Saturday, August 20, 2011


Easy Glenn, we'd all like to be with you in Israel!

Restoring Courage: Israel/Glenn Beck
August 21-25, 2011

  Glenn Beck's "Restoring Courage" taking place in Israel is a more than worthwhile endeavor.  Just taking on such a monumental task is impressive and takes much courage on Glenn's part, and that of his staff, hat's off Glenn!!!
  You should know Glenn that there a great many of us that would like nothing more than to stand side-by-side and arm-in-arm with you in Israel.  There are many of us who love Israel, and most of us are Christians who have a true understanding of the Holy Bible, and we also understand the significance of Israel in God's plan.  Those who cannot be with you physically, are there in spirit.  We all pray that the Lord will protect you and all who attend your "Restoring Courage Rally".
  Be that as it may, the trip to Israel and the accommodations while there are extremely expensive for most of us.  This may be something that you've forgotten in the last few years of your new found wealth.  I am not berating you for your wealth, you have earned it, every cent, and we Americans thank you and appreciate all you have done in educating us.  Unfortunately our gratitude carries little financial influence, either in Israel or here in America.  As you must know, many Americans are in a struggle during this economic situation our would-be Socialist government has put us in.  You must also realize, speaking for myself a TEA Party member and all the conservatives that elected representatives to congress, to in essence, hold the line on spending.  Many have kept that promise, many have not.  Those who didn't will more than likely lose their seats in the House to new conservatives who will keep that promise.  Let it be known right here, right now that I did not agree with John Boehner's raising the debt ceiling proposal. I see it as a complete and total cave-in and compromise of conservative principles.  That being said, in my heart I do believe that John Boehner has made the correct decision regarding the  many congressmen and women who would like to be in Israel with you.  I don't believe that Speaker Boehner barred or banned any legislator from attending the "Restoring Courage Rally".  What he did do is save the American taxpayers somewhere between $210,000.00 and $500,000.00 according to my calculations.  You see, as you taught us Glenn, our congressional leaders don't go anywhere cheap, and they have never been frugal when securing accommodations.  It is not unreasonable to expect our congressmen and women to absorb the cost of a little vacation to Israel.  It's not like they aren't being paid enough to handle it.  Although this trip could be construed as politically motivated and beneficial to our country, in essence, it is not.  Support for Israel has become a personal thing, not governmental, and therefore the cost of the trip should not be placed as just one more burden on the taxpayer.  By the same token, I have no doubt that had this been a "Restoring the Caliphate Rally" being held in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, the taxpayers would not only be picking up the tab for the entire legislature, but also the President and his entourage.  I would love to see your "Restoring Courage Rally" be attended by as many American politicians as would want to join you.  Let's just see how many of the 30 or so actually will show up in Israel, when it has to be at their own expense.  If anything, Speaker Boehner has given you a free gauge in which to judge just how many legislators are actually standing up for and supporting Israel.  I sincerely hope you won't be disappointed Glenn.  As for me, I think the turn out of American politicians will be meager, and that of course, will cause me great disappointment.
  I do not place much faith in my fellow man, I do however place unending faith in God the Creator of all things.  The Lord said, I will not leave you or forsake you, and I believe that with my whole heart and mind and soul.  May God be with you Glenn Beck, and with all those who stand with you in support of Israel.  All of us supporters of the cause of Israel back here in the U.S., pray wholeheartedly for your safety and those with you.  May Almighty God smile upon your good work in support of His people, and smile upon this nation as we pray for the well being of our nation and for all peaceful people of the world. Amen
The Watchman

Friday, August 19, 2011


The Racist and the Dufus, now there's a team.
Obama Administration To Review All Deportation Cases, Apply DREAM Act-Style Criteria

  I believe I've made this statement before, "Obama has made the Congress and the People of the United States totally irrelevant when it comes to policy decisions.
  This appalling administration has once again slapped the American citizen in the face, and spat upon Congress by implementing portions of the "Dream Act" (amnesty for illegals) without the approval of Congress.  If my memory serves me correctly, and I believe it does, the Dream Act has not been passed, so where does Obama get his ability to implement.  Obviously, he doesn't need Congress's approval.  Which brings about the question, does Obama ever need Congressional approval to do anything?  Where do our elected representatives stand on this?  They stand on the sidelines, once again watching Obama and his minions destroy not only this country's economy, but our Constitution as well.
  Does anyone in the House or Senate have the guts to stand up, and begin impeachment proceedings against this president?  I think not!  The majority of our congressional servants are no longer servants of the people, but instead, they have become servants of Barack Hussein Obama.  A pathetic showing by our elected representatives at best.  I would call our Congress a bunch of spineless, wimpy, mealy mouth, mental malingerers, blind and gutless, but I won't.  The HE** I won't, our elected representatives with the exception of a few, should be hiding their heads in shame.  It is to bad "hari kari" is frowned upon in this country, as many on Capitol Hill should be sharpening their daggers right now.  This Congress has stood by and watched this administration shred the Constitution, spit in the faces of hard working Americans, apologise for America to numerous countries around the world, bow to Allah, recognize Ramadan and iftars, praise Islam, and never once has he ever recognised the birth, crucifixion and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and yet Obama claims to be a Christian.  Truely, if anyone has ever brought dishonor to our country, it's those who have the power to stop this madman, and have stood by and done nothing! 
  Never before in my life have I been so sick and so fearful at the same time.  Our nation is being destroyed and our worst enemy is in the White House.  If there ever was a time in American history when We The People should be seriously thinking about implementation of our 2nd amendment, I believe the time is now.
Is it any wonder why the department of Homeland Security has just disseminated a new Public Service Announcement video depicting Caucasian men in business suits as the terror threat to America?  It's called demonizing, and all of us white folks, Christians and Patriots have now been labeled as targets for scrutiny by the Federal government.  Is this country upside down and inside out or what?
  I am in total disgust at those who claim to represent us, all the while allowing this president to dismantle and fundamentally transform America into the Socialist country of his dreams.  I am, as I said before doubtful that a free and honest election will be held for 2012.  I believe that Barack Obama will find some way to keep his position, not so much as president of the United States, but of the new One World Order, as he still has a year and a half to continue his rape of this nation.
  Prayer is needed my friends, revival of God fearing, honest, ethical priciples needs to be re-introduced to America before as I am inclined to believe, "all is lost."
God Help Us
The Watchman

Thursday, August 18, 2011


How long will it take for white people to realize they are being targeted by black youth?

