Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wisconsin Democrat Legislators , No Pride, Only Shame

With "collective bargaining" this moron at the right, could very well be your child's teacher. She obviously has yet to master all the 3 letter words.
Above left, are 14 of Wisconsin's finest. With a track team like this, Wisconsin is a sure bet to win the "gold" at the next track and field event. These pathetic state representatives are proof that Liberals know how to run!!!
Wisconsin's Democrat State Representatives sure know how to tackle the state's problems head on, or do they? I suppose the mighty 14 could actually tackle Wisconsin's budget problems if they would only remain on the job. Instead, they have all decided to turn-tail and run from their obligations. I'm glad that none of them are in America's military, because their battle colors would be yellow for their bravery and white for their ensuing surrender. They have run away and are hiding in Illinois so they won't have to vote on the Governor's budget and bill stripping away the teacher's collective bargaining rights. I'm positive that these runaway reps have no idea why Wisconsin is over 3 billion dollars in debt, perhaps it's because of the liberal overspending of state taxes that haven't even been collected yet. I would challenge the runaways with justification of the states current debt dilemma. As a predominantly liberal state, the least these reps can do is explain why the debt is looming so large. Maybe they can't explain it, but I think yes they can and that's why they've run like frightened sheep, guilt is something that will follow you always.
I understand that Republican Governor Scott Walker has tried several ways to entice these runaway Democrats into returning to Madison in order to attempt to be about the state's business. Governor Walker has canceled the direct deposit of the representatives paychecks so that they must come to the capitol in order to get paid. Just recently, Governor Walker has imposed a $100.00 a day fine for everyday the runaways are absent. Both tactics resulted in nil. One of the runaway reps is state Senator Chris Larson in a statement he said: "The Governor's fines show that Republicans are becoming increasingly petty". He followed up with: "We (Democrats) are resolved to stay away as long as necessary. In fact, my family just brought down clothes for me. (Your children must be proud Chris, see daddy run.) We are committed to this cause". In essence, Senator Larson said; Democrats have chosen to run and hide from our obligations rather than attend state congress and defend our support for the public employees unions, who by the way are willing to bankrupt the state in which we live. I think these state representatives are forgetting a couple important facts here. Number one, the example they are setting for the youth of Wisconsin and the nation is that running away from obligations and responsibilities is the best way to solve your problems. And number two, these representatives are supposed to be serving their constituents above all else. They are NOT to be slaves to special interests such as public employee unions. There are many taxpayers in their respective districts who are in favor of the Governor's proposalsThat is why they elected him. The American people deserve better than this. Our students deserve teachers who do not lie and cheat and steal money from taxpayers. The American people hold free elections for local, state and federal representatives to carry out the business of the people, and that means all the people, not just the ones who are members of unions.
This is what happens to a nation that turns it's back on God. Liberals, Communists, Marxists and Atheists do not want the Ten Commandments or prayer in schools and public places, because the Ten Commandments and prayer are convicting by their very nature. The struggle between right and wrong, good and evil is not one that can be ignored. As Americans, as Christians, we must stand up for equal justice, not social justice. Christians are taxpayers too, the removal of God, Jesus and prayer is a tactic of the devil. America can ill afford to allow the evil minority to control the majority. False Gods, false religions and the absence of spirituality will be the ultimate downfall of this Republic. Islam is demanding rights, gays are demanding rights, atheists are demanding rights. It is time for Christians to demand their rights. Believe it or not, Christians are the largest special interest group in America, without our votes, a Satanic government can not prevail.
This has been an alert from,
"The Watchman"
God Help Us