Saturday, May 8, 2010

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Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms!!!
Everyone needs to click on the above link, and then decide if Sharia "is, or is not" infiltrating the very core of America's Capitalist Economic System.
It's time to wake up America!!!
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Copy Machines, a Security Risk? - CBS News Video

This is something of vital importance. Your bank, your employer, your doctor, all use copy machines. All copy machines contain a "hard drive" similar to the one in your personal computer, and or lap top. The important thing to understand, is that most places of business lease these machines, they do not own them. When the lease is expired, the machine goes back to the leasing agent/company. The machines are then sold to anybody and everybody. The "hard drives" in these copiers, are not scrubbed (erased), not ever. That means, that whoever purchases these copiers, also has all the information in the hard drive, and the data is easily extracted. If your doctor for instance, ever made a copy of you health record, and he now has a new copier, your health record is in the hands of someone else, who else? No way of knowing! The same is true of you local bank, has anyone at the bank copied your account numbers, loan numbers, and savings certificates, did they do it last year? If they did, all of your personal information is in the hands of, who knows? An unsavory character in say Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, California, there just is no way to track it down. The hard drive of a document copier, is a treasure to any thief, especially the dreaded Identity Thieves. While you and I are spending a $100.00 a year on Life Lock, or some other credit protection service, there are thieves out there downloading your entire life, not from the trash in your office, or home, but from someone Else's used copy machine. This is a failure by the copy machine manufacturers, unintentional I'm sure, but a failure just the same. Now that CBS has done an investigation expose' on this very subject, you can bet that pre-leased and pre-owned copiers will be flying out of warehouses, from one end of this country to the other. Of course, not very many people watch CBS these days, but word travels fast in the thieving business. You can bet that somewhere in China, Russia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, or Tim Buk Tu, someone is looking for a way to steal all you've got. Ask your doctor, banker, and investment broker what they did with last year's copier, ask them if the hard drive was scrubbed, I bet they have no idea!!!

Speaking of thieves, Middle Tennessee has been hit with a devastating flood situation this past week, and we're still recovering from it. Whenever there is a natural disaster like this one, the thieves just seem to come out of the woodwork. There are many reputable charity organizations set up to handle donations of goods, services, and money, use them. Be good stewards of your money, and be generous in giving, but be vigilant at the same time. Just as there are predator's waiting to pounce on innocent flood victims, there are also innocent flood victims, that are NOT so innocent. We have already run across self- described flood victims, who are scamming on Craig's list, with fraudulent ads. They are all using the same story," I have to sell this item, because we lost everything in the flood." " I wouldn't be selling this, but since the flood we need the money." The truth is, most of them have never lived near a flooded river or creek, and some don't even live in Tennessee. Be aware, there are thieves who will take advantage of your good nature. The adage " If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is." These are good words to live by. Give generously, but at the same time give wisely. "The Lord loves a cheerful giver."

Friday, May 7, 2010 - Tensions High at California High School Following Flag Flap

