Saturday, June 30, 2012

The picture of an Epic Failure of the U.S. Armed Forces

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a disgrace to the military to the human race and to the United States Army.

Fort Hood jihad mass murderer again barred from court because of his Muslim beard - Jihad Watch

A picture of the Muslim Terrorist within.

  Major Hasan has managed to spit into the faces of the U.S. Army, the families of his victims, and all of America once again.  Because this low-life murdering coward of a man decided not to appear clean shaven as required by Army regulations for his Court Marshal, he was able to get his trial postponed for another month.  The beard growth Nidal Hasan is sporting keeps getting him barred from the court room.  The Army judge says his appearance doesn't meet with the Army's dress code for military proceedings.  If that isn't the weakest excuse for not trying him, I don't know what is.  All I can say, is that he is lucky I am not the judge officiating at his court marshal.  I would have his half paralysed body propped up with a saw horse if necessary, beard or no beard, the trial would have been over a long, long time ago.  Nidal Hasan would have been publicly executed by firing squad, and thrown out of a military transport over the deserts of the Middle East, wearing a sign that read Allahu Akbar.  
  The United States Army should be ashamed of their justice departments.  The Pentagon should by now be making public apologies to the American people for their lackadaisical efforts in trying this Muslim Terrorist Criminal.
  It is my opinion that allowing a Muslim, any Muslim into the U.S. armed forces is a blatant exercise in stupidity as seen in a number of instances since 9/11, a total failure of epic proportions.  Somehow allowing members of the enemy forces into our own doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.  The very idea of taking members from a culture that is sworn to allegiance by their own holy book to destroy America and Israel, then purposely placing them within the ranks of one's own military seem more like suicide than anything else.  I just do not understand where the logic is in such an asinine act of stupidity, by so-called military experts.  I also have a very difficult time understanding how our military generals and commanders can stand by and listen to Barack Obama and the Attorney General refer to this terrorist act as simply "workplace violence".  Here's a hypothetical scenario to ponder:  If a White House Staff member were to blow away the entire First Family, all the while screaming Allua Akbar, would the military and the DOJ call it an assassination, or would the act be classified as "workplace violence"?  Do you see how inane a title for Hasan's, obvious "terrorist attack", "workplace violence" is?
  I am becoming more and more disillusioned with America's military Generals and the Defense Department.  We have an Army that refuses to call a terrorist a "terrorist", refuses to call an act of terrorism and act of "terrorism".  An entire group of Generals that are afraid to stand up to a President when wrongfull orders are handed down.  How about America's Air Force?  Our Air Force has become so politically correct, that they have utilized taxpayer money to build a grotto of sorts, where there Atheists and Witches and Warlocks can go pray, but they will nolonger participate in any Christian charities.   To whom does the Atheist pray, anyway?  Here's one, a couple of years back, our United States Navy shared America's nuclear power capabilities of ships and submarines with the Chinese Navy.  Hooray for the red, white and blue!!!  Our military leaders have become a bunch of weak, lilly livered, politically correct puppets of the Obama administration.  It appears the only really good, brave and ethical military officers have either retired or died.  When our military commanders decide that it is politically incorrect to recognize the enemy, when the President (the so-called Commander In Chief) orders the military to not search out and fight the enemy, because it might offend that very enemy, then the problem, isn't just the White House, it's the military leaders too!
  Nidal Hasan, should have been tried and executed months ago.  Just a hint for the military judge Col. Gregory Gross.  The blatant out right cold blooded murders of 13 fellow soldiers didn't meet with U.S. Army protocol either.  The defense team for Nidal Hasan doesn't need more time to prepare a defense, because there is no defense.  Nidal Malik Hasan, Major, United States Army confessed to murdering his fellow soldiers in cold blood, because he is a "Muslim", and he is obligated to kill the enemy infidels.  Where is the defense?  What possible defense could be brought forward that could even remotely justify the act of terrorism, perpetrated upon fellow soldiers that resulted in the deaths of 13?  
  Try this pathetic excuse for a soldier, and an even more pathetic excuse for a man.  
The Watchman              

