Friday, June 11, 2010


America is certainly "one nation under God", and contrary to our president Barack Obama, America is still a Christian nation. America's deep problem is that there are way too many denominations for America's own good. Since the inception of the second organized denominational religion, the saving souls mission, became a numbers game, a competition if you will. I could not even venture a guess as to how many organized Christian denominations there are. The latest count, was done in 1988, and at that time, there were estimated to be somewhere between 20 - 30 thousand Christian denominations around the globe. Now, that's what I call competition!!! This many Christian denominations must mean that somebody, must have it wrong, or, does it mean that somebody has it right. Either way, organized religion has become a numbers game among Christian churches. I can't help but feel that Jesus' initial instructions are, or have been lost in the shuffle, and have ultimately given way to a rush for members. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it Jesus' mission to save us from our sins, that we may have everlasting life, with Him in heaven? Weren't the apostles commissioned to go out, and preach the Gospel, and bring people to Christ. The Apostles were simple men, they were not concerned with denomination, but with bringing sinners into the fold, the Apostles weren't Catholic, or Protestant, they were pure Christians. When did the Christian turn from pure Christianity to Christianity Light? When did a Pastor, or Priest, or Reverend's main goal turn from saving souls to growing church numbers? I know that growing church numbers means more converts to Christ, that is not my gripe. It's priorities, priorities, priorities. Is it the sinner we're after, or is it the filled pews we're after? This is a question that every Priest, Pastor, Deacon, and Elder should ask themselves. Many years ago, I was in the Philippines, the one thing that stood out from my trip there, was, the number of Christian churches. What I soon realized, wasn't very Christian. I'm not saying that the missionaries weren't winning souls for Christ, but I was amazed where they were winning them from. The Catholics were trying to convert the Baptists, the Baptists were trying to convert the Mormons, the Mormons were trying to convert the Catholics, and the Baptists, and the Lutherans, were trying to convert the the Presbyterians. It was almost laughable, but in reality, it isn't funny at all. Many of the major religious denominations were competing and battling with each other, not with the devil. My point is, that the same scenario is playing out here in the United States. It is because of this competition between Christian denominations that Christians in general, are losing their rights to freedom of speech, religion, and lawful assembly in Christ's name. It seems that no two denominations will take a stand together against persecution of Christians. However, many Christian denominations are trying to gain the Illegal alien membership. They will push for amnesty and a pathway to citizenship, not for what is right, and good, but to increase the churches numbers. The result of backing Illegal alien amnesty could be quite lucrative, for the right church, especially when tithe time comes around. I know that many churches have good intentions, but in all honesty, when searching your heart, isn't it really a number's game. The word illegal, means "against the law". Abetting illegals, is also against the law. God will not honor a numbers game. I urge all priests and pastors, to reach into their own hearts, and ask themselves: What will my answer be to God on the throne of judgement, when he asks me to justify my actions as a Shepard of His children? Some how I don't think the Lord will be happy, when the answer is, "well Lord, I filled the church pews, and coffers."
Our nation is in dire straights, we have Communists, Marxists, and Socialist Progressives entrenched in our government. These people are anti-God, anti-religion, anti-truthful education. We have Islamic mosques popping up in city after city all across this great nation. They are teaching acceptance, and domination of a false God (Allah) and a false prophet Muhammad. They are attacking Christian minds, and neighborhoods, both in schools, and in local governments. We, Christians are losing a holy war, because we Christians are not engaging the enemy. Christian churches of all denominations; it is time to cast aside doctrinal differences. If Christian churches do not unite as one Christian Front to combat these Islamic and Atheistic hordes, soon, we will, once again be meeting in caves, and hiding from our Muslim masters.
So I ask again, "will American Christians take a stand as one united front for Christ, or will we submit to Islam, and Sharia Law?" It's a simple question, and requires a simple answer. I call upon church leaders, pastors and priests, deacons and elders, contact your organizational leaders, make your voices heard. Ask that the denomination heads contact each other, and discuss forming a Christian Coalition bigger than the world has ever seen. To unite Christians, doctrine must be set aside. Time is running out, Christians can no longer afford to run away, or turn a blind eye to the infiltration of atheism and Islam into our Christian nation.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

When Any Doctor Will Do?

