Saturday, October 23, 2010


Now there's a pair of agitators if I've ever seen a pair of agitators.
These two gentlemen, (and I use the term very loosely) along with the NAACP have come out with a Resolution that accuses the TEA Party of being racist.
That's a perfect example of the "Blacks calling the kettle pot."
There may have been a time when the NAACP carried an honorable reputation, but that time passed away when Martin Luther King went home to be with his Lord. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson wouldn't know honesty and integrity if it slapped them in the face. At best, the NAACP is nothing but an extortion ring of the grandest scale. Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson have used the organization to extort money from every race, including their own. How else could they afford the things they afford, if they weren't bilking the populace out of tax money? If there were ever two individuals that had no right to point the racist finger, it's these two guys. I don't know if the black community will ever wake up to the fact that Sharpton and Jackson's entire incomes depend on dividing the races, instilling hate and stirring trouble, where there is no trouble. Calling the TEA Party racist is just another in a long line of divisive tactics used by those who pretend they're just trying to bring people together. Believe me, if all Blacks, Whites, Asians and Hispanic people somehow came together, then Sharpton and Jackson would be out of work. The ironic thing is this; without Sharpton and Jackson, and others like them, i.e., Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan, to name a couple, the races would have a much better shot at getting along. Black people (I refuse to call them Afro-Americans, you are either American, or you're not. In my opinion, hyphenated Americans do not exist in this country.) need to realize that those guys make millions of dollars by jamming wedges between the races, especially Black and White. There is no profit for agitators, if they can't agitate.
I can't let the present administration off either. Regardless of what Black people have been told, Barack Obama is NOT black, he just appears black in color. The man is 44% Arab, 50% White and a mere 6% Black African. The problem is Obama's base is made up of 98% Black Americans who have been somehow convinced that Obama is one of them. The truth is, he is not one of them at all, not even close. If it wasn't for the pigmentation of his skin, you wouldn't be able to tell him apart from any other Ivy League power hungry Elitist. Obama's only recourse is to keep Black Americans convinced that he is a Black man. He knows that if the American Black community ever wakes up to the fact that he's not really Black, then his position is lost. This is why both Barack and Michelle must continue to hand as many entitlements out to the Black population as possible. The entitlement tactic assures the Obamas that no one of the Black persuasion will ever delve into, or search for the truth. Using people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and organizations like the NAACP keeps the Obamas popular with the Black population. Why else would 98% of American Blacks still vote for Barack Obama? I contend that if there is any racism in America, it comes from the Black community, not the TEA Party or White people in general. Let's face a hard fact here, even if Obama received 100% of the Black, Latino, Asian, and Muslim votes, he would still not have been elected president of the United States. There simply "isn't/wasn't" enough minority votes to carry Obama over the top. That tells me that many, millions of White voters put Obama in office. I find it reprehensible that the NAACP can call the TEA Party racist in light of these blatant statistics. It is equally reprehensible that the Obamas constantly disregard Barack's White heritage, and continuously throw Whites under the bus. It's apparent to me, that Barry has a deep set animosity towards White people.
It is my opinion that the NAACP is upset with the TEA Party because the TEA Party members are sick and tired of giving free rides to people who have been suckling from the taxpayer teat for generations. I feel that the NAACP wants more and more to take from America, rather than contribute to America's prosperity. I live in Tennessee, and there are government housing projects in the city near me. I believe that the gross multitude living in those projects are capable of working, but because of the entitlement nanny government, they have become comfortable in their poverty. They do not want to earn a living, why should they, when it's provided for them? It is no coincidence that the NAACP Resolution was released the morning after Michelle (I have never been proud of my country until now) Obama's speech at the NAACP Convention. She needs to keep the Blacks and Whites divided, the Obama base depends on it. The NAACP has to fight to keep those entitlements coming, they have to, without the government handouts, the minorities will turn on them. That is what needs to happen. It is the only way to restore a genuine pride in the people of all colors, and nationalities who are presently comfortable in their poverty.
America and the freedom we have here can not, and will not survive the coming darkness, and it is coming, unless we all come together, and turn back to God. That means all of us!!!
"The Watchman"

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am a Christian, and I firmly believe that this wonderful world was created by God, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.
But if one was to argue in favor of evolution, the theory that all mankind descended from monkeys, then the picture above right, might just help in bearing out that theory, for sure.

All kidding aside, the theory of evolution is just that, a theory. Having done some extensive research on this topic, I've come to my own conclusion, and that is, "evolution has no beginning, and also, what happened, did we just cease to evolving"? I mean if evolution was credible, then wouldn't mankind (humans) be evolving into something a bit more superior by now? And not only that, but if mankind evolved from apes (monkeys), then why are there still monkeys? Evolution is one of those scientific phenomenon that should be a continuous line of constant improvement in all species on earth, but I fail to see any changes occurring. Perhaps we just haven't given man enough time to evolve even more. So, let's see, no one can actually place a date on when evolution began, according to science, time began some 15 billion years ago, although, like evolution there is no way to prove it. Actually, there is no way to prove that evolution in itself, is remotely correct. Someone once said to me that evolution happens every day, "look at the butterfly" he said. So I looked at the butterfly, and I see no sign of evolution regarding the butterfly, I do see metamorphosis however. Unfortunately, metamorphosis and evolution are two completely different things. If the butterfly morphs from a cocoon and larvae and into a butterfly again, that's a miracle in itself, but it's not evolution. In order for the butterfly metamorphosis to be evolution, then by now the butterfly should have evolved into something besides a butterfly. Perhaps by now the butterfly would have evolved into something that flies, but has wings made of something like human skin, something stronger than the beautiful, yet fragile wings it has, had, and always will have. The butterfly has, since the beginning morphed into a butterfly. Monkeys, are still monkeys, apes are still apes. I know that for many who believe in the evolution of man, but the sad news is, man is still man. From the time God created Adam, and Eve, man is still man. Yes some of us have different hair and eyes, and skin color, but from conception in the mothers womb, human beings are what and how we begin, and how, and as what we will end. God created it that way.
The theory of evolution is being taught in our schools as the only accepted science, well, once again science is not exact, never has been and never will be. If evolution must be taught in school, it should be taught as a theory, and nothing more. Remember, even Einstein's theory of relativity, is still Einstein's theory. Perhaps as science progresses, Einstein's theory will be proven, at which time it will no longer be considered a "theory". Until then, and until evolutionists can establish enough facts proving evolution is accurate, it will continue to be just a "theory". And, that's how it should be.
God Help Us
"The Watchman"

