Friday, December 3, 2010


NOT!!! - GERALDO RIVERA: Read This Before Voting on the DREAM Act

Like all of Geraldo Rivera's journalistic attempts, this OpEd for FOXNews is no different. It is chock full of melodramatics. As in most of Geraldo's editorials it begins with his bloviations about how wonderful and brave he has been, as FOX's "War Correspondent". I don't mind a man polishing his buttons once in a while, but Geraldo, next to Bill O'Reilly, you've got to be the biggest ego maniac on television. To swipe a phrase from O'Reilly, "And that's the memo."
I certainly understand that Geraldo Rivera fashions himself to be the champion of the Illegal Aliens in America, he's in good company there's also Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. John McCain was a champion for the Illegal Alien plight, until he found out that his political career was in the dumpster, so he changed up. At least Geraldo is consistent in his beliefs, and is determined in his convictions, feeding his own ego is necessary at all costs. If you can actually get through his entire OpEd without throwing up, you'll find that his statements completely miss the mark, and his emotions are controlling his brain. Geraldo, no matter what you say or write, you'll never be able to convince the majority of American taxpayers that amnesty will be anything but disastrous for America.
In the FOX OpEd Geraldo speaks about all the brave Illegals who are in harms way in the middle east. I was in Vietnam, I knew many brave men, and guess what? None of them Illegal Aliens, at least not as far as I could tell. Every last one of them spoke fluent English, and none of us non-coms had to learn Spanish to convey orders. I won't detract from the bravery of these men, but number one, they should not be serving in the military in the first, which tells me, they either lied (again) to gain access to the service, or their recruiter forged documents. Anyone serving on active duty that is found to be an Illegal Alien, needs to be removed from active, and prosecuted for conduct unbecoming. If it was his/hers recruiter that did the lying, or knowingly turned a blind eye to obviously forged documents, that person needs to be stripped of their rank, and prosecuted for conduct unbecoming. Illegal Aliens, regardless of what country they are from are NOT to be in the military, period. Compounded criminal acts, do not somehow turn out to be the right thing to do, just because the person is of Hispanic lineage.
Bottom line, it's not the brave, the hard working, the families, the legal immigrants, the law abiding naturalized citizens that are the subject here. Understand, there is no such thing as a law abiding Illegal Alien, you can not be Illegal and law abiding at the same time. It must be understood, there brave men and women from all nations. Bravery is not what makes a person a citizen, honesty, that's what qualifies to make a person a candidate for citizenship. Being Illegal is NOT being honest. Lying to get into America, then lying to get a job then lying to get into the military, none of these acts are the acts of honest and forthright citizens. As former military, I have nothing but respect for bravery of these men and women that Geraldo writes about, but keep in mind, it's not a matter of bravery. If we give passes to those Illegals in the military, then we must understand that if they are then allowed to bring family into this country, then we are forced to take the bad with the good. America doesn't need Mexicans like the ones pictured above. America doesn't need or want Mexicans that are loyal to Mexico, Saudi's that are loyal to Arabia, Egyptians that are loyal to Egypt, and so on and so on. America needs and welcomes those who wish to become Americans, and only those who want to become American. Honesty will be a good start.
So you see Geraldo, your statements are as empty as Al Capone's vault, you know what I mean.
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Mullen: Troops Who Balk at Change in Gay Service Policy Can Find Other Work -

Admiral Mike Mullen, in my opinion made the dumbest statement of his career. Today he said: "Troops who balk at change in gay service policy can find other work." This is obviously a statement made by someone whose bunk mate will either never be gay, or by a gay Admiral who hopes to get in on a little of the well.....action as soon as he's allowed to come out of the closet without blowing his retirement. Unless Admiral Mike Mullen plans on sailing aboard his new Flagship, the USS Gay Ship Lollipop and intends on allowing his now openly gay Executive Officer share the new Admiral's Quarters, perhaps he should not be speaking for our nation's military, and that includes all the branches.

It never ceases to amaze me how tolerant someone of high rank can be, especially when he knows that the new changes won't affect him. I have yet to see an Admiral in shared sleeping quarters on board ship, or a Captain either for that matter. I guess it's okay though if the Admiral's crew spends the lonely afternoons and evenings playing Kissy-face, at least until it's time for their watch, and then again what will the boys be watching Admiral?

I am so glad that my service time in the Marine Corps was in the 1960's, and not now. If the don't ask don't tell policy is repealed, you couldn't make me enlist in the military again. I'm thinking there are plenty of active and reserve duty Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airman who will most certainly take Admiral Mullen's advice and vacate the military ASAP. Somehow, I don't see where gay men and lesbians are going to be clamouring to enlist in the military service. Admiral Mullen may be able to put together a "Light" Brigade, and maybe with some luck and promises of a lot of free recreation time get a crew together for the boat he'll be sailing into combat on. But, I have my doubts that either will ever happen. Just to clarify something, I have no doubt as to the fact that there are gays serving bravely and heroically in today's military. I do not, and will not question the fact that many gays, past and present have served this country honorably, and will in the future. But if these gays want to be sure somebody is watching their backs, and not their "backsides" in a firefight, I believe keeping silent about one's sexual persuasion should be the "order of the day."

