Saturday, September 4, 2010


Yes, being politically correct is "Socially Condoned Lying"

Being truly politically correct, is destroying any reasonable differences between black and white, right and wrong, good and evil, fear and comfort, recognizing the enemy and pretending he doesn't exist, etc., etc.
The truth shall set you free, but only if you are allowed to tell the truth, according to the law. It seems that we in the civilized world have become so politically correct, that if the truth hurts, well... just don't say it. For example: If there is a terrorist attack somewhere in the world, you can't call it that, it must be referred to as a "man caused disaster". If the attack was perpetrated by Islamic terrorists, well, you can say that either, the perpetrators must be referred to as "misunderstanders of Islam." However, due to the double standard of Political Correctness, if the "man caused disaster" was perpetrated by "misunderstanders of Christianity", it would be okay, and quite acceptable to call the perpetrators "Christians". To understand this double standard one must actually attempt to find some logic to Political Correctness in the first place. I've tried to make something as illogical as P.C. into something logical, and it really can't be done. I can however shed a little light on the idea behind P.C.. The entire though process is as follows: Do not insult any person, form of government, religion, cult, false God, or false prophet, because any, or all of them may seek revenge; blow up innocent people, engage in violent public reprisals, or behead you and your family. Of course it is quite well documented that Christians and Jews won't fight back, so throwing insults in their direction is safe and easy to do. Plus, there's a bonus, if you insult, and or persecute Christians and Jews, the Nation of Islam will look upon you with favor, and that of course is a good thing, especially if you are one of those slimy two-faced politicians who would throw your own brother to the dogs, for a few pieces of silver, or barrels of oil. There's an analogy there somewhere, isn't there?
The best way to put it, is to read Robert Weissberg's Five Political Correctness Commandments:
1) Thou Shalt Not Offend.
2) Thou Shalt Not Even Think Offensive Thoughts.
3) Thou Shalt Purge Society of Evil Thoughts.
4) Thou Shalt Be One's Own Censor.
5) Thou Shalt Reward the Offended by Taking From the Sinner.
By clicking on the above link to: "How Political Correctness Destroys The Brain" you'll be able to Robert Weissberg's detailed explanation of each of the above commandments.
The implementation of Political Correctness came out of the sixty's generation of hippies, and flower power, and Vietnam War protests. Back when it was acceptable for Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane) to fraternize with the enemy, and betray American POW's to their captors. Back when it was okay to spit on soldiers returning from Vietnam, calling them baby killers, and murderers. At the same time, these same people espoused that it was wrong to offend anyone. The same girl who spit on me at Los Angeles Airport, was handing out flowers to civilians and saying "peace", "peace. I would have taken her aside and explained that I was fighting for my country, and doing what I felt was correct. Perhaps I could have instilled in her, some understanding about duty, and honor, but the drug induced blank stare on her face brought me back to reality, and I passed up the opportunity. Perhaps I shouldn't have passed it up, as these same people are now running our country, and that's really, really, scary. I guess none of them ever thought that calling returning warriors "baby killers" was offensive to us. That's the P.C. double standard again.
Political Correctness, like Liberalism, is a mental disorder, it's even hereditary in it's nature. It's also passed on through "indoctrination education." People who suffer from these affliction's, have very little chance of ever being cured. The worst possible scenario, is that; the disease will continue to go viral, as it is already spreading world wide in epidemic proportions even as we speak.
In God there is truth, and Jesus told us: "I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father except through Me." Without this truth, the world would be lost. Our Faith will help us to seek and find the truth, no matter how bad things get.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Once again, the warning flags are up and waving. The above video was taken by hidden camera in the city of Paris. Murfreesboro, TN., New York City, and all the other American and Canadian cities that have reached out to Islam. Watch this video, and see your future. The alarm is sounding, wake up America before it's too late!!!
One can not emphasize enough the dire ramifications of appeasing Islam will be on our nation. The continuous kowtowing to this false and self professed peaceful religion, will bring certain misery to all the people of America. Unless you find the sound of being called to prayer five times a day enchanting, you may want to rethink your opinion of Islam.
If you are Christian, you will be persecuted beyond your wildest imagination, if you are Jew, the same will happen. Once these Islamic centers and Mosques are established, more and more Muslims will come. They will take over your schools, and your local government. They will establish Sharia Law. When the Muslim population becomes the majority, it will also be the dominant force in your neighborhood. Your taxes will be used for schools to provide special Halal meals for Muslim students. They will protest anything Christian in your area, remember, Muslims are not appeased forever, only until they become dominant, then their demands will increase. They will use political correctness and the freedom of religion laws to gain special treatment in your area.
Please watch the above video, and heed it's warning.
Just one question that you must ask: Where are all these Muslims coming from? I'm under the impression that Illegal Mexicans aren't the only Illegal Immigration problem that America needs to deal with. Take a stand in your neighborhood, the way of life you've grown accustomed to, will soon fall by the wayside, if this blind tolerance of the enemy continues.
God Help This Nation

