Friday, September 10, 2010


For most of us, it was just another morning, for me, it was nearing 8AM CST, made my coffee checked my emails. Walked to the family room, switched on the tube. I can't even remember what the channel was, but it was a news channel, FOX maybe. As I sat down in the recliner, I looked at the picture where they said an airplane had just crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers. At first, nothing was really registering, then it happened. As my eyes were glued to the TV, I turned up the sound and I saw yet another plane crash into the second tower. Like most people, I was shocked, I felt this eerie empty feeling come over me, what in the world was happening? Inside though, I knew what was happening, America was under attack, by who, and why? As we all did, I just watched the scene in NYC unfold, then the notice, another jet liner crashed into the Pentagon, and another crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. My God, when was it going to end, how many more planes are left unaccounted for? Where were they headed? As an employee for American Airlines, my heart was in my throat, I waited for a call from the airport, but there was none. As the nation and the world watched this horrific scene unfold, I knew deep inside that America will never ever be the same.

This morning the victims of this cowardly act had no idea that, in just a couple hours they would be stepping off into eternity, never to be seen or heard from again. They had their breakfast, hopefully they, kissed their wives, husbands, children good bye. It was the last time they would be able to do that. They went off to work, just as we all were about to do, not unlike any other day, only this day would be their last.

America, was never the same from that day forward. Heroes where made that fateful day. Firefighters, law enforcement, and first responders, whose job it was to run into burning buildings, not away from them. Men and women making desperate rescue attempts, many would die beside the people they were trying to rescue. Bravery, knew no boundaries, yes, they were hero's, all of them.

We learned later that a few of the victims that day managed to reach their families by cell phone, the story of one man in particular caught my attention. One of the men called his wife, he was in a conference room on the 105th floor of one of the burning towers. There were, as he told his wife about 100 people in that room. The man said to his wife " I love you honey, but I'm going to have to go," he said " honey you know Al, that Christian from the office, he's going to lead us all in a prayer now, goodbye baby." Al, the Christian, was doing his Father's work, Al knew that none of them would get out of that building alive. Al didn't call home, but Al, the Christian, was determined to take as many souls as possible to heavenly eternity with him. Al, the Christian, wore his faith in Jesus on his sleeve, for all those in that room to see, through Al's faith in Jesus Christ, another 100 souls hopefully found salvation, and Al served the Lord right up until his last moment on this earth. Al, the Christian, was a true hero, in every sense of the word.

Late that evening of September 11, 2001, my wife and I were drained of our strength, we wept for those who died, those who were dying, and those loved ones left behind. We wept for our nation, because from this day forward, it would be changed forever. And we asked, why?

I lost a friend that day, she was on AA flight 11, she was a flight attendant. Like many other large companies, at American Airlines, we were one big family. The airport was silent the next day, most of us were still somewhat dazed. No jet engines running on the ramp, and the terminal was cloaked in a deathly like silence, few people talked, only when they had too. Everyone's eyes were still glued to the TVs in the terminal. All the world that next day were trying to absorb as much information as possible. Some people literally broke down, others, were angry by now. I was among the ones whose saddness turned to anger. I suppose the best way to describe the entire atmosphere, was somber.

America wasn't attacked by a country, America wasn't attacked because of some bungled foreign policy move. America was attacked because of the God we worship. A holy war was declared on us, unprovoked, and unexpected. A cowardly act of violence perpetrated by a faceless enemy. Many Americans are in denial of this holy war, but here we are, 9 years later, and our America is not the same. It troubles me that so many Americans have forgotten the events of 9/11/2001, and how empty, but at the same time in solidarity we were on 9/12/2001. We can not allow this dreadful episode in America to pass into the darkness. We can not allow 9/11 to become just another terrible day in history. We can not allow it to ever become a one paragraph blurb in a history book. As the attack on Pearl Harbor, 9/11 must also be a day that will live in infamy. Like the Holocaust, 9/11 must always be remembered for what it was, a brutal and cowardly attack upon 3,000 innocent people, and the nation they lived in.

