Friday, June 4, 2010

The Death Of The Republic Is At Hand, R.I.P.

June 3, 2010 Headline, National Examiner (Sara A. Carter): Mexico Opens California Office To Provide ID Cards for Illegals

That's right, you read it correctly, the country of Mexico will be opening an office on Catalina Island, CA. The office's sole purpose is to provide illegal Mexican aliens with "matricular" ID cards. Basically, a "matricular" ID card is given to Mexican nationals that are LEGALLY living outside the country of Mexico. These cards will, first and foremost, make the illegals appear legal, as if they had permission from the American government to be in the U.S.. In actuality, the "matricular" card was designed by the Mexican government to enable the Illegal Immigrant to skirt around U.S. Immigration Laws. In other words, the Card, is as Illegal as the Illegal alien. Even more amazing, the Mexican government has requested that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement suspend the enforcement of Immigration laws on the Island of Catalina while the cards are being issued to the Illegals, subsequently, making them, right before the agent's eyes. Where is Governor Arnold "Terminator" on this one you ask? No body seems to know, my guess is he's still sucking up to Obama, looking for a bailout by U.S. Taxpayers for the state of California. For a big Conan the Barbarian type, Governor Arnold seems to be the weakest link in his state. Pushed, with his back against the wall by environmentalists, Mexican activists, ACLU, Gay Liberation Front, and a host of other special interests that have bankrupted California, there is no doubt that Arnold will fold up like an old lawn chair on this situation too.

At the other end of the country, Governor Jan Brewer had a meeting with the Muslim in Chief. The meeting was to discuss the border breach and illegal alien problem on the border of Arizona and Mexico. As I thought, the meeting really didn't amount to a hill of beans, no pun intended. My respect for Governor Brewer grows stronger every day, as she stood her ground with Obama, and of course he still thinks that the Arizona Immigration law is misguided, which surprises most people who have actually read the law. The Arizona law actually mirrors this country's federal immigration law. The president, and I use that term loosely, encouraged Governor Brewer to be his partner in establishing new and far reaching Immigration reform legislation. In other words, AMNESTY!!! Bi-partisan, of course. That means all Democrats, and no Republicans. It is my sincere hope that Governor Brewer told Mr. Obama where to put his Immigration Reform, and just enforce that laws we have on the books at present. The federal immigration laws are quite adequate, and if they had been enforced over the last three decades, we wouldn't be having a border problem today.

Where has the American Ideal gone? How is it, our government invites the President of one of the most corrupt nations in the western hemisphere, and sits idly by as he scolds our nation's law enforcement, laws, and state governments, simply because they are trying to save our republic from an invasion from his country. The most profound proof of this country's loss of principles, ideals, and values, is when Filipe Calderone finished telling us how bad we are, the entire White House staff, and every Democrat gave this hypocrite a standing ovation. I suppose I am just being remiss, because when you sit down and think this whole thing through, there is only one conclusion. The Obama administration is equally as corrupt as the Mexican government, if not more so. Obama does not care that all this upheaval is occurring, as a matter of fact he seems to be doing all in his power to propagate the divisiveness, and chaos. In his mind, the end will justify the means. As of this minute, you can bet that Rahm Emanuel, Cass Sunstein, and Barack Obama are shoring up their positions of power in the One World Governance that's coming down the pike. This BP oil rig catastrophe is going to provide them with the Perfect Storm they need to push their Socialist agenda.

The "Perfect Storm" clouds are gathering, if you aren't preparing for it, it will blow you and your house down. The storm is coming, and when it hits, it will hit with a vengeance, make no mistake about it. There is definitely something on the wind, and it's a dangerous and foul wind that's blowing this way. Rahm Emanuel: "Never waste a good crisis." Believe me, they won't allow this Oil Spill Crisis to pass by without capitalizing on it.