Headlines across the country:  Young people in flash mobs attack unsuspecting innocent victims.  Man beaten to within an inch of his life...Young woman thrown to the ground punched and kicked...Milwaukee Fair goers attacked by youth gangs outside State Fairgrounds...
  There are a couple of crucial points missing from the national headlines, and the main stream media commentary regarding these "flash mob" attacks. 
  Number One:  The victims of these "flash mob" attacks are Caucasian (white) and Asian.
  Number Two:  The attackers are Black, period.
  That being said, the only thing the media is getting correct, is the fact that the "flash mobs" are predominantly made up of young folks.
  In this day and age of Affirmative Action, Political Correctness, Tolerance and Multi-Culturalism, many of these flash mob instances are being virtually ignored by the main stream.  The one thing that is foremost on the ignore list, is the fact that these "flash mob" attackers are all black, and the victims are all of a lighter color skin.  At the risk of making a racial comment, "I think the reasons these Black youths doing the attacking on unsuspecting white people, are racially motivated.  The facts are pure and simple.  These Black youth go out at night, sometimes broad daylight with the sole intention of seeing how many white people they can do harm to. "  In my mind these acts of violence are pathetically barbaric at best.  As far as I can tell from the news video clips, the Black youth responsible for these crimes are the ones who have chosen to remain uneducated and more than likely are recipients of government assistance.  They will refer to themselves as victims of White oppression, but the simple fact is, they have all the exact same, if not more opportunities than the Whites, upon which they choose to exact their misplaced anger.  It is not the total responsibility of these Black youth, they are way to uneducated to realize that the best way to get ahead, is to get and education, and actually work for a living.  Instead, there are those Black community leaders like Al Sharptons and Jesse Jackson and Jesse Jackson Jr. who are driving huge wedges between the races in order to keep their jobs.  Unfortunately the Jesse Jacksons and the Al Sharptons are gaining their own fortunes and notoriety at the expense of their own people.  Preachers like Jeremiah Wright are constantly bombarding the adult Blacks with messages of hate the White man, and you are all suffering at the hands of the Whites.  These people who attend church at Rev. Wright's, are not bright enough to realize that it is the White folks and the working Blacks in this country who keep the welfare, health care and food stamps coming.  The leaders of the Black community are teaching their own people that if you bite the hand that feeds you, you'll get even more out of them.  My message to the Black community leaders, is this.  "You are pursuing and leading your people down a very dangerous path."  How long do you think that White people will sit back and take these attacks, not only on their character, but on their personal being?  How long do you think White people will remain tolerant of these abuses?  How long before the White people see the news videos and realize that Hey, all those attackers are Black, and they are harming only White people for no apparent reason.?  After that awakening, how long will it take for the young White population to begin to exercise some self defense, and perhaps some aggressive retaliation upon the Black community? 
  This is still America, and in this country there is an ingrained instinct for self defense.  When will the Whites decide that enough is enough?  Even the most politically correct, liberal, pacifist, tolerant White man will want to exact revenge, when he or one of his own is being brutally beaten for no reason, other than some thug decided that it's once again time to hurt or maim another White woman or man.
  Our nation is on the brink, the eve as it were, of destruction.  Blacks and Whites and Asians and all others need to realize that we are being manipulated by those who would see America destroyed.  The implementing of the One World Government depends on how quickly the Progressive left can bring America to it's knees.  Those who are encouraging these young Black folks to attack Whites, are simply using them to the elites own ends.  They want this to continue until White people have no choice but to defend themselves.  The elite, both Black and White I might add, are using the uneducated masses to do their bidding.  Why do you think it's so easy for a minority to get on a government entitlement program?  Why do you think the elite want to raise taxes to continue entitlements for minorities?  They make it easy for minorities to become comfortable in their poverty, by giving welfare money, food stamps, free health care.  What a great life right?  You don't have to work for anything and the more you get the more you want, it's a perfect plan, for those on the elite left consider minorities on government assistance "useful idiots".  By the same token, the elite left will pile more and more responsibility on the Blacks and Whites that are working to provide for those chosen by the elite to get paid for not working.  It's diabolical, and it's working, believe me it's working.
  It isn't enough for me to state; that if confronted by a "flash mob" of young out-of-control Black youth, I will not lay down and allow myself, my wife or my grand children to be accosted.  I will self defend in all ways at my disposal."  Blacks who consider joining these destructive gangs of thugs should consider that not all White men will be intimidated.  When that point arrives, there will be race riots that will make the 60's look tame by comparison.  
  My advice to the Black youth:  "Choose your direction wisely!"  My advice to White people out at night, take all necessary precautions to defend yourselves, you may have to.
God Help Us
The Watchman  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


  Well, I'm not ready to refer to Texas Governor Rick Perry as the pro-Sharia candidate just yet.  Much research is still in the offing.  Rest assured though, I will research this man's relationship with Islam, Muslims and Sharia Law.  I cannot in good conscience condemn a man for having a good relationship with anyone.  However, if Rick Perry actually recognizes Islam as merely another religion, then I am going to have a serious problem with him.  It is well known that our current President, if not a Muslim himself, is surely a Muslim enabler and is loyal to Islam.  The inroads Muslims have made into all levels of government is strictly due to Barack Hussein Obama's strong support of Islam in America.  I am not willing to have the reins transferred from one Muslim enabler to another, it would be like cutting ones nose off to spite ones face.  Jumping from the frying pan into the fire, as it were.  Suffice to say, any American in a power seat, whether it be Governor of Texas, Mayor of Small Town USA, or a police Chief, anywhere in America that has a good working relationship with Islam and the Muslim community, raises a huge red flag with me, and that flag is sporting a crescent moon.  It would be extremely difficult to embrace Islam, without embracing Sharia Law, as they go hand in hand.  If you query any Muslim in an American Muslim community as to their loyalty to the US Constitution or to Sharia, they will answer that "Sharia takes precedence over all man-made law."  I don't know about you folks, but that sends a chill up my spine.  Rick Perry's true relationship with Islam still remains to be seen.  I have yet to see him bow to a Saudi King or Prince, but that doesn't mean he won't after he's sitting in the White House.  So that means we as American voters have to get this one right!!! 
  Let me go on record once again, I have no animosity toward Middle Eastern people, my problem is with Muslims and those loyal to Islam and Allah the moon god.  I can live peacefully with any race, creed or color.  I do however, have a serious problem with anyone who worships in a so-called religion that calls for them to dominate the world, especially my world, and that of my family.  I also take exception with any American that doesn't see Islam and it's quest for world domination as a problem.
  The antipathy between Barack Obama and Governor Rick Perry is certainly no secret.  They have an obvious dislike for one another.  I have to ask myself why is that, where does the dislike stem from?  Could it be that both Perry and Obama have a more than cordial relationship with American Muslims?  Could it be that being the new Caliph of the new Caliphate is a shared goal?  Far out, you say, I'm reaching and I'm paranoid.  Perhaps, but take a long look around you.  Ask yourself, who and what so-called religion in America has the most exceptional rights and perks?  Is it the Catholics, the Protestants, the Mormons, the Buddhists?  If you are honest with yourself, the answer is "none of the above".  Only the Muslims in America have the right to pray in school.  Only the Muslims in America can call for jihad against Jews and Christians in America, and not be reprimanded for it.  Actually, anything a Muslim does in America is ignored by the law enforcement, and the politicians.  Oh yes, my friends the Muslims already have special rights, that Christians will never see.  
  So, are we ready for another Muslim enabler in the White House?  I don't know about you, but I'm certainly NOT!!!
God Help Us
The Watchman 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


