizens are racking their brains and asking themselves "What could be the possible motive for this young Somali to want to maim and murder possibly hundreds of Oregonians at the Portland Christmas Tree lighting ceremony?" Listen up!!! Muslims do not need any other motive than the one provided for them in the Qu'ran. I encourage all Oregonians to pick up a copy of this hate filled "holy" book of Islam, read it, and then understand that Islam is NOT a religion, it is a way of life. It is the way of life that Muslims intend to force upon Christians, Jews, Atheists, Men, Women, Children Gays, Straights, and Transgendered, or murder you if you do not submit. I don't believe I left anyone out, but, just so you know, especially up there in Oregon where there is a large Gay Community, if you're Gay, Muslims will just kill you, there is no conversion time spent on gays, Muslims will merely hang you and move on. According to the Qu'ran, homosexuality is punishable by death, no exceptions.
I sincerely hope that this Blog post gets into the hands of those who make the decisions in places like Murfreesboro, TN., Mayfield, KY. and Portland, OR. I encourage the town councils, Mayors, and citizens where supposed "peaceful Somali Muslims" want to build a Mosque, to think about the safety of their citizens, prior to voting approval of a prayer room, or Mosque in your community. Mosques are where young Muslims of every nationality learn to be martyrs and terrorists. I certainly don't want a Mosque in my neighborhood, and I'm confident that if you do the research on Islam, you won't want a Mosque in your neighborhood either.
"The Watchman"
Ullo Tempore' Ulla Sito

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving to the town of Mayfield, Kentucky!!!

Enjoy it, next year Thanksgiving may offend your Muslim citizens, and then Thanksgiving will be no more.

Today is Thanksgiving Day, 2010. In Mayfield Kentucky the people are celebrating with their new found Muslim friends. The Muslims they celebrate with today, will bring poverty, and angst to their small town, and they don't even know it. The Somali Islamic community along with the Kentucky branch of the ACLU, have convinced the town that they must, under the U.S. Constitution allow these Muslims to worship in a building in the center of their town. Under some federal statute that supposedly super cedes any local statutes concerning the use of buildings for religious purposes. I'm not sure what hat she pulled that out of, but she successfully fooled the Mayfield town council, and they approved the use of a building in their downtown area, even though there is not adequate parking. Under the guise that most of the Somalis live close to the area, and will probably walk to their worship center, therefore alleviating any concern over traffic and parking problems. This of course is the biggest falsehood. Perhaps at this moment, the stated amount of people worshipping in this center will only be 20-25 at a time, as the building fire code states a maximum capacity of 40 people. Where do you think these Muslim worshippers will go, when there is (excuse the pun) not enough room at the Inn? Does the town of Mayfield realize that when a Muslim house of worship is established, that more and more Muslims will come? Where will they come from, nobody knows for sure, but, Mayfield, Kentucky I assure they will come. Maybe it's time to observe the picture above right, that's what downtown Mayfield, Kentucky will look like as when the 40 person capacity building overflows, every time there is a Muslim holy day, and believe me, there are plenty. Of course the town council was told that this Muslim place is not really a Mosque, because the are no spires and no dome, and it's not being used for weekly prayer services. (Are you kidding me, then what are they using it for? A place to stash weapons?)

Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to the residents of Mayfield, Kentucky. Enjoy this American holiday while the Muslims are still in a cooperative mood, and will allow your Christian celebrations. Come Christmas however, don't be to surprised when the Muslims will voice that they are offended by the town Christmas tree, or maybe you have a town square where a Nativity scene used to be. I say used to be, because this may be your town's last year of Christian religious freedom. But never you mind, Holidays like Christmas and Easter will be replaced at the demands of Islam, so you and your children will be celebrating Ramadan instead. I hope you're all looking forward to that!