It pains me to think that a man with so little respect for the majority of men and women in service to their country, can actually be in the Navy long enough to ascend to the highest military rank, and yet be a pathetically miserable suck-up, and cave to special interest pressure. Perhaps, I just answered my own question regarding Admiral Mullen's success in the Navy. After his statement today, I doubt very seriously that Admiral Mullen will command much respect from his subordinate troops. He will never get any respect from this old Marine, and that's a fact.


"The Watchman"

Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito


They're lovin Obama in South America and Mexico that's for sure!!!

Between Obama and Eric Holder, who do you think is less American?
I think they are equally anti-American.

News Flash: The Obama administration and America's Attorney General Eric Holder have cordially invited 10 South American Nations to join Mexico and of course Obama himself in suing the state of Arizona over their immigration law. No wonder our neighbors to the south love our president!!! The Obama administration's open borders and amnesty plans have been an embarrassment to this country and the American citizen since Obama was elected. He (Obama) has got to be the most anti-American person to ever set foot in the White House, let alone occupy it. Who elected this filthy traitor anyway???

It seems that Obama and Eric Holder, and the El Presidente's of these South American countries are concerned that Arizona's Immigration Law will stifle trade and commerce. (I'm thinking they just don't want to have to dig new drug tunnels.) Let's just take a look at that commerce thing for a minute, shall we? Okay, I did a little research and came up with this, there is nothing America gets from South America and Mexico that we don't already grow, mine or manufacture here. Except for the following items, coffee & cacao beans. So the exports these countries are worried about must be heavy duty drugs, human trafficking/slaves and illegals from all over the world that want into the U.S. It occurs to me that someone very high up in America's political chain of command stands to lose a bundle if Arizona is actually allowed to shut their border with Mexico down, and get rid of all those illegals that are costing the American taxpayer billions of dollars every year.
This is the list of all the countries that Barack Hussein Obama has managed to bring on board to back him up on his lawsuit against Arizona: Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Paraguay and of course Mexico. If you should be caught sneaking across the border of all or any one of these countries, the penalty is immediate prison, (do not pass go, do not collect $200.00.) All of the mentioned countries have been, and are still guilty as sin itself, when it comes to their respective human rights violations. Of course our closest neighbor, Mexico, is the worst offender, bar none, of stomping all over the human rights of their own citizens and those visitors from other countries, especially America. (Of course stories about the Tijuana jail come to mind.) So, the question remains, what possible constructive input could any one, or all of these countries have regarding the constitutionality of Arizona's immigration law? The answer is NONE!!! It doesn't surprise me that Barack Obama would seek the council of these third world poverty stricken nations, because I'm sure they remind him of home, you know, Kenya, Africa.
Given the fact that Obama is doing everything in his power to destroy America, from collapsing the financial system to taking control of private business. From shredding the constitution to sucking the life blood from our military and defense systems. From shutting down all forms of energy exploration and mining to disabling small business with exorbitant taxes, rendering them unable to remain viable. I have a real difficult time understanding how anyone in their right mind could stand back and look at the evidence and say "Obama is doing a good job". There are some people out there however, and they'd vote for this man again. The how and why of it, wouldn't make any sense if we could ever discover what it was.
I am afraid the sovereignty of America is sitting on the "two-cent" table of the world's garage sale. Even the Russians are snatching up our assets, they were just given permission to purchase two uranium mines, yes, I said uranium, yep, that radio active nuclear bomb making stuff, in the state of Wyoming. Where the buffalo roam and the skies are not cloudy all day, at least not yet. Could a radio active cloud be in America's future, and will it come from our own home grown nuclear fissile material? I'm just asking!!!
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Above are a number of pictures from an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute, the exhibit is called: Hide & Seek. It is a blatant attack on Christianity, and a blatant promotion of the Homosexual Lifestyle. The top picture is an example of what children drew after being exposed to this filth. What parent would knowingly expose their children to this garbage? UnGodly parents, that's who. A point to ponder, the Smithsonian is 85% funded by taxpayer dollars!!!
The portrait on the left, is a depiction of two brothers (gays) kissing, one of the degenerates is holding a gun to the others chest. The picture on the right, is taken from a video running on a kiosk screen, it is a crucifix being overrun with ants. The name of this particular disgusting video exhibit is called: A fire in my belly. The picture at center bottom, is a photograph of none other than Ellen DeGeneres, the TV talk show host/comedian. Nothing funny about this photographic exhibit. If there are any moms out there who allow their children to watch the program "Ellen", I would encourage to find something more appropriate on television for them to watch, or better yet, when dad comes home, sit together in a common room of your home, and dad, read the Bible with your children. Either way, "Ellen" should be strictly forbidden on TV in any Christian home.
Ironically, the atheists continue to put up billboards that mock the birth of Christ, and call it a myth. The Gays have an agenda that certainly mocks the Bible, and God's commandments. When all the the time these degenerates are fulfilling prophecy right from the Bible itself, and they can't see it. Perhaps they do see it, and they are simply denying it. Either way, these groups that profess they want more rights, and more tolerance, are demanding that others cede their rights of freedom to appease them. The Lord tells us this will happen, and now it is, by leaps and bounds, America is becoming the new Sodom and Gomorrah. And like Sodom and Gomorrah, America will not survive the impending tribulations. Is it any wonder, that there is no America referred to in Revelations?
Beware the false Prophets-Muhammad, Obama, Allah
Beware the incest, the homosexuality, debauchery, and all the morally corrupt
Beware the corrupted government, and their programs
Read the Bible, walk daily with the Lord and keep your heads and eyes pointed to the sky.
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