Thursday, June 28, 2012


  The link above will take you to a 20 minute video taken in Dearborn, MI. at the recent Arab Festival.  In the video, you will see all those peaceful Muslims attacking by stone, bottle and egg a few Christian missionaries.  You will see the Christians mocked by a young Muslim man for the way we pray.  You will see the results of years of indoctrination into Islam, in the behavior of the Muslim children.  You will see the Dearborn, Michigan Police Dept. turn a blind eye to the violent acts of the Muslims being perpetrated upon the Christians.  You must note that the Deputy Chief of the County Sheriff's Department is Muslim, and he we blame the violence on the Christian group, not on the Muslims rioters.  You will see that the Christians do not retaliate in any way shape or form.  You will eventually see the Christian group ejected and harrassed by the Dearborn, MI. P.D., even after they were ordered to leave, and left the area.  I'm sure that for many of you out there, your first reaction and thoughts will be:  "Why are the Christians at a Muslim Festival in the first place?"  Or:  "If the Christians weren't there holding their "Jesus Saves" signs, then they wouldn't provoke the violent Muslim reprisals."  There are two ways to rebut those statements, I submit to you:  Mark 16:15  And He (Jesus) said to them:  "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation."  You see, as Christians we are obligated to preach Jesus' Word to all creation, so that the lost might be saved.  Where are the most lost of mankind?  Islam is false, Allah is false, and Muslims need to hear the Word.  The second reason for the presence of Christians at a Muslim Festival:  This is still America, and Dearborn, Michigan is still within the borders of the United States of America.  Here we still have freedom of speech, we are all free to walk anywhere, drive anywhere and be anywhere, without the fear of violent reprisal.  Dearborn, Michigan is NOT an Islamic state soveriegn unto itself.  Dearborn, Michigan should not be under any law other than U.S. Constitutional Law.  Sharia (Islamic) Law, is not, and does not supercede U.S. Law, not even in Dearborn, Michigan.  I remind you that there was a time when Dearborn, Michigan was just like any other American town.  It had Christian churches, Jewish Synagogues and the like.  When the Muslims arrived with their first Mosque, the good people of Dearborn probably welcomed them with open arms, thinking that these Muslims were of moderate Islam, they were not terrorists.  The people of Dearborn were lulled into a false sense security, it's the Islamic way.  Today, Dearborn, Michigan is enveloped in a sea of burkas and hijabs.  Christians and Jews aren't feeling very safe walking through what once was a peaceful neighborhood, no, not anymore!  The Muslims of Dearborn have learned that intimidation and coercement go along way in getting what Islam demands.  And my friends Islam demands alot from the neighborhoods they invade.
  Enough about Dearborn, Michigan, let's talk about Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Murfreesboro, is a town my wife and I frequently visit, to shop, and to dine.  But, Murfreesboro has a very serious "Liberalism" problem.  The town/city council seems unable to discern good from evil, and right from wrong, and law from lawless.  Murfreesboro, has a gang problem, perhaps it's because of their liberal/progressive attitude regarding immigration laws in America.  Whatever the reason, Murfreesboro has a illegal alien MS-13 gang problem.  However, that isn't the only ethnic problem.  In Murfreesboro's earnest acceptance of a new Islamic Center and 52,000 square foot Mosque, Murfreesboro is inviting the devil into their midst, as it were.  There has been much controversy over the construction of the Murfreesboro Mosque, court injunctions, hearings and protests by opponents of the Mosque.  It seems however, the Muslims have prevailed over all this adversity and thier Islamic Center is merely weeks away from opening the doors.  How very sweet!  
  The Murfeesboro Mosque has only 200 members.  The Murfreesboro Mosque needed funding in excess of $2 million dollars for the construction, and they will not reveal the source of that funding.  Could the funding have come from the Muslim Brotherhood?  That would be consistent with numerous other Mosques built or being built in America.  Another question is this, why would a mere 200 members of the Mosque require 52,000 square feet?  I wonder, do the proponents of the Mosque actually think that the Muslim population in Murfreesboro will not grow?  Do the citizens of Murfreesboro, think that Muslims in the Mosque nieghborhood will not make demands of it's neighbors?  The truth of the matter is, the Muslim population will literally explode beyond Murfreesboro's wildest expectations, with it, so will the poverty level.  I wonder if anyone on the city council knows how many illegal Muslims will soon be invading their town?  I personally don't think council members have a clue.  I mean they can't even, or won't even keep track of their illegal Mexican population.  It would be wise for the Murfessboro council to take an unannounced trip to Dearborn, Michigan.  It would certainly be an eye-opener for them because, Dearborn is a window looking into the future of Murfreesboro, TN.  
  Many of us tried to warn Murfreesboro of their impending error in judgement, but Liberalism won out over our voices of reason.  We were told that the Mosque is just another place of worship, like a Christian church.  Really???  I have personally written a number of articles on the mistakes of inviting the fox into the hen house.  I was called bigot, racist, and Islamaphobe for telling the folks that Islam is NOT tolerant, and there are no true moderate Muslims.  If that makes me and Islamaphobe, then so be it!  
  Here is something ironic that you may or may not have heard.  Either way, it's certainly worth noting for other cities, towns and neighborhoods in America.  The doors to Murfreesboro's Islamic Center and Mosque haven't even open yet, and the Muslim leaders are already making demands on the good but misguided people of Murfessboro and Rutherford County.  A "TEACHER'S GUIDE TO MUSLIM STUDENTS" has been sent to teachers in Rutherford County schools, and I'm sure it was also sent to Murfreesboro school teachers also.  In this "Teacher's Guide" is a list of all special treatments that Muslim students in public school, will require from teachers and school districts as a whole.  Make no mistake, if these demands are not met, there will be law suits filed against teachers and schools by the all friendly and peaceful members Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.  Everything is covered in this list of demands from the requirement of prayer 5 intervals a day(15 minutes at a time, that shouldn't disrupt any classes!) while in school.  (Prayer in school, not here in America!  What happened to separation of church and state?)  Islam has no separation of church and state.  That rule only pertains to Christians and Jews.  The Muslim students will need a special place to pray, and other students must tolerate and succumb to all the demands of the Muslim students.  According to the list, Rutherford County schools will be required to modify their school work days, eating facilities, gymnasium facilities, dress codes, curriculum and a miriad of other rules and regulations to accomodate the few Muslim students.  In other words, some 40,000 other students will be forced, and I do mean forced to appease the peaceful, tolerant Muslim students.  One more little item of note, the school districts will be required to honor all of the Islamic holidays.  I use the word "demand" because the Muslims will not ask for permission, they will demand appeasement.  They will get it, they always do!  
  A warning to Murfreesboro, this tolerance, and appeasement will get completely out of control if these Islamic guidelines are implemented and adhered to.  Once the Muslims have the school teachers and board of education on the run, there will be no stopping them from completely taking over Rutherford County's entire school system, and government.  In less than two years, (mark my words), the neighborhood surrounding the Murfreesboro Mosque will be unrecognizable.  The two hundred Mosque members will grow into thousands.  There will be more Mosques and additions will be added to the Islamic Center.  They will dictate to Murfreesboro and Rutherford county how things will be run.  They will populate Rutherford county until the Sheriff, the Mayor and most, if not all of the council are Muslim.  
  It is already too late to help Murfreesboro and Rutherford county and the misguided, duped and tolerant people who live there.  It's not to late for the city or town in which you live.  Something I mentioned once before regarding the way Muslims actually see and understand things to be.  A Mosque and it's surrounding land is like an embassy, once the Mosque is built and occupied by Muslims, it becomes soveriegn Islamic territory,  under Sharia Law, it is not required to obey any man made law (i.e., the Constitution) as only the laws of Allah are adhered to.  If your neighborhood and or town is willing to obey the Muslims you invite, then the results, ramifications and collateral damage are on the heads and hands of your town and city councils.  Remember, it is the citizens that vote for these people. 
God Help Us
The Watchman  