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Please feel free to click on the website above. You will find statements by Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of the founder of Hamas. For those of you who don't realize what Hamas is, it is an internationally recognized Muslim terrorist organization.
If you are still under the impression that there are in fact "Moderate Muslims", you can put that opinion to rest. Don't take it from me, take it from Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas. Mosab has converted to Christianity, and he is exposing Islam, and it's followers for who and what they truly are. To understand the Muslim's way of thinking, you must first understand their prophets, their belief systems, and their God. The best way to accomplish this, is research, research, and more research. I highly recommend a trip to the book store, and secure a copy of the Qu'ran, and a copy of Mosab Yousef's book "Son Of Hamas".
If you live in Murfreesboro, TN., it is important for you to understand your new Muslim neighbors (and there will be many, many more), and what they really believe. I have seen you stand, and defend their right to worship, I understand we have freedom of religion in this country, and I know you defenders of religious rights are well intentioned. I just feel it is necessary for you to be forewarned. Remember, Muslims worship a God (Allah), and a prophet (Mohammad) who hate Jews and Christians, not my words, theirs! You must understand that so-called "Moderate Muslims" are very far and few between, there are less of them than there are Christians on the backslide. A good way to describe a "Moderate Muslim", is he/she are backsliding from Islam, but believe me, under penalty of death, once discovered, they won't be "Moderate Muslims" for very long.
Regardless of the innocent masks these good neighbor Muslims wear, they are still followers of the Qu'ran, and they consider the Qu'ran the word of God (Allah). Devout Muslims do not question the Qu'ran, and they do not question the word of Mohammad. Muslims, have but one true goal, and that is to spread Islam to the four corners of the earth, and to convert everyone to Islam, so that it will be the earth's solitary belief. Those who can not, or will not be converted to Islam, are to be eradicated. Again, not my words, but the words from the Qu'ran, and from Mohammad.
People of Murfreesboro, TN., NYC, and in every American city and town, hear this, it is imperative that you know your neighbors, if your neighbors are followers of Islam, then they are, (whether you admit it or not), your enemy. Qu'ran believing Muslims are not to take Infidels as their friends, once again their words, not mine. It is absolutely necessary that you educate yourselves about your new neighbors. Hey, what can it hurt, your ego? Better your ego is hurt, and your pride a little damaged, because the alternative will not be pretty when the "fatwa" comes down to these new neighborhood Mosques, that it is now time for "jihad".
These are the words of Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Muslim Prime Minister of Turkey): "The Mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, and the faithful our soldiers." Now what do you suppose he meant by that statement? Trust me when I say, he didn't mean that the Muslims are coming to a Christian church social!!!
Here is a basic truth: Question: Is there a moderate Islam? Answer: It does not exist.
Know that on every square inch of soil where a Mosque is built, it becomes the sovereign territory of Islam.



