Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oregon: Muslim teen arrested after attempted car bomb attack at Christmas tree lighting ceremony - Jihad Watch

This one is going to be a classic. The Somali Muslim Terrorist you see pictured above, has been in America and suckling from the taxpayer's teats for most of his years. He is not an Arab Muslim, he is not an African Muslim, and he is not an American Muslim, what he is, is a Somali immigrant brought to America by either bureaucrats or some missionary church, and dumped in Oregon, and he is a Muslim, period! The key word here, (are you listening liberal thinkers?) The key word is "MUSLIM". That's correct, a follower of Muhammad, Allah, the Qu'ran, Hadith and he worships through Islam. Is any of this striking a sour note with you liberals? Well, it should. Those who think that Islam is this "peaceful religion", should be waking up right about now to the fact that Islam teaches hate, preaches the murder of non-believers and wants to rule the world, and establish Sharia Law as the law of the land. Yes, even our land. I would encourage anyone who believes that Islam is a religion of peace, or a religion at all, for that matter, to remove their heads from their proverbial butts, and smell the coffee for a change.
A thought occurred to me as I read the article about this Muslim terrorist in Portland, Oregon. What flashed through my mind is; I think I understand why the liberal thinkers in Portland, OR., Murfreesboro, TN., Mayfield, KY., and other towns across America where Muslims are securing permission to build their Mosques, are getting that approval. Can it possibly be this simple? Could it be that these small town councils aren't making the connection between Somali Muslims and Arab Muslims? Can it be that because the towns of Murfressboro, TN. and Mayfield, KY. do not equate the fact that a Muslim is a Muslim regardless of where he is from. The connection is the word "Muslim", Arab Muslims and African Muslims and Somali Muslims, are one in the same. They all follow the teachings of a perverted self proclaimed prophet named Muhammad. Regardless of where a Muslim is from, he/she is equally as dangerous as the other. I personally don't find this difficult to understand, but I can see perhaps, where a liberally indoctrinated Progressive young American population would have some misunderstandings regarding true Islam.
Knowing the state of Oregon as I do, having lived in neighboring Washington state for 16 years, the Oregon lawmakers and citizens are racking their brains and asking themselves "What could be the possible motive for this young Somali to want to maim and murder possibly hundreds of Oregonians at the Portland Christmas Tree lighting ceremony?" Listen up!!! Muslims do not need any other motive than the one provided for them in the Qu'ran. I encourage all Oregonians to pick up a copy of this hate filled "holy" book of Islam, read it, and then understand that Islam is NOT a religion, it is a way of life. It is the way of life that Muslims intend to force upon Christians, Jews, Atheists, Men, Women, Children Gays, Straights, and Transgendered, or murder you if you do not submit. I don't believe I left anyone out, but, just so you know, especially up there in Oregon where there is a large Gay Community, if you're Gay, Muslims will just kill you, there is no conversion time spent on gays, Muslims will merely hang you and move on. According to the Qu'ran, homosexuality is punishable by death, no exceptions.
I sincerely hope that this Blog post gets into the hands of those who make the decisions in places like Murfreesboro, TN., Mayfield, KY. and Portland, OR. I encourage the town councils, Mayors, and citizens where supposed "peaceful Somali Muslims" want to build a Mosque, to think about the safety of their citizens, prior to voting approval of a prayer room, or Mosque in your community. Mosques are where young Muslims of every nationality learn to be martyrs and terrorists. I certainly don't want a Mosque in my neighborhood, and I'm confident that if you do the research on Islam, you won't want a Mosque in your neighborhood either.
"The Watchman"
Ullo Tempore' Ulla Sito

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving to the town of Mayfield, Kentucky!!!

Enjoy it, next year Thanksgiving may offend your Muslim citizens, and then Thanksgiving will be no more.

