Friday, October 30, 2009


The Hate Crimes Bill was signed into law October 28, 2009. It is a sad day for America. The reasoning behind the law is totally erroneous. The fact that it was attached to the 2010 Defense Appropriations Bill, is even more of a travesty. Number one, there is and was absolutely no need for any hate crimes legislation in the first place. The very name of the Bill itself: "Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act," lends the Bill to some serious scrutiny. What a misdirection and meaningless piece of work. It will not prevent any crimes of hate. I mean, what is a hate crime anyway? As opposed to a crime of non-hate. Let's face it, nobody murders another person, unless there is at least a little animosity there. So, by it's own definition the Bill is flawed. Another travesty of the Law, is the fact that it only works in one direction. You see, if a white person assaults a black person, the Hate Crime Law applies, however, if the situation is reversed, it does not apply. Another example: If a straight person assaults a gay person, the straight can be tried under the Hate Crimes Law, however, if the situation is reversed, the law does not apply. The two unfortunate victims this Act was named after, one being gay, and one being black, were in fact victims of racial and gender prejudice, there is no doubt. The perpetrators of both crimes have been arrested, tried in a court of law, and convicted. There was no need for an additional law to be enacted just because the victims were black and or gay. We already have laws on the books that covered these crimes, and the laws worked. I can name a number of incidences where the situation was reversed, but does anyone want to hear those, no one in main stream media, that's for sure. Let's start with the brutal murder of a thirteen, that's (13) year old boy named Jesse Dirkhising. Two gay men abducted, tied up, and repeatedly sodomized the young boy, young Jesse was gagged with his own underwear, strapped to a mattress were he eventually died of suffocation. If this happened today, these gay men would not be tried under the Hate Crimes Law, because they are gay. Here's another one for the record: Ken Tillery, who is Ken Tillery? Ken Tillery was a white man, walking down the road in Texas, when three men offered him a ride. They drove him to a remote location, scared to death, when the car stopped Tillery tried to run away, the kidnappers caught him, beat him, and finally ran over him, he was caught in the undercarriage of the car, and dragged to death. Surprisingly, an online search of 557 newspapers found that only 22 papers covered the story. You know why? Because the three kidnappers were black, that's why. If this happened today, the kidnappers would not be tried under the new Hate Crimes Law, because they are black, and for no other reason. I guess it is inconceivable that blacks and gays can commit crimes of hate, are blacks and gays incapable of hating, are they not at all guilty of racially intentioned crimes? I don't think that's it at all. The entire Hate Crimes Act is nothing but a way for the government to control the majority. If you are white, straight, or Christian, you will now have to watch what you say. Another free speech right has been taken away by the enactment of this Bill. Priests, pastors, and counselors can now be held liable for any crime deemed a hate crime, if the perpetrator has heard any anti-gay rhetoric from the pulpit. If one were to read the Holy Bible, and that may be banned for spewing hate, because according to the Bible, homosexuality is an abomination unto the Lord.
It is a sad day indeed for America. God Help Us.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Although there is little doubt that the upcoming Copenhagen Treaty conference beginning Dec 7th, could be a crucial point in this country's sovereignty, it will not be the be all end all. If Obama should travel to Copenhagen and actually attend this conference, it would go against his usual "it's all about me" way of doing things. He will be in Oslo that same week to accept his so very well deserved Nobel Peace Prize, so I doubt he'll attend anything that takes the eyes of the media off himself.
Make no mistake however, Obama has his agenda, and he isn't going to abandon it, no sir, not for anything. He will bring capitalism to it's knees, by hook or by crook. One thing we must keep in perspective, Barack Obama doesn't need the Copenhagen Treaty to do it. He doesn't need the United Nations either. His Marxist ideals are not only deep in his mind, and close to his heart, but they are also deeply entrenched in Washington, D.C. Although outside help from other Progressive/Marxist countries would be welcomed by the Obama White House, they are not necessary for the success of Obama's fundamental changing and rearranging of this country, not by a long shot. I mean, why depend on outside governments, when you have control of your own? The big reason Obama doesn't need outside help, is because he has people like Rahm Emmanuel, and Chris Dodd, and Nancy Pelosi, the list is unending. Obama stooges permeate the Beltway like water in a sponge. Two of his Marxist stooges are Henry Waxman and Ed Markey, the authors of the Cap and Trade Bill, you know the one that narrowly passed the House on June 26th of this year. Well, narrowly or not, the Bill H.R. 2454 did in fact pass, and that is NOT a good thing. Should this Cap and Trade Bill successfully pass the Senate, it will definitely fundamentally change our way of life in this country, and it won't be for the good either. Here are just a few effects if this Bill passes: It will cost the average family of four almost $3,000.00 a year in additional energy. It will cause the loss of 2.5 million jobs by year 2035, (that's really not that far away). It will cause a loss in this country's GDP (gross domestic product) of $9.4 trillion dollars. Believe me, that's not a number to sneeze at. Passage and implementation of this Bill 2454 will, as planned, bring the economy of this country to a fall of Biblical proportions. We'll be so deeply depressed, it will make the Great Depression seem like a picnic.
Never take this President lightly, look around the smoke and mirrors. He wants you to pay attention the Copenhagen Treaty, because he doesn't need it. He does, however, need the passage of the Cap and Trade Bill . His planned demise of Capitalism depends on it. Write, call, or visit your Senators and Congressmen, defeat this Cap and Trade, and you'll throw a wrench into Obama's plans. If we don't stop this Bill 2454, one morning you'll look outside, and you'll see pieces of the sky falling all around you, and in your neighbor's yard, it will be to late then. This country is not to big to fail. God Help Us

Sunday, October 25, 2009

ZERO-TOLERANCE! How many mixed messages can our children take?

Zero-Tolerance, what is it, and why are our public schools using it? The truth of the matter, is that the term "Zero-Tolerance" is an excuse for the lack of discernment. The learned school board members, the teachers, the school deans, and principals, all have a problem with discernment. All the education in the world does not provide our school authorities with even the simplest form of common sense. They can not discern what's right or wrong. They do not want to make a decision on case to case basis. So what do they do? They impose a Zero-Tolerance rule that virtually encompasses every rule of behavior in the school. Everything is forbidden, therefore you only need one rule, and one punishment. There is no discussion, no right and no wrong. For our educator's to impose a Zero-Tolerance rule is to relieve the educator's of responsibility. In essence, the only thing a Zero-Tolerance rule does, is send another of many mixed messages to our school children.
In classes from k-12, our school children are taught to tolerant, all genders, and cross genders, all sexual preferences, and persuasions. Our students are taught that there is no right, no wrong. They are taught there is no winning, and no losing. They are taught that all religious beliefs are the same. Basically, our children are being taught to be TOLERANT of everything, and everyone, and every circumstance, but, there is a Zero-Tolerance rule they must abide by. If these aren't mixed messages, I don't know what could confuse these youngsters more!!!
I think it's high time that our paid educator's showed just a little bit of responsibility. I think any and all Zero-Tolerance rules should be repealed. I think that a teacher and a principal can and will be able excersise some reason when it comes to dicipline, and enforcement of school rules. Not all children are the same, not all circumstances are the same. If we can get the liberal, progressive politicians out of the education system, our schools and children will be much better off.