Is this it, is this what our new flag is going to look like? Have you wimpy politically correct, liberal, bleeding heart, inept politicians forgotten that America is a nation of Laws, not a nation of Men? Obviously tolerance is more important than the rule of law in this country. I guess it doesn't matter what you've done wrong, because each law is going to be bent and twisted, and distorted to fit your individual case. If you want to bomb an airplane, it might be okay, if you are distraught, or under pressure from your particular religion, and if Allah demands that you do it. In America, you get a special dispensation of the law. If you are an Illegal Alien from well, just about everywhere, and anywhere, that's okay too, because not every state has a law that says it's "Illegal to be Illegal." Is the only Governor with a backbone, the Governor of Arizona. Apparently that is a correct assumption. I don't see any other state willing to take on the Federal Government regarding this Illegal Immigration problem. My deepest respect and highest esteem I freely give to the Governor of Arizona. God Bless Her, her Congress, and State Senate for taking on this monumental task of cleaning up, where the Federal Government has failed miserably. It's time our local government to cast off the yoke of political correctness, and wrap themselves in an American Flag. It's time for our Tennessee Governor to follow in the footsteps of the Arizona Governor. Illegal, means Illegal, and this country doesn't need more laws to enforce, it just needs the guts to enforce the Immigration Laws already on the books.
When you click on the link above, you see the story of five teens who were told to remove their American Flag tee-shirts and bandannas, because it was Cinco-de-mayo. Not surprising, the school principal was of Hispanic heritage. That fact probably had nothing to do with his unbiased decision, no, not much!!! The last time I checked, California was still part of the United States of America. Also, the last time I checked my calendar, Cinco-de-mayo was a Mexican National Holiday, not an American Holiday. Students, who are proud American citizens, should be allowed to wear their American Flag tee-shirts all year around, yes even on Cinco-de-mayo. Unless, of course there is a dress code policy in place that strictly forbids the wearing of patriotic clothing, and then it should encompass all patriotic clothing, regardless of country of origin. The students who skipped school to march in Cinco-de-mayo protest, should be treated as the truants they are. The parents of these student protesters need to fined, and or punished to the fullest extent of the Truancy Laws of the State of California. That's assuming that California has at least one law left that hasn't been usurped by political correctness. Equal justice is supposedly what these illegals came here to get, because there is no fair treatment in Mexico, perhaps it's time we begin doling out the equal justice. You break the law, you pay the price, no matter whether you "habla" or not. Regardless of whether you are Caucasian, black, red, brown or yellow. The Law is the Law, period!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This entire Times Square bomber thing is really getting under my skin. I can't believe how many politicians, including New York City's own Mayor Bloomberg, were ready to blame the incident on a disgruntled TEA Party member. I know he didn't come out and say it, but you could sure hear the expectation in his assertion that, it just had to be someone who was upset with Obama's health care plan. This guy is right up there on the idiot list with Janet Napolitano, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. We all know that the Washington, D.C. and the New York leftist elite were hoping the bomber was a militia man from the mid-west, someone who clings to his guns and his Bible. But of course it wasn't!!! It was however, a Muslim Jihadist Pakistani-American, who follows Islam, you know that peaceful religion Obama keeps telling us about. Obviously this Faisal Shahzad was just a victim of misinformation. He probably wasn't in the Mosque that day the Imam spoke of peace and tolerance of all mankind and other religions. Sort of like Obama attending Reverend Wright's church for twenty years, and claims he never heard any racist or anti-American rhetoric.

When are our politicians from every level of government going spines? Whatever happened to wrong, is wrong, and right is right? What ever happened to leaders who were able to discern good from evil, and weren't afraid to speak out about it? Look, I really make an honest attempt to be tolerant of everyone, but I draw the line at Islam, it is not a religion of peace, it has been brainwashing it's followers for thousands of years. Our leaders, and our law enforcement people are going to have to wake up. Islam is a pestilence upon the earth. It's not the people, it's the religion itself that is corrupt and violent beyond repair. There are many things that we as freedom loving people can tolerate, however, the religion of Islam is not one of them. Islam, will not tolerate Christians, Jews, Hindus, or Buddhists, so how are all of us expected to accept Islam as a peaceful religion? Islam is not conducive to cohabitation in any country or with any people. Those words are from the Muslim Holy Qu'ran. I for one, tired of bending over backwards to be politically correct. The religion of Islam is the enemy of every civilized society on the face of the earth, because Islam wants it that way, period!!! I am sick and tired of being labeled a racist, or bigot, or an Islamaphobe, I am none of those things. I do however love my country, and it's citizens, and I am ready, willing and able to defend our Constitution against all who would tear it asunder, and that includes our own President. Another thing this country needs to get straight. When aliens from any country, and that includes, but is not limited to Mexico, come into the United States of America without permission, they are in fact criminals. At the alien's first footfall on American soil, they have broken the law. There is no need for new immigration reform laws, if the Federal Government will not enforce the Immigration Laws already on the books, what makes people think they will take new laws seriously. If Illegal Immigrants do not respect our immigration laws and our borders, there is no reason to expect they will abide by any other laws of this country. To give illegals amnesty is slapping those who came here legally in the face, and calling them "sucker!!!" Amnesty is a reward for committing a crime, we are a nation of laws, not people. All people must be required to obey the laws, regardless of where they come from. I would liken Illegal Alien Amnesty to the same amnesty afforded the draft dodger's from the Vietnam War. Our government rewarded them for being cowards, and the rest of us took our place on the wall, 58,000 plus died there, while the cowardly draft dodgers broke the law, and received the hero's welcome home. This government started going down hill when amnesty was granted to the draft dodger's and it's been rewarding all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons ever since.