Soon, the demographics may change in the American health care system. It's a well known fact that many doctors said they will quit/retire from their practices if Obama's health care reform bill is passed. Well, it has passed, and the United States may now find itself in a quite the pickle. If physicians begin leaving their practices, and young potential doctors decide not to attend medical school, as they feel the doctor business will not be as lucrative as it once was. What's the United State to do? The United States has already begun working on the problem. America is importing foreign born doctors and medical students by the droves. They are being enticed to come and get free taxpayer paid medical educations in America, and other taxpayer incentives are being offered to doctors from many foreign countries to come set up practice here.
The real question is, just who, is the government is luring to America. Many of these doctors, and students are coming from predominant Muslim countries. Is there anyone actually scrutinizing these people? Considering the nonchalant way president Obama views terrorism, and terrorists, I doubt that many, if any have been thoroughly background checked.
Just a point to ponder, I had occasion to visit a local hospital just last week. On the counter at the entrance there were pictures and information fact sheets describing the newest doctors to that hospital. There were seven fact sheets, with pictures. Five of the new doctors were of East Indian descent, one was from the Ukraine, and one was American. I do not begrudge any doctor from any country from coming to America, because, I think we're going to need them. I just pray that our government is using all the tools at their disposal to vet these people, prior to allowing them into our colleges and hospitals. A thought to keep in mind, India has the third largest population of Muslims in the world. The fact that Muslims in essence, desire to take over the world, and spread Sharia law wherever they reside, well, it bothers me to say the least. I have been treated at the VA hospital by an East Indian doctor, a Ukrainian doctor, a Korean doctor, and an American doctor. I liked all of them, they were very professional, a couple were a little difficult to understand, but I was able to deal with that. I didn't ask any of them what their religious preference was, but if I should discover that any of them were Muslim, I would be extremely reluctant to have them treat me.
I do not believe there are any moderate Muslims, and I don't believe there are radical Muslims. I believe that if they are Qu'ran believing Muslims, then they are followers of Muhammad, a homicidal maniac, who wants his followers to murder Christians and Jews. I doubt foreign doctors take a Hippocratic Oath, and if they do, are they lying?
God Help Us.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Prince Charles urges environmentalists to follow Islamic spiritual principles - Jihad Watch

Oh my friends, you're going to love this. Another Dhimmi (slave to Islam) liberal from the UK speaks out. The one, the only Prince Charles thinks we should all follow the Islamic examples of how to exist with nature. The best thing however is, the Prince is calling for greater population control in the developing world. I'm not sure which developing world he's speaking of. Surely he's not speaking of castrating, and or neutering the Royal family. He's probably just calling for population control in the more peasant like areas, like Africa, and Asia. It is a very dangerous thing, when environmentalists like the Prince start calling for population control, the next thing you know, if he's really serious, he may be sneaking sterilants into the drinking water in Soho, or even Middlesex, or worse yet, London. England needs to keep a watchful eye on their Prince.
It is also the advice of Prince Charles, that Islam has it right with the environment, and everyone else obviously has it wrong. I wonder, has anyone ever measured the carbon footprint of a suicide bomber's successful mission. Where is your "bloody" head Prince Charlie??? Charles, excuse me, I seem to have forgotten my etiquette, His Royal Highness, the Prince of Whales, and now the Duke of Bedlam, who purports to be a practicing Christian, now there's a joke. He spoke of his in depth study of the Qu'ran which he says; "tells its followers that there is no separation between man and nature, and says we must always live within Natures mean and limits." He followed that up with this ridiculous statement: " From what I know of the Qu'ran, again, and again it describes the natural world as the handiwork of a "unitary benevolent power." A unitary benevolent power?!? What's that supposed to mean? Is the Prince insinuating that Our God, the Almighty, the Alpha, and the Omega, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, is merely some "unitary Mush God", that is every one's God, regardless of their faith? Let me tell you something Prince Charles, you practicing Christian, you Sir, need to get yourself into your Bible, perhaps, to re-acquaint yourself with the One True God. I know you've studied the Qu'ran, but let's keep things in perspective, shall we? It's one thing to study a book written by the false prophet Muhammad, it's another thing to start believing it. As you study these writings of Muhammad, remember he was a homicidal, pedophile, and he is dead. You can try Buddha, but you will find that he is dead also. Jesus Christ is every one's Lord and He is the Saviour of the world. Jesus Christ was victorious over death, and he is alive. I have also read the Qu'ran, and I found it to be nothing but a bunch of mumbo jumbo rantings of a mad man. There is no rhyme or reason to it. It advocates the killing of Christians and Jews, not to mention all Infidels in general, unless they bow to Allah.
God Help Us if we ever start quoting Muhammad instead of Christ.

