Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Irony of Bart Gordon's Vote Switch - Real Clear Politics –

Remember This Man's Face, it should be on a WANTED Poster

Well my fellow Tennesseans, isn't it ironic that Bart Gordon switched from a NO vote on Obama Care to a YES vote, just like that. According to an article written on, a columnist named Brandon Gee said that there was no special deal for Bart Gordon. I beg to differ with Mr. Gee. It is common knowledge that Tennessee hospitals will be getting very close to $100,000,000.00, in federal funds to support the hospital's funding of the poor and uninsured in Tennessee. Someone, please correct me, but if the Obama Care Bill passes, there shouldn't be any uninsured, isn't that right? I mean what's the reason for passing this trillion dollar debacle if it doesn't insure the uninsured? Also what poor are they speaking of? It wouldn't be the 150,000 or so illegal aliens in this state, would it? I kind of think it is exactly that group we taxpayer's will be funding. You know the ones who think the emergency rooms are there for common colds.

Okay, maybe I'm being a little rough on the Bart and his victory in securing all that money for Tennessee hospitals. Congrats, Bart!!! Oh, and congrats on being appointed to Administrator of NASA, now there's a cushy job for a treasonous sell out politician. But, honestly, I can't think of anyone more suited for the NASA Administrator Position, than someone like Bart Gordon, who's entire political career can be summed up as " a politician who's just been taking up space."

I sincerely hope that Bart has sold out his country, and his state for something that will bring him happiness. It is a good thing he has Obama to appoint him, because I doubt very much that he would ever be elected to public service in this Great State Of Tennessee again.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Honor and Integrity In D.C., Not So Much!!!

All hail Obama the Arrogant!!!
According to Obama's actions, the American people are all dummies. He just can not fathom that "We The People" do not want his Obama Care Program, for one simple reason, it stinks bad, real bad. It isn't because we don't understand it, give me a break Obama, we are every bit as intelligent as you are. Actually, we are more intelligent, because we see what you are doing, and you are too arrogant to realize that fact.

I just read about our illustrious representative Bart Gordon switching his "NO" vote to a "YES" vote on the Obama Care Bill. I called his office, I left a message, guess they aren't going to be answering the phones for some time. I left a message and ended my call by referring to him as, well... something I heard during Marine Corps Boot Camp. I was immediately convicted, and called back left another message apologising for my choice of words on the first message. I did however, still use the word "pathetic". As a born again Christian, I experienced a conviction right away, so I apologized right away. I did not take back what I said about how hard I would work to make sure he never ever held office in this state of Tennessee again, for the rest of his days. Now, I don't know if Bart Gordon is a Christian, but if he is, voting yes on this Obama Care Bill should give him some immediate conviction also. Regardless of his religious persuasion, one would think that he would have acquired some sense of right and wrong, good and evil, honesty and dishonesty, but obviously, he hasn't. I'm not sure what Obama, and Pelosi bribed Mr. Gordon with, but I sure hope it's something he really wants. Because, when it comes time for him to answer to the Lord for his worldly actions, he'll have a lot of explaining to do. Like why he voted for a Bill that uses taxpayer funds to kill innocent babies, and that will be just a starter.

I have said this before, and I'll say it again. "I see no way to get away from the strangle hold these Progressives have on this nation, peacefully." The government, no longer fears the people, and that's not a good thing. These politicians do not fear losing their jobs this November. I'm not sure why, but it's apparent they do not fear the chance of losing. They, as Obama and Pelosi and Reid must know something We The People don't know. That of course is the most frightening thought of all.

Conspiracy Theory, maybe it's not so far fetched after all. I'm just sayin'!!!

Just for the record: Mr. Bart Gordon, I apologize for referring to you on your message machine as a "pathetic", well you know what.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3000%, 3000%, 3000%, WHAT?????

So yesterday in Ohio, Obama does it again... He tells those people, who actually seemed to be eating it up, that when this Obama Care bill goes into action, their respective employers will be getting a 3000% decrease in the health care premiums, and with all that savings, the employer's will be able to give all of their employees a raise. How can those people buy into a lie like that.

Is there any end to the lies this man can tell? He has to be the most arrogant slime ball ever to enter the White house. I mean this guy is the lowest and the dirtiest liar I have ever seen in my 62 years. Are we sure that the number 666 isn't on this guy somewhere? I never thought I'd say this, but the President of the United States of America, is Public Enemy Number 1. He is the most detrimental thing that has happened to this nation, since King George. This president makes Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton look like Vatican Altar Boys!!!

