Friday, April 2, 2010

Judge Reverses Marine Commander’s Ban of Anti-terrorist Decals

Chalk one up for the GOOD GUYS, Semper Fi!!!

Who knows how long it will take for the Camp Lejune Commanders to appeal this judge's decision? I find it very disheartening that a Marine Commander would object in the first place. I'm a Marine, Vietnam Vet 1967-1970. I guess the Corps, isn't the Old Corps anymore.

Either way, check out the full story by clicking on the link above. If anything it will make you feel good to know that sometimes we good guys win one once in a while.


"Some people go through life wondering if they made a difference, Marines don't have that problem." (Ronald Reagan, President of the United States)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

YouTube - Demographic problem

It is imperative that everyone view this video. Please click on the above Youtube link. It will only take about seven and a hlf minutes, to absolutely blow your mind. What can be done? I don't know. Nothing short of a God miracle is needed here...

Exclusive: Highly Decorated Army Surgeon Refuses All Military Orders Until Obama Proves He Is a Natural Born Citizen » Publications » Family Security Matters

Please click the Family Security Matters link above, and read about LTC. Lakin.....
We have established rules, and laws in this country, we always have. Until the recent election of Barack Hussein Obama, most all of us have been required to abide by those laws. Since coming on the scene, Barack Obama has been given a pass on just about every challenge. State agencies are hiding his personal birth records, his schools are hiding his academic records, I mean let's face it, this guy hasn't provided any proof of anything, and because people assume he's black, he gets a pass. Why is that I wonder? If one does a little research, one would discover that Barack Obama is not really black, or to be politically correct, Afro-American. He is however Arab/African. He is not the decedent of slaves, as people would have you believe, but he is the decedent of Slave Traders in Africa.

I ask all of you to go to the library, check out the book "The Faith of Barack Obama" written by Stephen Mansfield. It is well written, and extremely informative, and painstakingly researched. Before you defend Obama because he is this poor Afro-American, check out his real background.

It is imperative that Barack Obama's true origin be uncovered, and exposed, before he does any more damage to this nation, and before he can send more military personnel to their deaths.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We now have ObamaCare in the works, we've been dissed by the President and his cronies, we've been dissed by the House of Representatives, and we're being dissed by the Senate. The mainstream media are calling Tea Party folks "terrorists", and right wing radicals. Nancy Pelosi showed the world that she is every bit as arrogant as the President, I guess she didn't want to be known as the most despised woman in America, without good reason. I find it appropriate, that she revels in her claim to fame. She boards her fuel guzzling Boeing 757 and heads back to California, her home state. For some reason those San Franciscan's welcome her with open arms, even though she single handedly destroyed the states agriculture industry, while touting that her efforts are saving the Delta Smelt. That should make her constituents feel better about being on state aid. I hope they are singing her praises while standing in the unemployment lines.

As a country, we now consume more than we manufacture, some 40% of the entire population are receiving some type of Federal or state aid. Is it all going to end? No, I am afraid not. We still have twelve million illegals that need amnesty, in actuality, the number is more like thirty million, the government won't tell you the true numbers, they're afraid you may get upset. According to the numbers I've heard, approximately one third of Mexico's population, are living here in America illegally. That number could be off slightly one way or the other. After amnesty, comes Cap and Trade (tax). We all know that the science behind the "global warming" theory is flawed, actually it's completely fictitious in nature, okay, it was and is all a BIG LIE. Unfortunately, the Progressive's with Obama as the spearhead, know that they can't possibly bring this country to it's knees just with health care. So they are more than willing to continue the global warming/climate change facade until they have destroyed every large and small business in the nation. Taxes, entitlements, more taxes, more entitlements, and whose paying for it all? Pretty soon, NOBODY. We'll all be out of work and dependent on the government to provide for all our needs. Guess what? The government will be bankrupt, and our once prosperous nation will be at the mercy of people like Obama, Chavez, Castro, and Putin. Not to mention, we'll all be called to prayer 5 times a day, or we'll be beheaded. What a wonderful world we have. I say, vote for Obama again in 2012, he'll save us from ourselves, right? Not So Much!!!

It is imperative for "We the People" to secure a total conservative majority (minimum 2/3 in the House and Senate this November, if we ever intend to regain and or salvage what is left of our freedom and liberty.

God Help This Nation and It's People