Friday, May 11, 2012

Egypt Muslim Cleric Vows global caliphate in Jerusalem -- the capital of the United States of Muslims - Atlas Shrugs
 Listening to a speech given by Safwat Higazi (The Muslim Brotherhood candidate for president of Egypt) to thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters at a soccer stadium in Cairo said this:  "We can see how the dream of the Islamic caliphate is being realized, God willing.  As the supporters all nodded their heads in agreement.  He said:  "The capital of the caliphate-the capital of the United States of the Arabs-will be Jerusalem, God willing."  To me, this is a pretty sure indication that Israel is in real trouble.  These radical Islamic statements are also that of Muslim cleric Dr. Mohamed Mursi when he reiterated the same sentiment in a clip to Muslim Brotherhood supporters.  It leaves no doubt as to the intentions of the Muslim Brotherhood as they gain more control over Egypt.
  It is imperative that the American people know that the Palestinian Arabs and the Muslim Brotherhood celebrate what they call "Nakba Day".  It is the day set aside by Muslim Arabs to mourn Israel's creation in 1948.
  A rally when millions of Muslims, so-called martyrs march toward Israel and of course Jerusalem.  They carry signs with Nakba Day slogans.  Leading the crowd and above the the drums, you can hear a speaker say: "Tomorrow, Mursi will liberate Gaza" and the crowd cheers "Allah Akbar"(God is great).  The leader screams, "Banish the sleep from the eyes of all Jews, come on, you lovers of martyrdom, you are all Hamas...Forget about the whole world, forget about conferences.  Brandish your weapons, say your prayers and pray to Allah."  Dr. Mursi returns to the stage, and vowed to pray in Jerusalem.  He said: "Yes, Jerusalem is our goal.  We shall pray in Jerusalem, or die as martyrs on it's threshold."
  To many of us, this is not surprising speech from the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood's goal is and always has been the destruction of Israel and all Jews, no matter where they are, and the spread and control of radical Islam over the entire world.  This includes the United States.  The failure of the people in the Western hemisphere to see the threat of Islam, and pretend it doesn't exist, escapes me.  
  The downplaying of the threats by radical Islam by this administration are puzzling, until you understand that Barack Obama doesn't see Islam as the threat, instead he sees America as the threat to Islam.  I don't believe that Obama is in all actuality a Muslim, but I know he was raised with Muslim influence and ideologies.  He has always seen America as the oppressor and the Imperialist aggressor.  He also said in one of his books;  "If things don't go well for me politically, I will stand with the Muslims."  I find that attitude peculiar and worrisome to say the least, coming from the President of the United States.  Worrisome as it is, it does explain why Islam is the most protected so-called religion in America.  There are entities in our own government that are actually writing and attempting to pass legislation to make insulting Islam illegal, and a punishable offense.  This legislation is being encouraged by none other than America's Secretary of State, the one the only Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Frightening?  Oh yes, it is, and America, you should be afraid, very afraid!!!  Continued American appeasement of Islam will lead to the demise of our democratic republic.  You can take that to the bank.
  America is being nudged into a conformity mode.  It's there alright, but difficult to see, unless you're looking for it.  We're being pushed to teach our children that Islam is a peaceful religion, that it adheres to the same doctrines and principles as our own Constitution, which by the way, couldn't be further from the truth.  We are being forced to be politically correct, to not offend, to not stand against what is perceived to be evil.  Christianity is be expunged from the public eye, while Islam is being made more and more public.  We are being forced to be tolerant of Islam while Islam is not tolerant of anyone.  
  There is a propensity for our government officials to extend special rights and privileges to those of the Islamic faith.  Sharia law is slowly, but surely being integrated into America's judicial system.  The UK is lost to Islam, I do not think they will ever be restored, to the once free nation they were.  The UK has already made to many concessions to Islam.  The same goes for the Netherlands.  If it wasn't for men like Geert Wilders, I wouldn't give Holland a chance at recovery.
  Islam kills and destroys everyone and everything that does not conform to it's ways.  America must resist the urge to tolerate that which is evil, and Islam is evil, Sharia is evil, the Qur'an is an evil book written by an evil pedophile named Mohammad.
   "Conformity is the jailer of freedom."  (JFK).  It would be advisable to remember that statement the next time you are faced with the decision of building a mosque in your neighborhood.  Where there is a mosque, there are barracks and training camps for the enemies of freedom and liberty.  We should not conform and we can not afford the tolerance that is expected of us, when faced with the enemy within our own borders.
  Be vigilant, be aware, get educated, know your enemy, know how to recognize your enemy.  Do not allow the Obama administration to tell you that your enemy is not at your doorstep, because he is, and he was invited, and he is Islam!
God Help Us
The Watchman 


No, wait, look over there, no, look over here!

