Friday, May 14, 2010

Reports this morning: Spain: Labor Unions organizing massive strikes in protest of cuts to government entitlement wages. Obviously, the Spanish didn't see the news videos of what's happening in Greece, or have they? Portugal will soon follow suit with their own Union Labor strikes, that will of course cripple the country. I believe that the Unions in Spain, and Portugal understand the big plan, because their leaders are part of the big plan. Unfortunately, it's the people, the workers who haven't the foggiest idea of what they are doing. America is close behind, our unemployment numbers are once again edging to the double digit mark. It's all part of the big plan. What's the big plan? One World Governance by a few elite people, that's the big plan. If people in America are waiting for Barack Obama to somehow create jobs for them, I'm afraid the waiting is just an exercise in futility, as jobs, are not part of the big plan. In order to bring the peoples of the world in line, and under control, the financial stability of every industrialized nation must be destroyed. It is under the guise of Environmental Expediency that this will happen. I mean, who can say NO to saving the planet? It is being accomplished even as I write this blog. Nations have been spending money they do not have, in order to fund programs they do not, or did not need. Bailouts are rampant, you see, nations that are bankrupt or on the verge of bankruptcy, such as the case of the United States, are now bailing out the country of Greece, soon the it will also be Spain and Portugal. Industrialized nations are spending money to bail out countries that have no means of repaying the loan, and the loans are being made by countries that cannot even sustain themselves, and their entitlement programs.
The big plan is to break the globe, and the progressives are doing just that. Take the United States, did we, or did we not, just allow government employees to unionize? I believe we did! Labor Unions will soon be calling for strikes against the United States government too. Our government cannot sustain being the largest employer in the nation. Our entitlement programs are, for all intensive purposes "broke". Do not be alarmed when rioting in the streets becomes common place, as the government begins to cut funding for all the "must have" vital programs that have and are being shoved down our throats by congress. Unsustainable, means just that, UNSUSTAINABLE!!! The higher the unemployment, the more unemployment checks, the higher the unemployment, the less taxes collected to make those entitlement checks good. Crashing the economies of all major industrialized nations is the only way the progressives can implement control, and redistribute of wealth. At this rate of decline, America will be the equivalent of a third world nation within 2-3 years.
Just this morning a ran across the name of a Socialist, one that I don't think Glenn Beck has discovered yet. If Glenn did, I must have missed it. The man's name is Norman Thomas, born November 1884-died December 1968. Norman Thomas ran for President of the United States on the American Socialist Party ticket, he ran six, yep, that's 6 times. In 1944, Norman Thomas gave this speech, he said: " The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of "liberalism", they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist Program, until one day America will be a Socialist Nation without knowing how it happened." He went on to say, and this will blow you away: " I no longer need to run as a Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform." Keep in mind folks, that was 1944. So, you can see how long this BIG PLAN has been in the works.
I urge you to get informed, pray for the best, and prepare, both spiritually, and financially, for the worst. The future of this nation is no longer in the hands of "We the People". However, we can take our nation back. It will take national spiritual revival, and awakening. It will take hard work in getting the word out. I, for one will not give up on God's Grace, or on the American people to do what is right and good.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


THE CASTLE IS PRETTY IN THE MOONLIGHT, BUT YOU WON'T LIKE THE COMING, OF THE NEW: DARK AGES After the fall of the Roman Empire around 476AD, the ushering in of the Dark Ages began. Within a couple of years all of Europe was cast into lawlessness, and Godlessness. There are very few writings from this time, so all sorts of theory's as to how it really was seems at best, vague. We do know it was also referred to as the Middle Ages. Let's find out what the caused the fall of the Great Roman Empire, shall we? Perhaps we can in fact draw some parallels from that ancient time, to this, our time.

The fall of the Roman Empire was a culmination of many things. Here are few documented reasons:

1.) Loss of civic virtue.

2.) Outsourcing duties, Roman men became "effeminate", (unwilling to do manly things, like fight and work.)

3.) Romans became comparative pacifists.

4.) Romans became tolerant of other cultures and languages and invited strangers to dwell among them.

5.) There was complete social collapse, encompassing the gradual disintegration of the political, economic, and military institutions. This left the door open to the rise of the Islamic Empire.

That's correct, the Islamic Empire. Within 150 years from the fall of Rome, the Muslims were conquering lands across the entire European continent. From the years 632AD through 872AD, Islam conquered no less than 30 countries, including Syria (637ad), Armenia (639ad), Egypt (639ad), North Africa (652ad), Cyprus (654ad), North Africa 2nd siege (665ad), 1st siege of Constantinople (674-678ad), 2nd siege of Constantinople (717-718ad), at the same time the Islamic Empire conquered Hispania (Spain) (711-718ad). The Muslims didn't stop there, no sir, in 820AD they conquered Crete, and in 827AD, they conquered Southern Italy. Pretty impressive, isn't it? Fortunately for the rest of the world, the Last surviving Muslim Empire, the Ottoman Empire, collapsed in 1918 in the aftermath of World War I. On March 3, 1924, the institution of the Caliphate was constitutionally abolished.

Caliphate, that word rings a bell, I could swear that I heard a Muslim Cleric just recently urging the establishment of a Caliphate in the UK, and right here in the USA.

