Monday, November 29, 2010



I can help but ask myself, how can anyone, let alone an FBI agent or law enforcement official make such a stupid and blatantly inane statement like that?

Once again, the Muslim community in a small town needs to portray themselves as the victims in some kind of Islamaphobic plot of retribution for one of their own, who just happened to get caught attempting to blow up hundreds of innocent men, women and children. The Mosque in Corvallis, OR. where the Christmas Tree Lighting bomber attended, not regularly they say, but just a couple times a month. Is feigning an incendiary attack by intolerant and Islamapbobic Infidels. If I were the Corvallis Police, and or the FBI, I would be investigating the Imam in charge of the Mosque itself for this little one room blaze. How convenient that the fire was discovered by a patrolling police officer, and just in the nick of time, fire fighters were called and the entire Mosque was saved, except for that one room of course. Sounds more than a little fishy to me! I am curious to see what started the fire, was the kindling something like Muslim hate literature, or perhaps a lesson plan on how to actually build and or appropriate bomb making materials, and carry out violent jihad against the innocent citizens of Portland. My guess, the arson investigation will not uncover one shred of evidence pointing to a Mosque member.

I find it ironic that in 2005 the Portland Mayor and the oh so wise city council decided to opt out of the Federal Terrorism Task Force. Even more ironic, the Portland City Council's decision was under the direction of the beloved ACLU of Oregon. Now, the city has stated that perhaps they should rethink that decision. The state of Oregon is a liberal state, and Portland, Oregon is an extremely liberal and tolerant community, too much so for their own good. The thing that Portland, and actually the entire state of Oregon needs to realize, is Muslim Jihadi's don't really give a big rat's butt about how loving and tolerant you are. Muslims are on a quest to rule the world, and a few over zealous liberals aren't going to make them give up that goal and suddenly start playing kissy face with Oregonians. Wake up Portland, wake up Oregon, jihad has arrived, right there, oh yes, right there in Portland, that's right, jihad has arrived in River City.

I am ecstatic that the FBI was able to thwart another mass execution plot, but I'm not ready to crown them with endless wreaths of Laurel just yet. Certainly, the FBI and all law enforcement officials and officers are well deserving of accolades, but not if they have the gall to say" No one was in any real danger." There is no way that anyone from the White House to the bottom airport or mall rent-a-cop could be unequivocally sure that no one was in any real danger!!! Let's just throw in a couple of "what if's" here, shall we? 1). What if the FBI was never tipped off about this Muslim Jihadi vermin? 2). What if this piece of filth was a decoy, and the real bomb was twenty feet away from the decoy bomb? 3). What if this terrorist's accomplices knew all along that they were being duped by the FBI, and decided just to play out the scenario, just for terrorism's sake? 4). What if there are accomplices? No one in any real danger? I've got news for you Mr. FBI agent, every American citizen has been in extreme danger ever since the first Mosque was built in this country, and ever since the first Muslim was invited to our shores. Instead of telling the citizens of Portland, OR., that no one was in real danger, why not tell them the truth about Islam. Yes, people of Portland and people everywhere, you are a being played like a fine fiddle by these Muslims. The truth is: Not a single American citizen is safe anymore. Regardless of whether you are Christian or Jew, whether you are straight or gay, whether you are liberal or conservative, you are all targets of Islam. You will bow to Allah, or they will kill you, or make you slaves. It's time to take a stand against Islam, because Islam is the new pestilence and plague of the twenty first century.


"The Watchman"

Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

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