Monday, June 25, 2012


This article specifically concerns the state of Tennessee, but it is certainly not exclusive to Tennessee.  Sharia (Islamic Law) is without a doubt coming to a neighborhood near you.  You may just want to look around and see who your Governor is appointing to offices in your state house.
  Just recently, Governor Bill Haslam of the state of Tennessee appointed as International Director of at the Department of Economic and Community Development, one Samar Ali.  Ms. Ali is a Tennessee born and raised Muslim.  According to Tennessee's state house, Samar Ali is a White House Fellow, she has worked with the Senior Staff of the Department of Homeland Security, and she currently holds a Top-Secret security clearance.  (If these credentials are supposed to make me feel better about Samar Ali, I'm afraid they have missed their mark.  I have little faith in the allegiance the occupants of the White House has for America, and I have even less faith in Janet Napolitano and the DHS.  As for Ms. Ali's Top-Secret clearance, my guess it was issued by DHS, and I don't hold much respect, as I stated for DHS.)  Lets keep in mind that several Muslims in America have held high security clearances, Mohammad Elibiary for one.  He was the special Muslim who in 2011 was taking classified confidential documents from the Texas Department of Public Safety, peddling them to the media, in an effort to portray Gov. Rick Perry as an Islamaphobe.  He is also the Muslim that honored Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini and referred to him as a "great Islamic Visionary".  Important note here:  It was Janet Napolitano that swore in Elibiary as part of her advisory council.  Elibiary was given access to a nationwide database that included FBI watch lists and other sensitive material, guess what?  Mohammad Elibiary also held a Top-Secret security clearance.  Please do not get me wrong, I am not in any way shape or form comparing Samar Ali to the following Americans who just happened to become subversives.  Jose Padilla, Faisal Shahzad, Nidal Hasan, Anwar-al-Awlaki, John Walker Lindh, Tennessee's own Carlos Bledsoe (aka. Abdulhakim-mujahid-muha), and last but not least, Adam Gadahn (aka. Adam Perlman).  The point I am trying to make however is that being an American citizen does not make you exempt from scrutiny.  Samar Ali is not simply a Tennessee born American citizen, she is also Muslim.  A Qur'an believing Muslim, always and without exception puts Islam and Sharia above all else, and that includes the U.S. Constitution and the Tennessee Constitution for that matter.  
  Placing Muslims in positions of any authority is not only engaging in Sharia compliance, but condoning Sharia and accepting Sharia as a viable resource to growing Tennessee communities.  Once a local or state government bends to Sharia compliance, that Sharia compliance will become a dominant force in local government, always has, always will.
  The aspect I find most disturbing is not the appointment of Samar Ali to her new Tennessee post, it is the fact that Governor Haslam is entertaining the idea that Tennessee become Sharia compliant.  There is no reason for Tennessee to be studying Sharia compliance and hiring Samar Ali, if Tennessee is not planning on becoming a Sharia compliant state.  It was my impression that the practice of Sharia Law was banned in Tennessee.  So, how can one distinguish between Tennessee attempting to be Sharia compliant and Tennessee actually complying with Sharia?  In essence, complying with Sharia Finance Systems, is actually being Sharia compliant, as Sharia Finance is an aspect of Islamic Sharia Law.
  Lets, get one thing straight out and on the table, Islam is the only cultural belief system that demands special practices and rights when it come to finance.  Catholicism, Baptists, Presbyterians, and numerous other faiths, of Christian and non-Christian denominations make no such demands on society as a whole.  Islam demands and gets what it wants, because societies as a whole are frightened to death of Muslim reprisal should those demands not be met.  Which of course brings up the question; is Tennessee just another state that will bend to appease the Muslim demands for special treatment?  If the answer is no, then why did Governor Haslam appoint an expert Sharia Finance Muslim to the Department of Economic and Community Development, if not to use her expertise in the field?  
  It is well know and even touted by the Muslim Brotherhood that their goal is to make all of the Western hemisphere part of the Islamic Empire, the new Caliphate, if you will.  Why is it so difficult for American citizens, to take the Qur'an believing, Mohammad following Muslims at their word, when they say, they must convert you, or make you slaves of Allah, or kill you, should you resist?  Stealth Jihad is just one way for Islam to accomplish their goal of world domination.  Getting a Muslim scholar into an appointed state government office, is just the beginning of stealth compliance to Islamic Sharia Law.  The stealth part, is Governor Haslam doesn't even have an idea that the appointment of Samar Ali, is in fact, being Sharia compliant.
  I do not know how devout a Muslim Ms. Ali is, or is not.  It is important to remember that if Samar Ali is a true devout Muslim, a Mohammad following Sharia Law practicing, Qur'an believing Muslim;  Then her devotion to Allah, Mohammad and Islam is her first priority and her loyalty to the United States Constitution does not truly exist.  As Islam is the antitheses of our American Constitutional Republic, and one cannot put both allegiances in the same position of utmost importance, at the same time.
  Many Americans will deny it, hide from it, or just plain ignore it, but that will not make America's enemy go away.  America has an enemy in Islam.  America did not declare war on Islam, Islam declared war on America.         
God Help Us
The Watchman

