Saturday, August 6, 2011



  "Obama is clueless, when it comes to finances and the economy" (Donald Trump).  "Obama, out of touch, he's just so naive." (Unknown journalist).  " Obama, is inexperienced and out of touch with the people" (Sarah Palin).
  Pass, pass and another pass.  Do all these supposedly educated people really think that Barack Hussein Obama is just making mistake after crucial mistake?  Do the educated and experienced veteran journalists and talk show hosts honestly believe that the Obama administration is just a comedy of errors and poor judgement?  I'm not buying it, not for one minute could you convince me that Obama is this much of a buffoon.  
  Barack Hussein Obama's Socialist agenda is a plain as the nose on Barney Franks face.  Obama's destructive intent is as obvious as the botox injections of Nancy Pelosi.  There is no possible way that this many Americans, especially the electorate can be so fooled and baffled into thinking that Obama's single most detriment is his naivte'.  I remember that John F. Kennedy once said "If you get domestic policy wrong, you can lose a lot of jobs and money, if you get foreign policy wrong, you can lose a lot of lives."  Say what you want about John Kennedy, but he was that last true Conservative Democrat, and he was right in his statement I just quoted.  Doesn't it occur to anyone that Obama has it totally wrong on both counts?  The nation is on the verge of bankruptcy, and since he took office, America is engaged in even more wars than we had with George Bush.  Mistakes?  I don't think so!!!  
  It is however, a matter of semantics, isn't it?  Situations that occur are either dire or matter of fact, it all depends on how one perceives them to be.  This my friends is the dilemma we have regarding President Barack Obama.  As conservatives we see Obama an idiot who is leading our nation down the wrong path.  As Christians, we Obama as a Godless man, lending more credence toward Islam than his pretend Christianity.  It is us, the American people who are the ones making mistakes in our perceptions and erring in our judgements regarding Barack Obama.  We aren't grading Obama from the correct set of rules.  It is imperative to realize that one cannot judge a Socialist's accomplishments from a Constitutional Republic's set of rules.  The standards are not the same.  If you want to judge a Socialist, then you must judge him by the same rules a Socialist judges himself.  When judging Obama on his failed leadership, you must first research what he boasted to accomplish.  I believe he stated 5 days prior to his victorious election that "we are five days away from fundamentally changing America."  Well, I ask you, has he or has he not kept that promise?  In my opinion he has kept that promise, because it is painfully apparent that America has been fundamentally changed since Obama came to office.  In my eyes, as in most conservative eyes, the changes that have taken place and those changes yet in the works are NOT changes for the good.  However, from a Socialist's point of view, Obama is quite successful in his endeavors and accomplishments.  When over 40% of the population is collecting some type of government entitlement, whether they are entitled or not, from a conservative standpoint, that is a dire and destructive situation.  From a Socialist's standpoint, it is exactly what the goal was.  Actually it falls a little short of the goal, but as they say, "the night is still young".  We forget sometimes that there is much more Obama darkness on the horizon, but to Socialists, they only see light at the end of the tunnel.  Perception, perception, perception.  
  It is time Americans and their representatives become aware that Barack Hussein Obama has been groomed for the position he is in.  Harken to the fact that his decisions are not errs in the judgement of a naive President, but in fact, are all implementations of a Socialist plan that Obama subscribes to, and is exercising his authority to bring to fruition.  Just as he promised.  Once that understanding is in the forefront, all of Obama's decisions, and there are many, that are leading America into financial and economic ruin, are all 100% planned and orchestrated to make take America into the future as a third world country, with Socialists as the ruling party.  Socialism fails every time, and it it will fail in America too, but not until we as a nation have suffered horrendously at its hands.
  America has oil, are we drilling? NO
  America has coal, are we mining? NO
  America has natural gas, are we bringing it up, NO
  America is spending 3 billion dollars a month, and 40% of that money is borrowed, is that sustainable?  NO
Are these all errors in judgement of a naive President?  Or are they planned obstacles to bring America into a One World Order?  You decide!
God Help Us
The Watchman    

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

‪Muslim Sharia Law In Australia‬‏ - YouTube

Dateline:  8/3/2011
I would like to take a moment to urge every American citizen, especially those who sympathize with the Muslim cause here in America to watch the news video from Australia.  Simply click on the link.  If after watching this video you don't come away with an entirely different attitude towards the goals of Islam, then I regret there is no hope for America.