  Barack Obama is at it again!  This man has the most uncanny ability to mislead, misdirect and lie more than anyone in the history of American politics.  Know why?  Because he's not a politician at all.  He is a deceiver of the nth degree.  I know this, because when he says something, the people and the media just can't stop talking about it.  By now, everyone should know that Obama never, ever speaks the truth about anything.  He only tells what he wants people to hear.  The art of misdirection was something that all the diabolical leaders in world history have had.  The saying:  "You can fool some of the people, some of the time.  But you can't fool all of the people all of the time."  Doesn't ring totally true when it comes to Barack Obama.  He has managed, either by threat, or by deception to get the media outlets to give him a pass, and an applause no matter what he does, and no matter how damaging to the nation the results are, or have been.  For some reason, the media's eyes are wide shut.  There is something demonic about Obama's ability to control media.
  The decision to come out and endorse same sex marriage, was merely another in a long line of deceptive moves by this president.  Whether Obama is truly 100% behind and in league with the homosexual agenda or not, is irrelevant.  The important thing, is the fact that his not-so earth shattering announcement came just one day prior to his fundraiser in Hollywood.  It was vice president Biden, that first let the cat out of the bag, was it an error on his part, or was it a planned segway to Obama's ostentatious announcement?  You decide!
  In my opinion, Barack Hussein Obama needed a distraction from the many other diabolical deeds he is up to.  For starters; The coal industry warns that proposed EPA rules could force the closure of 25% of the nations coal-fired energy plants.  This is big folks!  If 25% of the nation's coal-fired energy producing plants are taken off line, guess what will happen to the electrical energy costs in those areas of the nation, that literally depend on coal-fire energy?  That's right, "energy cost would necessarily skyrocket."  Hmmmm, where did I hear that before?  How about this headline that I find personally disturbing?  "Chairman of Joint Chiefs removes instructors, material that is offensive to Islam".  This my friends is an attempt by this Obama administration to render America's armed forces, and its law enforcement organizations, completely ignorant and even complacent in the face of the advancing jihad that has already begun outside and inside America.  This information can be read in it's entirety at a well respected champion in America's fight against terrorism.  I might add that "Jihadwatch" is not well liked by CAIR (Council on American and Islamic Relations), or the Obama administration for that matter.
  The point I am attempting to convey is this:  The homosexual marriage endorsement is, even if true, is a distraction from the real damage to the financial, military and basic fundamental principles of America, that Obama is engaged in.  Most people won't see what's behind Obama's curtain until it's too late.  To understand Obama, one must be able to think like Obama.  The announcement regarding the homosexual marriage is a tactic that will benefit the president three-fold.  One:  It continues to support his attack on Christianity.  Two:  It deepens the divide between the American people.  Three:  it allows him to reap 15 million dollars in campaign contributions, from the perversion that permeates the Hollywood lifestyle.  It is important to understand that Obama only does and says what he wants to, and none of his actions or statements are "off the cuff", as it were.  Each move Obama makes, has a well reasoned (at least in his twisted mind) and insightful goal as it's end use.  
  Obama has but one agenda, and that is his agenda!  What happens to Gays, Christians, Jews, Atheists or any other entity in the social scheme of things, is totally irrelevant in the Obama plan, unless of course, he can use it to his advantage.  At this point in time, Obama has to try and be all things to all people.  He is however, well aware that the financial plans he has implemented are a failure in the eyes of the voting public, so he must distract totally from those failures.  In Obama's mind, the destruction of America's economy, churches and faiths, civil rights accomplishments, energy independence, and everything else he has thrown the proverbial wrench into, are steps toward the One World Order that he has been groomed to implement.  So, you see, Obama doesn't see these as failures, but instead to him they are victories.  Obama's war is not against terror, Islam, poverty, civil rights, it's on the American way.  He doesn't see the United States as unique, he in fact despises America the way it is, and he has vowed to fundamentally change it.  Obama views the world as a Global everything.  Global government, Global religion, etc., etc.  Obama's Socialist play book is no secret. One must only read the things that Sol Alinksy wrote in "Rules for Radicals", or read "The Coming Insurrection", or read the papers and books written by Cloward and Francis Fox Piven.  The works of these social misfits, is what Obama's ideologies are made of and formed from.  He surrounds himself with left-wing radicals, like Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dorn, Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, the list goes on and on.  The secret to succeeding according to all these radicals who by the way, have Obama'smisdirect, deceive, nudge.   Misdirect:  Focus the peoples attention elsewhere and away from what you are actually doing.  Deceive:  Lie, and always lie with a smile and a straight face, keep lying till everyone believes you.  Nudge:  Gently push people in the direction you want them to go.  Always letting them think it was their idea to go that direction, by making that direction the easiest in which to travel. 
  Will Obama be 100% successful in his One World Order plan?  Will all nations submit to the "Order"?   Can a One World Religion really be established?  Will Islam accomplish world domination and establish a New Islamic Caliphate?  The answers to these questions can only be "yes" or "no", depending on God's people.
  In my mind and according to the Bible, which I firmly believe to be the inspired Word of God, man has been given "free will".  Along with that "free will", comes "responsibility", and the expectation of moral judgement.  If only the world would obey the "Ten Commandments".  In a way, it's like God has given humans the ability to be the architects of our own destiny and future.  Nothing is impossible for God, but God must be the core foundation of our lives. God can either end this world tomorrow, or He can see if His people will repent, turn from their wicked ways, and pray that He might hear from heaven and heal our land.  God is in control, always.
  Do not be swayed by the smooth talk of Barack Obama, he will deceive, misdirect and nudge you in ways you do not want to go.
God Help Us

