Friday, March 25, 2011


Is this the portrait that will hang in all the state houses, court houses and government offices?

Remember when you were a little boy or girl? Remember when you did something really stupid, even borderline dangerous? When your mother or father confronted you about why you would do such a thing that could possibly cause you and others serious personal harm, or even be fatal, think back, what was your answer? Your answer was "Johnny or Billy or Bobby told me to do it"! Do you remember your parent's response to that answer? Did it go something like this? "If Johnny or Billy or Bobby told you to jump off a cliff, would you do that too"? Do you remember how quick your response to that question was? It was a somewhat subdued "No", wasn't it? Then I ask all of you men and women in leadership roles around this great country: "Why are you listening and obeying Barack Hussein Obama when he is telling you to jump from the proverbial cliff, and to take the people you supposedly represent with you? Many of you probably assume that this Blog article isn't meant for you. It isn't, unless of course you are one of those citizens standing in line behind your Governor and quietly awaiting your turn to take the dive off the cliff and commit suicide. If you are one of those waiting for your Mayor or Governor to make a decision that directly relates to where you and your family will be financially, religiously, and statistically in the not to distant future, you need to take some kind of action, and take it now. You need to get on the horn to your Governor's, Mayor's, State Representative's office and ask them this simple question: If Barack Hussein Obama is telling you to jump off the suicide cliff, is it your intention to follow his instruction and jump to your death and take the rest of us with you? His/Her answer will certainly be a very assertive "NO"! That should open the door for you to follow up with a few zingers like; "Why are we paying Brazil 2 billion dollars to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, and the American oil company I work for has laid off all but a skeleton crew because Americans are under orders from Barack Obama's moratorium of NO OFFSHORE OR ONSHORE DRILLING??? This same line of questioning is pertinent if you are somehow affiliated with any aspect of the energy industry. Whether you lost your job as a gas station attendant, a mechanic, a coal miner, driller and supplier of natural gas. It is time to confront your local, state and federal leaders and representatives about why they are standing along side you complaining about this Obama moratorium, but aren't doing something about it?

In the military I learned about lawful and unlawful orders, I also learned how to tell the difference. In Vietnam, if an officer ordered me to lead my men in an assault without our weapons, I would of course refuse and order my men to take their weapons and then we would make the assault. The unlawful part of the officer's order was for my men not to be armed, the lawful part was to make the assault. By that same token and obvious realization through common sense, doesn't it occur to our leaders that ordering Americans to not drill for oil, while at the same time paying another country to drill, pretty much makes the drilling moratorium an unlawful order, and it should not be followed. I am struggling to reconcile the reasons for state Governors, Mayors and Representatives are taking and carrying out these Obama unlawful orders, knowing full well the order given is at the distinct detriment of their respective states and constituents. Then dutifully complying without at least publicly questioning Obama's intentions with this moratorium! For the life of me, I can't understand the cowardice that pervades our local, state and federal leaders and representatives. Am I the only one asking these questions? Has Obama threatened the lives of these people or their families if they do not obey his decrees? Is there any one good reason why the people we elect to represent us refuse to see the horns on the devil? Can our local, state and federal representatives be so blind as not to see that Obama is herding this entire country into an abyss from which there will be no return? I would think that these so-called leaders would be much more frightened of their constituents than of Barack Obama. If that is not the case however, this country is in very deep trouble. If our Governors and Mayors and Representatives are already in the kneeling position in front of King Obama, then America has already reached the point of no return.

Remember, there is but one King, and that is the Lord our God, and the Son of God, the Prince of Peace will return wielding the sword of truth, and in the end Jesus will prevail, good will vanquish evil, and the Prince of Darkness will spend eternity in the lake of fire. These are promises made to us in the Holy Bible, but these promises do not mean Christians must be apathetic and pacifistic in these times. Christians, Jews and all good people of all faiths, and of no faith at all must take a stand against evil whenever and always when the opportunity arises. In us we have the inherent knowledge of good and evil, we know right from wrong. When things are wrong, they must be made right. Just as light overtakes the dark, so must the good in humanity overtake the evil. To ignore the evil, is to see the evil, to not speak against evil is to speak for evil. Things in America are going very wrong, our country is all but totally in the darkness. Only the light of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, through our repentance, can bring back the light. Pray for forgiveness and turn back to God. Stand against evil at every turn, and do not be afraid. Don the armour of the Lord.


The Watchman

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Barack Hussein Obama doesn't need true friends, because it is impossible for Obama to be honest, truthful or loyal to anyone except perhaps Allah, and I'm not to sure about Allah!!!

Okay, here we are involved in another undeclared war, in actuality, this time America is the clear aggressor. At the behest of the U.N., the Arab League (two organizations of very questionable reputations) and under orders from our fearless leader Hussein Obama, the American military has engaged in several missile strikes in Libya. Without so much as a request that congress take a look at the situation, Obama has placed Americans in harm's way in yet one more Muslim country. Several in congress are upset about this, but are they doing anything about it? Nawwww!!!

Hussein Obama is in Brazil encouraging that nation to go full speed ahead with their offshore drilling, while at the same time continuing the moratorium on American drilling offshore and onshore. Obama even promised America's support for their petroleum extractions, we're not sure if he promised them more American taxpayer money, on top of the two billion dollars he has already given them. Bottom line, he supports the offshore drilling by Brazil, he supports the fact that the drilling will increase jobs in Brazil, and there is no doubt Obama has promised that America will purchase the oil Brazil extracts that the American people have already paid for in taxes. Many are upset about this tactic the president is employing. The governors of the gulf states, I'm sure are outraged. So should the governors of all our oil, natural gas and coal rich states. Funny, is anyone doing anything about it? Nawwwww!!!

Obama Care has been deemed unconstitutional by federal courts, but Obama is still implementing many aspects of the Obama Care bill, regardless of the fact that the entire bill is unlawful, and illegal according to the courts. People are outraged, the newly elected Republican House was supposed to de-fund that law so it could not be implemented. Whatever happened to that? America is almost four months into the new year and we still have no national budget. Congress is outraged at Obama's brazen indignation toward the constitution, but is anyone doing anything about it? Nawwww!

Obama and the minions he has surrounded himself with are doing everything in their power to destroy America's economy, and to institute a Progressive/Socialist government. He has thrown our energy production and it's research and development into turmoil. No drilling, no mining, and now, (mark my words) , there will be a moratorium on nuclear power production and construction of nuclear power plants. Obama will most assuredly use the Japan earthquake to take those all off-line. That will leave America with wind-power, and solar power. In essence, that will be the last Obama nail in the American coffin. Congressional leaders are upset, the American people are upset. Is anyone doing anything about it? Nawwww!!

Where am I going with this, you ask?

Let me tell what I'm getting at: America is made up of fifty states (according to Obama that would be 57 states, Islam has 57 states, slip of the tongue I guess.) . Each state has a Governor who is duly elected by the people of that state, and according to the constitution of the United States, each state has what we like to call "states right". Now according to my calculations, and research the governors off those states are responsible for the welfare of the residents of those states, are you following me? Say for instance the Governor of a state that is coal rich decides that the mining of coal, and the usage of such are more beneficial than detrimental to his state. I say that Governor should tell Obama and the EPA to take a hike, we're mining and we're burning coal regardless, and this state will not under any circumstances pay any federal fines placed upon it by the federal government. What do you think would happen? I think I know what would, and should happen. Other energy product rich states could, would and should follow suit. States in the Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, should declare the offshore drilling moratorium illegal, and begin drilling as soon as the rigs could be manned. What would happen? I'll tell what would, could and should happen, states like Oklahoma and Alaska would. could and should follow suit. The Governor of Alaska should immediately send people and equipment to the ANWR to set up for drilling there, and offshore. States that have huge reserves of natural gas should do the same. Look, there are no fines that states have to pay to the federal government and or the EPA. Without states and the taxpayers in them, there is no federal government, and without jobs and energy sources there will be NO taxpayers to fund the EPA, or the federal government.

It's time to stop pussy-footing around, our nation is going down the tubes, other countries are intent on eliminating the US dollar as the world reserve currency, hey governors, if you want to preserve your state, and improve the welfare and create jobs in your state, you've got to move, and move right now. In cowboy terms, "your burning daylight". Get on the ball, get started making jobs, quit waiting on permission from Barack Hussein Obama, because you aren't going to get it.

The federal government will not shoot all the people drilling wells, they won't bomb the rigs either. It takes guts to stand up to oppressive wanna-be dictators. You wanted to be Governor, act like one. This goes for all the state legislators too. If you want action, take action. Stand up for what's right. It would take a blind man not to see that your President is not interested in helping this failing nation, but he is going to continue to cause chaos in it. Nobody in Washington, D.C. can be that blind or that dumb so as not to see what's happening. If our nations congress can't curb this president and his destructive administration, then it is up to the states to do it.

Don't wait till it's too late, Governor! Be administratively aggressive in remedying our nations ills, don't let a pacifistic attitude make you part of the disease. We are in a battle for the freedom of this nation, our liberty hangs in the balance. Governors, legislators from local to state to federal, you're the only ones who can save this nation. You were elected by the people to look out for the welfare of your constituents. How about standing up for us?

All Glory To God

The Watchman