Look at that picture, have you ever seen a more honest group of politicians in your life? This photograph exudes integrity and honor, doesn't it? NO, you too!!! In reality, the politicians in the picture, wouldn't know honor, if it slapped them in the face. What you are looking at, is the President and top members in the Elite Liars Club of Washington, D.C.
Yesterday evening while channel surfing, I and stopped on FOXNews, Gretta to be exact. She was interviewing Democratic Pollster Doug Schoen, he remarked: "that if Democrats were going to be elected, and or re-elected, they would have to distance themselves from the likes of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid." Doug also remarked: "that in order to win in November, Dems would have to run on Republican platforms." Now, how's that for an honest strategy? Not very honest in my book, that's for sure.
After listening to this guy, and then picking up a few excerpts from Obama's speech, I came to the conclusion that the new Progressive Strategy is the same as the old strategy, LIE, then LIE some more. It's so apparent that none of these Democrats, and their strategists, or even their pollsters get it. The American people want the truth, period. I have no doubt that all, or at least many Dems watched the "Restoring Honor" rally on the National Mall this past weekend. How could you watch the turnout of some 500,000 American citizens, who were outwardly praying to God, that He would intercede with Divine Providence, and heal and strengthen this nation. Can it be possible that Glenn Beck's (God bless him) message to Washington was misunderstood? How else can you account for the new Progressive "change the lie" election strategy? Can the powers that be in D.C. be so arrogant that a message from 500,000 Americans be totally disregarded?
America, Satan has a strangle hold on our government representatives, of this, there is no doubt. The corruption is deep, and begins in the highest of this nations offices. The White House, and Congress, and all of Washington, D.C. needs a exorcism of it's demons. "We the People" have the opportunity to perform that exorcism this November at the polls. We will need to pray for the strength to vote our conscience, and vote for good men and women with high moral standards, and Christian principles.
As Glenn Beck said, we need to restore honor through FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY. We also need to demand Honesty, Integrity, Morality, and "We the People" must insist that God be once again restored as the Supreme Being, and we must teach our children that our rights as American citizens come from God Almighty, not from government. There are Progressives in both parties, John McCain is proof of that. Be wary, be diligent, do not let a Progressive in a Conservative's clothing fool you. Progressives do not change, the just shift shapes temporarily.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Supporters come together over Murfreesboro mosque | Nashville City Paper

It never ceases to amaze me, the naivete' of Americans, that is. It almost seems that some of us relish the thought of "Dhimmitude". What is "Dhimmitude"? It is the state of being a "Dhimmi". A "Dhimmi" is a slave to Islam. "Dhimmis" are what Muslims make of conquered Christians, Jews, and other non-believers. Of course if you just happen to be a homosexual, well, that is punishable by death. I think that the Christian clergy, surprise me most with their complete ignorance of what Islam is all about. I begin to cringe when I hear a Catholic priest or a Baptist minister take a stand for Islam. Yet, that is exactly what's happening in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. It's like I just want to ask them if they've ever read the Qu'ran? I want to ask them, have you ever listened to Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, or Bridget Gabriel, the worlds leading expert on Islam and Terrorists? It, in a way saddens me to see, that without knowing anything about Islam, Imams, Muslims, and Terrorists, that priests and ministers defend Islam as if it were a actual religion. Islam, is not a religion, it is at the very least a cult. What is it about Islam that either fascinates the Christian clergy, or is capable of deceiving them so easily? It bothers me that Christians will vehemently defend Islam, but will condemn Mormons, there is no logic to it!!! I mean, has anyone ever seen or heard of a Mormon strapping a bomb to his/her body, and blowing up Christians, anywhere in the world, anywhere???
Not surprising, was the reaction to FBI agents assigned to the Murfreesboro Mosque, for protection. Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR (Council of American-Islamic Relations) responded to the FBI assignment this way: "It is feared that the agents will collect information on ordinary worshippers." What???? Believe me Murfreesboro residents, it isn't the ordinary worshippers that this guy is concerned about, it's the extra-ordinary worshippers!!! The ones who belong to the infamous Muslim Brotherhood, the most radical and violent of Muslim organizations. Oh yes, Murfreesboro, the Muslim Brotherhood will be alive and well in this Mosque, as they are in all Mosques around the country.
Of course if you feel these Muslims are of the peaceful moderate type, well then all I can say is be vigilant, arm yourselves, because when the fatwa comes down, your moderate Muslims will turn on you, make no mistake about it.
I pray that those who will be living near this Murfreesboro Mosque, will take all the necessary precautions. You see, Islam wants to rule the world, and they will not allow Murfreesboro citizens to stand in the way.