Get up and wake up, a government that can give you all you want, can and will take it away from you at some time. I am not an Islamaphobe, or a racist, I am however, an Obamaphobe, because what he and his Progressives are doing to our country scares the he** out of me, and it should frighten you too.
Illegal Muslim terrorists are coming across our southern border too, don't forget that Janet Napolitano, or is it " Incompetano" ?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Okay, the Feds capture this Pakistani, Faisal Shahzad at the airport trying to flee the United States, he's booked on a flight to Dubai, I believe. A couple of weeks ago this terrorist pays cash for an SUV. He fills it with some propane tanks, some gasoline, perhaps a little fertilizer, some batteries, and a clock timer. The only thing is, the guy is an idiot. Luckily for New Yorkers, the terrorist Bozo is almost as smart as the underwear bomber. Neither can figure out how to fire up a bomb. Obviously the education these people received in Yemen, and Pakistan, wasn't top of the terrorist bomb making line, or neither one of these numb skulls graduated at the top of their class.
The point I'm making is that; Homeland Security, the FBI, the CIA, and Obama's new favorite, Interpol, had any idea this guy even existed. Yes, the plot was foiled, but not by any law enforcement authority, but by a Vietnam Veteran who still has his eyes open. Remember the underwear bomber, where were the experts then? I'm telling you again, this country continues to ignore the threat that Islam poses to this nation. I had to laugh out loud yesterday when I read that now that they've captured the alleged culprit terrorist, that they are still trying to figure out what his motive was. I just want to take these so-called federal investigators, and shake them by their heads. Listen, this Faisal Shahzad, is a Muslim, he is a follower of Muhammad, and a believer in the Qu'ran. Here is his motive: He doesn't need a MOTIVE, he is a terrorist who has head full of Mohammed's barbaric, ruthless, murderous rhetoric. That's the motive!!! Bottom line, now hear me, he wants to kill Americans for the glory of Allah, period!!!
Now, you can listen to Obama, and once again, not jump to conclusions, or you can wake up to the fact that Islam, is dangerous, Muhammad was a crazy pedophile, and all Muslims want Islam and Sharia to be the law of the land, and most of them don't care how many innocent people they have to kill to accomplish that goal.
So, Janet Napolitano, stop targeting TEA Party people, and militias intent on preserving our American way of life, and our Christian heritage, and start targeting every single Mosque in the United States. There is where you will find your terrorists, and your potential terrorists. Because one fine day, the Muslims will find a guy here in the U.S. that is more adept at his craft, one that will be able to light a match, or light a fuse. The results will not be pretty, this whole thing is on your heads. You didn't hear it here first, but you will hear it from me again, and again. Our Federal Government can close their eyes to the truth about the religion of Islam, but they will not go away!!! GOD HELP US!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Well, well, well, deep subject, huh? It appears that a car bomb, full of propane gas, gasoline, some timers and batteries was located in Times Square, New York City. Janet Napolitano, thinks it's a terrorist attempt. So far though, she's not sure who's behind it. Here's a hint Janet, they are of some type of Arab descent, they hate Americans, all Americans. They especially feel that Jews and Christians need to be eradicated, or exterminated, which ever you prefer. Let's see what else, okay, they read the Holy Qu'ran, and they belong to the most intolerant, barbaric, brutally murderous and peaceful religion in the world. Just ask Obama, he'll tell you, after all, it takes one to know one. Anyone coming to mind yet Janet? Perhaps I should simplify a bit more for you. The car bomb was located ominously near the Viacom building, like spitting distance. You remember Viacom Janet, that's the home of the South Park Cartoon Series. I'm giving Janet Napolitano all these hints, because I know she's smart enough to use them in naming the culprits. Then again, she did make the ludicrous statement that " Our southern border is still as secure as it ever was." Isn't that a statement worth remembering? So this is what I suggest Janet, get together with Obama, Reid, and of course Pelosi, perhaps the four of you can figure out what my clues mean. If not, here is one more opportunity to figure it out, multiple choice, it will give you the best possible chance at success:
Question 1. Who is responsible for placing a deadly car bomb in Times Square, near the Viacom Building?

Possible Answers: (A) Jihadists

(B) Radical Muslim Terrorists

(C) Followers of Islam

(D) Tea Partiers, under the command of Sarah Palin

I know that it will be extremely difficult for you not the choose (D), but if you did, you are every bit the buffoon we all know you to be. If you chose (A), (B), or (C), you may just be headed in the right direction. If Obama, Reid, and Pelosi chose (D), then I guess because they are so very much smarter than "We The People", there's at least a 25% chance they could be correct. Which would make all of you jokers more correct about anything you ever have been since you all took command. Once again, I'm not accusing anyone, the evidence is in your hands Janet, I suggest you choose wisely.

God Help This Nation!!!