It wasn't just America that was attacked that day, but the entire free world. The truth about who the enemy was that day has been revealed. The enemy was Islam, and still is today. Americans can turn a blind eye, but they can not deny the truth. Today, Islam continues to preach hated against America, Christians, and Jews. The Muslim holy book, is a collection of the rants and raves of a barbaric lunatic named Mohammad. The followers of Mohammad are not the friends of America, their holy book, the Qu'ran forbids taking Infidels as friends. I can't understand how the truth of Islam's teachings are still being ignored. Someday, every American will know that Islam is like a cancer, slowly they will take over our nation, and another shot may never have to be fired. Islam has instilled a fear in America, and it is that fear of Islam that makes this country blind to our true enemies. America must always remember, Islam has no tolerance of any other faith, so, we must remain on guard.




We all know this isn't going to happen. The U.N. outlawing offenses against religion, no on your life. I'll tell you what may happen though. The U.N. may pass a form of declaration that it is a hate crime to speak out against Islam, but only Islam. Because the U.N., is basically Godless, but very fearful of Muslim uprisings, I'm sure that they will vote unanimously to punish anyone who opposes Islam, in any way shape or form. This is a tactic that has always worked throughout history. It's the old: "If we appease the enemy, they'll leave us alone. Needless to say, it's a strategy doomed to failure.
Perhaps Imam Rauf can just get Barack Obama, the new "Calif" to sign an Executive Order, making Muslims and Islamic Mosques off limits. I'm sure Obamasiah in his infinite wisdom will even throw Islam the, "it's still okay" for you guys to preach hate, and kill Jews and Christians bone. Of course the new Ground Zero Mosque will require the standard dome and minarets. It'll be all tied up in a pretty little "throw the Ground Zero families under the bus package."
I know where our country has been, but I certainly don't like where it's headed. It's like America is an airplane, and Obama is the pilot, the nose is pointed down, and Obama won't pull up. That's the best analogy I can come up with right now.
God Help Us

Thursday, September 9, 2010


What is thulium? What is Samarium?


In the science and high-tech fields, these are referred to as "rare earth metals". The United States used to mine rare earth metals and refine them, about 15 years ago that is. These metals are used in the construction of high-tech military weapons, and portable/mobile x-ray units. It should be understood, that these rare earth metals are crucial to America's defense weaponry manufacture. These rare earth metals are not found easily, they actually have to be extracted from other metal and mineral ores.

About fifteen years ago or so the Chinese undercut the international prices for these two metals, so much so, that became less expensive to purchase the refined metals than to mine and refine here in the U.S. China apparently recognized the value of these metals, so they just kept cutting and undercutting international prices until they captured 97% of the worlds supply of rare earth exports. What does that mean to us you ask? Get this, a couple of weeks ago, China cut the supply of these important metals by some 72%. In other words, China has a strangle hold on America's manufacture of high-tech weapons, and mobile hospital x-ray technology. Samarium and thulium are essential for little things like: The Abrams tank, the Hellfire missile, the electric drive ship, and the Aegis radar system, just to name a few.

Can't we just start mining our own rare earth metals again? Sure, but it's going to take awhile. As usual, America was complacent, and of course China was our friend, right? The estimates of the time it will take for America to re-establish domestic mine-to-refinery operations is conservatively set at 15 years. Doesn't that make you feel all safe and warm?

During the past ten years, America's politicians and military analysts calculated that China could possibly hold total control and actually deny access to the western Pacific by the year 2025. Well, our analysts were just a little off on their calculations. China has declared and claimed sovereignty over the seas from Vietnam to the Philippines, and from their Leizhou Peninsula to the oil rich shores of Borneo. Under the direction of President Barack Obama, the Department of the Navy is going ahead with plans to continue the weakening of America's Naval Forces. America is on the verge of losing Naval superiority over the seas, a status we've held since World War II. Here is a thought to ponder: With China controlling the Pacific and Russia potentially controlling the Atlantic, that leaves the United States in quite a pickle!!

After dumping $35 billion dollars of US Bonds, Dadong Global (China's leading credit agency) downgraded US debt from AAA to AA, and elevated China's to AA+ rating.

Over 10,000 Chinese laborers are in Pakistan, they are currently digging tunnels through the mountains to provide direct routes from the Pakistan to China, for the transport of China's future energy supplies. China is also spending $5 billion dollars to widen the Panama Canal to ship raw materials from it's projects in Africa and South America directly to China.

