Saturday, November 12, 2011


Arab Christians in America, welcome, but this is still America

E PLURIBUS UNUM has obviously lost it's meaning in America.

  I have always understood E Pluribus Unum to mean "out of  many, one."   In my mind there is only one way this motto can be perceived.  It has however lost it's definition and it's purpose.  Were it possible to change our nation's motto, I'm sure the Liberal Left would like to see it read:  E Pluribus, Pluribus, "out of many, many." 
  It is common knowledge to those of us who keep a close watch on the news from around the world and here at home, that the purveyors of Islam are relentlessly persecuting and murdering Christians, pretty much at will.  Every predominantly Muslim country in the Middle East is a hot bed of hatred for not only Jews, but also for Christians of Arab decent.  Consequently, it is normal for Arab Christians to flee their homeland in search of a safe haven where they can worship and raise their families as Christians.  The obvious place for the immigration is the United States of America.  These Arab Christian refugees seeking a place where there is peaceful coexistence of religious beliefs, and non-believers alike must seem the closest thing to heaven to them.  No one can find a reason to condemn their mass exodus from the Middle East, where you either worship Allah as a Muslim, obey Sharia or you are murdered.  In these Christian's predicament, the answer is a no brainer.  There are other problems facing these Arab Christians as they come to America and settle.  One is, they will find that Islam is the most protected religion in America too.  I'm sure that most Christian refugees fleeing the Middle East are not expecting to be confronted in this the "safe haven" by Muslims who more or less got here before them.  Persecution of Arab Christians within the American Arab communities will continue to escalate as time goes on.  These Arab Christians will have to face up to Islam, no matter where they go, America is a good place to start.  According to my calculations, America is still free, and we do not yet, implement Sharia as our law.  Although, Sharia is creeping in and infiltrating local, state and federal government agencies.  So, Christians from all backgrounds and nations will, in the end face a confrontation with Islam.  Arab Christians will have to step up and be the spearhead in the battle between Christians and Muslims in America.  Arab Christians have first hand knowledge of the cruel treatment that they and their families fled from in their homeland.  Their testimony too that needs to be disseminated throughout the American Christian community.  It shouldn't take long for our new Arab Christian refugees to realize that many American Christian denominations have already been brainwashed by the Muslims.  The Islamic propaganda machine has been hard at work here, ever since 9/11.  Their successes in convincing many Christians in America that Islam is a peaceful religion are apparent in many American churches.  Combined with America's idiotic penchant for political correctness, Islam has made deep inroads into what were once staunch Christian churches.  There are several Baptist, Catholic and other Protestant denominations that have bought into the social justice, and many are even championing the causes of multiculturalism and plural relativism.  All of course in the name of political correctness.  There are even a couple of Protestant churches that are sharing their facilities and sanctuaries with Muslims, while their Mosques are being built.  Several Catholic churches have been sold and turned into Muslim Mosques.  A practice in my opinion, allowing the worship of false gods in the Christian House of God is sacrilege and blasphemy of the highest order toward Jesus Christ.  
  My original intent for the context of this Blog Article was to address this incessant need to come to America, and remain Arab, both in language and societal matters.  In the 1910's and throughout the 1940's many immigrants from many nations came to America, mostly to escape the ravages of Europe and the ensuing World Wars.  My own great grand parents came from Germany and from Poland.  Both sets were Roman Catholic, as were many European immigrants.  Hundreds of Catholic and Protestant churches popped up over a couple decades and many if not all were holding mass and services in their native language, i.e., Polish and German, etc..   Before long however these immigrants realized that they were not assimilating into American communities very well.  There was a language barrier.  As a result, my grand parents and my parents were forbidden to speak Polish and or German in the house.  To the contrary, they were sent to school to learn English as that was the language of this, their chosen country.  They knew that if their families were going thrive in America, it was necessary to become, in all ways, American, and so they did.  There were very few multi-lingual schools, but there were multi-lingual teachers and they encouraged the learning of the English language.  You know, kind of like E Pluribus Unum.  Those immigrants built America into the strongest nation in the world.  A nation were they and their offspring were free to practice their religion, trades, and customs freely.  The bottom line however, was they all wanted to become American.  First and foremost, they were American.  Things are different today.  No matter where people immigrate from, they want to bring the country they fled from with them.  They want to keep the laws they ran from and establish those same laws here in America.  They want everyone to learn their language, respect their customs and laws and they do not wish to respect the United States and American citizens for their established law.  The leaders of this country are now encouraging this kind of behavior.  The ramifications of this multi-cultural society is turning America into Babel.  A country of citizens who do not understand a common language can not continue to prosper.  America is making this mistake in today's society with Hispanics wanting to all speak Spanish, Russians all speaking Russian, and now Arab immigrants who want to speak Arabic or Farsi.  Coming to America means coming from a division to join a unit.  Purposely dividing America by any means, whether it be language or custom, will do nothing but weaken this country, and as is happening today, we are not "out of many one", but "out of many, many more".  The old adage "United We Stand, Divided We Fall", still holds true today as when it was coined. 
  Arab Christian immigrants, I encourage you to learn the English language, hold your mass' and services in English whenever possible.  Communicate the plight from which you ran to those in this country who are falling into line with the Muslims.  If America goes down, there will be no where else to run.  This is Christianity's last bastion, it must not be allowed to fall into Muslim hands.  Arab Christians, take your stand, take it here, take it now.  "The only thing evil needs to succeed, is for good men to do nothing."
Please click on title to read corresponding article by: Russell Contreras AP.  
God Help Us
The Watchman    

