Friday, March 2, 2012


Lack of morality is more like it!  No need to worry about nuclear fallout, we're already murdering our babies every day.

Ethic:  Principle of right or good conduct or a body of such principles.

 Remember when "ethic" actually meant something of good and high principle?  I do!  I remember when a person did something that the majority could look at and say that man has ethics, or he's ethical. 
  That definition doesn't hold true anymore.  Today, we have new ethics, new morality and in essence that means our society in general a slipped into mediocrity as far as ethics and principles go.  The following is an example of society's new ethics.  A recent article in the Journal of Medical Ethics reads like a moral horror story.  Regarding life and abortion, late term abortion, and now "post birth abortion".  Actually all three are murder, this post birth abortion, is mayhem and brutal murder in the enth degree.  Of course, in order to facilitate and justify the murder of newborns and beyond, another word for infanticide had to be found.  Scientists at the Journal of Medical Ethics have settled on "Post Birth Abortion".  Because the world has already been calloused toward the destruction of the fetus both in and out of the womb, called abortion, late term abortion, then the new Post Birth Abortion will be more easily accepted among the populace.  This is what a couple of the scientists wrote, if it doesn't make you cringe, then it is already too late to save this world.  " Both a fetus and a newborn certainly are human beings and potential persons, but neither is a "person" in the sense of "subject of a moral right to life".  We take 'person' to mean an individual who is capable of attributing to her/his own existence some (at least) basic value such that being deprived of this existence represents a loss to her/him."  Take a moment and re-read that statement, when your breathing becomes normal again, read the rest of their statement.  " Merely being human is not in itself a reason for ascribing someone a right to life.  Indeed, many humans are not considered subjects of a right to life: spare embryos where embryo research on stem cells is permitted, fetuses where abortion is permitted, criminals where capital punisment is legal. 
  So what are these scientists saying?  That a new born infant is merely a 'potential person', as an infant cannot make decisions for itself, feed itself or determine a life direction for itself?  Therefore a baby really isn't going to be a person until it can prove it's worth and value to exist???  Yes, that is exactly what they are saying.  In other words, a baby, not necessarily a new born, but in fact way beyond that age is, according to the new ethics merely chatel property of the parent/parents, or maybe even the state in many instances.  This new ethic removes the sanctity of life, does it not?  Under new ethics, if a parent(s) are unhappy with the way their three year old is acting, then they could justify its extermination, and perhaps try again.  Justifiable homocide certainly takes on a whole new meaning under society's new standard of ethics, doesn't it?  Has our society as a whole actually degraded to a point of barbarism not seen since the dark ages.  Has life become so insignificant that it is ethical to literally throw a child in the trash like so much unwanted garbage?  My God, how have we decayed to this lowly position?
  Everything from the world's apathy toward the expansion of Islam, to attacks on Christians and now on their consciences.  It all stems from the degradation of morality, the destruction of the family unit and the departure from religious tenets that society once embraced.  Where is it all headed?  How long will it be before these so-called ethicists place the elderly in the same group as new borns?  How long will it be before scientists set time lines and restrictions for human existence?  At what age will a 'person' grow old enough to become a 'non-person', and thereby eligible for extermination?
  Ladies and gentlemen we are living in a country where our president views unwanted babies as punishments to their mothers.  A president without morality and without conscience who is encouraging and nudgeing the people in the same direction.  We cannot allow this to continue.  If it does, the slaughter of innocents will become common place.  Population control and the environment will be used as excuses to destroy human life, all presented to you as acts of kindness and for the good of the planet and the remaining people.  Good intentions???  The road to perdition is paved with good intentions!  The Bible tells us the road to hell is wide, and many will take it. 
  God is our way, it is imperative that the world repent and  pray and turn from it's wicked ways, so that God will hear from heaven and heal this land. 
  I grieve for my nation, and for the children of this corrupt and immoral society that is being created.
  God Help Us
The Watchman