Don't feel alone Mayfield, your town is just one among thousands of American towns that have been bamboozled by the Muslims. Near my city, is a town called Murfreesboro, the Muslim's are building a Mega-Mosque there. Everyone is pretty much all for it, even some Christian churches. Yes Mayfield you are not alone. Islam means "submission", and well, you are in submission to Allah, Muhammad and Sharia Law. Congratulations!!! Some people have asked me; What would Jesus Do? My answer: Jesus would not condone the tolerance of false prophets, i.e., Muhammad, and He would not condone the justification of a false religion, i.e., Islam. Jesus said: "I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but through me." Jesus didn't say: "Except maybe Allah and Muhammad." Citizens of Mayfield, Kentucky, if you are familiar with the Lord's Ten Commandments, read the first one, that should be a clue as to where your town council, and the rest of this great nation are making their biggest mistakes.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my readers, may God Bless you this day, keep you safe in your travels, and may you always be thankful for all your blessings.
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The Clown Princess strikes again!!!

Once again, in an effort to speak profoundly, Janet Napolitano shows just how ignorant and inept she really is. This woman literally has no idea who the enemy is, or does she? Could this TSA thrust at more aggressive passenger screening be an attempt at making the public less sensitive to increasingly invasive government scrutiny? If I were asked to make a determination regarding that question, I believe at this point and time I would have to go with the latter. The lame excuses being used to defend this new found TSA aggressiveness never cease to amaze me. In a recent interview regarding the newly installed scanner, pat-down procedures, Janet Napolitano had this to say: " I think having a better understanding of what causes someone to become a terrorist will be helpful." ( I say, "read the Qu'ran Janet, read the Qu'ran"). Seriously America, I find it difficult to believe that having been the Secretary of Homeland Security for all this time, that Janet Napolitano still has difficulty understanding what is in the head's of these Islamic Jihadi terrorists. Is it really true that ignorance is bliss? Or does the Islamic Obama administration have Napolitano dancing to some Middle-Eastern Muslim lilt? I'm inclined to answer yes to both of those questions. I base those "yeses" on the following statement made by Janet Napolitano: "We don't know much". (How profound and revealing is that statement?) Napolitano went on to say: " If you were to try and devise a template about what connects this terrorist to that terrorist and how they were raised and what schools they went to and their socioeconomic status, or this or that, it's all over the map!" Are you kidding me??? No, she's not kidding me!!! At the risk of confusing Ms. Napolitano even more than she obviously is, there is nothing mysterious about the Islamic Muslim terrorist, nothing!!! Terrorists, number one, are Muslims, there, that being said, allow me to go on. Number two, Muslim terrorists get their orders from Muhammad through the Qu'ran. They all do Janet! Once again, I ask you to read the Qu'ran, the amount of enlightenment and insight into the terrorist mind will be very helpful to you. Perhaps, it isn't really the terrorists you're after, but instead it is this Progressive administration that just has a need to intimidate the American public. A precursor, if you will, of the coming One World Order.
Where intimidation, privacy invasion, and deceit will always be the order of the day.
America, look around you, there are cameras everywhere, (for your safety of course). Think about how much you use your cell you now access the Internet on it? Do you send text messages on a regular basis throughout the day, and night? Can you, and do you now watch TV through your phone? Do you turn your lights and home security systems on and off remotely through your cell phone? Does your cell phone have GPS capability and do you use it? Are you aware that even if your new cell phone is off, it will "ping" a cell tower when you go from one range area to another? The government doesn't need to secretly place a tracking device under your car, or under your skin for that matter. Through your constant voluntary cell phone usage, you have gladly given away your right to privacy. Remember, when you use your phone, a GPS signal is being transmitted, and if you can find where you are going, someone monitoring the GPS signal can also track where you are going. They can know when you're home, and even scarier, when you are not home. Just a little food for thought, next time you pass a new cell tower, think about it.
Back to Homeland Security and the TSA. I don't think the American people are so adverse to the fact that there is and must be some type of airport screening and security. It is the random targeting of virtually innocent Americans that bring about passenger hostility. All of America knows that Islamic/Muslims are the terrorists, everybody!!! Why is it then that little American children are being targeted for pat-downs? Why would the TSA or any person with an ounce of common sense think that a elderly American grandmother in a wheelchair or a dress, would be concealing a bomb in her crotch. Now, if it were a Muslim in a burka and hijab, yes, then I could understand a search would be in order. Even if it were Muslim children, then it would understandable that a search may yield some sort of dangerous device, because Muslims don't mind their children being martyrs for the cause of Islam. All of America knows that the only reason TSA is using the random method, is to remain within the confines of Political Correctness. Israel knows that profiling is the most accurate way of choosing which passenger requires searching beyond the metal detector. An example: A tall white man in madras shorts robs a convenient store, the owner of the store sees the perpetrator drive off in a 1962 green van with the words "Joe's Catering" painted on the side, and he tells all this to the police. Will the police risk being politically incorrect and search for a tall white man driving a green van with the words "Joe's Catering" on the side? Or will they be politically correct, and stop every van, of every color? Will they randomly pull over black men and maybe even some white women, regardless of the fact that they are driving blue sedans? If that last scenario sounds totally inane to you, then just think about the TSA security procedures being implemented every day at our airports. If terrorists are most predominantly Middle-Eastern (Arad) men in their 20's and 30's, they appear nervous, they are flying one-way, and they paid there fare in cash, then those are the passengers that require a second and maybe third look. Grandma, little baby girl are not the terrorists. Common sense, common sense. Look at it this way, if you are restricted to only randomly searching, and are not allowed to profile, the chances of not selecting the right passenger, (you know, the one that really has the bomb) are much greater. So then tell me, are the American people being unknowingly indoctrinated into an acceptance of the government's invasion into our privacy, or not?
God Help Us
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

