Saturday, November 14, 2009


What's the latest defense, lawyers will come up with? So far, we have learned that Major Hasan gave speeches on how suicide bombers should be revered as hero's. We know that while gunning down and killing 13 unarmed soldiers, and one unborn child, and wounding some 38, or is it 31, I don't know, the story changes depending on the reporting entity. Regardless, as he was shooting, he was yelling the Jihadists battle cry " Allahu Akbar". That should be a clue as to the man's motive. I knew it would happen, the liberal media, and the respective government agencies are attempting to portray the man as the "victim". Some say he was stressed, some say he was dealing with PTSD, some say he, get this was more than likely suffering from, are you ready? "Sudden Jihad Syndrome". If my memory is correct, that phrase was coined by Daniel Pipes several years ago. I don't know if he realized it at that time, that it might actually be used as a defense for cold blooded murder in a court of law. I'm almost positive that Mr. Pipe's use of the phase, was somewhat in the sarcastic sense. None the less, along with "Road Rage", and other made up syndromes, it will more than likely be used as a defense for this disgusting jihadist. I am wondering, will the military buy into this excuse, give credence to the fact that there may actually be such a syndrome, and shove the entire thought that the man is a Muslim terrorist, under the rug. Will the military, and the government view this entire episode as isolated, and in turn, not prepare themselves for the next Muslim, to go off and start killing infidels helter skelter. Hmmm, helter skelter, that rings a bell. I put this Hasan character in the same category as Charles Manson, because Muslim Jihadists are of the same mindset. Will the military begin investigating the Muslims on their payroll, or will they just wait until another 13, or more innocent soldiers are murdered in the name of Allah. I fear the latter. I would encourage all who have sons, and daughters in any branch of the military to urge them to cover their butts, keep an eye over their shoulder for the next Muslim soldier, with jihad in his eyes. Isn't it pathetic, that our sons and daughters, with all the stress that military service inherently comes with, now have to watch their backs, because they can't trust their own. Personally, Muslims do NOT belong in the military, no way, no how. Political correctness, and tolerance have trumped common sense, and security. Both of these mistakes will result in more attacks, it's not a matter of "if", but "when" they will occur. Making up excuses for these murderous jihadist Muslims, will only embolden them, because they will know that America is weak, and to stupid to recognize their own enemy. They will take those excuses, and use them to the fullest, in turn justifying their actions, and bleeding heart liberals will buy the "victim" thing, hook, line, and sinker. Mark my words. God Help Us!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


During your routine today, should you come across a Veteran, a quick thank you is in order. Freedom isn't free, it has taken sacrifices from men and women who were, and are willing to give their lives for our country. "All gave some, some gave all."
While the leaders of our country are trying to decide whether or not the murders of 13 soldiers and one unborn child at Fort Hood, was an act of violence from a mad man, or a terrorist act. A no-brainer in my book. Political Correctness is killing this country, and will be our nation's ultimate mistake. Our enemy is in plain sight, and has vowed to convert us to Islam, or kill us. Turning a blind eye to the enemy, will not make him go away, but embolden him. Our tolerance is our weakness, not our strength, and the enemy knows this. We as a nation can not continue pretending that Islamic Jihadists do not exist. Our president would like you to believe that, but it is simply not true. Muslim terrorists, do exist, and they do exist in this country. It's time to call a spade a spade, see the enemy for who he is. Root him out wherever he is hiding, and rid this nation of this pestilence, before it's too late. Contrary to what seems like popular opinion, Islam is NOT a peaceful religion, Islam is NOT our friend. Islam does not tolerate any other religion, or abide by any laws, other than their own. It is NOT the peaceful religion that Barack Obama is urging you to believe. The enemy is within our borders, they have infiltrated the federal government, and now even our military. It will not stop until we all bow to Allah, or die. These are the words of Islam, not mine.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


There is a poll on the FoxNews website this morning, it has three categories regarding the Fort Hood murders: 1. Was it an act of terrorism? 2. Was it a horrific crime? 3. I'm undecided... I think they purposely left out a fourth category, it should read: 4. Was it a horrific act of terrorism? I would guess that the fourth question would get all the clicks.