Friday, November 11, 2011

Does Iran Want Israel to Attack? » Publications » Family Security Matters

Any country, any religion and any parent that would willingly subject their children to this, would certainly welcome an attack by Israel, as it would benefit Allah!
          Does Iran Want Israel to Attack? » Publications » Family Security Matters

There is absolutely no doubt that Iran wants to incite Israel to attack.  It is not just Iran that would welcome an Israeli attack, the entire Islamic community is waiting and hoping that Israel will make a preemptive assault.  The nation of Islam has been building toward this goal for years, and it is the non-action of the President Obama and the U.N. that has placed Israel in this precarious position.  Israel can either wait to be attacked by from an Iranian nuclear weapon that all the world has allowed them to build, or Israel can attack Iran and face the condemnation of the rest of the world.  The circumstances do not give Israel much of a choice.  They have been placed in that proverbial spot, between a rock and hard place.  The entire Middle East will explode and retaliate against Israel should they attack Iran's nuclear sites.  After all, that is the plan.  I suppose there is a chance that common sense would win out, and Israel's neighboring nations will see and understand that Israel in essence, had no viable alternative.  We all know that the nation of Islam doesn't encourage common sense, and we know that they all hate Israel, and a preemptive Israeli attack would give Islam a sick and perverted reason in which to destroy Israel, if they can.  Alone, there is no country in the Middle East that could stand against Israel in a one on one, or even a two on one.  With the help of Russia, North Korea, and the absence of American aid to Israel, Islam would of course vanquish the Jews.  I mentioned the absence of American aid to Israel, because our President has made no bones about expressing his disdain for Israel and the very existence of the Jewish State.  Consequently there is no reason to believe that Obama would abandon Islam to protect America's long time ally.  Obama needs Islam, he doesn't need the Israelis.  It's a numbers game with President Obama.  Simply put Islam has a billion useful idiots and Israel, well Israel is insignificant in numbers of people he can use.  Islam knows terror and how to use it.  The followers of Allah are tribal, tenacious, blood thirsty, degenerate for the most part, uneducated and have little regard for human life, which is apparent in their penchant for setting their children up as suicide bombers.  Not to mention murdering their children and wives in honor killings, need I go on?  If Obama was the doctor, Muslims are just what the doctor ordered.  
  The new One World Order, and the false messiah are right around the corner.  It is chaos that will bring him forward.  It's not a matter of "if" but "when" will he arrive and in what form.  Islam is just another tool for the elite leftists, and even with all their population, in the end, they too will cease to exist.
  Now we can believe that mankind will destroy itself in a last world wide nuclear holocaust.  Or we can believe that the interpretation of Bible prophecy is spot on.  We Christians have been taught that God will not allow man to destroy His children "Israel".  Attacks on Israel according to what we've been taught will surely bring about Armageddon, and the second coming of Jesus Christ, the Rapture of the saved, and Tribulation, not necessarily in that exact order.  Theories differ in the interpretations of this particular prophecy.  
  If you are not walking with the Lord, if you haven't accepted the gift of salvation, then tomorrow may be too late.  It is apparent that, for lack of any other foreseeable direction, Israel will launch an attack on Iran's nuclear sites in the very near future.  There once was a shot heard round the world, an Israeli attack may be the last shot heard round the world.  No matter how noble, Israel's preemptive strike will more than likely, not be seen as a defensive act, but as an act of aggression.  Gog and Magog are forming the unholy alliance in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and yes in the West, of this make no mistake.  I believe that the test of Bible prophecy is on the horizon, North, South, East and West of Israel.
  Prepare yourselves physically for the hard times to come, as they surely will.  Most importantly, prepare yourselves spiritually.
God Help Us
The Watchman

