Saturday, April 14, 2012


Coal on its way to India
Coal on its way to Japan and all of Asia

America must be the only nation that causes global warming and or climate change.  Asia and that includes China, Japan & Korea.  Are not having a problem buying U.S. Coal, and burning it with reckless abandon.  But not here, oh no, we can't burn any coal because it causes CO2 to get in the air, it is the largest contributor to global warming.  I'm thinking that Asia and India have a secret, they probably aren't letting the CO2 get in the air.  Only fossil fuels burned in America can get into the air.  
  Or is it that America and its government have fallen for the biggest financial destroying scam ever devised?  I think that that is it.  America, and the environmentalists have ruined our economy so that the economies of Asia and India can flourish.  That's it, we're doing our part for the good of global economies, while we starve our own.  Well, there have always been useful idiots, and America, we're right up there on top!
  I imagine what Americans should be doing, is thanking the following countries for their support of the American coal industry.  South Korea:  Up 81% to more than 10 million tons.  India:  Up 65%, to 4.5 million tons.  Japan:  Up a whopping 119%, to almost 7 million tons. (Info from AP)   We would also like to thank Europe for their support of our coal industry, the top consumers in Europe are The Netherlands, Britain and Italy.  Simply put, Obama is going to have a tougher time putting the American Coal miners out of business as he promised to do.  It appears that those who actually use coal for oil, and power generation will gladly buy U.S. coal, and burn it, because they haven't actually bought into the "Al Gorian Chant" of global warming, as Obama had hoped.  This winter, while Americans will be freezing and paying premium money for energy, at least the rest of the world will have our coal as an inexpensive way to run their industries and heat their homes.  Thanks Barack and Al, thanks for nothing.
  Speaking of energy, has anyone noticed the gasoline pump prices going down?  No?  Know why?  Because it's all about the big plan I've been telling you about for a couple of years now.  It's all about the destruction of the American economy, and it's working.  Regardless of what Obama tells you about this improving economy, simply put, it just isn't happening!  Sure there has been a slight improvement in unemployment filings, but the Obama administration has that under control.  With these gasoline and diesel prices, it's just a matter of a few months before the unemployment rate literally sky rockets.  Just how long can you afford to drive to a minimum wage job, when your entire paycheck each week, ends up in the gas tank?  Not very long I'll wager!  The soaring price of fuel is planned, it is being used to make more and more people dependent on the government.  Obama blames "big oil", he blames "Wall Street Banks", he blames everyone, except of course his policies that are deepening the recession and the energy crisis.  You see, there is no energy crisis, it's all fictitious.  Obama says America is producing more oil than ever before, but is it?  No, it is not.  The amount of oil being extracted from U.S. Federal land is almost nil.  Obama has cut oil and gas exploration on shore and off shore, while at the same time financing Brazilian Oil companies.  It's a game, and the American people are losing, and losing big!  Obama says America uses 20% of the worlds oil, and we only have 2% of the worlds oil here in America.  I don't know how many times Obama has to lie to the folks before he is branded a liar, but that 2% oil thing is a whopping, outright, baldfaced lie!  The excuse he uses to not drill for domestic oil is this:  "It would take ten years for newly extracted oil to be refined into gasoline and diesel fuel."  Really, well, I don't think the truth is in that statement either.  If it were true, the gasoline and diesel fuel we are using today would have been extracted ten years ago.  BUZZER!, wrong, thanks for playing.  That excuse for not drilling is a total falsehood.  Of course it's one that I hear people repeating, over and over again.  Obama says we can't drill our way out of these high oil and gas prices.  Really?  Hey Barack what ever happened to "Yes we can!"?  
  Once again, Barack Hussein Obama has an agenda, his agenda is to expedite the Socialistic One World Order.  He also intends to have a top spot in the Order, if not the top spot.  However, there are things that Obama needs to accomplish for this New Order to come to fruition.  One:  The total collapse of the free market system, i.e., America must be forced into bankruptcy.  Two:  The removal of God and Christian faiths.  Because faith in God and faith in Christ breed morality.  You cannot destroy the morality of all the people, if you allow them to have God.  Three:  Chaos, is the top priority of this administration.  Please don't think for a minute that Barack Obama made a mistake when he weighed in on the Sandra Fluke debacle, or the Trayvon Martin tragedy in Florida.  These were both important events that Obama could, by just a few words cause to grow into the huge racial and class wars that they are becoming.  No, Obama did not err, he chose to speak out on some events, the right ones, the ones where a tiny ember was smouldering, and in his diabolical way, he turned both events into huge fires, and you'll notice, he isn't doing anything to dowse the flames. 