It appears that many of the crooks in government get sworn in at the same time. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words. But I've still got a hundred or so words left in my journalistic repertoire regarding the Washington, D.C. elected thieves. Above is a picture taken of Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson and Barack Hussein Obama getting sworn in to the United States Congress. With a little imagination, you can visualize that both Obama and Johnson have their fingers crossed behind their backs. This post however, isn't really about Barack Obama, or Bernice Johnson, it's about the rampant corruption in D.C.

Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson awarded some $20,000.00 in scholarships to relatives and friends. According to the Dallas Morning News, Ms. Johnson awarded 15 scholarships to two grandsons, two great nephews, and aide Rod Givens' children between 2005 and 2008. The 2009 awards, reflected in a previously undisclosed list provided Monday by the foundation, push the amount to more than $25,000.00.

Ms. Johnson had an excuse though, she said: "While I'm not ashamed of helping, I did not intentionally mean to violate any rules in the process." After being hounded by her critics in this matter she followed up with this statement: "To rectify this matter immediately, I will reimburse the funds by the end of this week." I guess that will make it all better, and life will just go on as normal for Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson.

Let's just analyze this women's statements. "While I'm not ashamed of helping" Well Ms. Johnson, you should be ashamed, as a matter of fact, you should never show your face again to your constituents. Do you not understand what you did wrong Bernice? You took money that was set aside for well deserving young men and women who should have been awarded those scholarships, and you gave the money to your grand children, nephews and children of your top aide. In a court of law, that is I believe grand theft, justice would be drumming out of Congress, with forfeiture of all pay and retirement benefits. Perhaps some serious jail time is also in order. "I didn't intentionally mean to violate any rules in the process." What exactly does that mean Ms. Johnson? You didn't intentionally mean to get caught, or is there a way to steal money from the scholarship fund without breaking the rules? Oh, yes Ms. Johnson you did in fact intentionally steal money from young people and give it to your family and friends. "To rectify this matter immediately, I will reimburse the funds by the end of the week." That is pathetic!!! You expect all this thievery to be swept under the carpet, because you repay the money that you stole? Repaying stolen money isn't restitution Ms. Johnson. If I were a judge, I would sentence you to not only repay the stolen funds, but force you to go back through the records, find the names of the correct recipients and reimburse them for the college education they didn't receive due to you selfish pilfering of funds.

The final nail was Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson's pledge to "change how she selects recipients for the scholarships." As the "Church Lady" would say: "Well, isn't that special." In other words Rep. Johnson you're either not going to choose recipients from your own family album, or from your closest friend's children, or you're going to find a way to funnel more money to them, without getting caught, or breaking the rules.

A person, can unintentionally break the rules once, maybe even twice, but 23 times, well, that sounds pretty intentional to this writer. What happened, in my opinion, Rep. Johnson awarded one or two scholarships to the grand kids, and nobody discovered the pilferage, so she just figured why not just keep going. What Representative Johnson did, was a criminal act, and she deserves to be punished for stealing. Charges should be filed, and a trial should ensue, and she should pay her debt to society. Unfortunately, I don't think that will happen, Rep. Johnson has friends in high places, if Barack Obama can halt the prosecution of a terrorist, he can certainly get Ms. Johnson off the hook on this one, and he probably will. So, Eddie Bernice Johnson, will follow in the footsteps of men like, Charlie Rangle, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, and the biggest thief in Washington, D.C., the great Obama himself. The combination to the public vault is in their hands America.

November elections are right around the corner, make this one count, there may not be a country to save if we don't.

"THOU SHALL NOT STEAL" (God) It doesn't get any plainer than that!!!


Monday, August 30, 2010


ISLAM is not a personal use religion, Islam is a form of government being forced upon the world.