The parallels I am drawing are these; the reasons leading to the fall of the Roman Empire, are happening right here in America. The loss of virtue, the outsourcing of jobs and duties, the effemination of the American male. The pacifistic attitude toward our nations problems. Even Christian's are apathetic because they are counting on the much better life after death. America's social structure isn't quite collapsing, but it is being transformed. The disintegration of our political, economic, and military institutions is unprecedented. Just as the Roman's were warned of their eminent demise by philosophers of their past, like Aristotle who said, " Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society." For the Romans, that sentence pretty much outlined their future, and foretold of their end. The words of Aristotle, are words America would do well to pay heed too. Our political correctness, our need to be tolerant of societies, and religions, and governments is putting our own society at serious risk, to say the least. The narcissism that abounds in America, keeps us from being vigilant. As our country is being sold right out from under our noses, we have people asking that same question, what's in it for me?

The other parallel, is the recent rise of the Islamic Empire. I can not be the only one who sees it. The United Kingdom, has been once again conquered by Muslims, as well as Spain and the Netherlands, where next? We know where, don't we? That's correct, America is the target for Islam. The Muslims know that if they can conquer the country with the largest Christian population in the world, that the rest of the nations will fall like dominoes.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's The Difference? Is There A Difference? YES THERE IS!!!

If it were up to me, the following would be placed in effect immediately. To stem, or curb the flight of illegals from any country into America, it is necessary to cut the supply line that enables the mass immigration!!! ILLEGAL: Prohibited by Law (adj.)

ALIEN: One who owes allegiance to another country or government. (adj.)

USURP: Hold by force and without legal authority (verb).

INSURRECTION: The act of open revolt against civil authority or a constituted government (noun).

The very word "Illegal" is self-evident in definition. It needs to be understood that trespassing into this country, in and of itself, is the commission of an illegal act, a crime, as it were. It is prohibited by law. It also needs to be understood what the word "Alien" means. It means that you, as a trespasser from any other country, are on American soil. If your allegiance is to your country of origin, you are in fact an "illegal alien". You do not under any circumstances have legal rights under the law. If you come across the border, from any country, without the express permission of the people of the United States of America, you are by definition a criminal, as you have in fact broken the law. As an illegal alien, you are solely responsible for your actions, and consequences resulting from your actions. The citizens of the USA, are not, in any way shape or form responsible for the health, education or welfare of you or your family. You, as an "Illegal Alien", are a lawbreaker, and you are in no way entitled to any social entitlement programs of the USA.
Let it be understood, that if an American citizen renders aid, and or comfort to a criminal law breaker, i.e. "Illegal Alien", that citizen should, and will be guilty of aiding and abetting. Aiding and abetting, i.e., hiring, clothing, feeding, rendering anything other than minor medical care, or housing of an Illegal Alien, is punishable under the same laws that encompass the rendering of aid and comfort to the enemy as in time of war. The punishment for this crime should swift, and severe, to the perpetrator.
It needs to be understood, that there are NO innocent Illegal Aliens. The very fact that you had to sneak across the border into the USA is enough for you to know that it is wrong, and it is of course your responsibility to know, that if you have to hide what you are doing, then you are breaking the law.
No American citizen, business, company, or church will be exempt from the aiding and abetting law.

The United States is a nation of laws, not people. There is no social justice here, only equal justice. Laws, are laws, period. These laws are not meant to be mean spirited, but they are meant to be enforced equally upon all people within these borders, whether legally, or illegally. The laws of this country were established to preserve the integrity of America, and to protect it's citizens, and to preserve the freedom and liberty that comes from our Democratic Republic.
The United States of America can not, and will not tolerate the insurrection of usurpers from other countries. The right to protest, is not yours if you are here illegally. You will not tell the American people what to do, and or when to do it. The American people will not be forced to strike our colors, if you are here, illegally, or legally for that matter, and our colors offend you, you are free to leave this country, give up your citizenship if you have it, go back to your country of origin, and protest there. America has a long history, and we will not abandon that history for the sake of appeasement of criminals from other lands. When you become a citizen of the United States of America, when you learn to speak the English language, when you abandon your allegiance to your former country, then, and only then will you have the right to protest.

Yes, there is a difference between right and wrong, good and evil, and social justice, and equal justice.

Monday, May 10, 2010

And We Thought Montezuma's Revenge Was Just; pain, fever, and diarrhea.

I am seeing our country being taken over by Muslims, and Mexicans at the same time. Who would have ever thought that Americans would be ceding our laws to Islam? Who ever thought that American citizen high school students would told to strike our national colors, because they are offensive to Mexicans on Cinco-de-Mayo, a Mexican National Holiday. Is this not still the U.S. of A.? Perhaps not!!!

More and more, America is becoming less and less recognizable. We are being invaded by Muslims, and Mexicans at the same time, and our leaders in Washington, D.C. are accepting the invasion as though nothing is happening. As in the old sit-com "The Life of Riley" Riley would say; "What a revoltin' development!!!"

I wish I had solutions for this impending civil war. I can only predict, that it's not going to be pretty. We have invited our enemies into our home, treated them as friends, and now their true colors are coming to the surface. The Mexicans do not want to be Americans, neither do the Muslims. The Mexicans in the country are loyal to Mexico, and the Muslims are loyal only to Allah. The Mexicans are talking revolution right here in America, because they've been taught for the past thirty years that America stole the entire Southwest from New Mexico to California from Mexico. Now they want it back. I guess feeding these immigrants both legal and illegal is not enough. We now give them free health care, food stamps, social security benefits they never contributed too, and now they want us to give up the entire Southwest to them. Muslim's on the other hand, aren't going to assimilate because that was never their intention. They do however want to take over and rule the entire western world, and they are starting with America. Our President is ready, willing and able to pacify, and appease our enemies, he doesn't even call our enemies by their names. I find no solace, or faith in our government. I fear that the United States of America is no more. God Help Us.