  The American Indian would term this president as "speaking with a forked tongue".  Like the serpent, he is sneaky, and deathly quiet in his attacks.  He says one thing, and does the complete opposite.  Where I come from, we call that lying.  Back in the day, a chief of the Sioux nation after hearing about the "trail of tears" death march, said of President Jackson, "there is no iron in his words".  You see Andrew Jackson, before he became President, actually told the Cherokee that he would keep the treaties with the Indians of the South and Eastern territories.  But he didn't did he?  By the same token and in the tradition of power hungry Presidents and governments, I say:  "There is no iron in Barack Obama's words."   We have always had to deal with politicians who lie to the people, and as a people, we in our complacency and apathy and comfort in our economy and position of power in the world scheme of things, turned a blind eye to the lies and deceit.  To our dismay, we are just now realizing what a mistake it was to accept the lesser of two evils, in every election since Thomas Jefferson.  Instead of demanding honesty and integrity, and by not punishing those politicians who repeatedly lie to the people, we have sacrificed our many freedoms and liberties to the career politician.  
  Our government has not been the servants of "We the People", for quite some time.  The President, the Congress and the Judiciary have become rulers over the people, not servants of the people, as first designed and planned.  How did I get to this bashing of the government from coal exports?  It's all connected, that's how.  When Benjamin Franklin said that we as a people now have a "Republic", if we can keep it.  He knew in fact, that one day the government would dictate over the people, enact laws and taxes and become tyrannical as it is today under this administration.  That is why the founding fathers "wrote the 2nd Amendment", the people's right to keep and bear arms.  The founders knew that one day the government would become oppressive, and now they are oppressive, very oppressive.  One of the things this administration wants to get rid of is, that all important 2nd Amendment.  Jefferson said " those who pound their weapons into plowshares, will plow for those who do not."  Think about it!
  We have a Congress who votes themselves raises, they do this without the approval of the people.  We have a congress that, even if they only serve a single term, retire with their full congressional pay.  We have a congress and president that have exempted themselves from rules, laws and regulations that they have created and literally forced on "We the People", i.e., Obama care.
  Our country is being decimated, not by foreign forces, but by our own elected officials and those that they appoint to Lord over us, and Lord over us they do, i.e., the EPA, the TSA and Homeland Security, and now, even the United Nations.  
  If this nation is to survive, things must change, and they must begin those changes with this next election.  If in fact there is a next election.  This nation cannot withstand the onslaught from within.  This president must be ousted, at all cost.  Obama is a destroyer, and although it seems all politicians lie, we cannot allow Barack Obama another 4 years to complete his agenda.  It is apparent that Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee for President of the United States.  It is also apparent that he certainly is not the best choice, but we know who and what we have in office, and it would be a disaster to allow him to remain there another 4 years.  Now that we have boxed ourselves in to a corner, and we at least for the time being, cast a vote for the lesser of the two evils.  We must do, what conscience and the spirit of presevation dictates us to do.  There are those I know who say "I just can't vote for Mitt Romney."  Whether it be because he is Mormon, whether he is one of the elite and wealthy, or just because you think he's out of touch and he reminds you of a watered down version of Obama himself.  Let me put it this way, it is the intention of the Obama campaign to capitalize and encourage those negative feelings about whoever the GOP candidate would be, and they are counting on those who can't vote for his adversary for whatever reason to carry Obama into the presidency for another 4 would-be disastrous years for our nation.  So I encourage you, do not place your vote for Mitt Romney, place your vote for the survival of your country.  America will not survive 4 more years of Obama, it simply will not.  Anyone who chooses not to vote for the GOP candidate or not to vote at all, will be instrumental in allowing this destroyer to continue his attacks on our freedom and liberties.  Four more years with Obama at the helm will destroy our Republic, as that was his intention right from the beginning, he said so.  Obama and those who groomed him for this position are counting on people not voting.  Those who do not vote for the GOP to replace Obama and his minions in the Senate and House, will become the new "Obama's Useful Idiots."  A "no" vote is a "yes" vote for Obama, admit it or not.  
God Help Us
I have sounded the alarm.  The blood of this nation will not be on my head, will it be on yours?
The Watchman     