When he realizes he can't get re-elected, and nobody is listening anymore, what will he do?

 The polls show that if a presidential election was held today, that Obama would more than likely lose to any generic republican.  I imagine that means the Obama illusion is coming to a close, but is it?  In the latest from Robert Gibbs, one time Obama Press Secretary and now 2012 campaign manager.  "Obama is not worried about reelection, he's concerned for the people, not himself."  That translates into something completely different in my mind.  
  In case you haven't noticed, despite the fact that America is demanding less spending, holding and cutting taxes on small business and curtailing if not eliminating the over spending on some entitlements, duplicate government entities and useless  programs, Obama seems to show no sign of relenting.  He is still calling for higher taxes, more spending of borrowed money and growing government.  One has to ask, what is he thinking?  How does he expect to get reelected if he continues to discount and ignore the obvious will of the people?  That indignant arrogance on Obama's part is what really rubs me the wrong way.  I keep asking myself, what am I missing?  There must be more to this than what appears?  My answer is this; there is always more to the story, especially this story, than meets the eye, I'm sure of it!
  I think the big question here is:  What will Obama do and how far will he go to maintain his power seat?  When Barack Hussein Obama realizes that he is going to be a single term president, will he merely bow out of the way or does he even consider that it will come to that?  Judging from Obama's past performance , I don't see him stepping quietly out of the limelight and riding off into the sunset.    When Obama realizes that it is inevitable that he will be giving up the reins of the free world to someone who is not a Progressive Socialist as himself, I fear he will not give up so easily.  We all know from listening to news casts, that the entire world is once again in chaos and on the brink of another world war.  Is it feasible that Obama will push the world over the edge in order to cause enough world chaos so that he can declare a Marshall Law state, and hold on to power?  Is he just determined and angry and mad enough to want to expedite the New One World Order?  Is his ultimate goal to be the first Caliph of the New Islamic Empire or perhaps the first New World Order dictator, strong enough to drive him to do something so diabolical? 
  It is enough to state that Barack Hussein Obama isn't a quitter, and there is plenty of evidence to show that he doesn't take no for an answer very well.  Does he already have a "plan B" as it were?  In his mind does he already know that he will not have to relinquish power?  If time is running out, is it running out for Obama, or is it running out for America?   What is the real reason Obama is not at all worried about the upcoming election?  Perhaps he knows something we don't.
  Here is something to ponder, Obama as we speak is virtually unelectable, yet there is noone in the Democrat/Progressive party who will challenge him, by asking for a Democrat primary election, why is that?  Obama at this time has been abandoned by his far left base because they don't think that he is far left enough.  He has been abandoned by the Independents who were instrumental in getting him elected in the first place.  He is consistantly losing any support he had among the women and young voters, and he is even losing the Black and Hispanic voters.  Is he worried?   NO he is not!  Why not???
God Help Us
The Watchman