God Help This Nation, He is the only one who can!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Once again, it appears that it's Israel against the rest of the world. Nation's are rising up against Israel, and it's not just the nations of the middle east either. This isn't the first time in history that this disgusting sentiment has raised it's ugly anti-Semitic head. In 1933, the Nazi persecution of the Jews in Germany began with a call for an economic boycott. Uniformed Nazi activists stood in protest at storefronts of Jewish owned businesses. The Star of David was painted on the buildings and the word "JEW". German's! Resist! were the protest words, urging Germans not to buy products from Jews. These demonstrations, were what triggered the Holocaust, and the annihilation of some six million Jews. Revelation 13:17: "And he provokes that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name on their right hand or on their forehead." Although this Anti-Christ as a human, has not materialized as yet, the sentiment of anti-Jew and anti-Christian certainly has.

This time, it is not the Nazis that are propagating the sentiment, but the Nation of Islam. Something to think about though, during the rise of the Third Reich, Hitler had at his disposal, an entire Battalion of volunteer Muslims, who were ready, willing, and able to kill Jews. It is also important to note, that many Christians were also murdered during the Holocaust. The persecution of Jews, is only the beginning, as Christians are also targets of Islam, as are all Infidels. A popular Muslim slogan you find in the middle east printed on flags and posters is, "First the Saturday people (Jews), and then the Sunday people (Christians)." Back in the 1930's it was Nazis, today it is Arab Islamists. Under the guise of supporting the Palestinians in their fight for a Palestinian state, the Muslims are using Palestinians as pawns in order to facilitate their attacks on Israel. In reality, Islam has very little concern for the Palestinians, and their plight. The Muslim goal is to turn the non-Muslim world, including the Christians, against Israel. Islam will demand a holy war against Jerusalem, and once Jerusalem is handed over to Islam, their next target will be the West. Make no mistake, these follower's of Muhammad are diabolical,and treacherous in their endeavors.

Please do not make the mistake in assuming that this is merely a Jewish problem. Muslim's hate Christians too. Consider this, there are 2.2 billion Christians in the world today, and over 100 million are being persecuted, and murdered by Muslims in various locales around the globe. That statistic alone should be enough to give Americans pause. Inviting Muslims into your neighborhood, is like inviting a rapist into your home. Please exercise extreme caution when dealing with Muslims, know, it is against their law to befriend an Infidel, and you are an Infidel, if you are not Muslim. Lies, and deceit are their way of doing business with Infidels. The Muslim in your community will use America's own laws of freedom, and liberty to put a stranglehold on local governments, they will demand special rights, because their religion demands it. It has already happened in many American schools, communities, and public areas. It is imperative that the radical influence of Islam in America be recognized for what it is, and be stopped in it's tracks.