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hate Crimes | Holder | Justice Department | The Daily Caller

  Good question, where is Barack Obama, and where is Eric Holder?  Barack Obama is sitting in the Oval Office laughing his rear-end off at the stupidity of the Black Panthers, because they are doing his dirty work.  Eric Holder on the other hand has no intention of trying to quell the tribal natives, as they are restless, and they are doing the bidding of the administration.  All with that uneducated, self-ordained minister of racial division Al Sharpton leading the charge.  Both Barack Obama, and Eric Holder are about as racist as bigoted they come.  Their silence regarding the violent behavior of the New Black Panthers, both past and present, is proof positive of that.  The New Black Panthers are calling for a blood bath, calling for a race war, and calling for the murder of Whites.  Don't kid yourselves, this call to arms by the Panthers, has absolutely nothing to do with the death of Trayvon Martin, actually it has little to do with George Zimmerman.  The death of Trayvon is nothing but a means to an end, a perfectly good crisis, that according to Obama's minions, should not be wasted.  It is, is the race divide that Obama needs to continue his quest for control of the people.  The once self-touted uniter of the people, has been undermining the racial equality steps that have been accomplished in the past 50 years, for his own evil purposes.  Government control of the people is his aim, and dividing the people is his game.  If he can, he will do it in 4 years.  If not, he will find a way to get 4 more years, and after that, in my opinion there will no longer be free elections in this country.  I pray I'm wrong, but don't say you haven't been alerted!
  Obama, as we all know will get the Black vote this coming Fall.  As Obama's buddy Van Jones so eloquently put it:  "Barack Obama will get the Black vote even if he came out and said he was gay."  Of course, Van Jones is correct.  But, I have to ask, what does that say about the Black voters?  Could it be that it is the Black voter in America who is the racist?  We all know that the Black vote alone could not, and did not carry Obama into the White House, there was a multitude of White folks just as guilty of electing this Liar in Chief.  Barack Obama did get over 90% of the Black vote in 2008.  This time around, I doubt that that percentage will change by any more than a point one direction or the other.  So where is the Black voter loyalty?  Is it to the country's survival, or is it to keeping a so-called Black man in the White House?  Is their race their God?  Every single Socialist/Progressive scheme Obama tried has failed miserably, but it isn't failure in Obama's eyes.  He has managed to put more Americans out of work, more Americans on welfare, more Americans on food stamps than ever before in history.  I won't even mention the national debt, (yes I will) that Obama has managed to grow more than all the previous presidents combined, from George Washington to George Bush Sr.  He has, through his failed policies, managed to turn a once strong, thriving nation into a nation half full of leaches, not just leaches, but leaches who want even more benefit, and will not work.  Under Barack Obama, 40% of the American people are dependent upon government entitlements, and redistribution of wealth for their livelihood.  47% of Americans do not pay a dime in income tax, and the other 53% carry the load.  Under Barack Obama people now have 99 weeks of unemployment compensation, as Gingrich once said, that 99 weeks is long enough to earn a Associates Degree.  As Benjamin Franklin put it, they have been made comfortable in their poverty, and Obama is solely responsible for that phenomenon.
   No, Obama and Holder will not intervene in this Black Panther call for the shedding of the blood of Whites, because that is exactly what they want to happen.  It's all part of the plan for this country to become just another global unit.  Chaos between the races is a necessary evil for globalism to become the norm.  If Obama can keep the American people fighting and killing each other, he is sure that we will not have time to notice the implementation of his Socialist regime, and the One World Order.  The people will be fighting until they cry out for a savior, and then Barack Obama will be there to bring peace.  Understand however, it won't be the peace and prosperity we once new, it will be a forced peace, without freedom and without liberty, without God and without a Constitution and Bill of Rights.  When America awakens from the bloody nightmare, an entirely new America will have been forged from senseless battle among ourselves.
  It is imperative that we at least attempt to slow this Socialist/Progressive process down.  It is imperative that Barack Obama, if possible, be soundly defeated in this upcoming election in 2012.  The nation and this nations children are depending on those of us capable of voting, in what may very well be the last free and fair election, to get it right this time.
God Help Us
The Watchman

Monday, April 9, 2012


Lou Ann Zelenik could never be more correct in the concern she has about the stealth infiltration of Islamic Sharia Law, into American courts.  Yes, especially in Tennessee, a target state for Muslim influence.  Welcome back Lou Ann!