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


" Disarming the troops Mr. President, that would be funny, let's do it! "
" Hey, while we're at it, lets make the forward bases take down their guard and watch towers, number one because the towers offend the enemy and invade Afghan village privacy, and number two, we don't allow any aggressive strike pre-empting tactics anyway. There really is no sense in seeing what enemy is doing, because we won't allow the troops to shoot within 500 yards of the civilian population anyway. We'll just tell the Marines and soldiers that, what they can't see, can't hurt them. Yeah, that's work. Meanwhile we'll negotiate with the Taliban, maybe if we promise not to kill them, they'll just leave us alone. I'm all for that General Petraeus, aren't you?"
I know that to many of you the afore written scenario sounds totally ridiculous, but I assure you, it may not be a inane as it sounds. Obama is convinced that he can still talk his way to victory in Afghanistan, the same as he knows he can spend this country out of debt. I honestly believe that Obama feels he'll be able to blame the loss of blood and treasure on the Bush Administration.
The facts, are as stated above. The guard towers are being dismantled because the village folks feel that their privacy is being invaded. Never mind the fact that RPG rounds and mortar rounds are fired at our troops from those very villages. When the towers are up, at least our troops could see when mortar emplacements were being set up, and when insurgents were running around the village, now our men and women a simply sitting ducks. Thank you so much you Muslim sympathizing traitor to America, President Barack Hussein Obama. I'm not leaving General Petraeus off the hook on this one either. Back on June 25, 2010 the General said: " The current Rules Of Engagement (R.O.E's) are getting soldiers killed." They must be changed. Well, here we are, 4 months later, and the R.O.E's have changed alright, they've obviously been changed for the worst, and are even more of a detriment to our troops. Why not just take away the guns and bullets too, lets just let our men and women fend off the enemy by throwing camel spiders at the insurgents.
There is nothing more obvious to me, and to our military in harm's way, that our president is a Muslim sympathiser, and doesn't care one iota about the lives of those we send to defend us. Obama's only concern is how the rest of the world, and especially the middle east sees America, well actually not America, but haw the world sees Barack Hussein Obama. The best way for Obama to justify his Nobel Peace Prize, is to allow American troops to die at the hands of barbaric Muslim soldiers.
I remember how angry I got in Vietnam when orders came down not to fire on the perimeter line unless we were fired upon. I got even angrier when a rumor of an order telling us that captured Viet Cong prisoners were be transported to the rear before our own wounded. But in Afghanistan, where our military are getting orders to dismantle guard towers, because we don't want to infringe on the privacy of nearby villages, that is just ludicrous beyond belief. What self respecting General would place his troops in such peril in order to appease the enemy? If in fact General Patraeus is the one who initiated this order, he should be drummed out of the military, with no pension, and in shame. I really don't care if the order came from the Commander In Chief. It must be taken into consideration, that the Commander In Chief of the United States of America, doesn't know his butt from a hole in the ground about war, and tactics, and worse yet, he despises the military. Where are the Generals with backbone? Are they really all gone, did the last General with guts pass into posterity. Was General "Stormin' Norman" the last of the true warrior Generals? When Dwight Eisenhower passed away did he take most of the stalwarts with him? I'm thinking that now when we have a President whose intention it is to give medals to soldiers for not killing the enemy, then America has reached the point of no return. Medals for cowardice, who would have ever thought it could happen.
George Washington, General Patton, General MacArthur, General Omar Bradley, Admiral "Bull" Halsey, General "Chesty" Puller, they must all be spinning in their graves right now. America, land of the free and home of the brave. Our soldiers are brave, and our home is still free, for now that is. But the Men who have become Generals, have no more honor or integrity than our president. A pathetic lot they are, indeed!
Where does America go from here? Do we fall by the wayside as did other great empires and societies. Will America be known as the greatest nation that ever existed on the face of the earth, or will we go down in the annuls of history as a once great nation that allowed tolerance, and political correctness to destroy us from within. America has an honorable past, will we have an honorable future? I don't know, but I can tell you that if we don't find a way to stop this downward spiral, and soon, there will be no nation left to save. Our freedom will be sold off, and given away, and we will not have anyone to blame but ourselves. That's right, we have free elections in this country, at least for now. The future is truly in our hands, and we must grasp it firmly. We must turn back to God, and pray for guidance in this November election. It is imperative that all of us vote, to save this nation. We all know right from wrong and good from evil. We must use that discernment. We must use it now!!!
God Help Us
"The Watchman"