Monday, May 7, 2012


  Date: 5/5/2012

Headline:  Chris Christie's Islam Problem

  Unfortunately Chris Christie's Islam problem began when he embraced Islam, and shrugged off the threat of Sharia Law in America.  He welcomed Imam Mohammed Qatanani, the leader of the Islamic Center of Passiac County, he embraced him and the result is apparent.  His lack of knowledge regarding Islam, Islam's goals, Islam's plans, and Islam's persistence may cause Christie's loss of office.  It may even cost Governor Christie his entire state.  I like Chris Christie, I think he's a man's man.  He stands up for what he believes in, and doesn't take much guff from his opponents and or the press.  He does have one downfall however, he bought into the big lie, "Islam is a religion of peace."  The truth is, Islam is not a religion at all, and it hasn't been peaceful with any other religion, or government in over 1,400 years.  I think Gov. Christie's people who are assigned to vet those, who want to come close to the Governor were lax in their duties.  Once you embrace Islam, even if you were misled, it's very difficult to rebuke or rebut them, because they won't allow you to do that.  Chris Christie went so far as to appoint Sohail Mohammed to the New Jersey state superior court.  (Now there's a great place to get Sharia Law implemented), but Gov. Christie thinks all the ruckus about Sharia is, "a bunch of crap", his words, not mine.
Not only did Chris Christie let the camel's head into the tent, but the entire hump and rump is in there too. 
  Chris Christie is not the only Governor who has, or will have an Islam problem.  There are, at last count (year 2000), over 28 states that now serve (and I mean serve) significant Muslim populations in America.  Twenty eight states equals 28 problems.  It is imperative that the governors of these respective states visit the Islamic communities within their cities and towns.  This practice of inviting the community mosque Imam to the governor's mansion for Ramadan dinner and a bow down, will not give the state house an accurate depiction of the conditions in the Islamic community, surrounding the mosque.  It really will take an actual in person unannounced visit to the community.  Most state governors stay out of sight of the real people, unless of course it's coming election time.  So, a visit to a Muslim neighborhood will be enlightening to most governors, to say the least.  As the governor of a state, with a known significant Muslim population, it might also be a good idea to have someone double check the requests for welfare, medicaid and any other entitlement their state may offer.  The names, will look familiar, there will Mohammad's, Mohammed's, Sheiks, Fatimas, and all those usual Islamic names.  The wise governor may even find Muslim males with 6 or 7 or even 10 dependents.  Most of them won't be minor children however, they will more than likely be adult and under-age little girl wives.  Because plural marriages are not legal in America, the male Muslim will choose one female to be listed as wife, and the others, as other dependents.  If the neighborhood of Muslims has been around awhile, it will bear a strong resemblance to inner city Muslim ghettos of New York City, Chicago, Dearborn and Detroit.  Trust me governor, they won't be a place where you would take your children on an evening stroll.  If the state treasurer comes to your office governor, and informs you, there has been a sudden drain on entitlement coffers this past two years, I strongly advise an immediate investigation.  It is true that most states have people/officers, who are supposed to screen applicants for entitlements, but believe me, no body in your entitlement office will say "no" to a Muslim applying for benefits. Benefits that they do not deserve and that they certainly aren't entitled too.  Muslims have a way of intimidating American citizens.  At the slightest hint of refusal of benefits, the words racist, Islamaphobe, and bigot will be present in the conversation.  People are generally frightened to death of Muslims in this country.
  This entire thing began with 9/11, and by 9/12 the American citizen was terrorised beyond Islam's wildest expectations.  It didn't take Islam very long, to gain a foothold in America after that tragic sequence of events.  Muslims cannot and will not be honest with Infidels, that's what you are governor, unless you have recently bowed to Allah?  Islam is bold, it is relentless and it is violent, and the citizens of your respective states, are scared to death to confront them.  After all, we have a president who is pro-Muslim, and makes no bones about pushing the Muslim agenda in America.  When it comes to pushing God aside to make room for Allah, president Obama is the champion.  If the office of the governor will not take a stand against the invasion of Islam, then the people of your state will not have a chance.
  To each and every state governor:  The time has come for you to either stand with the American citizens who put in office, or the Muslim invader and terrorist.  Islam will not allow you to ride the fence governor.  Islam and Sharia are the complete antitheses of the U.S. constitution, and the constitution of your state.  Islam will not bend to you, they have no intention of assimilating, and they will be demanding.  Governor, are you steadfast and honest enough to take a stand for your citizens?  Or will you cave to Islam, and fold up when Sharia wants to be your state law?  If you haven't had to make that decision yet, you will, believe me you will.  
God Help Us
The Watchman 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

