Friday, April 15, 2011


"This is my Citizen of the World birth certificate, it's authentic, I know because I wrote it myself.
When you're emperor of the New World Order, you can do that."

According to the AP, the state of Hawaii has repeatedly verified the live birth of Barack Hussein Obama II, but have they really?  I don't think they have.  Even the governor of the state of Hawaii Abercrombie was unable to locate Obama's hospital certificate of live birth.  That tells me that there is a mystery afoot. 
  I think Americans who question Barack Obama's birthplace have a right under the U.S. Constitution's 14th amendment to ask and to be answered.  After all, this is still the government of the people, by the people and for the people isn't it?  Perhaps it isn't!  I'm beginning to feel as though we have a government of Obama, by Obama and for Obama.  Is it not the right for American citizens to know if their president is in fact a natural born American citizen?  Of course it is, so why are those of us who have well founded doubts as to Barack Obama's country of birth get scoffed at when we ask the simple question does he have proof of American natural born citizenship?  After all, I have a certified copy of my birth certificate.  As a matter of fact, everyone I know has a copy, or can access a copy of their birth certificates.  So why I ask, has Obama spent in excess of $2,000,000.00 (that's two million dollars) to keep his U.S. birth certificate from the public eye?  Has he really got something to hide?  Is there even a U.S. birth certificate at all?  Was he actually born in Kenya Africa to his biological parents?  Does his passport show country of original birth?  Does Barack Obama even have an American passport?  How come nobody in grade school or high school remembers being in a class with him sometime during his childhood?  His aunt insists he was born in Kenya, Africa.  There is even a village their that claims Barack Obama as their native son.  Why is that, do you think?  Wasn't Obama's biological father an English subject, and doesn't that mean that Barack is also an English subject from Africa too?  That alone would disqualify him from being the President of the United States of America. 
  There are many people who will discount these questions, but why?  Why not have the question answered?  Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly both discount the question, why?  Why don't the American people have a right to know the truth?  Bill O'Reilly claims to have posted Obama's birth certificate on his website, really O'Reilly?  Well, I ask you; if Governor can't find and produce a copy of Obama's certificate, where on earth did you get your copy?  Regardless, the document on O'Reilly's website has already been debunked as fake by document experts, so O'Reilly's document is as irrelevant as O'Reilly is.  Glenn Beck, I know that you are concerning yourself with other data regarding Obama's plans for America, but even you have not produced an authentic copy of Obama's birth certificate.  We patriots all appreciate the lessons you've taught us on your program Glenn and through your books.  The fact remains however, the national origin of Barack Obama still has not been properly addressed.  In other words Glenn, you may be satisfied with Obama's word, but many of us are not so sure, and we have the right to request irrefutable proof of Obama's citizenship status.  I have not been able to take anything Barack Obama says as truth, because he has never told the truth.  I didn't believe his lies when he was running for office, and he has done nothing to make me believe a word says since taking office.
  Some questions need to be asked, especially when so many inconsistencies surrounding Obama's birthplace exist.  Those questions deserve an answer, even if you or O'Reilly think the queries a irrelevant.
  Barack Obama is doing everything in his power to destroy our nation.  It is our right and our obligation to explore every avenue to remove him from the office he holds.  It is no ones place to deny that right to the many Americans who question Obama's eligibilty to be Commander In Chief.  Every citizen in America should be on the band wagon with the birthers until a satisfactory answer has been produced by the President.  Every state in this great republic should be taking the example of the state of Arizona and pass a law that "NO ONE'S NAME CAN APPEAR ON THE PRESIDENTIAL BALLOT, UNLESS PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP HAS BEEN PRODUCED AND VALIDATED."  And that requirement should include the Presidential encumbent.
God Help Us
"The Watchman"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


 Escaping Vietnam because he was jailed there for being a Catholic.  Communists are always persecuting Christians all over the globe, not unlike their Islamic counterpart.  Mr. Pham left Vietnam some 40 years ago, he moved to the U.S., Minnesota to be exact, where he would be free to worship the Lord and practice his art.  Here he is, in America, land of the free and yet, once again he is being persecuted because of his faith.  What a fine country America has turned out to be!  Americans are being forced to tolerate the intolerable, and the intolerable refuse to tolerate.  It appears that only Muslims are allowed to carry out their rituals in peace.  Atheists are allowed to make demands that Christians hide their faith.  The Gays are demanding the demise of the Christian family unit.  Double standards in America? Oh yes, there certainly are!!!

  Mr Pham, has his statues on his own property, they are extensions of himself of his faith, and his own works of art.  He has many statues in what he refers to as his "Prayer Garden".  The prayer garden is where Mr. Pham goes to pray and to contemplate, it's an external place of peace where he finds his internal peace as he walks with the Lord, in solitude disturbing no one.
  Who would find this private place so offensive that they would actually attempt to set this particular statue of Jesus on fire?  An Atheist, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a teenage prankster perhaps, who has never been taught to respect another man's property or Faith?  My guess, the perpetrator doesn't even know Mr. Pham.  No doubt the arsonist is a complete idiot, as he obviously didn't know that one can't burn marble.  Was this person just sending a message to this Christian, maybe all Christians, that Christianity will no longer be tolerated by this new Godless society?  Prophesy in the process of fulfillment perhaps? 
  Is this the end of intolerance, or just the beginning?  How long will it be before Christians and Jews will not be tolerated at all?  Will we have to worship our Lord in secrecy, will we be hunted down as in the ancient days?  I see this in our future, I truly do.  Unless Christians and Jews take a stand mightily against these forces of evil, and soon.  Trust me the persecutions will begin, and it won't be limited to the occasional burning of a religious statue.  Need I say more???
God help us!
"The Watchman"