Monday, November 22, 2010


JANET "BUTCH" NAPOLITANO (left)& THE HIJAB WEARING MUSLIM (right). Which one frightens you most? On one hand we the most incompetent director of Homeland Security, on the other hand we have a potential bomb toting Muslim woman, that may just be allowed to pat herself down at your local airport. I believe I'm seeing that double standard raising it's ugly head again. When Janet "Butch" Napolitano was queried about whether hijab wearing Muslim women would be subject to the same full body scan and or the full body invasive pat-down, Ms. Napolitano said, there will have to be changes and adjustments made. That sounds like an unequivocal "no" to me. TSA is now considering, at the request/demand of CAIR that hijab wearing Muslim women be allowed to pat themselves down. That policy will certainly go over well with the rest of the traveling public. Let's see, some perverted TSA agent, who more than likely was flipping burgers last week, is now going to be allowed to feel-up your wife, your daughter, and even your grandmother, but he will not be allowed to touch a Muslim women. Correct me if I'm off base here, but weren't all these security measures put into place to protect the flying public from radical Muslim jihadis, who might be in possession of a bomb to blow up airplanes. I've got one question, if a Muslim comes to the security check point in full Muslim garb, hijab and all, how can the TSA agent even tell if this particular Muslim is male or female? I think that in full terrorist dress, hijab and all, it would be virtually impossible for any TSA or law enforcement official to tell if that is a man terrorist, or a female terrorist under that much clothing. After all, if everyone is not subject to the same security scrutiny, then no one should be. Playing favorites between Muslims and everyone else on the planet, is at best inane. It's either everybody, or nobody! If any one gets a pass, then the entire security process and program is at the very least, compromised, and will yield no good information.