  Once again I have this overwhelming urge, a calling if you will, to warning America of an impending doom.  The infiltration of Islam into all facets of American government and even many Christian religious denominations.  Islam is engaged in a "Stealth Jihad" against America.  Their goal, to nudge our law makers, politicians, authorities, and clergy to accept Islam as a viable religion.  Understand, Islam is NOT a religion in any way shape or form.  Islam is an all-encompassing way of life.  Islam cannot, and will not conform to man made law, and that includes the Constitution of the United States.  It is unfortunate that America has a President and several members of the congress who also do not respect the Constitution.  This my friends is what makes America so vulnerable to stealth jihad.  Islam has found America's weakest spot, and they intend to use it to gain control of neighborhoods, towns, entire cities and states.  America's weak spot is our failure to identify an enemy.  Another name for that weak spot is Liberalism.  It is liberalism that allows despicable acts like abortion to be committed.  While at the same time defense of animals to take precedence over human life.  Liberalism by any other word, and there are many is the same thing.  Progressives, multiculturalism, and moral relativism are just a few names that liberals like to tout.  
  The bottom line here is this, if you cannot recognise your enemy, you cannot defeat him.  If you cannot defeat him, he will devour you and all you stand for in a very short time.  
  Watch the Australian news video, and the watch it again.  The same thing is occurring here in the United States, and the Liberally controlled media is not reporting it to you.  Google "Dearborn, MI.", read and see what set of laws are being enforced there.  Sharia, the law of Islam is predominantly enforced there.  My friends, Dearborn is only the tip of the iceberg.  Towns are being duped into this false notion that Islam is a peaceful religion that just wants to part of the community.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Islam wants to BE the community, and to enforce Sharia law in America.  
  This a small example of the infiltration of Islam:  America is a country where it is for all intensive purposes illegal to have multiple wives.  Yet, there are several Muslims men in America who have several wives, and what's worse, your tax dollars are not only supporting these families through welfare and medicare and Medicaid, not to mention food stamps, and low-income housing.  The Muslim man simply lists one woman as his wife and the others as dependents.  A small matter of basic investigation will reveal this to the authorities.  Let me inform you, the authorities from city, state and Federal government already know about this miscarriage of justice, this blatant fraudulent use of America's entitlement systems, but the authorities choose to turn a blind eye.  Why you ask?  Because the perpetrators are Muslim, plain and simple.  Our authorities are deathly afraid to offend Muslims in any way shape or form, so they will continue to receive benefits that true American citizens are denied by their own elected officials.
  You want to ignore the Islamification of America, then go ahead, but in a few month's when your neighborhood Mosque begins putting up signs stating that you are now living in a Sharia Law enforcement zone, don't cry about not being warned.  This message goes out to the city of Murfreesboro, Tennessee as a special warning about what is to come.  If you Murfreesboro citizens are against the establishment of this Mosque, send this Australia news video to you local and community leaders.  Copy it and show it to your neighbors.  It is imperative that every neighborhood, town and city in America wake up to the fact that Islam does not wish to assimilate, but their goal is to dominate.  Islam will succeed if citizens refuse to recognise their enemy.
God Help Us
The Watchman 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Agenda 21 Update – DOT’s regulatory attack on family farms | Video |


  That's right, the implementation of the U.N.'s Agenda 21 is in full swing on several fronts.  The latest of course is the attack on the family farm and farm families.  In a effort to control and actually curtail the family farm operations in America, the US Department of Transportation wants all operators of farm equipment to be in possession of a CDL (Commercial Driver's License). 
  For more years than I can count, young boys and girls born into farm families have always helped out, driving tractors, combines, farm trucks, balers, wagons you name it.  Not anymore, the Agenda 21 controls are being infused into even more private lives and businesses.  One must be 21 years of age to acquire a CDL.  Where does that leave the farmer when last harvest his 12, 13 or 14 year old was driving the harvester or the baler.  It leaves him darn short handed, that's what! 
  I heard it said that the government just doesn't understand how family farms work!  I'm here to tell that the government does in fact know how things are done on the family farm, and it's the government's goal to shut you down.  Controlling huge populations of people is difficult, especially if food is plentiful.  However, if you control access and production of food, it makes controlling the masses oh so much easier.  Family farms produce about 70% of the world's food supply, huge conglomerates like ConAgri pretty much produce the other 30%.  Just think though, outfits like ConAgri that already receive a substantial amount of the government farm subsidies, well, if they were to control say all of the food production, then the government would in turn enjoy the control of who farms, and who plants, and what they plant and of course how much they are allowed to plant and harvest.  Can you even imagine the extent of this far global reaching power?  I can, and it isn't pretty.
  The bottom line is a United Nation's plan that the United States and several other countries have signed on to that will ultimately put family run farms out of business.  Have you been to your neighborhood farmer's market lately?  If you have, enjoy it because it won't be there much longer, if the government has it's way.  The government has plans to require all your local growers to comply with FDA regulations for food safety and tracking, under the guise of course that they care about the consumer.  That isn't the reason at all.  The real reason is to remove food from accessibility to regular folks.  In the works, is a plan to keep you from not only planting your own garden, but to keep you from selling or even giving away your home grown produce.  You say "they can't do that"!!!  Well, I'm here to tell you that they can do that, and they will do that, and here's how.  The Progressives and the Globalists know that to get home grown produce out the market place would be an extremely difficult task at best, the very legislation would be a nightmare.  However, the government's can write regulatory mandates much, much easier, and that's how they are doing it, and going to do it.  Putting the CDL requirement on family farms is just the beginning.  When the opportunity arises regulatory legislation in the form of rules that must adhered to in order to grow, sell or give away foods of any kind will come Washington.  The rules will come hard and they will come fast.  Family farmers will be hit with enough regulations that it will become way to expensive to plant, grow, harvest and sell.  There will be no opportunity to make even minimum profits.  Why the regulations they can and will put on the fertilizers and the fertilization process alone will break enough family farms in short order.  By the time the government adds on food inspections, transportation regulations from farm to roadside stand, the farm output will not produce enough profit to buy seed for next year's crop.
  So, it begins. 
God Help Us
The Watchman