Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The Christian Church, the long time beacon of good and of refuge for the lost peoples of the world. In many locations around the globe Christian Churches are standing in the dark shadows of Islamic Mosques. In many places, the Christian churches have sold out, lock, stock and barrel, and now a Mosque stands where the church once was. Where once upon a time, the cross, the symbol of Christianity gleamed in the sunlight and glowed in the aura of the night moon, it is now overshadowed by the spires and the crescent of the Islamic Mosques.

What does it all mean, is it the end of an era, the fall of Christianity and the rise of Islam as the world's faith? These are all good questions, and at least for some of us, they need to be answered. Muslims truly believe that Islam will be the predominant faith in the Middle East, Europe and now in America and all over the West. Muslims believe it, because it is their goal, and they are striving for victory with every passing day. While I for one, am still waiting for the leaders of the Christian Faiths around the world to rebut and rebuke the Muslims in their claims to rule the world. Unfortunately, the silence from leading Christian Faiths is deafening. Why is this you wonder? It really isn't a mystery. We must attempt to look beyond the external changing complexion of the Christian churches, as it is not just the outside complexion of Christianity that is changing, it's the inner workings of the church that are being manipulated as well. With the skill of a surgeon, multiculturalism, political correctness and deception are rearranging how Christians are taught and what they are to believe and accept. I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but now in the Christian, (and believe it or not), the Jewish communities, Islam is being tolerated, and in some places accepted and welcomed with open arms. If only these Christians and Jews knew that the open arms of tolerance will one day lead to putting their heads voluntarily on the chopping block, I doubt they would be so eager to accept Islam and the law of Sharia as their neighbor. All across the United States and Canada, the world for that matter, Christian churches and Jewish Temples are inviting Muslim clerics to speak to their congregations. Under the guise of interfaith dialogue, these Muslim speakers assure Christians and Jews alike that Islam is a religion of peace. Of course this is exactly what peace-loving and accepting Christians and Jews want to hear. The Muslims know what to say, and exactly when to say it, it's called "Taqqiya". Unsuspecting congregations are fed what they are hungry for. It is the deception of Islam that for some reason seems to satisfy the Christian believer. By the time the Muslim speaker is done, the congregation is lulled and comes away with a feeling of enlightenment in the ways of Islam, a truly false sense of security fills their hearts and minds. They are not aware that they have been literally cast into the deeper darkness of the lies that surround Islam, it's beliefs and it's laws. Which will make things much more dangerous and difficult for the truth to be understood. After all, that's the plan.

Over the years, there has been a pacifistic element that has infiltrated the Christian churches. An element that assumes that "the turn the other cheek" scripture from the Bible means that there is nothing worth fighting for, or dying for. That sentiment includes fighting evil, and dying for a cause. This pacifist element has been indoctrinated over the past several years in America's public school system and through Christian teachers that teach watered down theology. They have been taught that everything is acceptable and everything should be tolerated under Jesus' teachings. These young people in the church have been deceived by the teaching of half truths from the Bible. "It's not what you hear, but what you don't hear that deceives you. It's not what you see, it's what you don't see that can hurt you." To these young pacifists there is no book of Revelations where Jesus our Savior returns and exacts revenge on Lucifer and the evil people left on earth. The young ones have been taught only peace and love and submission is the way. They weren't taught of the great battles and wars that were ordained by God in the Bible.

When Aristotle wrote "Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society" he should have included "pacifism" as the other final virtue.

There is a disease that is infesting the churches, and the civilized nations of the West and the world. A disease that very few if any recognize it for what it is, and that is why our nations are suffering and our churches are dying. An all consuming disease must be identified, and remedied or all of society will die at it's hand. In the world today, the disease is Islam, and the faithful are not recognizing it for what it truly is. In the Bible the faithful put blood on the outside doors of their homes to keep death away. Christians and Jews need to be placing blood on the doors of our churches. The Prince of Darkness is at the doorstep my friends, and this time his name is Islam.

God Help Us


The Watchman

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last night in Obama's speech to the nation, Obama said and I paraphrase of course, America has a unique heritage of always coming to the aid of oppressed peoples of the world, followed by America never turns the blind eye to those brutally oppressed by brutal dictators. Really??? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the same Nimrod that spent almost his entire first year in office traveling the Middle East and Europe apologizing for America's arrogance?

After listening to Obama's Libya explanation of how the U.S. under his direction jumped in and saved 250,000 Libyan men, women and children from certain annihilation by Muammar Gaddafi's loyalist army. I believe Obama used the word "I" about fifty times, as if he was the one who went to Libya and punched the entire country in the mouth, and ended the conflict with one crashing blow from his huge right hand. (Hey, that sounds like a song)! Just what the world needs another hero whose head is bigger than his body. One thing for sure though, Barack's nose is growing at a rapid pace. (Gepetto would be proud.) Does this man have no shame? If Barack earned a hundred dollars for every lie he's told, his fortune would dwarf that of his Socialist-in-arms George Soros.

After the Obama speech was over, I listened to the commentary on FOXNews, I was wondering if anyone besides my wife and myself picked up on the lies this President told. I guess it wasn't the lies so much, as we have all learned to expect that from Obama. It was the way he could somehow blame George Bush for entering into the Iraq war without permission from congress and referred to it as an impeachable offense at the time, but when he just sent war ships, war planes, missiles and troops to Libya, that was justifiable. Humanitarian, that's what Obama calls his infringement into the Libyan civil war. In his speech to a huge audience, Obama remarked that wherever America sees oppression and brutality against helpless innocent civilians, it was our duty to intervene, just to save the people though. This raises the question; why aren't we running air-strikes in Dar-fur? Why aren't we invading Russia, North Korea or China for that matter. All the dictators of these countries have and still are committing atrocities against their own civilian populace. Is America turning a blind eye in these countries, or are we just not capable of dealing with the dictator of say China? Is it that America owes China an extremely large financial debt? I am not just placing blame for these hypocrisies on Barack Hussein Obama, but if we are to be portrayed as the protector of innocent people around the globe, then we as a country are being somewhat lax in our protection. Hear are some examples of the free world, including the U.S. turning the blind eye: Over the years, Russia has mass murdered over 61 million of their own people, most under Stalin, China under Chairman Mao over a million, Cambodia, under Pol Pot in excess of 2 million, I could go on, but what would be the point? In essence, over 110,000,000 (million) people have been mass murdered by their own governments, and for some reason the rest of the world looked the other way.

So why did Obama pick Libya to get involved in? Why didn't Barack Obama choose to get involved in last year's attempted uprising in Iran? Why not Yemen, Syria, or Tunisia? Is it because we pick and choose for reasons that only the heads of state know?

America isn't to blame for these atrocities, the governments that perpetrated these acts upon their own people are to blame. I didn't even mention the Middle East countries when taking into consideration how many innocents have lost their lives to brutal dictators, suffice to say, dictators like Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Ahmadinejad, and even Muhammad the Islamic prophet. Democide (government genocide), has been a fact of life since the world began. We can thank God that in America it has been nominal, if you can call any genocidal murders nominal. I'm talking about the American Native Indian nations.

It can happen here in America again, make no mistake about that. The influx of Islam and their brutal and archaic laws. The Obama care law, with it's inevitable outcome of unsustainability, will certainly result in forms of euthanasia. Oh yes, it can happen, and who will step in to save us? Only God can save this dying society.


The Watchman