Today is Thanksgiving Day, 2010. In Mayfield Kentucky the people are celebrating with their new found Muslim friends. The Muslims they celebrate with today, will bring poverty, and angst to their small town, and they don't even know it. The Somali Islamic community along with the Kentucky branch of the ACLU, have convinced the town that they must, under the U.S. Constitution allow these Muslims to worship in a building in the center of their town. Under some federal statute that supposedly super cedes any local statutes concerning the use of buildings for religious purposes. I'm not sure what hat she pulled that out of, but she successfully fooled the Mayfield town council, and they approved the use of a building in their downtown area, even though there is not adequate parking. Under the guise that most of the Somalis live close to the area, and will probably walk to their worship center, therefore alleviating any concern over traffic and parking problems. This of course is the biggest falsehood. Perhaps at this moment, the stated amount of people worshipping in this center will only be 20-25 at a time, as the building fire code states a maximum capacity of 40 people. Where do you think these Muslim worshippers will go, when there is (excuse the pun) not enough room at the Inn? Does the town of Mayfield realize that when a Muslim house of worship is established, that more and more Muslims will come? Where will they come from, nobody knows for sure, but, Mayfield, Kentucky I assure they will come. Maybe it's time to observe the picture above right, that's what downtown Mayfield, Kentucky will look like as when the 40 person capacity building overflows, every time there is a Muslim holy day, and believe me, there are plenty. Of course the town council was told that this Muslim place is not really a Mosque, because the are no spires and no dome, and it's not being used for weekly prayer services. (Are you kidding me, then what are they using it for? A place to stash weapons?)

Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to the residents of Mayfield, Kentucky. Enjoy this American holiday while the Muslims are still in a cooperative mood, and will allow your Christian celebrations. Come Christmas however, don't be to surprised when the Muslims will voice that they are offended by the town Christmas tree, or maybe you have a town square where a Nativity scene used to be. I say used to be, because this may be your town's last year of Christian religious freedom. But never you mind, Holidays like Christmas and Easter will be replaced at the demands of Islam, so you and your children will be celebrating Ramadan instead. I hope you're all looking forward to that!

Don't feel alone Mayfield, your town is just one among thousands of American towns that have been bamboozled by the Muslims. Near my city, is a town called Murfreesboro, the Muslim's are building a Mega-Mosque there. Everyone is pretty much all for it, even some Christian churches. Yes Mayfield you are not alone. Islam means "submission", and well, you are in submission to Allah, Muhammad and Sharia Law. Congratulations!!! Some people have asked me; What would Jesus Do? My answer: Jesus would not condone the tolerance of false prophets, i.e., Muhammad, and He would not condone the justification of a false religion, i.e., Islam. Jesus said: "I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but through me." Jesus didn't say: "Except maybe Allah and Muhammad." Citizens of Mayfield, Kentucky, if you are familiar with the Lord's Ten Commandments, read the first one, that should be a clue as to where your town council, and the rest of this great nation are making their biggest mistakes.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my readers, may God Bless you this day, keep you safe in your travels, and may you always be thankful for all your blessings.
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The Clown Princess strikes again!!!