Have you ever heard of "The Death of a Thousand Cuts"? It's a torturous drawn out execution, with it's origins of course in the Middle-East, if my memory serves me correctly. That's the drawn out execution that America, and the rest of Western civilization are being subjected to. Our enemies, both internal, and external are bleeding the free world. Our internal enemies of course, are people like George Soros and Barack Obama, they are the financial terrorists we must contend with. They, with the help of other government socialist minions are piling debt onto an already fragile economy, classic Cloward & Piven tactics, collapse the system. Progressive/Communist Socialists have embarked on their never ending quest for a One World Order, and they show no signs of slowing down. Already, the financial strain on America's economy from TSA and Homeland Security alone is well up into the hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars. America has been increasing the spending on Homeland Security year after year since 9/11/2001. Has it really accomplished anything? The government says yes it has, I say "not so much!" The only reason America has not suffered another terrorist attack is because of the sheer incompetence of the attackers. So far, and lucky for us, the would-be terrorists have been incapable of lighting the fuse, or connecting the detonator properly. As for last year's Christmas underwear/butt bomber, well, I guess he was never taught how to light a match. The billions of dollars spent on security measures, have yielded NOTHING. Unless you call full body pat-downs an accomplishment. There has been only one way to choose the right people to search, and that is to profile. I know that that is a dirty word in the PC world we live in, but we also live in a very dangerous PC world, and it's the PC part that makes it so extremely dangerous. Our external enemies I believe, are Al Qaida and believe it or not, the United Nations. Al Qaida has already threatened us with the death of a thousand cuts, and the Taliban too. The United Nations, is stabbing America in the back as they have done for the past thirty years. The occasional terrorist attempt, and the free world spends another 100 billion dollars targeting anyone and everyone, except of course the Muslim terrorists responsible for the attack. We wouldn't want to offend any Muslims out there, it just wouldn't be politically correct. So as a nation we just continue to throw good money after bad trying to combat an enemy that the government, the President, and the Director of Homeland Security refuses to call by name.
The "Death of A Thousand Cuts", is being carried out not by one executioner, but several executioners, all with their own blade, and their own motive to destroy the America. As a nation, we are already bleeding profusely. Our economy is weaker than ever, our military is being weakened beyond belief. If our President has his way, our strategic nuclear arsenal will be diminished as to not be a deterrent to attackers. Our citizens are without jobs, yet our unions are still demanding more entitlements. Our Social Security, Medicare, unemployment, and food stamp coffers are empty. The treasury is broke, and yet the Fed is going to monetise our debt to the tune of 600 billion dollars. The United Nations wants America to give more money, even though we are the only nation that is stupid enough to fund the UN with more money than all the other member nations combined. Have I mentioned a thousand cuts yet? I believe I mentioned enough programs and unsustainable entitlements to add up to at least 500.
Is their a way to end this execution? Yes there is! Stop kowtowing to Islam, say no to, and get out of the UN completely. Without American funding the UN wouldn't last a week. Oh yes, we can stop the execution, and we can stop the bleeding, if we only had some politicians worth their salt.
God Help Us
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

Monday, November 15, 2010


That's right, as of today 11/15/2010, the Obama administration has granted 111 waivers to companies and organizations that will exempt them from compliance with the new Obama Care Law. So, who is going to be left holding the bag once again, the families not affiliated with any of the 111 companies, unions and religions that have managed to secure the exemption.

Still think that our boy Obama and George Soros aren't trying to collapse the system? Still think that Obama isn't the most divisive president ever in America's history? What better way to divide the people than to make laws that some have to obey and comply with, and then exempt a few elite with an administration waiver. Does anyone realize the ramifications of this ploy by Soros and Obama and the other elite? You can bet your sweet bippy that Soros and Obama know the ramifications, oh yes, they know, and that's exactly why they are doing it. The Obama Care Law was never intended to provide health care for everyone, or anyone, it was placed into law so it could be used as a tool by Soros and Obama, to divide and conquer the people. The plan is as plain as the ears on Obama's head, nose on Soros' face and is as prominent as Michelle's caboose. All you have to do is look at it from a Socialistic perspective.