America's Foundering Judicial System As It Appeases Islamic Tenets

That sign may be more correct than one might think.

  After slavery was abolished in America, I wonder if Abraham Lincoln ever thought that one day all of America would be slaves to Islam?
  There has been much discussion of late regarding "honor killings" here in America.  It has been pointed out that there are 3 honor killings a year in America, and that there are 15 times that of people killed by lightening.  Is that fact somehow supposed to resonate true to the American people?  Because there are "only" 3 honor killings a year on average, does that make it okay for Muslim fathers, brother's uncle's to murder the young daughters, sisters and nieces who want the freedom America affords them.  Islam, shmizlam, I don't care if you are Muslim or not, there has never been, and never will be any "honor" in murdering young female family members.  Oh, and by the way, that also goes for female genital mutilation, and throwing acid in the face of young female family members, simply because in your sick twisted tiny mind, they have dishonored you or your family name, you moron!
  In the name of "political correctness", many of America's courts have actually bowed to Islam, and applied jurisprudence by way of Islamic Sharia law.  Contrary to the Constitution of the United States which is supposed to be the hallmark of American justice, some dhimmi (Infidel slaves) judges have allowed the interjection of Sharia law compliance in their U.S. courtrooms.  There are at least 50 examples of Sharia compliant courtrooms in 23 states across America; Here are three:  A trial judge ruled based on Moroccan Sharia Law, even though those involved were not Moroccan or even Muslims.  In Tampa, Florida, a judge ruled that a dispute between two Muslim parties would be solved in accordance with Sharia, overruling the objections of the one party.  New Jersey, USA, a judge exonerated a Muslim man of raping his wife because Sharia allowed him to do so.  Fortunately that ruling was overturned on appeal.  I want to know what happened to the judge who made the first ruling?  Was he defrocked, was he unseated as a judge, or is he still sitting on the bench in New Jersey hearing cases in the American court, and ruling according to Sharia?
  Last night, Saturday May 5th, 2012 I watched a FOX News special with Bill Hemmer about "Honor Killing In America".  As I watched, the most notable thing was Bill Hemmer's hesitance to call Sharia and Islam out for what they are.  It appears that no one and no news media station, including FOX will dare to speak out against Islam and the archaic and barbaric laws it forces upon it's people. 
  There is a multi-cultural struggle going on here in America.  Speaking against Islam is all but a felony according to the president.  Telling the true story about Islam and it's brutal practices is now called a hate crime.  In my mind, the truth is truth; hate, love, disgust, approval, none of those attributes are of concern when the truth is spoken.  The truth is only the truth.  The truth about Islam, and Sharia is that they are archaic, barbaric, draconian, brutal, violent, bold, rude, demanding and repulsive.  Islam is the lowest form of law on the face of the earth.  Islam demands to be tolerated, but will not tolerate.  Muslims who follow the Qur'an are terrorists in the making, for the most part, they are tribal at best.  They follow the lead of what society now calls radical Islamists, when in fact, there are NO moderate Muslims.  Ask a Qur'an believing Muslim, he'll tell you himself.  He will admit to you that there is no other law than Sharia, there is no god other than Allah, and no true prophet other than Muhammad.  He will also tell you in no uncertain terms that Allah's and Muhammad's laws supersede any man-made law, and that includes the United States Constitution.  So why do American lawmakers, judges and executives turn a blind eye to the false teachings of Islam?  Why do they allow our American children to be taught that Islam is a religion of peace, in our schools?  