Once again, in an effort to speak profoundly, Janet Napolitano shows just how ignorant and inept she really is. This woman literally has no idea who the enemy is, or does she? Could this TSA thrust at more aggressive passenger screening be an attempt at making the public less sensitive to increasingly invasive government scrutiny? If I were asked to make a determination regarding that question, I believe at this point and time I would have to go with the latter. The lame excuses being used to defend this new found TSA aggressiveness never cease to amaze me. In a recent interview regarding the newly installed scanner, pat-down procedures, Janet Napolitano had this to say: " I think having a better understanding of what causes someone to become a terrorist will be helpful." ( I say, "read the Qu'ran Janet, read the Qu'ran"). Seriously America, I find it difficult to believe that having been the Secretary of Homeland Security for all this time, that Janet Napolitano still has difficulty understanding what is in the head's of these Islamic Jihadi terrorists. Is it really true that ignorance is bliss? Or does the Islamic Obama administration have Napolitano dancing to some Middle-Eastern Muslim lilt? I'm inclined to answer yes to both of those questions. I base those "yeses" on the following statement made by Janet Napolitano: "We don't know much". (How profound and revealing is that statement?) Napolitano went on to say: " If you were to try and devise a template about what connects this terrorist to that terrorist and how they were raised and what schools they went to and their socioeconomic status, or this or that, it's all over the map!" Are you kidding me??? No, she's not kidding me!!! At the risk of confusing Ms. Napolitano even more than she obviously is, there is nothing mysterious about the Islamic Muslim terrorist, nothing!!! Terrorists, number one, are Muslims, there, that being said, allow me to go on. Number two, Muslim terrorists get their orders from Muhammad through the Qu'ran. They all do Janet! Once again, I ask you to read the Qu'ran, the amount of enlightenment and insight into the terrorist mind will be very helpful to you. Perhaps, it isn't really the terrorists you're after, but instead it is this Progressive administration that just has a need to intimidate the American public. A precursor, if you will, of the coming One World Order.
Where intimidation, privacy invasion, and deceit will always be the order of the day.
America, look around you, there are cameras everywhere, (for your safety of course). Think about how much you use your cell you now access the Internet on it? Do you send text messages on a regular basis throughout the day, and night? Can you, and do you now watch TV through your phone? Do you turn your lights and home security systems on and off remotely through your cell phone? Does your cell phone have GPS capability and do you use it? Are you aware that even if your new cell phone is off, it will "ping" a cell tower when you go from one range area to another? The government doesn't need to secretly place a tracking device under your car, or under your skin for that matter. Through your constant voluntary cell phone usage, you have gladly given away your right to privacy. Remember, when you use your phone, a GPS signal is being transmitted, and if you can find where you are going, someone monitoring the GPS signal can also track where you are going. They can know when you're home, and even scarier, when you are not home. Just a little food for thought, next time you pass a new cell tower, think about it.
Back to Homeland Security and the TSA. I don't think the American people are so adverse to the fact that there is and must be some type of airport screening and security. It is the random targeting of virtually innocent Americans that bring about passenger hostility. All of America knows that Islamic/Muslims are the terrorists, everybody!!! Why is it then that little American children are being targeted for pat-downs? Why would the TSA or any person with an ounce of common sense think that a elderly American grandmother in a wheelchair or a dress, would be concealing a bomb in her crotch. Now, if it were a Muslim in a burka and hijab, yes, then I could understand a search would be in order. Even if it were Muslim children, then it would understandable that a search may yield some sort of dangerous device, because Muslims don't mind their children being martyrs for the cause of Islam. All of America knows that the only reason TSA is using the random method, is to remain within the confines of Political Correctness. Israel knows that profiling is the most accurate way of choosing which passenger requires searching beyond the metal detector. An example: A tall white man in madras shorts robs a convenient store, the owner of the store sees the perpetrator drive off in a 1962 green van with the words "Joe's Catering" painted on the side, and he tells all this to the police. Will the police risk being politically incorrect and search for a tall white man driving a green van with the words "Joe's Catering" on the side? Or will they be politically correct, and stop every van, of every color? Will they randomly pull over black men and maybe even some white women, regardless of the fact that they are driving blue sedans? If that last scenario sounds totally inane to you, then just think about the TSA security procedures being implemented every day at our airports. If terrorists are most predominantly Middle-Eastern (Arad) men in their 20's and 30's, they appear nervous, they are flying one-way, and they paid there fare in cash, then those are the passengers that require a second and maybe third look. Grandma, little baby girl are not the terrorists. Common sense, common sense. Look at it this way, if you are restricted to only randomly searching, and are not allowed to profile, the chances of not selecting the right passenger, (you know, the one that really has the bomb) are much greater. So then tell me, are the American people being unknowingly indoctrinated into an acceptance of the government's invasion into our privacy, or not?
God Help Us
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