What Comes After $19.6 Trillion? Total Collapse, That's What!!!

My friends, there is a Demon amongst us, of this make no mistake. The Demon's name, is Social Justice, the apostate in charge, is none other than Barack Hussein Obama. The following is a headline from Reuters: U.S. DEBT TO RISE TO $19.6 TRILLION BY 2015; The U.S. Debt will top $13.6 trillion dollars this year, 2010. That will put America at a ratio of 102% of the GNP (gross national product). What's the big deal, you ask? Well, does total economic collapse of the this country's financial system , mean anything to you? How's that for answering a question with a question. Our economy is in dire straights, and it's not Wall Street, that's causing the problem. The Obama administration is totally and 100% at the bottom of this disaster. To say that "Obama doesn't know what he is doing, or that he is naive and stupid" is just giving him another pass. Obama said 5 days before being elected to the highest office in this nation, if not arguably the world: "We are just five days away from fundamentally transforming America." Many people applauded Obama's statement at the time. I'm not sure how many people knew the fundamental transformation would be from "equal justice" to "social justice." From a "Constitutional Republic", to a "Marxist/Communist State." From a "government of the people, by the people, and for the people", to a "government over the people." I wonder how many people were aware that this administration's intentions were to bring America into total chaos, confusion, and ultimately total collapse? Did the people who voted for this demon president know that within 2 years time, he would seize control over the automobile industry, the Health Care industry, the banking industry, the loan and mortgage industry, the energy industry, and now perhaps the oil and coal and natural gas industry? How many people knew that Obama's presidency would eventually touch, and control every aspect of every individual citizen's life? Reaching into your homes to dictate the thermostat setting, to tell you what you can and can not eat. Many of us saw this coming, we could hear it in the rhetoric that spewed from Obama's mouth. I'm not sure we were all able to discern the sounds of impending doom from Obama's speeches, but many of us did, and we couldn't get the word out fast enough. America is waking up, but is it too late?
I was completely aghast when I heard Barney Frank speaking to Young Democrats on June 8, 2012. He said: " You can reach out to your fellow young people and make it clear to them, that when they may not be satisfied with everything we've done...we're not satisfied with everything we've done. The way to cure that, is to give us more power." I thought to myself, "give us more power", that in and of itself, is one the most inane statements I've ever heard, even if it was Barney Frank. Is this guy living in an empty Tide box somewhere, could he honestly be that far out of touch with voting Americans? Giving this progressive administration more power, is like honing the knife for the man who wants to cut your throat.
Mark 13: 12-13. In Mark 13, we are warned of false prophets who will deceive many. It is my suggestion that everyone familiarize themselves with this book of the Holy Bible. Obama, of course would not want you to read the Bible, and that's all the more reason to begin reading it today.
My advice, be prepared. Save your money, as much as you can. Stock up on the necessities of life for your family. Be prepared to defend what you have, what is yours, because there are those out there who will not prepare, and they will come to take from you what you have saved.
When the other shoe drops dear friends, there will be many against you. Remember, though good friends are hard to find, get the word to them, get the word to your churches. Perhaps organize a church food bank and clothing bank. If this impending doom doesn't come to fruition, then there is no harm done, but if it does, good Christians will need all the life-lines and help they can get.
A word to all Christians: Prepare for persecution that hasn't been seen, since the days of Moses. Things in America, and the world will get much worse before they get better. Get informed, and educated, nations are already lining up against Israel, and with Barack Hussein Obama at the helm of the U.S., Israel can no longer count on automatic help from us. Just as the Jews are about to be persecuted, Christians also are about to face trials and tribulations in this country, mark my words.
This November election of our congress will be the determining factor of which way our country goes. It is imperative that we elect good Christian conservatives to congress, we need an overwhelming majority in the House and Senate. Without that majority, we can not stop the demise of this nation as we know it. There will be no way to get out of this, without bloodshed I'm afraid. If the Progressives retain majority in congress after this November election, I see very little chance of a free presidential election in 2012. By the time 2012 arrives, America will no longer be a sovereign nation. We will be under a new and tyrannical global governance with global laws, and global law enforcers. If that is what you want, don't vote... It will surely happen. God Help This Nation