Sunday, June 24, 2012


  The truth be known, there is and has been talk at the highest levels of the U.S. government regarding the impending financial meltdown of the U.S. economy.  According to our source in the DHS, "by highest levels", means-highest level.  It is imperative to know that the DHS will be budgeting a whopping 1 trillion dollars in surveillance measures and equipment for police state tactics for two reasons.  The first reason is to protect the politicians and the elite who are concerned about their physical safety.  The public will hear no objections to this trillion dollars from either side of the aisle, because both sides will be benefiting, at multiple levels from the Obama controlled economic meltdown.  Secondly, everything is preemptive.  The power elite are enabling the looting process of our economy by oppressing the truth, so they do need to monitor everything.  You see, if those at the top of this scheme cannot contain the truth about who, what and where, is responsible for the collapse, things could get very ugly.  Once the public finds out the names of those politicians who have been instrumental in the destruction and financial ruin, those at the top will be in fear of their very lives, and rightly so.  DHS has it's orders from the top to control information through surveillance, intimidation, and force if necessary.  It should be emphasized that Janet Napolitano takes her orders directly from Barack Obama and some people and groups very close to him, and making sure they are carried out to the letter.
  Things have changed in the DHS since it was first established to protect the safety of the nation (Under GW Bush).  It appears to our inside man that around the time when Chertoff left (2008), and when Janet Napolitano came on the scene as Obama's new Director.  The established threat categories have been blurred beyond recognition.  It seems the distinction between genuine terrorist threats and political enemies no longer exists.  Since the Obama administration and it's appointment of Napolitano, it has become very clear that within the DHS, politics trumps true national security.  Instead of protecting the United States from national security threats, the DHS is now, for all intensive purposes, the personal body-guard and security apparatus for Obama, his administration and his appointed government officials.  In the past 3 years the DHS has spent more time hunting and surveillance of people and groups that have been determined to be threats to the Obama administration, not the national security.
  The subject of Drones over America came to light.  Believe it or not, there is a  bipartisan move to make all U.S. real estate a battle ground for a number of reasons, from the use of drones, to the implementation of Obama's executive orders.  The Drones especially!  According to law enforcement and according to the DHS, these drones are being used to surveil, for the safety of the nation and the public.  The truth is, that these drones are in the air above this nation's cities and towns for one purpose only, and that is for the advancement of this administration's control over the public.  The drones, according to our government are not armed, this is a lie, many of them are in fact armed, and for a reason. 
  The Obama administration must quell the reluctance the public has with drones watching their every move.  Soon there will be a fictitious trumped up invasion of the United States by some foreign entity in some remote Southwest desert area.  The drones will be used to successfully stave off the attack.  Obama and Napolitano will appear on TV at a solemn news conference.  They will tout that the administration was successful in stopping a terrorist attack with the armed drones that no one knew existed.  The people will cheer and applaud Obama and Napolitano for their diligence and bravery.   And the nation will swell with pride.  Not long after this, Obama and the DHS will make the case to the American people about just how important it is to have armed drones over every city and town in America.  The terrorist attack and the successful staving off of the attack will have all been staged, but the people, will not receive any facts or proof that such an attack really existed, because it didn't.  This diabolical plan will convince the citizens of the need for armed drones, for their own safety, of course. 
  If there is one thing that the American people need to come to grips with, it is this:  Obama and his cronies have no intention of turning over the reins of power in 2013, or anytime soon there after.  Obama has no intention of abiding with the Supreme Court's decision on Obama care, if they should strike it down.  Obama has made it perfectly clear that his intention is "full speed ahead" on certain aspects of Obama Care, even if he has to do it through his executive order.  Obama has managed to surround himself with a tight knit group of like minded officials who are very loyal to him.  He has placed them in high positions of power, do not, I repeat do not underestimate Obama's aggressive nature.  Just look at his appointments to the DHS, the EPA and we don't need to mention the DOJ, do we?  The DHS is Obama's personal army, of this make no mistake.  He also has the backing of the UN.  Between the two, they will not hesitate to utilize the combined strength to quell any uprisings by U.S. citizens.  Obama and all those who take their orders from him are power-mad, and they have no morality.  Their goal is break this country and it's people beyond repair, in order to usher in the New One World Order.
  In the words of our insider in the DHS:  "The financial sector is out of control and lining the pockets of our elected leaders.  Think Jon Corzine and Jamie Dimon.  Our debt is unsustainable.  The class divide, due to crony capitalism is bigger than ever, and getting worse.  From my (insider) vantage point, considering the people I overhear and am in touch with, these events are not only anticipated, but are being orchestrated in a deliberate, controlled manner.  Whatever the event, they intend to extend their stay another four years to finish what's been started.  We are being transformed into a Marxist nation and a Banana Republic."
  I encourage all of my readers to visit and verify what I am telling you.  Don't just take my word for it.  Other sources:  Fifth Column, Globalist Agenda, Headline News, Police State, The Hagman & Hagman Report.  
  I would also encourage you all to keep your eyes on the news programs.  When these things happen, you will know the truth surrounding them.  Do not allow yourselves to to fooled by this administration.  They will stop short of nothing when it comes to the control of the nation and it's people.
God Help Us
The Watchman