Friday, February 19, 2010


I'm not sure how many of you watch the Glenn Beck Program on FoxNews Channel, but I do, religiously. Last night for the first time in a long while I found myself listening to Beck with disappointment. Let it be known, that I almost always agree with Glenn on everything he says. I believe him and agree with him, because he normally exhibits indisputable facts to back up his stories, ideas, and accusations. Make no mistake, I do not under any circumstances follow Glenn Beck or any other opinion show host blindly. I always, and I mean always check out Glenn's stories, and ideas, and once I see my facts, that is when I make the decision to agree or disagree. Last night's show, Thursday the 18th of February, I was completely taken aback by Glenn's rant regarding Mr. Joseph Stack. I couldn't believe my ears when Glenn grouped Mr. Stack into the same category as Osama Bin Laden. I do not believe that Glenn actually read Mr. Stack's Suicide Manifesto, and came up with the conclusions he ranted about last evening. I can't help but think, that Glenn should have had a Dr. Kieth Ablow moment, prior to going on the air. As a matter of fact, I think perhaps Glenn really needs to talk with Dr. Ablow as soon as possible.

I just finished reading Joseph Stack's Suicide Manifesto, and honesty Glenn, I do not see the "killer/terrorist" that you claim to have seen, in these pages. I'm not an expert Glenn, but like you, I am a thinker, and in my humble opinion, Mr. Joseph Stack, is no "terrorist/killer". He is not a premeditated murderer, he doesn't belong to a religion like Islam that condones the slaughter of innocence. In my opinion, Mr. Stack was a victim of what you Mr. Beck have been preaching to the American people about for a number of years. Glenn, are you sure you read Mr. Stack's Manifesto? I honestly don't think you did. I sincerely question your credibility on this one. Mr. Stack was no communist, or socialist, he was however just one more American businessman, who was in pursuit of happiness. He was a businessman who's very industrious marrow was sucked from his being by a double standard government, corrupted and out of control. You've said it yourself Glenn, our government has been lying, taking advantage, and stealing from the taxpayers for many, many years. Why is it so difficult for you to understand that a man who has been beaten down, and got back up on several occasions, became so frustrated with this government, that he was finally driven over the edge? I know, I know, you're a recovering alcoholic, and you reached bottom, and by the grace of God, you found people to help you up. Perhaps, Mr. Stack didn't have that luxury, or maybe he just didn't see it. Not everyone can be as fortunate as you Glenn.

Allow me to make this perfectly clear, I do not condone, nor do I encourage acts of violence like the one perpetrated by Joseph Stack. I also do not condemn the man, I condemn the act. Just as I do not hate the sinner, I hate the sin. It is my opinion that Mr. Stack was, in his mind, desperate beyond measure. He made a terribly bad choice, but understand, people who have been driven over the edge, rarely make rational decisions. Mr. Stack was obviously a lost individual, he needed God in his life, perhaps he tried to make peace with God before his final act of desperation, we'll never know. The way that Joseph Stack reacted, was wrong, and terrible. There is a very fine line between sanity, and insanity. I believe that Joseph Stack crossed that line, and he crossed it many months ago. I honestly feel, that as unemployment rises, and as long as the government in power continues to usurp the freedoms and liberties of the people, there will be more acts of desperation like the one by Mr. Stack. Make no mistake Glenn, when people get pushed to the edge, some will turn around and start pushing back. There will be more acts of violence in this country if our leaders do not alter course, it is inevitable. The United States is experiencing once again, the throngs of change. Sometimes the change will create mad men, sometimes it will create patriots, and sometimes they will be one in the same.

Glenn, last night you categorized Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin into a non-violent group. Let me remind you, our freedom from England's tyranny, was not achieved non-violently. There was a war, people died in that war Glenn, and it was by all definitions a war permeated with violence. From that war, came a deep understanding that the American people have unalienable rights, you remember, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our founding father's also had the foresight to add another right. The second amendment, the right to keep and bear arms. In our founding fathers infinite wisdom, they knew that someday the people of this great land would have to fight once again, against an oppressive and tyrannical government, and they also realized that it would be our own government. I repeat, I am not a violent man, and I am not encouraging a violent armed overthrow of our government. But know this, I am not so naive, to think that the result of discontent, and discord, won't erupt into violence, should that be the last resort.

God Help This Country, Amen

Wilson County Tea Party Rally, April 15, 2010!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mount Vernon Statement | Leadership for America - The Heritage Foundation

This my friends is very, very important. Please click on the above website, read, and add your names to the "Mount Vernon Statement for America. Our chances to save our country from the Socialistic/Communistic likes of Barack Obama, and his Czars, are diminishing at an alarming rate. Organizing and taking a stand for the Constitution may well be America's last chance. I strongly encourage all of you to read the Statement, and add you name as I did. Stand up for the Constitution and our freedom and our liberty.

God Bless You All,

APRIL 15TH, 2010 WILSON COUNTY TEA PARTY RALLY!!! Mark your Calendars!!!