Is Islam being misunderstood in the west, or is Islam being given a pass merely out of fear? Actually, it's a lot of both. Islam is most definitely misunderstood in the west, but not for the reasons one might think. The fear of Islam is not a phobia, but a justifiable and actual fear. The misunderstanding of Islam comes into play, because western civilization is attempting to understand a culture from the Dark Ages, with the reasoning of modern understandings of religion. Trying to understand Islam from western cultural reasoning is, impossible. Impossible because Islam can not be compared to or assimilated to western cultures or religions or governments. Islam is it's own form of government, and that government is called Sharia Law. Islam by it's own directives, is not to be influenced by Infidels. Therefore, Islam can never co-exist in any nation, or with any other religion. Islam is the only organized government based religion that demands the obedience of not only it's own followers, but of all people, of all faiths. Islam demands that all the world bow to their Allah, or be eradicated from the face of the earth. These are the teachings of Mohammad, not mine. Don't believe me? Get yourself a copy of the Qu'ran and the Hadith and please read it for yourself. So you see, if the west is to try and understand Islam, the west must look at Islam from a Middle-Eastern angle. A Western/American angle will not and can not work. The following statements are examples of faulty western attempts at understanding Islam:

"Muslims, we respect your faith, it's teachings are good and peaceful." (George Bush right after 9/11)

"Islam, the faith of hundreds of millions of peace loving people around the world, including the United States of America." (Bill Clinton)

"A war against people who pervert what Islam stands for, Islam stands for peace and non-violence." (Condolezza Rice)

"I've come to realize that Islam is a good religion, a good way of life." (Senator Harry Reid)

As Americans, we must, if nothing else, understand Islam for exactly what it is, and Qu'ran believing Muslims for who they truly are. To do this, we need to see what they have done in the past. Not just the ancient past, but the recent past, and for that matter what they are doing in the present. We must understand that deception is Islam's greatest tool for conquest. According to the Qu'ran, it is justified for a Muslim to lie as long as it benefits Allah. They are taught that lying to an Infidel is not really lying, as Infidels do not deserve the truth. In Islam's current infiltration of the west, mainly America and Canada, they use our laws and our constitution against us. In America for example; there is freedom of religion. Under the guise of being a religion, Islam asserts that they should be allowed the same rights as any other religion, and be allowed to practice their faith in America. The problem however, remember Islam is not just a religion, it is a way of life, it's own government if you will. The United States Constitution does not allow for the practice of any other government within our borders. Deception, look behind the Imam, as it were. In a recent interview with the Ground Zero Mosque Imam, it was stated by a journalist; Abdul Rauf was a bridge builder, that he was building bridges between his culture, and America. Not true!!! Abdul Rauf is a bridge builder alright, but the bridge he is building is from a Democratic Republic too Sharia Law. His first step in this process is gently coaxing the United States into becoming Sharia compliant. From there, it is merely a matter of time before local officials in New York City, i.e. Mayor Blumeberg, become so tolerant that Sharia courts come to fruition. Oh, you say no way, not in America. Well, that's what they thought in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands where their legal systems are split in half, half English law and half Sharia Law. Yes, America, it can and it will happen here. It is important to keep in mind, that with every Mosque built on American soil, that soil becomes the sovereign territory of Islam, just as if it were an embassy. At last count, 2400 Mosques in America, at last count, 5 additional Mosques constructed each week. With every Mosque, America cedes territory to Islam.

Western civilization has every right to fear Islam. Islam is ruthless, barbaric, and draconian in it's governance. Islam, has but one goal, and that is world domination for Allah. They have no hesitation in murdering those who stand in the way of their goal. Christians, and Jews stand in their way. It will happen and happen soon. Rest assured, we Christians will be placed in a position to stand for Jesus Christ. One day we will all have to face Islam, and face it in the open. We will be forced to decide whether we want to preserve our Judeo-Christian values, and our civilization, or will we submit to Islam and bow to Allah. America, it is time to recognize your enemy for who, and what he is. Our enemy is Islam, remember it is Islam who has declared war on the west, not the other way around. A moderate Muslim, is merely a Muslim on the back slide, and they are but one fatwa(order) away from becoming a terrorist.

Our only hope for success against Islam, is our faith in Jesus Christ, and the aggressive spreading of His word. With God on our side, who can stand against us?