Monday, November 29, 2010



I can help but ask myself, how can anyone, let alone an FBI agent or law enforcement official make such a stupid and blatantly inane statement like that?

Once again, the Muslim community in a small town needs to portray themselves as the victims in some kind of Islamaphobic plot of retribution for one of their own, who just happened to get caught attempting to blow up hundreds of innocent men, women and children. The Mosque in Corvallis, OR. where the Christmas Tree Lighting bomber attended, not regularly they say, but just a couple times a month. Is feigning an incendiary attack by intolerant and Islamapbobic Infidels. If I were the Corvallis Police, and or the FBI, I would be investigating the Imam in charge of the Mosque itself for this little one room blaze. How convenient that the fire was discovered by a patrolling police officer, and just in the nick of time, fire fighters were called and the entire Mosque was saved, except for that one room of course. Sounds more than a little fishy to me! I am curious to see what started the fire, was the kindling something like Muslim hate literature, or perhaps a lesson plan on how to actually build and or appropriate bomb making materials, and carry out violent jihad against the innocent citizens of Portland. My guess, the arson investigation will not uncover one shred of evidence pointing to a Mosque member.

I find it ironic that in 2005 the Portland Mayor and the oh so wise city council decided to opt out of the Federal Terrorism Task Force. Even more ironic, the Portland City Council's decision was under the direction of the beloved ACLU of Oregon. Now, the city has stated that perhaps they should rethink that decision. The state of Oregon is a liberal state, and Portland, Oregon is an extremely liberal and tolerant community, too much so for their own good. The thing that Portland, and actually the entire state of Oregon needs to realize, is Muslim Jihadi's don't really give a big rat's butt about how loving and tolerant you are. Muslims are on a quest to rule the world, and a few over zealous liberals aren't going to make them give up that goal and suddenly start playing kissy face with Oregonians. Wake up Portland, wake up Oregon, jihad has arrived, right there, oh yes, right there in Portland, that's right, jihad has arrived in River City.

I am ecstatic that the FBI was able to thwart another mass execution plot, but I'm not ready to crown them with endless wreaths of Laurel just yet. Certainly, the FBI and all law enforcement officials and officers are well deserving of accolades, but not if they have the gall to say" No one was in any real danger." There is no way that anyone from the White House to the bottom airport or mall rent-a-cop could be unequivocally sure that no one was in any real danger!!! Let's just throw in a couple of "what if's" here, shall we? 1). What if the FBI was never tipped off about this Muslim Jihadi vermin? 2). What if this piece of filth was a decoy, and the real bomb was twenty feet away from the decoy bomb? 3). What if this terrorist's accomplices knew all along that they were being duped by the FBI, and decided just to play out the scenario, just for terrorism's sake? 4). What if there are accomplices? No one in any real danger? I've got news for you Mr. FBI agent, every American citizen has been in extreme danger ever since the first Mosque was built in this country, and ever since the first Muslim was invited to our shores. Instead of telling the citizens of Portland, OR., that no one was in real danger, why not tell them the truth about Islam. Yes, people of Portland and people everywhere, you are a being played like a fine fiddle by these Muslims. The truth is: Not a single American citizen is safe anymore. Regardless of whether you are Christian or Jew, whether you are straight or gay, whether you are liberal or conservative, you are all targets of Islam. You will bow to Allah, or they will kill you, or make you slaves. It's time to take a stand against Islam, because Islam is the new pestilence and plague of the twenty first century.


"The Watchman"

Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito