Thursday, November 24, 2011


Before and After Pictures, when do Christians take a stand?

This is beyond reprehensible!!!

  Who is to blame for this incessant religious persecution against Christians?  Is it the Atheists, the Muslims, the Military, Obama perhaps?  The answer is:  None of the above.  The true questions should be:  Why are Christians allowing the persecution to go on?  Why are Christians afraid to stand up for what they believe?  Why are Christians so willing to take a back seat and cower before human authority, when they preach that God is the soul authority?
  Here we have a case of American warriors who are fighting at the behest of the so-called Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces.  They did not ask to be in Afghanistan, and when they enlisted in the military, they were not asked or ordered to leave their religious beliefs at the outside gate of their boot camp.  In 1967 when I first enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps, our motto was "God, Country and Corps", when did the United States Government ask the American people if they could remove "God" from that motto?  When did the United States Government decide to twist the 1st Amendment from "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.", to "Unless you are a Muslim or Atheist, you have no freedom to practice your religion!".  A large part of exercising one's religious beliefs, entails the designation of places to worship one's God.  According to this article by Politico, there are two Muslim Mosques on this military base.  What are the chances that on the front of these Mosques or, up atop the spires of these Mosques there are symbols depicting the Muslim faith?  Oh yes, you can bet there are "Crescent Moons" predominately located to indicate that the Mosque is a place to worship Allah, the Muslim moon god.  When was the U.S. Army manual rewritten so that no religious symbols could be permanently affixed or displayed on a chapel interior or exterior grounds?  When I was a Camp Pendleton USMC base, every religion had signs and symbols designating a place of worship.  The Synagogue had the Jewish Star, the Catholic Church had their Crucifix and the Protestant's had their Cross.  Maybe the Marine Corps just had their own regulations regarding religious symbolism, or maybe they never read the U.S. Army manual.  During WWII, there were many authentic photographs of Christian and Jewish houses of worship, each had a symbol of designation.  In Korea, it was the same, and I can personally attest to the fact that in Vietnam, churches on base or a base camps had religious symbols on the tents and hooches designating that that place was a house of worship for Christians and or Jews, respectively.  So, why not in Afghanistan?  Why not in Iraq?  Why not in Pakistan?  Why not on a U.S. Military Base in any of those countries, and now, not even on Military bases within our own borders?  If you want to know the answer, ask yourself; when was the last time an organized group of Christians from your church stood up, locked arm in arm against the ACLU?  When was last time a group of Christians prayed at a public event, when prayer was banned from that event?  When was last time Christian patriots stood locked arms and blocked law enforcement from removing the Ten Commandments from a public building?  I'm going to take a wild guess and say none of you, including myself have ever exercised the other 1st Amendment Right of Free Speech and peaceful assembly to petition the government for a redress of grievances.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that American Christians have a reason to petition the government for a redress of the grievances of religious discrimination, and persecution. 
  When Muslims feel discriminated against, they come out and protest in the thousands, when Atheists feel discriminated against, they scream and yell and whine and moan that they want equal time to be recognized as believers in nothing.  When any ethnic group feels they have been discriminated against they protest loud and long and in numbers that cannot be ignored by law makers.  But when Christians are persecuted and discriminated against, where are the multitudes, where?  Where are the 70% of American Christians that should be taking a stand against the evil of this world and this country?  
  There is only one reason why Christians are being persecuted in America, and that is because Christians of the many denominations will not stand together.  Christians are being persecuted in the United States of America, simply because United States Christians allow the persecution to take place with only a tiny cry of "foul", when it should be a ROAR!!!  
  I don't think American Christians understand that they (we) are the majority in this country.  We Christians have numbers high enough to elect or throw out a President, elect or throw out a Senator or Congressman, if only we would stand together.  There is no one to blame for Christian persecution in this free country that was founded on Christian principles, no one to blame but Christians themselves.
There is no law, Federal, State or Local that calls for the "separation" of church and state!!!  It is impossible to be in violation of a law that does not exist.  Pray in public, and remember, it is still okay, and legal to say "Merry Christmas"
God Help Us
The Watchman 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Is this still true?  I think not!

Dateline:  September 12, 1782
Subject:  The Congress of the United States approves the Aitken Bible (written in English)for use in American schools.

  In the early to late 1780's the Aitken Bible (the first to be published in America) was not only the Bible approved  for use in schools, but in many cases the Aitken Bible was utilized as the first primer (reader) in both homes and schools in the colonies and in settlements to the West.
  Where has America gone wrong?  The Holy Bible, once the mainstay for all laws and principles has in 235 short years become a controversial Christian hate book.  How can a book filled with God's word be read and preached, then suddenly become the target of the American main stream?  I think that Samuel Adams hits the nail on the head with this statement:  " A general dissolution of principle and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy.  While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue, then they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader."  A few thousand years ago, somewhere between 384BC and 322BC, Aristotle wrote:  "Tolerance is the final virtue of a dying society."  If Aristotle were more aware of the coming Savior, perhaps he would have written: "The tolerance of evil is the final virtue of a dying society."  Because Aristotle lived so very long ago, I guess we'll have to give him a pass on that one, although he wasn't very far off in his prediction.  America is the longest lasting democratic republic to exist on the planet, and now we see the principles upon which it was founded eroding away with time.  It is the tolerance of evil the will be the demise of America.  Most other European countries have already fallen victim to tolerance of evil and ungodly things.  As Europe is today, America will surely follow.  America has but one "virtue" left, TOLERANCE and it will be the underlying factor to cause the certain death of this once great nation.
  America was once a country that prided itself on it's Christian heritage, and now through the tolerance of homosexuality, same sex marriage, support and protection of Islam and it's false god "Allah", laziness, apathy and last but certainly not least America's shunning of God and God's laws, America is well down the road to perdition. 
  The new media and media standards in America are a sure sign that Satan as prophesied will have a hand in the destruction of America.  Media giants like:  Google, Apple, Microsoft and many more have decided what information and what speech will be disseminated or omitted from the Information Super Highway, as it was once called.  Today we just refer to it as the Internet.  Many of these media outlets have recently banned any and all Christian and Jewish information, including advertisements, and Biblical speech of any kind.  The Holy Christian Bible, the first Congressionally approved text book has now been deemed hate speech, and therefore must be censored from the public eye.  The media giants and lobby groups have begun to champion a movement to remove God and God's laws from the public forum.  There will soon be no debate of what's right, and what's wrong.  The beginning of the second Dark Age is upon us, make no mistake about that.  Blindly, Christians will be going through what I call the second persecution (the first being the prior Dark Age).  There is no doubt that soon, gag orders will be handed down from liberal courts to Christian preachers and priests that preaching certain scripture text from the Bible is forbidden from the pulpit.  Under the guise of political correctness and tolerance, any sermon containing statements condemning what the Lord has already condemned will not be allowed.  Men of the cloth will be tried and jailed, and Christians will be forced to either stand, or cower in fear, and run.  
  As George Washington stated:  Will American Christians prefer to die on their feet?  I ask, will American Christians today, after years of apathy, prefer to live on their knees?  
  I for one, will not use Facebook, as it is anti-Christ and anti-Christian.  I do not know how long this blog I write will be allowed to be published as I believe that Blogspot is affiliated with Google in some way.  As things are right now, I'm not sure that this article will be allowed.
  Points to Ponder:  APPLE has twice removed applications that contained Christian content from it's iTunes App Store.  Apple admitted that the apps were denied access because it considered the Christian viewpoints expressed in those applications to be "offensive". Of the 425,000 apps available on Apple's iPhone, the only ones censored by Apple for expressing otherwise lawful viewpoints have been apps with Christian content.
FACEBOOK has openly partnered with homosexual activists to eradicate anti-gay comments on it's platform.  All of which suggests that Christian content critical of homosexuality, same-sex marriage, or similar practices will be at risk for censorship by FACEBOOK.
MYSPACE has already enacted a policy banning "homophobic" content.
  If you think the second persecution isn't right around the corner, think again.
God Help Us
The Watchman   

Monday, November 21, 2011


Hey PETA, where are you???

I wish I had gotten a hold of this story a couple of weeks ago.  Only two days before the Thanksgiving Holiday, I regret I'm a little late.  Most American families already have their 20+ pounders at least half way through the thawing process by now.  It certainly will be worthwhile remembering for next year's Thanksgiving, and you can still return your Butterball Christmas bird if you have the wear-with-all to do so.  No telling how many PETA officials are aware of the Muslim/Sharia method of Halal slaughter.  The animal must be awake and aware while their trachea, esophagus and jugular vein are slashed and the Muslim prayer " Bismillah Allahu Akbar" which means (in the name of Allah the greatest.) is said as the life blood drains from each of the animal's bodies.  The folks at Butterball have stated that all of their whole birds are certified Halal.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Thanksgiving Holiday and the Thanksgiving Turkey somewhat of an American Tradition, and weren't the Pilgrims giving thanks to the Lord?  Actually, it's really not the meaning behind or for the Pilgrim's celebration, or even the fact that for all intensive purposes, Allah was probably not mentioned at the first Thanksgiving table back in 1621.  So, why the Halal Turkey?  Stealth Sharia compliance, that's why. 
  For me, it is the way Butterball has been so disingenuous regarding the new Halal way of slaughter and blessing, and the way Butterball decided to keep the Halal certification a secret from the general and predominantly Christian American consumer base.  Who purchases the largest amount turkeys from Butterball to celebrate a predominantly Christian Holiday, anyway?  I guess Butterball figures that what Christians don't know, won't hurt them.  I rarely take offense at menial religious protocol, after all, I have no problem eating kosher hot dogs for example.  Then again, at least the Jews and I worship the same God.  Islam, well I'm not sure which moon god they've chosen as their Allah, but he certainly isn't the Lord of all creation, and therefore, he isn't my God.  To know that the folks at Butterball have taken it on there own to get my Thanksgiving turkey blessed by some Imam who represents the Muslim mush-god they call Allah, well...It is this behavior by Butterball that deeply troubles me.  It is one thing to become Sharia compliant of one's own volition, it is another to have Sharia compliance forced down one's throat, and this time I mean literally.  It makes me wonder how many other meats and fouls we are eating that have been inhumanely slaughtered and blessed in the name of Allah, without our knowledge, to appease the Muslim population.  
  The Butterball corporation needs to know how their largest consumer base feels with regards to their stealth Sharia compliance, and their deceptive ways making almost all of America compliant to Muslim whims.  Since I was a child some 62 years ago, the name Butterball has been an American Institution right along with the Thanksgiving Holiday, and I take umbrage to the way Butterball has in my opinion tarnished both of those institutions with this violation of American consumer trust.
God Help Us, 
The Watchman