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Dateline:  The not-too-distant future.
Location:  Global.
Results:  Death and destruction of Biblical proportions.
Cause:    Global Thermonuclear War.
  I know where we are, and I can see where we are headed.  In the infamous and haunting words of Albert Einstein:  "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."  If nothing else, his words should give the human race pause.  
  If the world's nations continue on the same path of self destruction, there will no longer be a reason for concerns over energy independence, climate change, national economies, open and or closed borders, religious persecution, losing weight.  All of these things and more trivial's that now occupy our minds, will be of very little consequence.  I can see where this planet is headed, many will call me crazy, doomsayer, paranoid, but if in fact, I can see it coming and you can not, then it is you, who are looking in the wrong place.
  Back in the Cold War days when only the U.S.S.R. and America were in possession of nuclear arms, we basically had only to worry about each other.  That is not the case any more.  Many countries, some large, some small are nuclear armed.  Most have nuclear capabilities because either the U.S. or Russia provided them with the nukes or the materials and instructions on how to build their own.  It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that many of these countries are hostile to the United States or Russia, or both.  These many smaller but unfortunately radically controlled nations have made it perfectly clear that if they attain nuclear capability, they will most definitely use that ability to attack their perceived enemies.  One thing we were pretty positive of in the Cold War era, was the fact that the dominant countries were also governed by competent leaders.  Leaders that realized they were sitting on the responsibility over life and death of all mankind.  The world was relatively assured that neither America or the Russians were willing to engage in a nuclear attack, as retaliation would cause certain decimation of both nations.  This is not the case today.  Even the countries we once thought had a modicum of responsible self control, are lining up with radical extreme Islamic controlled governments, in full knowledge of the ramifications of even one nuclear strike anywhere in the world.  It is the goal of the President of Iran to bring about the end of the world, he has stated this fact time after time.  Many leaders of many nations, including our own write him off as crazy.  Let me be frank, if Iran attains nuclear capability, Iran will launch a nuclear attack on the tiny nation of Israel.  Israel will certainly retaliate with a relentless nuclear salvo, the likes of, the world has never seen.  Even if that is as far as the nuclear strikes go, the results will be loss of life in the millions.  Should other nations enter the fray, loss of life in the tens of millions will be the result.  Limited nuclear detonations just in the Middle East would be catastrophic for the entire globe.  There will be no more crude oil for export, and nobody left even to pump it, should the derricks survive the nuclear blast.  Chances are that every oil field in the Middle East will be on fire and burning out of control, for at least as long as the oil lasts.  The economies of oil dependent nations, such as ours, will collapse over night.  Currencies will become relatively worthless.  Should the nuclear blasts be limited to the Middle East, the ramifications for the rest of the planet will be, at the very best, an insurmountable challenge of survival.
  You see, destruction of nuclear attacks do not stop at the borders of the attacking nations.  About the time an assessment is made of the damage in the area of initial attacks, a cloud of radioactive nuclear dust, thousands of miles wide and thousands of feet high will enter the atmosphere.  It will drift on the prevailing winds, it will spread wider and wider until the sun is blocked from sight.  Soon, global temperatures will drop a little at first, then significantly, into the teens and in the below zero range for much of the globe, certainly for the Northern Hemispheres.  We will be in perpetual darkness and perpetual cold.  Radioactive snows and rains will fall from one hemisphere to the other.  That's right, nuclear aggression knows no borders or boundaries.  Oceans can not stop the radioactivity from reaching all parts of the planet.  Even those populations that were not involved in the initial conflict will not be spared.  
  If one survives the initial blast, then survives the cold of the nuclear winter, which could last for years.  That survivor will then be confronted with radiation sickness, starvation, and the many hordes of other survivors who will try and take whatever it is you have in order to assure their own survival.
  This is a very frightening picture I have described, isn't it?  It certainly scares me.  
  Our only hope, is in the Lord.  Only Divine Providence can stop this scenario from taking place.  It is necessary, no, it is most imperative that each and every one of us assess our situation and our relationship with God.
  I am not crazy, a simple research of the news from the last week, will bare me out.  We are closer to World War III than we ever have been, and that includes the JFK standoff during the Cuba missile crisis.  Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev was not a maniac, he only acted like one.  John F. Kennedy was not a madman, and even Fidel Castro was relatively sane.  They all knew what the results of a nuclear war would be, therefore, we didn't have one.  Today, the leaders of Iran and North Korea also know what the results of a nuclear war will be, and yet they wish to bring it on.
  The madmen and the fools are now nuclear armed, and the future of the world is precariously in their hands.
God Help Us,
The Watchman        

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Reading The Above Email Should Make You Weep
                                                     "Holocaust II is here" - Atlas Shrugs
  "The evidence and the verbal testimony of starvation, cruelty and bestiality were so overpowering as to leave me a bit sick.  In one room, where they [there] were piled up twenty or thirty naked men, killed by starvation, George Patton would not even enter.  He said that he would get sick if he did so.  I made the visit [to Gotha] deliberately, in order to be in a position to give first-hand evidence of these things if ever, in the future, there develops a tendency to charge these allegations merely to "propaganda."  (General Dwight D. Eisenhower; from page 223 of Dear General:  Eisenhower's Wartime Letters to Marshall.)
  To the too few who survived the Holocaust to the many of us who have seen pictures and documents regarding the death camps, the ovens and gas chambers where Hitler's Nazis exterminated Jews and Christians like they were just so much trash.  We are reminded of that terrible time in history were one man's orders were responsible for the almost total annihilation of the Jewish race.  
  When WWII ended, America along with the rest of the world, with the exception of the Muslim nations, swore that we as the human race would never allow this to happen again.  For some 66 years, we've tried to keep that pact.  I guess that's why it is so difficult to comprehend what is happening in America and around the world today.  Once again, the Jews and their Christian allies are the targets of hatred and persecution.  66 years, is that all we could get from such a passionate promise we made with each other?  
  America has elected a President who blatantly shows his disdain for Jews and their tiny sovereign nation that is surrounded by Muslim nations who voice their intent to wipe Israel from the face of the map.  The leaders of these Muslim nations are invited to speak and voice their disgusting vitriol to audiences of American students on college and university campus' in the United States.  Our President Obama just recently at the G20 Summit shook hands with many dignitaries of many nations, but he saved his big comforting hug for the Muslim President of Turkey, one of the most outspoken Jew haters in the world, second only the President of Iran.  
  The world is speeding up to a Jew hating frenzy, that if not stopped will most assuredly lead to the second holocaust.  The anti-Jew, anti-God and anti-Jesus Christ proponents are gaining ground, and it appears that there is no one country ready to stand with Israel.  Christian persecution in America and all over the West is rampant.  In the Middle-East, Christians are being murdered by the hundreds, and our President and this congress remain silent.  Anti-Jewish sentiment permeates the Occupy Wall Street crowd, calls for a new round of Jewish elimination, not heard since 1930's Germany are not only being voiced, but being passed around the Internet.  Catholic as well as Protestant charities are being shunned and participation discouraged through the political correctness in America's military and courtrooms.  
  I can't help but believe that the German people saw the same signs of the coming holocaust, but they too, stood by, turned the other way and maybe even hoped it would all go away.  I wonder if any of them knew that Jew and Christian hatred would go as far as it did?  Pictures and documentation of what happened in Nazi Germany and all of Nazi occupied Europe, not only gave us proof of the holocaust, but gave us the signs for this generation to watch for.  Now, the signs are there for us to see, and warnings are there for Americans and Europeans to heed, but will we?  Amazingly enough, the persecution of religions in America is not all encompassing, for example, Islam is the most protected religion in the world, except for America, and soon the same will be true here.  Islam is the New World Order's number one useful idiot.  
  Upheaval is on the horizon, of this make no mistake.  There are still churches and pastors and ministers who refuse to preach the truth about Islam, Christian murders around the globe, anti-Semitism and the coming control of the New World Order.  It is necessary and imperative that people research and get informed for their own survival and protection, and that of their families.
Keep your eyes to the heavens, watch for the signs.
God Help Us
The Watchman         