The government and law enforcement officials never cease to amaze and mystify me. I couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I saw a headline that read: Officials Investigating The Fort Hood Incident Are Trying To Determine A Motive. Do you believe that? Here is a small hint of this radical Islamic Jihadist's motive. Prior to unloading 100 rounds into a group of unsuspecting, unarmed soldiers, Major Nidal Malik Hasan yelled out Allah Akbar. The translates to "God Is Greatest" in Arabic. Now, for the motive. He is a Muslim terrorist, he hates America, and Americans. He hates Jews and Christians, he hates the fact that we are not Muslim, and we do not follow Sharia Law. In essence, for anyone out there who may be investigating this terrorist act, he is motivated by his religion. Now do you see the picture. Another part of the picture, is he is not here alone, there are thousands more just like him, the same hate, the same motivation. At the risk of being not so politically correct, he is a MUSLIM. The only reason he murdered 13, make that 14 (the unborn child), is because he is MUSLIM, and we are NOT. No more motive is needed for these barbarians. Once all of America realizes that Muslims do not want to assimilate with Christians and Jews, it is AGAINST their religion to do so, the better off America will be. At least we'll know who our enemy is. Remember, it was Islam that declared the Holy War on us, not the other way around. We, as a country and a culture can not win a war against Islam, if we refuse to see them as the enemy they are. Can I get an Amen on that???

Here's some food for thought. If Major Hasan didn't want to fight along side American soldiers, why did he enlist in the Army? Why did he take the oath that all servicemen and women take? Why didn't he just resign his commission, and get out of the Army? He chose to kill Americans, because his allegiance was to Islam not to America. Plain and simple, think about it...


Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps, to all Marines, and Navy Corpsmen. Thank you for 234 years of distinguished service to your country.

