Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Barack and Michelle are our nations most profound and famous whiners!
Amazingly enough Barack Obama complains about once being mistaken for a Valet Parking Attendant.  Well, perhaps if Barack would make an attempt at even looking Presidential, this mistake would not have occurred.
          Michelle, did you actually find it demeaning and beneath you to help a person at Target to get something from the top shelf?  Are you serious?  Did you really think that this person asked for help because she was a racist?  Do you really feel that you were targeted at Target because of your skin color?
  In a recent interview with People Magazine, the Obamas seized the opportunity to whine about racism in this country.  Never mind the fact that Barack is President of the United States, and that Michelle is First Lady.  No real accomplishment there, is there?  After all they became residents of the White House on all Black votes.  Whoa, wait a minute that can't be, can it?  No, it would have been impossible.  How could Barack Obama attain the White House on votes from 13% of American voters?  No, I'm afraid that Obama was elected by short sighted, guilty feeling White folks.  You know, those racists that he keeps throwing to the dogs.  Here we have a President who is doing everything in his power to take the most prosperous, free, dynamic nation ever in existence and turn it into a third world country.  Yet he is upset because someone may have mistaken him for one of those schleps he is trying to turn us all into.  His goal is to make all of us dependent on the federal government, after all we now have 46 million Americans on the Obama Food Stamp Program.  I don't think that's because of the grand recovery he continues to tout on his speeches to the folks.  
     You know even when these two arrogant, condescending hypocrites do interviews, they tell tall tales, well not necessarily tall tales, they're more in the realm of blatant lies.  Here's a prime example:  Michelle:  "My husband Barack Obama was asked to get coffee when he was wearing a tux.  He was wearing a tuxedo at a black-tie dinner and somebody asked him to get coffee."  Okay let me get this straight, Barack Obama, President of the United States attends a black-tie dinner, he is surrounded by secret service, dignitaries from around the world and yet there was someone in attendance that didn't know Barack Obama from a schlep coffee server?  Oh, yeah that's got to be a true story.  Here's another one:  Michelle:  " I was on a wonderfully publicized trip to a Target, I was not highly disguised, the only person who came up to me in the store was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf."  Oh my Michelle, how demeaning that must have been for you!  I think it's just another one of those tall tales.  Once again, let me get this straight.  Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, is in the process of a highly wonderfully publicized  shopping trip to Target.  She is surrounded by Secret Service, and being followed by numerous members of the press.  No person could possibly get within ten feet of her, and yet, out of nowhere comes some obviously short woman, oblivious to her surroundings walks right up to Michelle Obama and asked for help getting something of a shelf.  Right, I believe that happened, not!
    Let's try to understand something.  Barack Hussein Obama is not 100% Black, his mother was as White as the snow.  His skin color is that of a Middle Easterner that's right, he's way more Arab than he is Black African.  Michelle, well I imagine she is 100% Black, and she may have encountered some prejudice while growing up.  But let me say this about the encounter she had at the Target store.  Even if we take into consideration that the story is true.  Isn't it more likely that she was asked to help this lady, because Michelle has the stature of an Amazon woman, and she can reach the higher shelf easier than a woman of normal female height?
    When it comes to racism and whining, the Obamas have cornered the market.  Their arrogant hubris is the least of their problems.  It's their self imposed depiction of victimization that makes their lying even more despicable.
  Thanks for listening,
The Watchman 