God Help Us!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Does anyone realize that if it hadn't been for racial profiling, during the second world war, we probably wouldn't have been able to recognize the enemy. I mean, for example, the cartoon above really kind of says it all, at least as far as the European Theatre was concerned. Taking into consideration the Pacific Theatre, who would we have fought, if you couldn't recognize the enemy as Japanese?
I guess, it's a matter of uniforms, isn't it? If the Nazi's weren't wearing those snappy uniforms, could we tell them apart from Austrians? The Japanese uniforms made it pretty easy too, their uniforms were easily identifiable. The problem these days is that uniforms have become a thing of the past. Only we civilized nations still put our warriors in uniform. The Arabs have learned not to use uniforms, this way they blend in with civilians, pretty cagey, but nothing new really. In the past, like way back to WWII and Vietnam, it was called guerrilla warfare. I suppose it can't be referred to as "guerrilla" warfare for fear of offending a guerrilla somewhere.
Let's put racial profiling in perspective. Every single race has been the subject of racial profiling, at one time or another. For instance; If the police are searching for an alleged bank robber, and the bank employee said the robber had, blond hair, blue eyes, was a white male, and drove away in a red truck. The police would subsequently be looking for a white male, in a red truck, with blond hair of course, and blue eyes. So, that adds up to a profile, and because they are looking for a white male, that makes it a "Racial Profile", doesn't it? After all, the police will not be stopping a black male driving a red truck, would they, of course not. Would the police in this situation be stopping Hispanic, oriental, or Indian looking males. The answer is no, because none of those fit the profile. So in this case, the police will be "targeting" white males, correct me if I'm wrong.
Profiling, is not wrong, it is however, common sense. If the alleged law breaker has been described as a Black, Oriental, Hispanic or India male, that is who the police must in fact be on the lookout for. I fail to see a flaw in this profiling procedure. Why is it only "racial profiling" when the police are hunting any race other than white (Caucasian)? But when they are hunting white, it's not "racial profiling"? Another perspective that people seem to be missing, especially in regards to the new Arizona Illegal Immigrant Law. I don't know about all of you, but when I've been pulled over for a traffic violation, regardless of the state, I am always asked by the law enforcement officer to produce a valid driver's license, and proof of insurance. If I do not produce these two items, then I am immediately background checked even further. Now, I do not have to prove I'm a citizen, but I can if I have too. If I am an Illegal Immigrant, chances are I can not produce a valid license, or proof of insurance, and if suspected of being in this country illegally, I would have to provide proof of citizenship. It's not racial profiling!!!
Being in America illegally, is against the law, much like having a rap sheet as long as your arm, if you are illegal, and that means what it says, "illegal" means you are breaking the law. If you are white, brown, black, red, or yellow, if you are a law breaker, then you will, and should be arrested for your crime. Being illegal, IS A CRIME!!! Because America is a nation of laws, if you are guilty of murder, robbery, assault, or for being here illegally, you should be arrested, and punished for your crime. If you are a murderer, then you will be sentenced according to your crime, and if you are an illegal alien, then you should be sentenced according to your crime. This is not Mexico, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, or Timbuktu, or wherever you came from, if you are in America illegally, you have in fact committed a crime, and should be punished.
America is up against armies without recognisable uniforms, and bad guys don't always wear the black hats. If profiling is what is needed to do the law enforcement job, get over it. If you aren't a citizen, then leave and don't come back until you can enter America legally.