China is at this very moment, budgeting money for "space warfare", cyber war, and an army numbering somewhere in excess of 1.25 million. The Chinese Navy, at last count has 275 ships, and they are now adding aircraft carriers to their fleets. They also have nuclear submarines, aircraft, and ships armed with long range missiles, with the capability to destroy American aircraft carriers at a distance of one thousand miles. Needless to say, U.S. Navy access to Taiwan and the western Pacific is quickly coming to an end.

You can find more information exactly where I did, at:

Thank you to Chet Nagle for his research and this investigative article published on Family Security Matters Website on 9-7-2010

As America gets weaker by the design of our current President, and his administration, I urge all of you to pray for the revival in this country. Only God's divine intercession can save this nation.
2Chronicles 7:14, and My people who are called by My name, humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, and then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and heal their land.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hiding Her Face In Shame
The people of this country should be embarrassed beyond just covering their eyes in shame. After all these many years, is it true that some people have the right to speak freely, and others do not? Why do we have so many citizens ready to fight for the right to free speech, but only as long as they agree with what the other person is saying?

Now, understand that I do not agree with the Qu'ran burning that is supposedly going to take place in Florida on 9/11. However, I also do not agree with Muslims building a Victory Mosque near Ground Zero. It seems that the same people who tout that Muslims should be allowed to build that Ground Zero Mosque, are the ones who are saying that the preacher and his church should stifle their right to free speech and expression, for opposing the Mosque. In my opinion, the minister in Florida is grandstanding, but his grandstanding is no more offensive than the Muslim grandstanding with their Ground Zero Mosque. The burning of any book or books somehow takes us back to the Adolf Hitler/Nazi age. But, this one preacher, and his congregation of 50 aren't burning every Qu'ran in the country, just the ones they can get their hands on. There is no way of counting how many Bibles have been destroyed in one fashion or another in the Arab countries, but I'm sure the number is quite substantial. In the Muslim world, they don't stop at burning and destroying Bibles, and Toras, they burn and destroy the Christians and Jews too. That is not happening in Florida, no Muslims are being destroyed. A book, is a book, it is paper and ink printed words. It is not the Holy Bible that is Holy, it's the content of the book. The same goes for the Qu'ran, it is paper, and it is ink, more copies of the Qu'ran and Bible can, and will be printed. My personal opinion of the Qu'ran, is well...there is nothing holy about it. It contains the ravings of a paranoid schizophrenic pedophile, it makes very little sense, no matter how many times I've read it, and believe me I've tried many times. The Qu'ran is a book that teaches hatred, and destruction of anyone who does not believe in it. The world will be a much, much nicer place with a few Qu'rans missing.

I guess the bottom line here is this: Do not get in my face touting the right for Muslims to engage in free speech and expression, and then try to stifle a Christian's rights to do the same, especially here in the Christian's own country. Keep in mind, there is NO right to free speech in the Arab world. Free speech is exclusive to civilized nations. Any nation where their entire truth is in and of the Qu'ran, is not a civilized country, not by any stretch of the imagination. Sharia, which is the Law of Islam, is the antitheses of the U.S. Constitution, that's correct, Sharia Law is the complete and total opposite of America's Constitution, which is why Islam/Sharia will never, and I mean never be able to work side by side in any nation. I'm sure there are many of us American citizens that can see the reverse bigotry here, I hope so. I ask you, why is it okay for the Imams and the Muslims in these American Mosques to preach hate of Christians and Jews, but, when a Christian or Jew stands up to the Muslims, he is branded a bigoted racist? Why has this preacher in Florida been branded, even by FOXNews as a bigot? He is no more bigoted than the Imam's in America that preach to their people that Jews are apes and pigs, yet the bigoted hate speech by Muslims is somehow acceptable and tolerated under America's free speech laws? Don't you see, we in the west are already being indoctrinated into Sharia. In the Muslim world, only the followers of Islam have the right to freedom of speech, and now, it's becoming that way right here in the United States. Islam, through a twisting of our laws, is dictating what we as Americans can, and can not say, do and not do. When are we going to wake up, and see this is happening?