Monday, March 3, 2014


Supreme Court narrows right to object to a police search of suspect's home -

  In the 1930's Europeans risked arrest and even execution to escape the fascist government imposed by Adolf Hitler and his 3rd Reich.  The risked everything to get to America, where freedom and liberty reigned supreme.  Amazingly enough, it only took a mere 84 years for their beloved America to remove the cloak of freedom and liberty and don the cloak of fascism. 
  In recent years it seems America's Constitution is being cannibalized, one amendment at a time.  First the it was the 1st Amendment where freedom of speech, religion and press was protected.  The 1st amendment went down when the all encompassing Federal Hate Crimes Law was enacted.  Then the target by this Liberal/Progressive/Fascist administration went after the 2nd amendment.  The right to keep and bear arms although not completely shredded like the 1st amendment, the 2nd amendment has been ignored by both Federal and State governments.  The Right to Keep and Bear Arms has been curtailed by most states to the point where the right is simply an obscure remnant of the original amendment as written by our founding fathers.  Since the Obama administration, the 10th Amendment has also been made irrelevant as the Federal Government now dictates to the states what rights they have, and do not have.  The states laws, passed and ratified by the people, are being reversed by Federal Judges and Federal Courts as if state's rights and the 10th amendment never existed in the first place.  
  Now, the frosting on the cake for the federal government, and all law enforcement agencies across the country.  Just this past week, the U.S. Supreme Court has determined that the 4th amendment is much to restrictive on the police, and it is much to taxing on magistrates.  Many people are not familiar with the 4th Amendment of the Constitution.  It was the people's protection from illegal, obtrusive invading searches and seizures made by law enforcement agencies.  To make this clear, allow me to write out the entire 4th Amendment:  AMENDMENT IV:  Right of search and seizure regulated:  The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.  In my book, that's pretty self explanatory and easily read by both police and magistrates.  So why this new determination by the Supreme Court?  Because the United States of America no longer has a viable and enforceable Constitution.  Because "We the People" are no longer the recipients of freedom, liberty and justice for all.  
  My deepest thanks to the three very Liberal Supreme Court Justices who voted against this 6-3 decision.  As three Democratically appointed Justices these three were able to see the detriment to the people that will result from this decision.  Justices, Ruth Gator Ginsberg, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor should be recognized for the stand they have taken against this terrible injustice pronounced upon the people and the people's 4th Amendment rights.  Never in my lifetime did I think I would ever find myself in agreement with the Liberal Justices and by the same token, find myself disgusted with the so-called Conservative Justices on the highest court in the nation.
  Please take the time to connect to the link I have provided, read it and ask yourself if you would now flee from an oppressive government to the United States for some type of sanctuary.  
  Never before have I grieved this much for my country, than I do today.  This decision will perpetuate illegal searches, seizures and invasions of the people's homes and places of business unlike ever imagined by the American people.  Like the cartoon above, the police no longer need a warrant to enter your home, violate your privacy, and seize your possessions.  Some will say that "our local police would never abuse this decision."  You will be dead wrong in that assumption.  All the police have to do to gain entrance to your home, is ask.  However when you refuse, you can bet your privacy that you will be arrested for some trumped up charge, removed from your residence and the police will have all the permission they need to search, do damage, seize everything you have.  Your recourse, have none.  Buckle up, this ride through America's Fascist State will be rough and virtually unending.
God help Us
The Watchman      

Thursday, February 13, 2014


The Queen's dress was a mere $12,000.00

The ultimate hypocrisy: White House releases photos from over-the-top state dinner – Glenn Beck

  The hypocrisy of it all.  Perhaps we should encourage the doing away with elections, and officially hold a coronation of America's King and Queen.  After all, they are the warriors of the middle class, his Lordship Obama said he was.  One can plainly see that the Queen deserves a $12,000.00 dress that she will only wear one time.  The State dinner cost the taxpayers a measly $2,000,000.000.
  I for one would have reveled in the news that both His Highness and Her Highness choked and puked on the their quail eggs and 12 different kinds of potatoes, and that goes for any of our elected representatives who attended and gorged themselves on this perverse feast at the people's expense.
God help us,
The Watchman

Thursday, February 6, 2014

What you won’t hear during Black History Month

                        What you won’t hear during Black History Month

I read this man's email, and I felt that I should pass it along.  This is of course "Black History Month".  However, it should rightly be a month of truthfulness, not a month of made up or embellished political correct tripe and propaganda.
  My only input is this fact:  The Civil War claimed the lives of 596,670 Northern soldiers who died for one goal, the freeing of Black Slaves and the abolishment of slavery in America.  Of the 596,670 Northern soldiers who died, 85,000 were Black, the rest were White.  In my book the debt to Black Americans has been paid in full, with blood and treasure right here on American soil.  It is time for Americans who happen to be Black to move beyond the victim and relish the victory that so many Northern soldiers died to gain.  Oh, and one more thing the Northern Army and President Lincoln were predominantly Conservative Republican.
  Try to remember that the next time an election takes place.  Do not vote according to color, but instead according the character.
Enjoy this article.
The Watchman