America, listen to me, these people are running a game on us, they give, and they take away before anyone even gets. Do you understand? Look at it this way; you have three children, for Christmas you buy the exact same expensive gift for each one, right, how wonderful and fair is that, it's great. But, that's not the end, on Christmas morning your three children are opening their gifts, but you tell one of them not to open his, but to go to his room and bring you his piggy bank. Like the good and obedient son he is, he runs to his room and brings you his piggy bank, by this time, the other two have open their magnificent gifts, they are awestruck by how much you must have borrowed to pay for these expensive gifts. You turn to the piggy bank child and tell him that his still unwrapped gift is exactly the same as the other two received, his face lights up with glee, he hugs you with gratitude, then you tell him, he can't keep his gift, you have to return it because you borrowed too much money to buy all three, and then you kick him while he's down, because in order to help pay for one of the other two gifts, you must take his piggy bank money. Think there won't be any animosity there? Well, that's the scenario, and that's how this is going to play out. It's a diabolical scheme to divide the classes, and force them to fight among themselves. It's mean, it's cruel, it's dastardly, and it works every time, and Soros and Obama and their minions know it! Also, by granting waivers to these special companies and organizations, Soros and Obama know that the employees will now for all intensive purposes be forced to purchase health care insurance on their own, and where must they turn? That's right Obama Care!!! The single payer system that the government Progressives want every American on, in the first place. The list of companies and organizations that have received these waivers is a virtual who's who. There are restaurant chains, health care corporations, unions ( there's a surprise) and even insurance companies. Did I say insurance companies? Yes I certainly did. The Conspiracy Theory is no longer a theory my friends, it's a fact. Instigating class warfare is an intrinsic piece to the puzzle, keep the people at each other's throats, so they will eventually beg the government to save them from themselves. Read "The Coming Insurrection", and "Rules For Radicals", classic Cloward and Piven, and it's being played out right before your eyes.

Ever wonder why, in all of Obama's travels, he always visits a mosque? Ever wonder why he has never, no, not once set foot in a Synagogue? Ever wonder why Obama professes to be a Christian, but has absolutely no visible Christian values or principles? Ever wonder why Obama speaks so highly of his black heritage, but omits anything about the fact that he is half white? Ever wonder why he travels the globe apologising for America, when America has nothing to apologise for? The answer to all these questions is: "Satan inspired divisive techniques". Soros and Obama know that there will always be those who will support the president for the simple reason that he is black. They also know that the far, far left will support him, because they hate America, and Obama and Soros share their sentiment. They also know that there are patriots and conservatives out here that will reject the socialistic/communistic agendas of the left. So, what do you have when three rather large groups of people are divided in their core beliefs? You have animosity, and with animosity comes unrest, and eventually violence. Oh yes, make no mistake, violence in the streets of America is inevitable. To add fuel to the fire, security at airports, pat downs, full body scans, and mark my words, Muslims will be exempt from the full body scans and the full body pat downs. Even though it was Muslims that struck this country on 9/11, it will be the Muslims who will not be subjected to the same TSA molestation as your 90 year old grandmother or your little children. Soros and Obama know the combination of all these things will be like a combustible as a pile of gasoline soaked rags, it's just a matter of time before the American people explode. And, as I've said before, THAT'S THE PLAN!!!

It is important to note, that Mr. George Soros owns 12,000 shares of Rapiscan Corp., guess what they manufacture? If you guessed body scanners, you guessed correctly. Placing body scanners in airports is just a tool being implemented to get the American people accustomed to being scanned, do not be surprised when Soros' body scanners begin showing up at the local malls, and in public and private schools.

America has taken the first step toward slowing down the Soros and Obama agenda, we can not let up now, the entire future of all the free world is on our shoulders, today is the day, the time is now. If we fail to stop the Soros' and Obamas of the world, we fail the entire global population. Without the United States of America, there is no freedom left in the world. The beacon in the lighthouse that has been America for nearly 235 years, is growing dim, and will eventually be snuffed out unless "We The People" reconcile to God, and pray the He give us the strength to climb the stairs and reignite the beacon of liberty for all the world to see. Just as Jesus Christ is The Light unto our spiritual path, America's shining beacon must lead those who are adrift in the darkness and fog to safe refuge upon our shores. Just knowing that America still stands for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness gives courage those lost in other lands. We can not let the beacon go dark, we must not.

God Help Us

"The Watchman"

"Ulla Tempore Ullo Situ"