Why do they allow Muslims to dictate and attain special privileges?  FEAR, FEAR AND MORE FEAR.  Why are Christian and Jewish churches embracing Islam as another way to God the father.  I can perhaps understand the Jews as, Jews are of Middle Eastern descent and they do not believe that Jesus was the Savior, the Messiah.  But, many Christian pastors, both here and abroad are embracing Islam, are now teaching that there are many ways to get to heaven, when they know what Jesus said.  "I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the father but through me."  Yet the embracing, and appeasement of Islam continues. Neither the governments or the religious denominations in America understand what true Islam is all about, or they know, and they are deathly afraid to speak out against Islam.
  America's foundering court system, is failing the founders of America, and those who depend on equal justice under the law.  Lack of equal justice leads to social justice which leads to a socialistic state of moral relativism and tolerance of that which is known to be evil.  (The Proverbial Paradigm Shift) 
  Assuming that Islam and the Muslim influence will just pass away, or won't effect the lives of all Americans someday, is a huge misconception.  Here are some examples of where our country is headed if Islam is allowed to proliferate in America:
  Jonesboro, Georgia: 2008-  A Muslim man strangled his own daughter to death in her bed with a bungee cord because she wanted a divorce from an older man who she was forced to marry.
  New York City, NY.:  2009- The "moderate" Muslim owner of a television station meant to portray Islam in a positive light, murdered and beheaded his wife for wanting a divorce.  An American Judge and jury ironically convicted him of 2nd degree murder, though all the evidence pointed to premeditation.
  Buffalo, New York 2008-  A "moderate" Muslim shot both his teenage daughters to death for dating non-Muslims, he fled the US and is still at large.
  Ohio, 2009-  a 17 year old girl converted to Christianity had to flee her home seeking asylum, in dire fear of her Muslim father who threatened her with honor killing.
  It never ceases to amaze me that American Women's organizations remain almost completely silent when it comes to the atrocities perpetrated on American Muslim women and girls, by their fathers and other family members.  It also amazes me that when people such as myself, and many others tell the truth about these things, we are labeled; "hate mongers", "racists", and "bigots".  Meanwhile, the honor killings continue here in America and even more so in once supposed civilized countries like the UK, and the Netherlands.
  Three honor killings a year now, how about next year and the year after, and the year after that as the Muslim populations continue to explode across the world and in America, more "honor killings" will take place, count on it!
   So why are Muslims flocking to America?  If Muslims want to live under Sharia, why don't they just stay in the Middle East, or in North Africa where Sharia and the Qur'an are the law of the land?  Because Islam has an agenda and a goal.  The agenda is to spread Islam into the Western Hemisphere.  Their goal is to establish a world dominating Islamic Caliphate, where every man women and child will bow to Allah, or be killed.  That is the goal of Islam.  They have been telling us this ever since 9/11, and our government and clergy and courts ignore the warnings that Islam has been issuing to the entire world.  I cannot speak for you, but, in my mind, when an enemy kills 3,000 of my innocent people, and then infiltrates and warns of their jihad, I listen, and pass on the alarm.  For the survival of our nation, I urge you to pass along this warning.  With the world in chaos and on fire as it is, we must all be watchmen on the wall.  
  The courts fail us, the governments fail us and many religious leaders and churches fail us.  But let not your heart be troubled, God will never fail us.
God Help Us
The Watchman