Monday, June 7, 2010


Once again, our State Department opens their mouth and inserts their foot.
Headline, Deutshe Press-Agentur, June 3, 2010: EU, US Pledge To Respect Islam, While Fighting Terrorism.
Another pure example of ignorance of the enemies motives, and goals. Understanding your enemy is of utmost importance if victory is your goal. Pretending that Islam is not the enemy, will certainly not make terrorism go away, to the contrary, it will embolden them. The Islamic Faith, breeds terror, it teaches that non-believer's (Infidels) must either convert and submit to Allah, or be eradicated from the face of the earth. To understand the motivation of Muslim terrorists (Jihadists), you must first understand Islam. The European Union is a perfect example, they did not understand Islam, and how it works, until it was too late. The result, are communities, districts, and even entire cities that are now at the Mercy of Islam's Sharia Law. Consider the United Kingdom, they are now subject to two set of laws, man made laws of Parliament, and Sharia Law. Sharia Law to Muslims is the only law they are required to obey. Perhaps, the UK should have considered this fact prior to allowing it exist in their Muslim Communities.
Muslims across the EU and the US say they are being unfairly targeted, and their religion demonised, as part of the West's campaign against violent groups such as al-Qaeda. This is where the theory of: "Looks like a duck, walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it's a duck", comes in. Profiling, maybe, but necessary for the preservation of civilized nations, and peoples everywhere.
It is the goal of Islam to make the entire world one religion, and that is Islam. The sooner people of the European Union, and the United States realize this fact, the sooner we can get down to the business of curtailing Islam, and it's agenda.
In the never ending Socialist, Multi-cultural, Liberal quest for social justice, proponents are missing several important aspects. One of these aspects is this, Islam does not desire to live in harmony with any other religion. Another is this, Muslim's and any other people can not and will not accomplish co-existence, as the Muslim holy laws, forbid it. An important thing to understand is that there are no moderate, or radical Muslims, there are only MUSLIMS. If a Muslim is a Qu'ran believing Muslim, and claims to be a friend of a Christian, or Jew, or Gay, or Atheist, the Muslim, is lying through his teeth. Understanding again, that lying to an Infidel, is not considered lying according to the Islamic Faith. Lying to another Muslim, is lying, but then that doesn't stop them from blowing each other up, in the name of Allah, of course. Muslim's, do not have to be "radicalized", by order of Muhammad, they already are radical. Islam is a very diabolical and manipulating religion, it has progressed though the centuries by rule of deceit, and treachery, not just among non-Islamic peoples, but even among their own people. How do you think the Jihadists justify strapping bombs on innocent children, mentally challenged women, or for that matter becoming martyrs themselves. They have been deceived by Muhammad, and the false beliefs of Islam. They have no remorse for the things they do. Have you ever noticed that Imam's never apologise for anything, they just justify. Using the "we are the victims" excuse, they are able to accomplish Allah's edicts.
The European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, have all fallen victim to Islamic deceit, and treachery. The religion of Islam, is not just a religion, it is a culture unto itself, for itself, and by itself. In America's land of government of the people, by the people, and for the people, it is easy for Islam to portray themselves as victims. America, and the Western world appear to be buying this victim portrayal, hook, line, and sinker. In the quest for political correctness, and social justice, and tolerance, America, the EU, and the UK, have sacrificed the rights and freedoms of their citizens. These governments, are making a crucial error in judgement, and the fruits of these errors, will reveal themselves in the Sharia Laws, we all may become subject to, should Islam be allowed to continue on the current path of global expansion.
We are all expected to be reasonably tolerant of other cultures, beliefs, and religions, we in fact want to be respectful of them, it is part of being American. However, we should not, under any circumstances be tolerant of any religion or culture that blatantly teaches and encourages the eradication of all other religions and beliefs. Islam, is the only culture/religion that teaches these things. It must be stopped!!! We can not be tolerant of any religion that is not in tolerant of others. Islam, tolerates NO other religion.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Proof: Being Wealthy Doesn't Make You Intelligent

