Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oregon: Muslim teen arrested after attempted car bomb attack at Christmas tree lighting ceremony - Jihad Watch

This one is going to be a classic. The Somali Muslim Terrorist you see pictured above, has been in America and suckling from the taxpayer's teats for most of his years. He is not an Arab Muslim, he is not an African Muslim, and he is not an American Muslim, what he is, is a Somali immigrant brought to America by either bureaucrats or some missionary church, and dumped in Oregon, and he is a Muslim, period! The key word here, (are you listening liberal thinkers?) The key word is "MUSLIM". That's correct, a follower of Muhammad, Allah, the Qu'ran, Hadith and he worships through Islam. Is any of this striking a sour note with you liberals? Well, it should. Those who think that Islam is this "peaceful religion", should be waking up right about now to the fact that Islam teaches hate, preaches the murder of non-believers and wants to rule the world, and establish Sharia Law as the law of the land. Yes, even our land. I would encourage anyone who believes that Islam is a religion of peace, or a religion at all, for that matter, to remove their heads from their proverbial butts, and smell the coffee for a change.
A thought occurred to me as I read the article about this Muslim terrorist in Portland, Oregon. What flashed through my mind is; I think I understand why the liberal thinkers in Portland, OR., Murfreesboro, TN., Mayfield, KY., and other towns across America where Muslims are securing permission to build their Mosques, are getting that approval. Can it possibly be this simple? Could it be that these small town councils aren't making the connection between Somali Muslims and Arab Muslims? Can it be that because the towns of Murfressboro, TN. and Mayfield, KY. do not equate the fact that a Muslim is a Muslim regardless of where he is from. The connection is the word "Muslim", Arab Muslims and African Muslims and Somali Muslims, are one in the same. They all follow the teachings of a perverted self proclaimed prophet named Muhammad. Regardless of where a Muslim is from, he/she is equally as dangerous as the other. I personally don't find this difficult to understand, but I can see perhaps, where a liberally indoctrinated Progressive young American population would have some misunderstandings regarding true Islam.
Knowing the state of Oregon as I do, having lived in neighboring Washington state for 16 years, the Oregon lawmakers and citizens are racking their brains and asking themselves "What could be the possible motive for this young Somali to want to maim and murder possibly hundreds of Oregonians at the Portland Christmas Tree lighting ceremony?" Listen up!!! Muslims do not need any other motive than the one provided for them in the Qu'ran. I encourage all Oregonians to pick up a copy of this hate filled "holy" book of Islam, read it, and then understand that Islam is NOT a religion, it is a way of life. It is the way of life that Muslims intend to force upon Christians, Jews, Atheists, Men, Women, Children Gays, Straights, and Transgendered, or murder you if you do not submit. I don't believe I left anyone out, but, just so you know, especially up there in Oregon where there is a large Gay Community, if you're Gay, Muslims will just kill you, there is no conversion time spent on gays, Muslims will merely hang you and move on. According to the Qu'ran, homosexuality is punishable by death, no exceptions.
I sincerely hope that this Blog post gets into the hands of those who make the decisions in places like Murfreesboro, TN., Mayfield, KY. and Portland, OR. I encourage the town councils, Mayors, and citizens where supposed "peaceful Somali Muslims" want to build a Mosque, to think about the safety of their citizens, prior to voting approval of a prayer room, or Mosque in your community. Mosques are where young Muslims of every nationality learn to be martyrs and terrorists. I certainly don't want a Mosque in my neighborhood, and I'm confident that if you do the research on Islam, you won't want a Mosque in your neighborhood either.
"The Watchman"
Ullo Tempore' Ulla Sito

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