My Friends, fellow Patriots, fellow Veterans, you are witnessing the beginning of the end of our Democratic Republic. The President wants to be the Dictator of the New World Order, that is why he must put an end to this Republic, and its financial and educational systems. It is my firm belief that our Congress, led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, are not worried about losing their positions in the mid-term elections in November, because of some underhanded, back room, Satan inspired deal that Obama has made with them. Just as Obama is not concerned about losing a Presidential election in 2012. From his pure unadulterated and dismissive treatment of "We The People", Obama is not planning on a free election in 2012. He will be Dictator by then, at least he thinks he will.

I see no way to a peaceful end to a tyrannical government takeover. George Washington didn't work to vote out King George, he had to use force. As frightening as it may appear, I really think the American people will once again have to chose sides, especially if this Obama Care Bill passes by means of "Deemed Passed". Using that procedure will, or should indicate to the American people that something is very corrupt about our president, and his minions.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"CHAOS", Do You See It? I Do!

CHAOS: a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization. syn: 1. disarray, jumble, turmoil, tumult.

1. Obama Health Care

2. Cap and Trade (tax)

3. Finance Reform

4. Global Warming

5. Climate Change

6. Tarp

7. Tarp Two

8. Housing Crisis

9. Open Borders


I don't think I need to mention any more items, although I certainly could, the list is as long as my arm.

This administration has the entire world in a tizzy, for lack of a better word. Obama is doing everything in his power to cause total and utter confusion, in order to create smoke screens to hide his true agenda. We can see past these smoke screens, because we know them for what they are. Now, all we need to do, is convince the rest of America. Not an easy task I'm afraid.

Here's a headline for you: Washington Remains Clueless about the Dangers Lurking on the Mexican Border... Let me tell you, Obama knows exactly what's going on at the border, it's part of the "chaos" plan. Health care, has nothing to do with health care, at least not yours or mine!!! "Chaos"!!! Obama knows there is no such thing as "Global Warming", yet he continues to push for global warming legislation, "Chaos"!!! Obama has this country roiling with new "bills" and new "laws", and a multitude of "executive orders". "Chaos" !!! If Obama can make the American people look everywhere, except where they need to be looking, he will continue to make progress with his agenda. Obama, knows exactly what he is doing. He is NOT naive, he is not inept, he is not stupid. Obama is on a mission, and it is, to take America and Capitalism, and the Constitution down. Every day he shreds a little more of our Constitution, and takes a little more of your Creator endowed rights away. We can not let this continue. If he is allowed to make these types of inroads to eroding our country's way of life for the next three years, we will not recognize our America at the end of his term in office. How can we cope with all this man made "Chaos"? The Holy Bible has a suggestion: "Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth." (Psalms 46, 10) God wants us to slow down, take heart, know that He is with His people. God wants us to put aside the "Chaos" for a moment, and take a long look at our world, and concentrate on our next dwelling place, with Jesus, in heaven. Confusion, is a tool of Satan, and we are facing the forces of Satan in our country right now, as Satan has infiltrated our government. Place our faith in God, pray for guidance, as a first step, not as a last resort.

Keep your faith in God, your faith in humanity, your faith in America's ability to overcome this government caused adversity and tyranny. Do not let your guard down, and do not underestimate the evil forces of Satanic Islam. They are in our government, make no mistake, Islam's agenda and Obama's agenda are one in the same.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Proverbs 11 - Passage Lookup - New American Standard Bible -

Proverbs 11 - Passage Lookup - New American Standard Bible -

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, Charlie Rangle, Joe Biden, all Democrats and Republicans in the United States House of Representatives, and the Senate, read this Scripture, and heed it's warning. As one day you will have to account for your actions here on earth.

I don't know for sure how close we are to the end of ages, but I have a hunch, we're much closer than we were, say 6,000 years ago, and much, much closer than we were last week, or yesterday. The signs throughout the world seem to bear this out. We may not be able to save this world, but we can surely try to save those we love. Jesus said, "we must be born again in order to enter the Kingdom of God." Repentance, and revival, and acceptance of the gift of salvation, is the only way. I don't think I'm alone in saying "God isn't very happy with America right now." It appears He is standing and watching, Divine intercession does not look likely at this point. It is America that has turned it's back on the Lord, and it is America that must find Jesus again. The reason I say America is because this country has the largest population of professing Christians in the world. America is also quickly becoming the next Sodom and Gomorrah. This country needs to get into some serious soul searching, and into some serious prayer. I used to laugh at the bearded guy on the street that carried the sign that read "Repent, the end is near". I'm not laughing anymore. What is taking place in the world isn't funny, not funny at all.

All Christians take heed also of the Scriptures, read the word of God, walk daily with Jesus. As my mother used to say to me, "live every day as though it were your last." Good advice, and I've always tried, sometimes I failed, but I always tried to do as mom said. Trust me when I say, " things will get worse for us Christians, before Christ returns to take us all home."
Prepare yourselves!!!

God Bless You All, and pray for America and the world's salvation.