  Lou Ann Zelenik, who lost by less than 300 votes to Diane Black for Middle Tennessee's Congressional seat, is back and she is a ready, willing, able, and seasoned candidate.  As a founder of the Tennessee Freedom Coalition, Lou Ann has tirelessly led a strong statewide opposition against the stealth jihad of Islam into Tennessee communities, government and it's Sharia encroachment into the judicial system.  Lou Ann will have to step down from her leadership position at TFC in order to concentrate on her campaign against incumbent Diane Black.  It was a very close race last time, and there is no doubt that this 2012 race will be equally as challenging for Lou Ann and her opponent Diane Black.  Two years ago, Lou Ann led a protest march of concerned citizens against the construction of a mega-Mosque in Murfreesboro, TN.  Lou Ann told Talking Points Memo that "This isn't a Mosque.  They are building an Islamic Center to teach Sharia law.  That is what we stand in opposition to."  There were those who were critical of Lou Ann's stance, and for running with the Murfreesboro Mosque in the forefront of her campaign platform.  Some even attributed Lou Ann's loss to Black to her Mosque and Sharia Law opposition.  (I don't think that was it all.)
  In light of the many un-nerving events, here and around the world by Muslim extremists, especially the Muslim Brotherhood in the past two years, Tennesseans and the American people are more than just a little concerned about the Islamification of their communities, and of America as a whole.  Lou Ann Zelenik's anti-Sharia opposition will bode much stronger in this upcoming election, than it did in 2010.  (And well it should!)  The Obama (pro-Islam)
administration's unusually lax way of dealing with Islam, Iran, Pakistan and the new Muslim Brotherhood take-overs in Egypt, and North Africa, have placed much concern about, just whose side is the President on?  Obama, is today, even as I write, (The White House Easter-egg roll not withstanding) is undertaking negotiations with the Islamic terrorist organization we refer to as the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.  To what end?  How can one think for a moment that there will be even a remote form of democratic governance in Egypt if the Brotherhood completely takes control?  (And they will).  (Sharia and Democracy, a complete antithesis)  Obama and his mouthpiece Carney will not even refer to the the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, they will only call them new actors on a stage of diversion.  (Now there's a side-step from the facts.)
  In trying times like these, when our country is in deep financial peril with a 16 trillion dollar debt, when we are engaged in a holy war with Islam, (and we are!), and another war with the leftist liberal Progressives who are anti-Christian and anti-God.  When North Korea and Iran are on the precipice of igniting a third world war.  I deeply feel that it is time We the People support a Christian and a level headed representative in Washington, D.C..  Lou Ann Zelenik is a person who has already recognized America's enemy, she has already stood defiantly and resolute against our enemies both foreign and domestic, by taking a stand against the encroaching radical Islamists who, do in fact, support these American soil Mosques.  (It is estimated that some 90% of all Mosques on American soil, answer to the Muslim Brotherhood.)  Regardless of what our government authorities tell you, Islam is obligated to destroy America, Christianity, Judaism and free market enterprise, and is intent on replacing it all with Sharia Law.  It should be noted that lying to, cheating on, and murdering Infidels are all fair practices according to Islam and the Qur'an. (As long as it pleases Allah.)
  I came across an article written by Tim Murphy, who obviously writes for that Liberal Rag "Mother Jones".  His article was one bent on debasing Lou Ann Zelenik and her stand against the Islamification of America, and implementation of Sharia in the American court systems.  Tim Murphy wrote this:  " The Murfreesboro News-Journal notes that Zelenik will step down from her job at the Tennessee Freedom Coalition, a non-profit 501(c)4 organization that has been instrumental in sounding the alarm over the growing Islamic movement in America and the threat of Sharia Law.  That's not quite accurate, as there is is no real threat from Sharia law in the United States."   (Is this guy blind, or what?)  Tim Murphy went on to say:  "The Tennessee Freedom Coalition has been instrumental in running around stirring up fears over a phantom menace."    (Islam is a menace alright, but it is not a phantom!) It is because there are so-called journalists like left-winger Tim Murphy, that we need more outspoken legislators in D.C.  Legislators who know the enemy, and are aware of what the enemy wants to do, and what they are capable of accomplishing.  The presence of Dhimmis and useful idiots in America's media, are the main reason that Islam has already succeeded in influencing our judiciary system, and why the reading public are still in the dark about true Islam, and it's evil intentions.  The trouble with the Tim Murphy's of the world, is they cannot see the forest for the trees, the truth is not in them, and they will do their best to vilify those like Lou Ann Zelenik, who do in fact see the entire picture.
  Lou Ann Zelenik will have my vote in 2012, as she did in 2010.  There will be a long uphill climb ahead for Lou Ann to come out on top against Diane Black.  As long as Lou Ann doesn't get caught in what I call the "tit for tat trap", and extols her own attributes, sticks to her principles, and speaks only the truth, I have no doubt that she will be able to overcome the obstacles leading to a seat in congress.  Only one candidate can come out on top, only one will attain the seat.  Remember Lou Ann, the TFC will still need a strong and unrelenting leader as yourself, should things not go as planned in the political arena, nae, especially if things do not go as planned.
God Help Us
The Watchman