As you all know, I have never written anything about celebrities. Today, I will make the exception. When Paul McCartney was given the Gershwin Award by president Barack Obama, Paul, couldn't help himself, number one, from salivating all over Obama, and number two, insulting George W. Bush. To refresh our memories, this is what the Beatle said: " After the last eight years, it's great to have a president who knows what a library is." I'm sure in McCartney's mind that statement came off as humorous and witty. In actuality, it came off as offensive and "bloody ignorant", as Paul might put it. The statement of Paul McCartney is proof that wealth, does not make one intelligent. McCartney, should just stick to song writing. If he chooses to speak on the political front, even if it is his own opinion, he should at least educate himself. Throwing a "library" insult at George Bush, is like calling Mark Twain a no talent journalistic hack. Just for posterity, Laura Bush was a librarian for most of her life. Under the Bush administration, libraries across this great nation prospered from grants through the Laura Bush Foundation for American Libraries. Several thousand libraries received many millions of dollars, solely through the efforts of Laura and George Bush. As a small example, the Laura Bush Foundation in 2010 alone has granted $1,098,634.00 to 188 libraries around the country. There is no doubt that George Bush has read many, many more library books than Paul McCartney.
We get the hint Barack, first it was a standing ovation for Filipe Calderone the presidente' de Mexico, after his hypocritical scolding of U.S. Immigration policy. Now it's the Socialist entertainment buffoon Paul McCartney and his ovation for insulting president George Bush, and Laura in his speech at the award ceremony. It is quite obvious to We the American People, that you will continue to invite guests to this country that hate America as much as you do.
I am repulsed when TV and the News media give any credence to what entertainment "idols" (I use the term idol very loosely) have to say. I usually find the utterances of celebrities irrelevant, and completely disconnected from reality, so much so, that their words aren't even worth repeating.
I have in the past viewed TV shows like Oprah, and The View, and Dr. Phil, and I honestly haven't been able to connect with any of them. Putting myself out on a limb, I think Oprah has been grossly over-rated, she's got big bucks, but she doesn't have Jesus, and she thinks that she is a God in herself. That should be enough for any Christian, woman or man to remove her show from the daily schedule. The View Host's, aside from one young lady regular, are so far left, out of touch, and ignorant, they are, in this writer's opinion, a disgrace and an embarrassment to the female gender. I would find it very difficult to respect the intelligence of anyone who began a statement to me, with the words "Oprah says", or "On the View..., or "Dr. Phil said". Truly, people who give credence to the ramblings of Oprah, The View, and Dr. Phil are in need of a life. I recommend a nice long walk with the Lord.
I would encourage everyone to shut off those lame stream media channels, and tune in to Dr. David Jeremiah on the Church Channel on Sunday nights at 10:00PM CST. Steer clear of ABC, NBC, CBS, and News Channels CNN, and MSNBC. They are socialist owned and operated, and the truth is not in them. Want News? Tune into the FOXNews Channel, watch Glenn Beck, the truth will scare you to death, but the truth will set you free.
Movie Stars, TV Stars, and most Recording Stars, have little or no concept of real life.