Monday, May 31, 2010


I'm still not ready to lay the entire blame for this oil rig explosion, and subsequent oil spill entirely on the shoulders of BP. The fact that this explosion occurred the week of the 4oth anniversary of Earth Day, still gives me an uneasy feeling down deep inside. The Deep Water Horizon rig exploded on April 20th, and sank into the sea on April 22nd (Earth Day). That accident, in and of itself doesn't give me pause. It's the occurrence of other disasters that same month that are giving me that queasy feeling. For example, on April 2, 2010 there was an explosion at an oil refinery in Anacortes, WA., and on April 5, 2010, there was an explosion at the Upper Big Branch Coal Mine in W. Virgina. I find the coincidence of all three fossil fuel producing entities just a little bit, well, questionable. Perhaps, we will never know the exact cause of any of these fatal disasters. Although investigations are made, and leads followed, the uncanny thing about these types of incidents, is the fact that there can be numerous causes for explosions at any, or all three locations. In my mind, it's not the fact that there were explosions, it's the timing. Just my suspicious nature, maybe just my over active imagination? It might also be the fact that there are Environmental Terror Groups in the United States, and around the world. I know that these groups are ecstatic over the fact that United States off-shore drilling has ceased, since this Gulf accident. By the same token these Eco-groups would be just as elated, if coal mining also came to a screeching halt. ECO-Terror Groups such as E.L.F. ( Earth Liberation Front), and another suspect group named Earth First. I'm not accusing either of these groups of any connection to the disasters, but their connection to things like torching expensive homes in Seattle, to the destruction of two radio towers, also in the Seattle area. Earth First is allegedly implicated in the crime of tree spiking, that's a practice of driving spikes into trees, in order to cause injury to loggers. Allow me to say, that I don't believe any of these acts have been proven against either of these groups, as far as I know. However, the suspicion remains, and there is a cloud over the places where these groups have protested in the past.
The Deep Water Horizon, whether it was an accident, or something a little more insidious, is rapidly becoming a disaster that given time, if not rectified, may result in a hemispheric catastrophe of biblical proportions. If this hole in the ocean floor can not be plugged, oil and gas could literally gush into the gulf until the well itself is tapped out. I believe that BP is capable of heading off this huge disaster, before that happens, even though confidence in their expertise is reaching an all time low. We need to understand that this type of blowout, is not an everyday occurrence, and even BP, couldn't possibly have been equipped to handle something as unforeseen as this.
Once again, we need to pray to Almighty God for His guidance to the engineers whose daunting task it is to find a solution to the Gulf Oil Spill problem.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Contrary to the Obama administration, there are certain rules and techniques to winning a war. We all know that Obama is not interested in winning a war against our true enemy, and that is Islam. First we must understand, that for all practical purposes, Barack Hussein Obama is Muslim, and a proponent of the Islamic way. One simple question that has plagued my mind is: If Obama is not Muslim, how come he can recite the Qu'ran in the perfect melodious way he does? Just between you and me, that takes years of practice, and dedication, or simply put, if you're not Muslim, why learn it? Now that that point is made, we must move on.
In order to win a war, one must: 1.) Recognize who the enemy is. 2.) Know the enemy by name, and call him by name. 3.) Understand what goals your enemy has set for himself. 4.) Learn all the tactics he will use to achieve his victory over you. 5.) Understand your enemy's motivation for conflict. Now, let's place our facts on the table, shall we? Number one, our primary enemy is motivated by their religious and cultural quest for world domination. Number two, the enemy's name is Islam. Number three, the tactics they will, and are using, are deceit, terrorism, archaic violence against the innocent. Number four, the goal of Islam is to infiltrate, and conquer using our own constitutional laws against us, i.e., freedom of speech, and religion, until there is only one faith, and the entire world bows to Allah. Straight talk, the word Islam, means "submission", the word Muslim means " one who has submitted." The word Qu'ran means "recitation". It is necessary to understand that in the Muslim holy book, (the Qu'ran), there are passages, that promote and allow followers of Islam/Mohammad to lie, steal, rape, and kill, in order to gain Islam's objectives. Anyone who tells you different, is one of those who lie. Jihad, (holy war), is the obligation of every Qu'ran believing Muslim. The Muslim understanding of diplomacy is known as "al-Taqiyya", it means to disguise, or conceal ones beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings or intentions. It is also imperative that we know, according to Islam, speaking falsehoods is perfectly acceptable, if it is for the sake of Allah. Mohammad says, if you lie to an Infidel, it's really not lying.
The West must understand, that by simply allowing a Mosque to be built, according to Islam, you have ceded that land to Islam. Wherever the is a Mosque, the land becomes "sovereign property" of Islam. In essence, the more Mosques built in America, the more sovereign land is ceded to Islam. Interestingly enough, there are now 1,209 Mosques in America. That my friends is now property solely owned by Islam, and according to Muslim belief, it will belong to Islam forever. A Mosque, for all practical purposes is an embassy. If you live near a Mosque, I caution you to be vigilant, and aware of things happening in your neighborhood, as it is the Muslim's soul purpose, to infiltrate, and take over, you need to be aware of this. The following is a list of states with Mosques already in operation, and how many in each state.
North Carolina-34
District of Columbia-11
New York-140
There are 6 other states with 20 or more Mosques either in operation, or in the construction stages.

The Fox is already in the hen house, he must be trapped, at all costs, our very freedom, our way of life, our Christianity is at stake!!! Islam is a pestilence, a cancer, if you will?! The longer it takes to understand that America is infected, the more difficult it will be to cure the disease!!!
America needs revival, because we need Divine Intercession from our Lord...