In today's world, Americans are distracted to the point of blindness. We are texting, we are emailing, we are watching TV on our cell phones. We are banking through ATM's, we aren't speaking to people one on one, it seems that all transactions done in the modern world are done on the third party system. Personal contact and sit down conversations have been replaced by computer generated go-to-meetings and text messages. I wonder if anyone really knows how much time these personal electronic devices a saving. Thirty years ago, an employee went to the office, took a couple of 10 minute breaks for a smoke or a coffee, or both. At noon or one o'clock was lunch time, most of us were allowed one half hour for lunch. After actually getting to the company cafeteria, or the corner sandwich shop, we were expected to stuff our meal down, have a quick drink and be back at our desks in about fifteen minutes. Then, somewhere between the hours of three-thirty and five-thirty, was quitting time, time to head home, a long commute was actually some reasonable quiet time in the car, listening to some tunes, and usually winding down somewhat on the way home. Okay, I understand that traffic jams and road rage do little to bring you into a relaxed state. When you got home, hopefully a nice quiet dinner with the wife and kids, or if you were single, a cup of coffee or tea, maybe a cocktail, some more tunes on the stereo, pick out a good movie on the tube, and relax. That, my friends was twenty years ago. I'll bet that life style will sound good to you, after I relate this next modern day scenario. The time is six AM, you're not even quite out of bed yet, but you have to boot up the computer, check emails, then yank the cell phone off it's charger, check your voice mails, all while running the shower. Breakfast is a mirco-waved something, or a toaster strudel. You can get your coffee at the Starbucks on the way to the office. Make sure if you stop somewhere for a real breakfast and coffee, that they have wi-fi. Look, it's only seven AM, and you're already working. Do you realize how many extra hours of your own time goes into your job these days? Most people today spend at least an hour working even before getting to the office. When you get to the office, you make sure you have your PDA, and or Blackberry, and cell phone all in working order. This way your boss can have you working, even through your supposed half hour lunch break. While you were at lunch, you took three calls, sent five or six emails, and sent text messages to clients, and or sub-ordinates. In reality, in today's business world there is no half hour lunch. Back in the office, and soon, quitting time, but there is no quitting time today, is there? Nope, by the time you reach your car, you've had several calls from your boss, your secretary, your wife, and children. In the car on the way home, while weaving through traffic, or just sitting in it, you are conducting business on your cell phone, and or Blackberry. You are still working, although you left the office an hour ago. You arrive home, and now you'll be spending a couple hours of YOUR time catching up on the unfinished business of the day, as you spent most of the day answering the phone, texting, and or emailing. You're home now, it's time to use this quiet time to get some work done, WHAT!!!!! Yes, that's what all this modern technology has gotten you. You are no longer working an eight hour day, but more likely a 12-14 hour day. Do you feel more well rested now that all these modern conveniences are at your finger tips? Or did you just realize that you are getting paid for an 8 hour day, but you're working 4 more hours on your time, and many times, on your dime, unless your company pays your cell phone bill, your high speed Internet bill, and purchased your personal communication devices. Give me thirty years ago, anytime... Think about it, one reason there are so many unemployed, is because for every day you work, you are doing the job of one and a half people. Your employer doesn't the fact that you are doing their bidding on your time. They may even pay for your conveniences, but your time, is still your time. Not anymore I'm afraid. You don't have any of your time, nope, not anymore.

Is it any wonder that the government can pass something that is going to destroy this nation, and you don't know anything about it? People, you've got to look up from your cell phones and Blackberries, you've got to turn off that ipod. It's time to see and hear what's happening all around you before it's too late.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Camel Spider: An arid dessert creature, that hides in the shadows, numbs it's victims with a special venom. The venom deadens the victim so that it doesn't even know the camel spider is gnawing on it's flesh. Attacks it's prey while it sleeps. Most commonly found gnawing on the stomachs of camels lying in the desert. Also found in the desert southwest United States, and Mexico.

I was reading about the Camel Spider, and the more I read, the more familiar their behavior reminded me of what's happening to our nation. Just reading about camel spiders, is enough to send chills through your entire body. They are very sneaky, very fast, very voracious, and very ferocious when they attack. Camel spiders normally attack while their potential victim is asleep. Doesn't this sound familiar? Are we not asleep? It occurred to me that this is exactly how Islam is feeding on the United States. They quietly hide in the shadows, they profess their peacefulness, using it as the numbing venom, so that the sleeping America doesn't even know it's being gnawed upon. They use the Muslim faith, as their cloak to hide from the sun, until it is time to feed. When they are uncovered they become ferocious, biting and kicking and screaming. They claim to be protected from the light, which is the law, as though they are some type of endangered species. They bite ferociously and scream racial prejudice when they are discovered doing things underhanded, and against innocent sleeping peoples and countries. They use that "my faith forbids" thing, whenever they are to be subjected to scrutiny. The most recent perfect example: The Fatwa that states Muslim passengers are to be exempt from full body scans at the worlds airports, as it is against their beliefs to have their bodies exposed. So, here's how it is going to come down, mark my words: Muslims will be given a pass from the body scan, but your American born 80 year old grandmother will have to be subjected to the humiliation of a full body scan, for the safety of the world. Muslims, will be subjected to a very minor pat down, as it is also against their faith to be touched. The nation of Islam will use their so-called faith to sidestep all security procedures. The planes will continue to be in danger of being blown out of the sky by Muslim radicals who were not required to undergo the full body scan. And our president as diabolical and arrogant as he is, will tell the American people that we are not at war with Islam.
Like the Camel Spider, Islam needs to be crushed. They will not assimilate to any other society, not under any circumstances. Here it is, right from Muhammed's mouth: The Qu'ran, Surah 5 verse 51: O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people. I purposely didn't take any of this verse out of context, I conveyed it to you, as written. Islam will not be assimilated to anyone one. It is their goal to establish Sharia Law, and rule the world. They are deceivers, and it is justified to lie as long the lie results in the glory of Allah. America needs to wake up, and We the People" need to wake our legislators. The stomach of America is being gnawed upon, and our country is sleeping through it. Any good Qu'ran believing Muslim, is a potential terrorist. There is just no other way to put it!