November 10, 1775

Monday, November 9, 2009


So they call me Islamaphobic, I'm not even sure there is such a word, I don't know how to spell it, is it Islamiphobic, or Islamaphobic? Either way, let's try to break this down.
Our illustrious leader of Homeland Security is doing all possible to make sure there is no backlash against Muslims in this country. Like I said yesterday, I believe her time would be better spent ferreting out the rest of the radical Muslims in the military. When you consider that the CIA knew about our Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, but did nothing. It's not even clear that the CIA even found it necessary to let the Department of the Army know about this guy's behavior, if they had, perhaps 13 dead soldiers would still be alive. This is a perfect example of how America's political correctness is killing us. Don't want to offend any Muslims out there, so lets just wait till he murders a bunch of people. I have a tough time getting my arms wrapped around that kind of logic, don't you?
Forgive me, back to the subject at hand. Here are a few news items you should read, you won't hear them or see them on or in main stream media:
11-1-2009 Dateline, Karbala; Islamic terrorists bomb a bus full of fellow Muslims killing 3, and wounding 15.
11-1-2009 Dateline, Iraq; Islamic terrorists rig a bicycle with explosives and blow it up in a crowded marketplace, killing 9, and wounding 38 of their fellow Muslims.
11-2-2009 Dateline Glendale, Arizona; daughter of a Muslim dies from injuries she recieved from being run over by her father, he felt she needed to die, as she was becoming to westernized. Why move to America, what did he expect? I'm just curious.
11-2-2009 Dateline Pakistan; Islamic terrorists detonate a bomb outside of a bank killing 36 and, wounding 63 of their fellow Muslims.
11-3-2009 Dateline Iraq; Islamic gunmen kill a family of 3, including a little girl. A Muslim family, I might add.
11-5-2009 Dateline Fort Hood, Texas; Muslim terrorist Army Major brutally murders 13 soldiers, and wounds 31. While screaming Allah Akbar, he fired over 100 rounds from two handguns. He had to be stopped by a civilian police officer. I guess there were no Military Police on base.
11-7-2009 Dateline Yemen; Shiite Muslims shell a residence killing four women from the same family.
11-8-2009 Dateline Pakistan; Fedayeen suicide bomber blows himself up in a crowded marketplace, killing 12, and wounding 36 Muslim shoppers.
Need I go on? I didn't think so...
How could I possibly be Islamiphobic? Let's see, these barbaric zealots of Allah and Mohammad blow up, and shot down, and shell their own fellow Muslims on a daily basis. Do I find them a wee bit threatening? YES, I do. Do I consider Islam the enemy of the civilized world? YES, I do. Have the Muslim's of the world, including those here in America professed their hatred for Christians, and Jews? YES they have. Is it the goal of Islam to dominate the world? YES it is. Do I believe the Muslim's when they say they will kill anyone who doesn't bow to Allah? YES, I believe them.
These insane Muslims have no problem murdering their own, what makes our government think that if we tolerate their religion, that they will be peaceful? They, the Islamists have a goal, and they are carrying it out, and we as Americans are urged not to engage in backlash. " Tolerance is the final virtue of a doomed society." (Aristotle)
I am an Islamiphobe, oh, yes I certainly am!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I see the head of Homeland Security has cautioned Americans about backlash against Muslims. I just wonder what she means by that? Does she mean that Americans should not be totally outraged over the murders at Fort Hood? Does she want us all to just let this slide by, as an isolated incident by one Army soldier that sort of fell off the rocker. It makes me question, just who's Homeland Security is she concerned about. As far as I am concerned, the attack of 9/11 faded from America's memory way too fast. It seems that all our leaders want us to do, is forget. Why is that? I am sorry, but I can't forget, nor do I want to forget. There is no way you can convince me that those murderous Muslim's that brought down the World Trade Center, and crashed into the Pentagon, or killed those people in a field in Pennsylvania, were just a bunch of unruly misguided, and troubled young men, who just happened to be Muslim. The attack on 9/11 was cold blooded, and calculated, and planned to the finest detail, and the same goes for the attack at Fort Hood. Major Hasan, was not suffering from PTSD, as some reports alluded too. He was Muslim first and American second, and his true loyalty came through. If I were the head of Homeland Security, or if I were Commanding General of the Armed Forces of the United States, I would at this time be rounding up every known Muslim in the military, with the intention of finding out exactly where their loyalties lie. If they are Muslim, their loyalty will be with Allah first, and foremost. These are not the people we need in our military, not any branch, not any capacity. If I lived anywhere near a mosque, I'd be watching them, every moment of the day if that were possible. Any American who thinks we are not at war with Islam, has their heads stuck up their proverbial a**'s. I mean that sincerely!!! The nation of Islam's one and only goal is, world domination. They have made no secret of their intent to wipe Israel and the United States off the face of the globe, if we don't bow to Allah. What is it about the threat that our government doesn't get? If I knocked on your front door, and I told you that I am here to make you bow down to my false god, and if you don't, I'm going to brutally murder you, and your family. I've been known to murder my own children because they didn't follow Allah, so I will have no problem cutting the heads off your wife and children either. Would you then invite me in, give me a sword or knife to kill me with? I think not!!! Well, my friends that is exactly what America is doing. Our government sees no problem inviting our enemies to live amongst us, and arming them to murder us. In the name of political correctness, our government urges us to look the other way, be tolerant, and do not offend them. There are many of us who see this happening, but obviously not enough of us, that's for sure. You need to make your family and your friends and neighbors aware of the threats of Islam. Everyone needs to be aware of the Muslims in your area. Remember, a Koran believing Muslim, is a potential terrorist among us. The Koran teaches that Infidels must either bow and worship Allah, or be killed, facts, plain and simple. They make no distinction between Christians, Jews, Black, White, Gay, Straight. If you are not a worshiper of Allah, you are in no uncertain terms, and Infidel. This cannot be emphasized enough.

"A country that can not recognize it's enemy, will certainly perish by that enemy's sword." My words, and I firmly believe it to be the truth.