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

White House Calls Solyndra Subpoena ‘Unreasonable Burden on the President’s Ability to Meet His Constitutional Duties’

Unreasonable Burden, my patoot!!!  More like "I can't answer a subpoena, I've too many vacations planned for my last year"!
Michelle Malkin » White House Calls Solyndra Subpoena ‘Unreasonable Burden on the President’s Ability to Meet His Constitutional Duties’

  This administration has more lame excuses for shirking duty and responsibility than any administration in American history, and that includes Carter and Clinton.  At least Carter had his brother and the peanut farm and Clinton had the Monica distraction.  The only thing that keeps Obama from carrying out his Presidential duties is his and hers vacation plans.
  Actually, that's not a true statement, Obama has no intention of carrying out the duties of the White House or his office.  He may be serving as President, but he wants to be dictator.  So while all the Occupiers are burning and attacking store owners and workers, Obama is out campaigning and pushing his worthless jobs bill.  Hey, Obama knows the bill is worthless, this whole thing is just another distraction.  The Wall Street Occupiers aren't there to make a point, they are there to be destructive, and that's exactly why Obama endorses and encourages their presence.  
  I've been warning that this administration will accomplish nothing if there isn't chaos in the streets of America.  For the few OWS's that may have had a legitimate beef with the fat cats as it were, they need to look around and see that their legitimate cause has been hijacked by the deadbeats and the lowly drug laden riff raff of our society.  People who take some kind of twisted pleasure at defecating on police cars and in the aisles of churches, urinating in the streets, raping and assaulting innocent passers by, and each other are the pathetic mob that once was OWS.  These are the occupiers of everything that have spent most of their lives sucking the life blood of true Americans.  Obama touts respect for the causes of these degenerates, because in fact, in his heart, he is one of them.  The only difference between Barack Obama and a run of the mill OWS thug, is that Obama wears better clothes.  Other than that, they've both been sucking money from the hard working taxpayer for most of their pitiful existence.  
  I will never understand how anyone, whether a normal American citizen or even a professional politician can't see that this community organizer is strangling the goose that lays the golden egg.  Complete idiots like Barney Frank, Chuck Schummer, Harry Reed, Nancy Pelosi and numerous other dim wits are on the verge of losing everything to the Socialist/Communist in the White House.  I'm thinking that they have all been promised a place in Obama and Soros' New World Order.  Trust me, the only reason they're still on the payroll is that Obama needs them for now.  When the time comes, and the New Order takes hold, the first people Obama will eliminate are numbskull's that helped him get to the top.  I mean think about it, no true leader would surround himself with stupidity.  I just find it pathetic that these people even manage to get re-elected in the first place.
  Make no mistake, when the Obama time comes, the Reeds, Pelosi's, Franks and Dodds will be trampled in the dust heap of history just like the rest of us.  The only redeeming factor, there will be those of us who fought this insurrection and those useful idiots that brought it about.  We will know who we are, and we will know who they were.  The very government that these liberals are bringing about will be the government that destroys them, the enablers.  
  Sweet, sweet irony, isn't it???
God Help Us,
The Watchman