I have no doubt that while writing the Qu'ran, Muhammed was intently observing the eating and attacking behavior of the camel spider. As I read this copy of the Qu'ran, I realize it is not the book of a peaceful religion, but instead, a battle plan for Muslims. A plan to expand Islam to the four corners of the earth. Understand this America, Islam has reached the United States, and we are the fourth corner. We can either choose to squash it like the camel spider, or, one day, after gnawing on us in our sleep long enough, America will awaken to the call to prayer. The end result will be your children and your children's children bowing to Allah.
God help us, and pray for the conversion of Islam

Monday, February 15, 2010


"So help me God", these words, as far as I can research, were first spoken by President Elect General George Washington at is inauguration, and swearing in. After repeating the oath of office, George Washington added these words as he leaned over, and placed a kiss on the Holy Bible: "I swear, so help me God".

Anyone who would tell you that our founding fathers were not Christians, and were a bunch of non-believers, are mistaken. Belief in God was the intrinsic corner stone in the founding of this country. I could go on and on naming the men who were devout believers, and I can name a few who were not. There has always been that type of religious diversity in this nation, even before it's inevitable inception. However, the basic principles outlined in the Holy Bible guided our founders to a Divinely inspired Declaration of Independence, and followed by the Constitution of the United States, and Bill of Rights. In order to prove the Divinity of these documents, one need only read the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence as written in 1776: WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF-EVIDENT, THAT ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, THAT THEY ARE ENDOWED BY THEIR CREATOR WITH CERTAIN UNALIENABLE RIGHTS.

Somewhere between the years 1694-1778, a man named Francois-Marie Arouet, more commonly referred to as "Voltaire", spoke this about the Bible: " Within a hundred years the Bible will pass from common use, it is a short lived book". In answer to Voltaire's statement, an American author named Bruce Barton (1886-1967) wrote this: "Not many people read Voltaire today, but his house has been packed with Bibles as a depot of a Bible Society." Ironic, isn't it? Please bear with me, and trust I am working my way to a point. I have one more quote to relay, and then I'm sure you will all understand my final assertion.

Between the years 1782-1852, there lived a man, a statesman, and orator. Some of you have heard his name, and equate him with legend. Although he was legendary, he was as real as you and me. His name, Daniel Webster. The story of how Daniel Webster beat the Devil in a courtroom is what immediately comes to mind. Alas, only God, the Devil, and Daniel Webster know whether that is truth of fiction. This is what Daniel Webster wrote about the Bible and other religious literature in America: " If religious books are not widely circulated among the masses in this country, and the people do not become religious, I do not know what is to become of us as a nation. And the thought is one to cause solemn reflection on the part of every patriot and Christian. If the truth be not diffused, error will be; if God and His word are not known and received, the devil and his works will gain ascendancy; if the evangelical volume does not reach every hamlet, the pages of a corrupt and licentious literature will; if the power of the gospel is not felt through the length and breadth of the land, anarchy and misrule, degradation and misery, corruption and darkness, will reign without mitigation or end.

I believe the statement by Daniel Webster says volumes, and his predictions are correct. We see thses things coming to fruition in our time. Once again, the Lord God Almighty has inspired another American statesman to pass along to our generation, the truth, and the enlightenment that our God imparted to him. Will we not heed the advice and counsel of the founders of this great country and it's Christian statesmen? In order for a man or woman to attain my vote in 2010, he or she will have to be a Bible believing Christian, who will seek the Lord's guidance in all matters of morality, honesty, and humanity. Who will abide by all the rules and precepts set forth by God, for all mankind to follow and obey. To get my vote in 2010, the person must abide by the Constitution and Bill of Rights when governing or making decisions regarding enactment of, or enforcement of the laws of these United States. When taking the oath of office, he or she must take it with their hand upon the Bible, not the Qu'ran, or any other religion's holy book. Finally, just as with George Washington, the oath must end with the words "SO HELP ME GOD."