I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress; my God; in Him will I trust. (Psalms 91: verse 2)

Sunday, August 29, 2010



IRENA SENDLER(Slenderowa): Born: 15 Feb. 1910
Warsaw, Poland

Died: 12 May 2009 (98yrs old) In Warsaw, Poland
Religion: Roman Catholic

A dear friend sent an email today, reminding of just how much the priorities of supposed scholars of the world have deteriorated.
When Hitler and the Nazis built the Warsaw Ghetto, and herded 500,000 Polish Jews behind it's walls to await liquidation, many Polish gentiles turned their backs, and applauded. Irena Sendler, was not one of them. Irena defied the Nazis and saved 2,500 Jewish children from sure execution, by smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto. She was able to pass herself off as a health worker, she sneaked the children out between 1942 and 1943 to safe hiding places and found non-Jewish families to adopt them. Some of the children were sneaked out in gunny sacks, coffins, and there were a few infants hidden in the bottom of tool boxes. Irena saw to it that all the children were given false identities and papers. The only record she kept were scraps of paper with the true identities of the children and the and the families from which they came and the names of the families to which they went. These scraps of paper were in written in a code that only Irena knew. Irena placed the papers in glass jars, and buried them under an apple tree in a neighbor's yard. Irena hoped that when the war ended, she would be able to relocate and reunite the children with their true families.

In 1943, the Nazis somehow discovered what Irena was doing, and the Gestapo arrested her, she was imprisoned and tortured, the Gestapo broke her feet, and her legs. She was thrown into Pawiak Prison, she was repeatedly tortured, but Irena would never reveal the names of the children, their families or her associates in this daring rescue. She was sentenced to death by execution, a few of her associates were successful in bribing the guards, and she was left in the woods, badly beaten, with both arms, and legs broken. She spent the rest of the war hiding and being chased by the Gestapo.

Irena Sendler is a name that few people are familiar with, she is an unsung hero. When the war ended, Irena dug up the jars so that she could begin the reuniting process, only to find out that the families of the children she rescued, had almost all been exterminated by the Nazis. Irena Sendler did not think of herself as a hero, and claimed no credit for what she accomplished. Instead, Irena said: "I could have done more, this regret will follow me to my death."

In 1965 she was honored by the International Jewish organizations with the title of "Righteous Among the Nations", by Yad Yashem, in Jerusalem, and in 1991, Irena was made an honorary citizen of Israel.

On November 10, 2003, Irena was awarded Poland's highest distinction, the "Order of White Eagle".

Allow me to refer you to the title of this Blog post: "Daily Reminders of A World That's Upside Down". As we look around us today, things that were bad and evil when we were young, are now encouraged, and even exalted. Children are being taught that that there is no right or wrong, no good or evil. I remember when I had to collect unemployment in the 1970's, I was embarrassed to even fill out the application. Not anymore, not in this nanny state we have become. There is no shame in Washington, D.C., there is also no honor there. God has been removed from our schools and offices and public places for fear of offending those who worship false Gods. Yes, America, our country and the rest of the world are for all intensive purposes, Upside-Down!!!

The reason for this Blogpost. In 2007, Irena Sendler was nominated for the "Nobel Peace Prize", for her heroism in the face of the Nazis, and for saving 2,500 Jewish children from certain death. Irena Sendler was passed up by the "Nobel Laureates" in favor of Al Gore. The 2007 Nobel Prize went to Al Gore for his slide show about global warming. All of course based on faulty, if not completely false science.

In 2008 the Nobel Prize was awarded to one Martti Ahtisaari, an Ambassador from Finland and a Special U.N. Envoy to Kosovo.

In 2009, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to none other than Barack Hussein Obama: For his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people. At the time when Barack Obama was awarded this Nobel Prize, he had done nothing to deserve it. Barack Obama, may be the only Nobel recipient who was awarded the prize in hopes that he would actually accomplish something. Pretty pathetic.
Now that Irena has passed on, and is surely with the Lord, her reward will be the highest ever.
Her faith in God carried her through this world, and her reward is everlasting life in heaven.
Luke 18, 14: for every one that exalts himself, shall be abased; and he that humbles himself shall be exalted.
An excellent verse for the likes of Al Gore, and Barack Obama. Also a verse that all of us should pay attention to.
God Help This World