Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Above are a number of pictures from an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute, the exhibit is called: Hide & Seek. It is a blatant attack on Christianity, and a blatant promotion of the Homosexual Lifestyle. The top picture is an example of what children drew after being exposed to this filth. What parent would knowingly expose their children to this garbage? UnGodly parents, that's who. A point to ponder, the Smithsonian is 85% funded by taxpayer dollars!!!
The portrait on the left, is a depiction of two brothers (gays) kissing, one of the degenerates is holding a gun to the others chest. The picture on the right, is taken from a video running on a kiosk screen, it is a crucifix being overrun with ants. The name of this particular disgusting video exhibit is called: A fire in my belly. The picture at center bottom, is a photograph of none other than Ellen DeGeneres, the TV talk show host/comedian. Nothing funny about this photographic exhibit. If there are any moms out there who allow their children to watch the program "Ellen", I would encourage to find something more appropriate on television for them to watch, or better yet, when dad comes home, sit together in a common room of your home, and dad, read the Bible with your children. Either way, "Ellen" should be strictly forbidden on TV in any Christian home.
Ironically, the atheists continue to put up billboards that mock the birth of Christ, and call it a myth. The Gays have an agenda that certainly mocks the Bible, and God's commandments. When all the the time these degenerates are fulfilling prophecy right from the Bible itself, and they can't see it. Perhaps they do see it, and they are simply denying it. Either way, these groups that profess they want more rights, and more tolerance, are demanding that others cede their rights of freedom to appease them. The Lord tells us this will happen, and now it is, by leaps and bounds, America is becoming the new Sodom and Gomorrah. And like Sodom and Gomorrah, America will not survive the impending tribulations. Is it any wonder, that there is no America referred to in Revelations?
Beware the false Prophets-Muhammad, Obama, Allah
Beware the incest, the homosexuality, debauchery, and all the morally corrupt
Beware the corrupted government, and their programs
Read the Bible, walk daily with the Lord and keep your heads and eyes pointed to the sky.
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

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