Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The Clown Princess strikes again!!!

Once again, in an effort to speak profoundly, Janet Napolitano shows just how ignorant and inept she really is. This woman literally has no idea who the enemy is, or does she? Could this TSA thrust at more aggressive passenger screening be an attempt at making the public less sensitive to increasingly invasive government scrutiny? If I were asked to make a determination regarding that question, I believe at this point and time I would have to go with the latter. The lame excuses being used to defend this new found TSA aggressiveness never cease to amaze me. In a recent interview regarding the newly installed scanner, pat-down procedures, Janet Napolitano had this to say: " I think having a better understanding of what causes someone to become a terrorist will be helpful." ( I say, "read the Qu'ran Janet, read the Qu'ran"). Seriously America, I find it difficult to believe that having been the Secretary of Homeland Security for all this time, that Janet Napolitano still has difficulty understanding what is in the head's of these Islamic Jihadi terrorists. Is it really true that ignorance is bliss? Or does the Islamic Obama administration have Napolitano dancing to some Middle-Eastern Muslim lilt? I'm inclined to answer yes to both of those questions. I base those "yeses" on the following statement made by Janet Napolitano: "We don't know much". (How profound and revealing is that statement?) Napolitano went on to say: " If you were to try and devise a template about what connects this terrorist to that terrorist and how they were raised and what schools they went to and their socioeconomic status, or this or that, it's all over the map!" Are you kidding me??? No, she's not kidding me!!! At the risk of confusing Ms. Napolitano even more than she obviously is, there is nothing mysterious about the Islamic Muslim terrorist, nothing!!! Terrorists, number one, are Muslims, there, that being said, allow me to go on. Number two, Muslim terrorists get their orders from Muhammad through the Qu'ran. They all do Janet! Once again, I ask you to read the Qu'ran, the amount of enlightenment and insight into the terrorist mind will be very helpful to you. Perhaps, it isn't really the terrorists you're after, but instead it is this Progressive administration that just has a need to intimidate the American public. A precursor, if you will, of the coming One World Order.
Where intimidation, privacy invasion, and deceit will always be the order of the day.
America, look around you, there are cameras everywhere, (for your safety of course). Think about how much you use your cell you now access the Internet on it? Do you send text messages on a regular basis throughout the day, and night? Can you, and do you now watch TV through your phone? Do you turn your lights and home security systems on and off remotely through your cell phone? Does your cell phone have GPS capability and do you use it? Are you aware that even if your new cell phone is off, it will "ping" a cell tower when you go from one range area to another? The government doesn't need to secretly place a tracking device under your car, or under your skin for that matter. Through your constant voluntary cell phone usage, you have gladly given away your right to privacy. Remember, when you use your phone, a GPS signal is being transmitted, and if you can find where you are going, someone monitoring the GPS signal can also track where you are going. They can know when you're home, and even scarier, when you are not home. Just a little food for thought, next time you pass a new cell tower, think about it.
Back to Homeland Security and the TSA. I don't think the American people are so adverse to the fact that there is and must be some type of airport screening and security. It is the random targeting of virtually innocent Americans that bring about passenger hostility. All of America knows that Islamic/Muslims are the terrorists, everybody!!! Why is it then that little American children are being targeted for pat-downs? Why would the TSA or any person with an ounce of common sense think that a elderly American grandmother in a wheelchair or a dress, would be concealing a bomb in her crotch. Now, if it were a Muslim in a burka and hijab, yes, then I could understand a search would be in order. Even if it were Muslim children, then it would understandable that a search may yield some sort of dangerous device, because Muslims don't mind their children being martyrs for the cause of Islam. All of America knows that the only reason TSA is using the random method, is to remain within the confines of Political Correctness. Israel knows that profiling is the most accurate way of choosing which passenger requires searching beyond the metal detector. An example: A tall white man in madras shorts robs a convenient store, the owner of the store sees the perpetrator drive off in a 1962 green van with the words "Joe's Catering" painted on the side, and he tells all this to the police. Will the police risk being politically incorrect and search for a tall white man driving a green van with the words "Joe's Catering" on the side? Or will they be politically correct, and stop every van, of every color? Will they randomly pull over black men and maybe even some white women, regardless of the fact that they are driving blue sedans? If that last scenario sounds totally inane to you, then just think about the TSA security procedures being implemented every day at our airports. If terrorists are most predominantly Middle-Eastern (Arad) men in their 20's and 30's, they appear nervous, they are flying one-way, and they paid there fare in cash, then those are the passengers that require a second and maybe third look. Grandma, little baby girl are not the terrorists. Common sense, common sense. Look at it this way, if you are restricted to only randomly searching, and are not allowed to profile, the chances of not selecting the right passenger, (you know, the one that really has the bomb) are much greater. So then tell me, are the American people being unknowingly indoctrinated into an acceptance of the government's invasion into our privacy, or not?
God Help Us
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

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