Monday, November 22, 2010


JANET "BUTCH" NAPOLITANO (left)& THE HIJAB WEARING MUSLIM (right). Which one frightens you most? On one hand we the most incompetent director of Homeland Security, on the other hand we have a potential bomb toting Muslim woman, that may just be allowed to pat herself down at your local airport. I believe I'm seeing that double standard raising it's ugly head again. When Janet "Butch" Napolitano was queried about whether hijab wearing Muslim women would be subject to the same full body scan and or the full body invasive pat-down, Ms. Napolitano said, there will have to be changes and adjustments made. That sounds like an unequivocal "no" to me. TSA is now considering, at the request/demand of CAIR that hijab wearing Muslim women be allowed to pat themselves down. That policy will certainly go over well with the rest of the traveling public. Let's see, some perverted TSA agent, who more than likely was flipping burgers last week, is now going to be allowed to feel-up your wife, your daughter, and even your grandmother, but he will not be allowed to touch a Muslim women. Correct me if I'm off base here, but weren't all these security measures put into place to protect the flying public from radical Muslim jihadis, who might be in possession of a bomb to blow up airplanes. I've got one question, if a Muslim comes to the security check point in full Muslim garb, hijab and all, how can the TSA agent even tell if this particular Muslim is male or female? I think that in full terrorist dress, hijab and all, it would be virtually impossible for any TSA or law enforcement official to tell if that is a man terrorist, or a female terrorist under that much clothing. After all, if everyone is not subject to the same security scrutiny, then no one should be. Playing favorites between Muslims and everyone else on the planet, is at best inane. It's either everybody, or nobody! If any one gets a pass, then the entire security process and program is at the very least, compromised, and will yield no good information.

Have you ever heard of "The Death of a Thousand Cuts"? It's a torturous drawn out execution, with it's origins of course in the Middle-East, if my memory serves me correctly. That's the drawn out execution that America, and the rest of Western civilization are being subjected to. Our enemies, both internal, and external are bleeding the free world. Our internal enemies of course, are people like George Soros and Barack Obama, they are the financial terrorists we must contend with. They, with the help of other government socialist minions are piling debt onto an already fragile economy, classic Cloward & Piven tactics, collapse the system. Progressive/Communist Socialists have embarked on their never ending quest for a One World Order, and they show no signs of slowing down. Already, the financial strain on America's economy from TSA and Homeland Security alone is well up into the hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars. America has been increasing the spending on Homeland Security year after year since 9/11/2001. Has it really accomplished anything? The government says yes it has, I say "not so much!" The only reason America has not suffered another terrorist attack is because of the sheer incompetence of the attackers. So far, and lucky for us, the would-be terrorists have been incapable of lighting the fuse, or connecting the detonator properly. As for last year's Christmas underwear/butt bomber, well, I guess he was never taught how to light a match. The billions of dollars spent on security measures, have yielded NOTHING. Unless you call full body pat-downs an accomplishment. There has been only one way to choose the right people to search, and that is to profile. I know that that is a dirty word in the PC world we live in, but we also live in a very dangerous PC world, and it's the PC part that makes it so extremely dangerous. Our external enemies I believe, are Al Qaida and believe it or not, the United Nations. Al Qaida has already threatened us with the death of a thousand cuts, and the Taliban too. The United Nations, is stabbing America in the back as they have done for the past thirty years. The occasional terrorist attempt, and the free world spends another 100 billion dollars targeting anyone and everyone, except of course the Muslim terrorists responsible for the attack. We wouldn't want to offend any Muslims out there, it just wouldn't be politically correct. So as a nation we just continue to throw good money after bad trying to combat an enemy that the government, the President, and the Director of Homeland Security refuses to call by name.
The "Death of A Thousand Cuts", is being carried out not by one executioner, but several executioners, all with their own blade, and their own motive to destroy the America. As a nation, we are already bleeding profusely. Our economy is weaker than ever, our military is being weakened beyond belief. If our President has his way, our strategic nuclear arsenal will be diminished as to not be a deterrent to attackers. Our citizens are without jobs, yet our unions are still demanding more entitlements. Our Social Security, Medicare, unemployment, and food stamp coffers are empty. The treasury is broke, and yet the Fed is going to monetise our debt to the tune of 600 billion dollars. The United Nations wants America to give more money, even though we are the only nation that is stupid enough to fund the UN with more money than all the other member nations combined. Have I mentioned a thousand cuts yet? I believe I mentioned enough programs and unsustainable entitlements to add up to at least 500.
Is their a way to end this execution? Yes there is! Stop kowtowing to Islam, say no to, and get out of the UN completely. Without American funding the UN wouldn't last a week. Oh yes, we can stop the execution, and we can stop the bleeding, if we only had some politicians worth their salt.
God Help Us
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito