Thursday, January 27, 2011


According to the news, Liberal Democrats were wondering why Michele Bachmann appeared to be staring off into the night during Obama's State of the Union Speech. Here are a couple of theories, perhaps she was holding her eyes as wide open as she could, in order to keep from falling asleep while listening to a repeat of one of Obama's 2008 campaign speeches, or last years State of the Union lies. Then again, she may have been looking at you BIG SPENDER, and she may have been thinking that it isn't only Democrats that have been spending this nation into oblivion, there are many Republicans who fall into the Progressive BIG SPENDER category too. I don't want to drive any lunatics out there to get violent, but maybe Michele was just sizing up the political targets. Either way, her commentary after the GOP rebuttal was spot on. It's good to know that the TEA Party has a voice as eloquent as Michele Bachmann's. Just think, we could have Meghan McCain speaking for us in her Valley Girl voice, spewing all her bubble-brain Progressive drivel. (Gag me with a spuooon!) Fortunately for Meghan , she was born wealthy and will never actually have to earn a living.

So it appears that the left is once again looking for things that aren't there, or worse yet, things that are truly irrelevant. Believe me, if it was all in the eyes, the above picture of Nancy Pelosi should have been speaking volumes to these liberals. I guess none of the lefties were looking at the time. Not only did they give this wild eyed loon the giant gavel, but at the same time they gave her the combination to the national vault. If only the few remaining sane Democrats in the House would have looked into Pelosi's eyes, they may have thought twice about electing her Speaker. Alas, they did not look at her eyes, so Nancy opened the vault and spent all the tax payer money, and then spent money the nation didn't have. Yes, you can tell a lot from looking into someones eyes. Someone in congress should have looked into Pelosi's a long time ago.
When it comes to judging someone by what you see in their eyes, perhaps this nation would have been better off by looking into the eyes in the above middle picture. It just may have been possible for more people to spot the Socialist and the deceiver. Maybe this nation would have been able to see the cold diabolical schemes lurking in this candidate's mind. Maybe, just maybe if America had been vigilant enough to look deep enough into Barack Obama's eyes, the selling of our country, the shredding of our Constitution, the invasion of our privacy, and the taking of our liberty would not be occurring today. The "Eagles" were right, "you can't hide your lying eyes". But if no one is looking into those eyes, the lies are hidden in plain sight, it's just that no one sees them.
In 2008, the people of America had such hatred in their eyes for George Bush, that they were blindly looking to follow any one who offered them a dream. Well, that dream has turned into a nightmare. A nightmare of a speeding train (our nation), running on a track that ends at a giant cliff. In this nightmare we as a nation are out of control. It's time we get a new engineer in the engine compartment. Someone that knows where the brake handle is, and knows how to use it. In the eyes of Michele Bachmann and many of our newly elected representatives, I see people who are concentrating on finding that brake handle. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed were taking turns at the throttle, but not anymore. My hat is off to Michele Bachman and those with her in Washington, D.C.. It's time to bring this era to a close, time to turn the page and time to slow this train down. We will pray for the success of our new congress. I've looked into Michele Bachmann's eyes, I see sincerity and determination, I see honesty and integrity. Those attributes are ones that I never saw in the eyes of Obama, Pelosi or Reed.
"The Watchman"

A Small Change

As you may have noticed, I have changed the name of my blog from "We The People", to "The Watchman"
I feel that this change will more appropriately represent the content and the intention of my articles. Nothing else will change.
I thank all of you for reading my musings and for your comments and constructive criticisms, and as in the past, are still welcome, and appreciated.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Okay, signs work, sometimes. This is what America is down to, signs telling us not to be bad. Who obeys signs? Good law abiding people obey signs, criminals DO NOT. So above left we have a sign to tell people to be good, and above right we a have sign put up by federal law enforcement telling good people to be careful of the bad people that law enforcement can't control.

Somehow, neither one of these signs gives me a feeling of security, how about you? When was the last time you heard of a state, city, or local police department preventing a crime? It doesn't happen very often, does it? Well, it's really not meant to happen. Let's get one thing clear right from the onset. It is not my intention to demean any police department, police officer, or law enforcement agency in any way. Stay with me for a moment, and I will reveal some facts, then you decide, and of course as always, check it out for yourself, and please correct me if I'm wrong. Back to my original question: When was the last time your local police department prevented a crime? They rarely prevent crimes from occurring. Once in a while they can stumble across an escaped criminal at a traffic stop and then arrest him, thereby perhaps preventing a future crime from happening. The thing that bothers me is that this criminal must have already perpetrated a crime, and that's why he's wanted in the first place. So, had his previous act of civil/criminal been prevented, he probably wouldn't be wanted in the first place, and somewhere out there, there would be one less victim. How many of you have been in a situation where it was necessary to call 911 i.e., your life or a loved one's life was in danger from some criminal activity? Were the police able to arrive to prevent the crime from taking place, or did they arrive after the crime was committed? Unless your situation was very unusual, the police didn't arrive until the crime had taken place. Let's face it, the local police departments have been reduced from crime prevention units, to crime solving units. Unfortunately solving a crime (finding and arresting the perpetrator) doesn't help the victim of a murder or rape very much. Another disturbing fact is that many criminals are back on the streets committing crimes within 48 hours of their arrest. Other accused criminals just hire or are assigned a good defense attorney and plea bargain their way to light sentences. In all actuality, there is NO justice in our justice system. As it turns out more times than not the victim is first violated by the criminal, and again violated by the courts. Where is the justice in that? There isn't any justice in that, period!
Now, allow me to lay a few facts, and some simple calculations I made:
1) America's population from 2010 census - 312,000,000 (312 million people)
2) America's total law enforcement officers - 914,000 (914 thousand)
3) America at any given time has - 2,000,000 Prisoners in jail or prison (2 million prisons)
Do you see what I'm getting at here? America has 914 thousand police officers, normally only half that amount are on duty at a time. The population of America is 312 million, some simple math tells you 312,000,000 divided by 914,000 = 341 and that translates to 1 police officer for every 341 people in the country. Now we can understand why police departments are not in the crime prevention business. They are not able, just by the shear numbers of protecting citizens from crime. The follow statistics will help break this fact down even further:
1) In 2010 there were 16,204 murders in America (9,369 w/firearms)
2) In 2010 there were 95,000 rapes in America
3) In 2010 there were 420,000 robberies
These stats alone are proof of the overwhelming odds that law enforcement organizations are up against. Not only are they faced with an uphill battle, but through no fault of their own, they are losing that battle. From the statistics above you can see that about 55% of the murders in America involved the use of firearms, the rest however, must have involved other types weapons, knives, baseball bats, poison, I'm sure I don't need to go on. My point is this, the police CAN NOT protect the populace, so it is up to the populace to provide for their own protection. As most of us are not wealthy enough to hire private security protection, we must employ other resources. When you are faced with a criminal home invasion, can calling the police help, maybe, if you had time to call police. Chances are even if you had time to call the police, by the time they arrive, stand outside and assess the situation, you and your family will have all been shot and left bleeding long before the police arrive. This is just FACT, it's the TRUTH, and it's downright frightening. Now in my case, if faced with a home invasion, I am prepared and ready, I do not answer the door at night, I especially do not stand in front of the door if the bell should ring. I do have in my possession a pistol that is loaded, and ready to fire.
No, I will not give up my handguns or my long guns. If the local police department will post a sentry outside my home and one inside home, then, and only then I surrender my second amendment right to keep and bear arms. But we all know that a policeman in every home will never come to fruition. I strongly urge every family and individual to take the necessary steps and precautions to provide for your own protection. It will also be necessary to help keep our second amendment in force, without your right to keep and bear arms, only the criminals will have firearms.
What prompted me to write this article is something I read this morning, an article about how some police departments are somehow under the impression that they as police are the victims of some diabolical scheme where criminals are shooting cops, and that it is somehow a consolidated effort among criminals across America. Believe me, the killing of 11 policemen, although tragic, is not an epidemic or a war on police. Also the recent shooting in Tucson, by a lunatic, that by the way very well could have been prevented had the right people done and said the right things. Either way these crimes bring anti-gun rights people to the foreground. Mark my words, the left and the liberals and Progressives would like nothing else than to disarm America. They will attempt to do this under the guise that all Americans will be safer. Trust me, that is not true, not by any sense of the word!!! The disarming of America means you, will no longer have access to the means of protecting yourself, or your families. Remember, criminals do not obey laws, they will not surrender their firearms just because the law requires it. DO NOT BE FOOLED by anti-gun sentiment and emotion. "A nation that hammers their weapons into plowshares, will plow for those who do not." (Thomas Jefferson)
"The Watchman"
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