Friday, December 10, 2010


The Black Farmers Settlement Act of 2010
Something of a settlement that has been long over due, or just another racially motivated shakedown of the American Taxpayer?

Last week, President Barack Obama signed into law the Black Farmer's Settlement Act of 2010.
With the stroke of his pen, Obama has deemed that all of us white folk owe something to all those black farmers, for what reason, I'm not sure. I'm going to take a wild guess though, and say race had something to do with it. Perhaps some black farmers were refused home and or property loans on the basis that they were black, but then again I know many white farmers who have been turned down for loans too, could it be because they were white, or was it because their farms were already financially in the dumper. Oh, wait a minute, is it possible that the black farmers were turned down for loans because their farms were also in the dumper financially? That just can't be, the black farmers must have been seeking property loans because their farms were super profitable.
In all fairness, the settlement act contains money for Native American farmers too. I'm thinking this government owes the Indians more than a few million dollars, after all, didn't the government pretty much steal everything from the Indians. Okay, I'm sorry, the government did actually purchase some land from the Indian for a few trinkets and the promise that they would be taken care of. Well, they were taken care of alright. European settlers and the new U.S. government literally evicted and pushed the Native American from one end of the continent to the other. Without getting into the plight of the American Indian, suffice to say, the U.S. owes the Indian plenty.
The black farmer though... I suppose there were many black farmers who were in actuality discriminated against simply because they were black. But I'm guessing that there are a lot more black folk getting this compensation than there are, or ever were black farmers in this country. For example: As far as records go, there were only 33,000 black farmers in this country during the time period they were supposedly discriminated against. This year's 2010 census data shows that there are presently 13,000 black farmers in this country, at this time. So someone needs to explain to me why are there applications for a piece of this settlement from over 94,000 black farmers? Who are these farmers? Where do they live, and what do they farm? No one in the White House, the Department of Agriculture, or either house of congress are asking these questions. Is this a race thing? I'm inclined to think that it is. Let's face it, each alleged black farmer applicant stands to receive a check in the amount of $50,000.00 to be drawn on the bank of the American Taxpayer, and no one, and I mean no one is even concerned whether these applicants are farmers, or ever were farmers. It is my understanding that each applicant must have grown something or have a witness that confirms they tried to grow something. I also understand that even if you grew or attempted to grow something, in your back yard, or even in your bathtub, you qualify as a black farmer, if of course you are black. I'm not sure what the black population is in this nation at the moment, but if the NAACP had their act together they could demand the $50,000.00 for every black adult in the nation, even the ones who are growing weed on their back porch. Perhaps, that's exactly what the next step will be, as I understand that Al Sharpton doesn't think the settlement is near enough. So, let's see, this country has a presumably black president, a black first lady, a black secretary of Agriculture and a lame duck, far left liberal congress, that just can't wait to put another financial doomsday bomb on the American taxpayer, so chances are good that Crooked Al Sharpton might just have a great opportunity to get even more money allotted to black farmers. Who knows Al, weren't you a black farmer once. before you were a minister? Are you really a minister, c'mon really?!!
I sincerely hope that come January 2011, our newly elected congress will look into this matter and appoint someone credible to exercise a modicum of oversight. Let's at least verify that all the applicants are black, and there aren't any radical Muslims
looking for some free dough, to finance the next attack.
This whole settlement act is nothing but blatant redistribution of wealth, because that's the plan. It is another attempt to bring about class warfare. Given time, the Progressives will succeed in collapsing this nation.
God Help Us
Sincerely, "The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore Ullo Sito

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