Tuesday, June 21, 2011


While the World was wondering is Anthony Weiner going to resign, guess what your President was doing?  That's right folks, another Executive Order penned by the diabolical wanna-be dictator of the One World Order, took another step toward his goal.  Want to know how he just stripped away one of the last remaining and most important aspects of America's sovereignty.  Barack Hussein Obama has signed away the stewardship of the oceans, our coasts and the entire Great Lakes to the United Nations. 

That's right, Barack Obama did what he knew congress wouldn't do, did I expect any less from this Thug-n-Chief we have in the people's White House.  L.O.S.T. (Law of the Sea Treaty), this particular UN Law has been rejected by every president and congress since Ronald Reagan called it "an assault on our national sovereignty."  That didn't stop Obama though.  With the stroke of a pen Obama signed away another piece of America's sovereign territory.  Under the UN's Agenda21 (remember, I told you about that hmmm, seems like only the other day), The Law Of The Sea Treaty relinquishes control over our natural borders, the oceans.  Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and if that wasn't enough, our largest inland waterways and the entire shoreline and water of the Great Lakes.  Correct, I said shorelines too.  All the waters, all the shoreline adjacent to them.  One pretty huge package in one fell swoop.  I haven't heard any complaints out of Washington, D.C., at least not yet, honestly, I do not think there will be much ado about it.  Maybe when some Senator or Congressman wants to build a new home along the scenic ocean shore, or along Lake Michigan.  When he finds out permission can only be granted by going through the United Nations, well...  That may just stir things up a bit.  It'll be too late though, perhaps Obama can work out some waivers for his Progressive cronies, sort of like the Obama-Care waivers. 
  I wonder now, are our rivers safe from UN encroachment, once again, I don't think so.  It is just a matter of time before the UN links our major river systems to the Great Lakes, and control of the entire Mississippi River Valley, Ohio River Valley along with the Tennessee River Valley, Cumberland River Valley, and lets not forget the Pacific Northwest's Columbia River system that is the border between Oregon and Washington State, just to name a few.  Oh, yes my friends, Obama didn't just sign away our waterways, oceans, lakes, and rivers, but the adjacent shoreline too, and the use of them will no longer be under the control of those respective states.  Believe me, this is a can of worms that has no bottom.  Once the UN has it's grimy fingers into the major river systems, you can count on a bigger grab for the tributaries, and there will be a grab, you just wait an see.
  Something tells me that in the near future you'll go to renew your state fishing or boating license and you'll be making the check out to the "National Ocean Council" and some schmuck politician in a country far far away will decide whether you can even fish, or use the lake and river near you at all.  When that  happens, and trust me that will happen, you can thank the one person solely responsible, Barack Hussein Obama. 
  The President makes me sick to my stomach, and brings up the phlegm that feels like you're throwing up in your mouth, in essence, Barack Obama makes me want to puke.  The trouble is, the ones who really make me ill, are the politicians in Washington who will remain silent on this.  There is a fear of Barack Obama within the halls of congress.  This president has the devil on his side, and our congress refuses to seek the only help there is for them and for our nation.  That being Almighty God.  Without a national turning back to God, repenting of our sins, there will be no United States left for the world to turn to.  No more beacon, no more shining city on the hill, no more freedom.  What a revolting development.  Had I the power I would have to declare Washington, D.C. a "Broken Arrow".  Alas, I regret I do not have that power.  I only have the temporary power that God has given me to use this Blog to warn of the impending onslaught of persecution.  I can only give the warning, I can not make the people listen. 
  For all that is right and good, warn your families, your friends, of the coming trials.  Get right with God, and get your families right with God. 
God Help Us
"The Watchman"