Wednesday, January 5, 2011


That's a good question from the New York Post.

It would be a better question if Barack Hussein Obama was the leader of the "free" world!!!

There are many who would differ with the New York Post's description of the man on the cover of their paper today. I for one am insulted that anyone in the media (even the liberal media) would even suggest that Barack Obama leads the free world, or anything else for that matter. This man is a wanna-be dictator, and dictators do not lead free people, instead they enslave them. There is no record in Obama's past that even remotely leans toward his having a penchant for freedom, or liberty, or the United States Constitution for that matter. He is a usurper of authority, a self-centered, egotistical, narcissist, with obvious misguided manifestations of being a God. Barack Hussein Obama is all of those things, but he is not, under any circumstances or any stretch of the word, "the leader of the free world." Yes, he was duly elected by the people, but he was duly elected under false pretenses, and that does not make a man a leader, it just makes him a liar and thief. Barack Obama's intention was to deceive, and that, as it turns out, is what he is expert at doing. His expertise at sleight of hand would make even the most expert prestidigitator jealous beyond words. If Satan isn't instructing this man, then Satan himself has been deposed as "The Great Deceiver".

The past two years of this administration, Obama has managed to kill the banking and loan industry, the energy industry, the insurance industry, the auto industry, and strangle the very very heart of the American economy. All for the people's own good, of course. Once Obama is through tearing down America and it's people, he will then respond to the misguided citizens, and save us from the brink. Obama will have the people begging to be saved by the government. There are less and less jobs, more and more unemployment entitlements. In two short years, this president has given the people more incentive to remain on government handouts than he has incentives to go to work. It's a control thing, and it frightens me to see it happening when so few others see it. One of the most alarming things is that Barack Obama's approval rating is at 50%. That means that he has already managed to deceive 50% of the American people. Leader of the "Free World", oh yes, Obama is in the process of leading people to believe that all things come from government, and all the people can live for free. The ultimate deception, the big lie, whatever you wish to call it, is happening today, now, and America will soon be in the throngs of entitlement withdrawal, as soon as the money runs out, and run out it will.

Tyranny must be met with resistance, the battle between good and evil is at hand my friends, there will be a moment coming when sides will be chosen, mark my words. There will come a time when all of us will have to choose between independence or dependence, between freedom and voluntary enslavement, literally, between good and evil. That time is on the horizon, and the moment to prepare, is now. There is only one way for this nation to survive the coming darkness, and that way is through repentance and prayer. Our country stands at the precipice of destruction. Turning back toward God is the only way to reverse the damage being done by the evil that is, placing chains around our ankles and yokes of slavery around our necks. As a people who have turned from God, and now we depend on the government to feed us, clothe us and house us, we are doomed, if we don't ask for God's Divine intervention.

Ask yourselves, where and when did we lose that American Spirit? When did we become dependent on others to support us? Why have we allowed our nation to be dragged from excellence to mediocrity. It happened when we began to feel that God was no longer relevant in America. It happened when we decided that voting from our wallets, and not our hearts and minds was more beneficial. When we strayed from the path of righteousness, we took the easier way. This easy path has led us to the edge of this precipice where we stand today. It's time to revive that Christian spirit upon which this country was founded. The time to decide is today, right now, this very minute. God gave us a "free will" and our government is trying to take that away. Make your choice, take your stand. The Lord, our Creator has blessed this nation, we have moved away from Him, He has not moved away from us. The Bible warns us about turning our backs on God and the ramifications for doing so. But God in His infinite wisdom and because of His love for mankind, He also tells us in His Word how we can be saved from ourselves and our wicked ways. ( "if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sin and heal their land." 2nd Chronicles 7:14)
Regardless of what this world would have you believe, Obama is not the leader of the "free" world. Obama is not "the Good Shepherd". There is only one "Good Shepherd", and that is Jesus Christ. Praising Allah and Muhammad can not get you to heaven. Praising Buddha or exalting yourself can not raise you to a higher plain. ( "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Me.") John 14:6
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