Thursday, July 26, 2012

Subtitle C-11 Sec. 2521 - National Medical Device Registry

  Psssst!  Hey!  Wanna hear something really scary?  Well, don't look now, but George Orwell was 100% dead on.  Big Brother is coming, and believe me, he's going to get under your skin.
  According to Subtitle C-11 Sec. 2521 of Obama's Affordable Health Care Act, all people will be implanted with an RFID chip, for medical records only, of course.  For those who do not know, RFID means Radio Frequency Identification Device.  In other words, once this tiny device is implanted in your hand, you can be scanned by hospitals, doctors, EMTs etc. in order for them to ascertain your medical records, in order to save your life, of course.  It does sound like a great idea, especially if you're asked by a medical professional; what type and dosage of medication your are taking, and you can't remember.  This is a condition quite common to the elderly, and therefore the implanted RFID would be very useful if you're admitted to a hospital under an emergency condition, once again to save your life, of course.  
  Before you applaud the innovation in medical communication provided to you by the government, there may very well be a downside, or several.  One of these downsides is the fact that you can be scanned, even without be aware of it.  Government and law enforcement scanners can be placed almost anywhere.  The doorways to stores where you shop, your bank, your ATM machine, the hotel where you just checked in, or checked out, the fuel pump where you get your gas, etc., etc.  I could go on and on, but by now I'm sure you get my drift.  Your movements could be tracked, where you're going, where you've been, oh, and who you're with.  As most of you know, the amount of data that this chip will be able to store and transmit to a government data base, is endless.  Oh, that's correct, the information from the chip will be instantaneously transmitted to the National Medical Device Registry data base.  The guise under which this RFID is that it will be used to keep track medically implanted devices, i.e., heart valves, pace-makers, artificial knees and other joint replacements, as all of those will have identification codes, and in case of failure, the government will be able to determine the name and manufacturer of the implanted device.  Why, you ask?  Because according to the Obama administration they'll help the government ferret out fraudulent and inferior devices.  Don't buy that excuse for one minute.  Here is why.  These RFID's can be implanted, and the government will certainly push for you to voluntarily have one because of your concern for medical care, if you should somehow be rendered unconscious.  The government will also be encouraging couples having babies to have the newborns implanted with the RFID prior to leaving the hospital.  Believe it or not many young people, especially new parents will eat this new technology up, never realizing the ramifications of the amount of government control that comes with the RFID.
  There are those out there in the main stream, and the underground media that are saying that this RFID is the mark of the beast prophesied in the Bible.  I do not buy into that rhetoric.  I do not think that an implanted RFID is the mark of the beast.  However, it is, in my mind, a precursor to the coming of the the Anti-Christ, who will be responsible for demanding that all those who wish to transact any type of business, from purchasing food, to banking must have his mark, and his number will be "666", as stated in Revelation 13:18 of the Holy Bible.  The world wide acceptance of identifying numbers for individuals is the vehicle that Satan is using to make people comfortable with being marked.  Acceptance of this RFID, will in turn aid in the acceptance of any mark, especially any mark that will be seen as beneficial to mankind.  So you see, even though I do not believe that Obama is the Anti-Christ, I do wholeheartedly believe his agenda is directly linked to the evil, and diabolical end to the this, the largest Christian nation left on the planet.  
  There is one thing that I find suspicious, and mysterious, yet extremely revealing about the "Affordable Health Care Act" otherwise known as "Obama Care".  We all know that no one, absolutely no one in our entire congress read the Health Care Act.  We also know that the Act was pushed through, and voted on, and touted as something that we must pass, so we can find out what's in it, credit: Nancy Pelosi.  
  This morning I scanned the entire pdf of the "Affordable Health Care Act, all 1,018 pages.  I discovered the names of the congressman and women who introduced the bill, for a vote.  But, the strangest thing, nowhere in the "bill", either before the context, or on the final page does it contain the names of the author(s) of the Affordable Care Act.  That's correct, no names.  I contend that the entire bill was written years before it's introduction into congress.  I agree with Glenn Beck, that it would have taken years to put 1,018 pages of detailed policy together, and that it was written by either a person(s) associated with the Tides Foundation, or some other group, likely funded by SEIU, George Soros, or even those among the Bilderbergers.  After scanning this "bill", I have come to the conclusion that Obama himself never knew what was written into this Health Care Act.  He didn't write, he didn't contribute to it, and no, not one member of our congress had anything to do with it's authorship.  So, I ask why is something that the Obama administration touts as being the most beneficial legislation for the American people, also the same "bill" that the President, all of congress, several unions and businesses have exemptions from?  Again, we should all be asking, who actually wrote this 1,018 page monstrosity that has been imposed on the American people?  This is a "bill" that Obama's minions certainly could not have thrown together in the 1st year of Obama's administration.  
  Another question that just recently came to light.  Can anyone tell me why our supposedly Republican/Conservative House of Representatives is voting to fund Obama Care?  I am affraid my friends, the American people have been had!
God Help Us
The Watchman      

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Obama caught in another lie…while calling Romney a liar! – Glenn Beck

  Since the day Obama was elected to office, I have written at least 460 Blog articles.  At least 40% of those Blogs had something to do with Barack Obama's uncanny, almost mesmerizing ability to lie and deceive.  I mentioned in a number of previous Blogs, that Obama has told the truth only twice, and both of those times was while he was campaigning in 2008.  The first truth was the under his cap and trade plan, "energy costs would necessarily skyrocket", and truth number two was, "we are only 5 days away from fundamentally changing the United States of America."  That was it, everything else about our "Liar In Chief" are falsehoods.  His entire resume' is false, his education, his birth records, his life story, is just that a story.  Where did this guy really come from, and who is he really???  He has the Black population convinced that he is Black African American, when in fact he is 50% White-44% Arab & 6% Black African, a far cry from being what he claims to be.  In one of his books he even said he denounces his White lineage.  But does he lay claim to his Arab lineage?  No he doesn't admit that either.  He continues to pass himself off as African American.  Call me racist, but when I look at pictures of Barack Hussein Obama, from skin tone and facial features, I see Arab.  When I look at Obama I also see the biggest purveyor of deception to have ever darkened the White House door.
  After listening to Obama speeches for the past 3 and a half years, and now listening to his campaign speeches for the upcoming election, I  look at him and see only EVIL, LIAR, TRAITOR!!!  Traitor may actually be the wrong descriptive, as the word traitor means "someone who betrays his own country".  I do not believe Barack Obama is a citizen of this country.
  I do not believe that Barack Obama will be vacating the White House in 2013, or ever for that matter, unless he and his family and his minions are somehow thrown out bodily.  I cannot see this happening however.  I believe there are too many representatives and senators from both sides of the aisle that are in favor of a border less society, predicated of course on the plan for the implementation of the New World Order.
  It is apparent to me, and many others that Obama's agenda will be fulfilled at all costs.  He has laid the ground work for total White House control of every resource from industry to energy, from food production to food distribution, and communication to printed propaganda.  I do not believe there is anyway Obama can be stopped.  Even if "We the People" revolt, the devastation of the U.S. population would make what's happening in Syria today look like a spat.  Obama shows no respect for the Constitution or the people.  I feel in my heart of hearts that Barack Obama is right this minute, the most dangerous man in the world, and I have no doubt that he would order the military to quell any type of revolt by the people, no matter what it takes to do so.  Will our military follow such an order?  I don't know, but Obama has the backing of the U.N. and Interpol.
  If in fact I am wrong, and there is a free and fair election this year, if Obama should actually secure another 4 year term, the total destruction of America as we have known it, is imminent, of this make no mistake.
  Please click on the video link above.  If you come away with the same same impression as I did, then you will know that Obama must be removed from office at all cost.  Remember, a non-vote will be a vote for Obama.
God Help Us
The Watchman