It really bothers me, when the Commanding General of our Armed Forces, General Patraeus makes a statement condemning the Florida church's plan to burn Qu'rans, because he thinks it will put American military personnel in danger. What am I supposed to think? Is General Patraeus telling me that up till now all of our dead and wounded service men and women were killed and injured at some Middle-east Ice Cream Social? C'mon General, have you forgotten exactly what it is you're fighting for? That's right Sir, freedom of speech, in America that's what we have, or used to have, prior to Political Correctness. That's what you're supposed to be defending. Where do you get off telling the American minister that he shouldn't be burning the Qu'rans? What you should be doing is giving a lesson to the Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians, and Iranians about freedom and liberty. In America we aren't supposed to be kowtowing to pressure from foreign governments, or so-called religions. It is the freedom and liberty of this our American free Republic, that keeps you in charge of the military. To put it in your Commander In Chief's own words General, "use this as a teaching moment" to those in the Middle-east. General Patraeus, if you've forgotten what you took an oath to do, perhaps it's time for you to hang up your four stars, and beg General McChrystal to take his old job back. Although, with all due respect Sir, he will more than likely convey the same weakness as you.

It frightens me to see our military Generals going as soft as the President and congress. Where are we headed? Into bondage I'm afraid, into bondage. Our future is depicted in our past, all you have to do is look for it, learn from it. But we won't, I am afraid we won't, at least not before it's too late.


What's China doing? Tomorrow I'll clue you in, but you aren't going to like it!!! ~Jer

Monday, September 6, 2010


Islam, the sunshine and lollipops, rainbows and roses, peaceful and serene Faith of the Muslim people.

Yes America, the wonderfully peaceful faith of Islam is still at it. The other day in Afghanistan, the Taliban sent poison gas into a girls school. You see, girls aren't supposed to get an education in Afghanistan. So those brave Taliban studs decided for the ninth time, to poison the little girls. Do I hear an outcry from the so-called Moderate Muslims, I didn't think so, nothing but silence. Islam, peaceful, my horses patoot. Where are all the International Human Rights Organizations and Activists? No where to be found. Isn't it amazing that the President of the United States, can file human rights violations with the United Nations on the state of Arizona, but he says nothing about the lack of human rights in the Arab countries. Wonder why? I don't!

January 2008: Sarah and Amina Said were brutally murdered by their father. The two teens, Sarah age 17, and Amina age 18 were shot point blank in the father's taxi cab. Amina was killed efficiently with two well places shots to her chest, however, according to the coroner, Sarah was actually tortured by gun shot wounds. There were several gunshots in her outer extremities, in order to prolong her death. The father said his daughters dishonored his family, because they had become to westernized. This is America, isn't it? You barbaric lunatic!!!

February, 2009: Aasiya Hassan was beheaded by her husband, at their own TV station in Orchard Park, Buffalo, NY. She wanted a divorce, obviously her husband Muzzammil had other ideas. She of course dishonored the family, so hubby chopped her head off.

July, 2010: Noor Almaleki a teenage girl was run down by her father on a street corner, in Phoenix, AZ. she too, was dishonoring daddy's family, because she was wearing tight jeans.
These acts of barbarism are all encouraged and condoned under Sharia Law, don't believe me, here is one more for you to ponder: Jordan: A young Muslim girl was discovered dating a young Catholic boy. Her father decided that she must have already had sexual relations with the young man, so he waited until she came home one night and then, in front of her brother, stabbed Dalia 17 times. He said he stabbed her 17 times in various places so that medical personnel would not be able to revive her. Under Sharia Law, her father was tried and convicted of an Honor Murder, he was sentenced to 3 months in prison. Dalia's older brother who stood by and did nothing, was not even arrested.
So America, let's keep defending these Mosques, and the people who build them. After all, their faith is one of peace and tranquility. They are the victims, aren't they? Build more Mosques, bring more Muslims into your neighborhood. That's right, be politically correct, defend their right to religious freedom. Religion, my eye! Haven't any of you ever asked yourselves why are they coming to the west? They hate our way of life, they can not abide by our laws, as they are only loyal to Islam. They barbarically murder their children for becoming westernized. Did they really think by moving to America that their children wouldn't become Americanized? Could they possibly be that naive? No, America, they are not naive. The only reason Muslims come to America is to establish Islamic supremacy and Sharia Law, and further the expansion of Islam. Those are the only reasons. There is no intention to assimilate to our western culture, or to become friends. They are here to infiltrate, conquer, and dominate this country. If you are for some reason, unable to grasp that concept, then you are too, too, gullible. By being gullible, makes you culpable in aiding the advancement of Islam in the United States.
Wake up America, the enemy is in the camp. Wake your friends, inform the uninformed.