Monday, February 27, 2012

Rick Warren The Blustering Blowhard Blasphemer From Southern California

  Rick Warren, the head Pastor of Southern California, is out to convince Christians that "God" and "Allah" are one in the same.  I think it's time for Rick to re-read his Bible, and for that matter, re-read the Qur'an.  Obviously the 1st of the Ten Commandments escapes his memory.  "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me."  Pretty self explanatory, in my humble opinion, perhaps I'm not the theologian the Rick Warren is, but if I can figure it out, so should he.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Muhammad chose Allah to be Islam's supreme being from a host of false gods, and Allah himself was the one chosen out of several moon gods.  Sorry Rick Warren, but Allah bears no resemblance to the God of Abraham.  Allah did not create all that has been created.  Allah did not send his only son to earth to die for the sins of all mankind, including Muhammad.  Muhammad did not teach that Jesus Christ was Messiah, if he had, there would be no Muslims, they would all be Christians.  So where does Rick Warren get his ideas?  He makes them up, that's where.  Like most Christian men of the cloth, Rick Warren is deathly afraid of Islam.  When you consider that there are some 170,000 Muslims residing in Southern California, and they worship in Mosques established and run by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, I can understand his fear.  What I cannot understand is his cowardice in the face of God's and Christian's enemies.  Rick Warren, although he will never admit it, deems it necessary to appease Islam, rather than fight it.  Rick Warren, in my book is one of those luke warm Christians.  By partnering up, as he puts it, with Muslims, he denies his own faith and his own principles.  Like many politicians however, Rick, I'm sure thinks if he stands beside the Muslim while they are still relatively peaceful, when the Fatwa comes down, he hopes the Muslims will leave him and his church alone.  Not only should Pastor Warren re-read the Bible and the Qur'an, but brushing up on some Middle-Eastern and European history won't hurt him any either.  You don't have to read very much before you find that Islam, doesn't leave anyone they consider infidel alone.  Infidels, including appeasing Christians, will either be converted to Islam, or they will be made slaves, or they will be killed.  Unfortunately, the choice isn't up to the Infidel.  The Infidel is at the mercy of the Muslim conqueror.  Good luck Rick!!!
  To rid the world of this Islamic barbaric pestilence, they must be stopped, hard and fast.  There is no other way.  Pretending that Islam is nothing but a peaceful religion, and they do not mean anyone any harm, will not pull the plug on their plans for a new world wide Califate.
  Apologising for soldiers burning a few Qur'ans will not stop them from exacting violence upon the military in Afghanistan or anywhere else for that matter.  It's not the Qur'an or the burning of it that incites these uneducated barbarians, it's the blood thirstiness of the book itself.  Any excuse, no matter how small and ridiculous is excuse enough for Muslims to begin murdering Christians, Jews and Americans anywhere they are found.  As a perfect example, in the Muslim country of Pakistan (Obama's favorite, next to Saudi Arabia) they have been using the pages of the Qur'an as toilet paper, then they dump them into the sewerage like they were tissue.  Perhaps that wouldn't happen if Sears had continued printing catalogues in Arabic or Farsi, or if toilet tissue were readily available in Pakistan.  The fact remains, Muslims have less respect for their own so-called holy book than Christians have for the Holy Bible.
  Rick Warren has his head in the sand, if he actually thinks the Muslim Brotherhood respects him, because they do not.  In the eyes of the Brotherhood, Rick Warren is just another dhimmi (Sharia slave) that they will use to conquer the predominantly Christian West.  Rick Warren is just another useful idiot.  Is it any wonder 300 Muslims came to his Saddleback Church dinner.  They love this guy.  You can bet he didn't serve pork chops, out of respect of course.
Wake Up My Friends, soon it will be too late!
God Help Us, or and Rick, I don't mean Allah!!!
The Watchman  

Sunday, February 26, 2012


These are Texas' Oil Wells

  As the captioned photo above shows, these are oil wells in the state of Texas, this scene repeats itself in the states of Oklahoma, California, Alaska and a few others.  Suffice to say, drilling for crude oil, then refining it to make gasoline, diesel fuel, jet and aviation fuel, and a host of other products that people around the globe use every day, and most of the time without giving a thought about from where it first came from.
  The fact of the matter is, that crude oil is a natural resource, not unlike coal or natural gas.  Crude oil, natural gas and coal in many cases have been stored  for centuries in the bowels of the earth, in many places, natural gas is  found in pockets that may literally exist beneath homes and cities and roads, the same can be said for huge underground lakes of crude oil.  Deposits of coal are prevalent in many areas of this country, coal is so plentiful, that for over a hundred years, there have been family coal mines on private farms and homesteads.  Keeping these locations of natural resources in mind, I find myself asking, just  who really owns a natural resource?
  For many years, the oil companies have been responsible for locating, extracting and refining crude oil.  The question is; do the acts of locating, extracting and refining cause the crude oil to automatically become the sole property of the oil company performing these processes?  The same question can of course apply to natural gas and maybe even coal.  I believe the difference, is that coal and natural gas are subject to free market enterprise.  Where as crude oil is not.  The market for crude oil is based on a much more global scale.  Nations that are members of OPEC set controls and limits on oil extraction and delivery, thereby controlling the amount of oil that can be sold and refined into petroleum products.  OPEC member nations, including the United States are subject to the agreed controls of Oil Producing Countries, and not so much subject to free markets.  Although there is no doubt that the fluctuating economies and world affairs have their effect on oil production.  Then again, oil production can have serious effects on the economies also.  Bottom line however, governments of OPEC nations are the ones who dictate production and subsequently the price of a barrel of crude oil, and this cost and effect trickles all the way to the gasoline pump "per gallon price".  Now that we know basically who and what determines oil prices, we also know that it is not the free market.  
  The original question was, who actually owns the crude oil natural resources of any given nation?  Because the United States has been and continues, at least for the time being, to run on a capitalistic style free market system, we must assume that the oil companies are buying the oil they extract from beneath the ground of our country.  But, are they?  I don't think all Americans are reaping profit benefits from our natural resources.  Sure, the oil companies purchase "oil leases" from the federal government, but are they purchasing the crude oil itself?  If they are, then who is collecting the money for the American citizen?  Then of course we must ask, where's the money?  Of course, if the oil companies are not purchasing the crude oil they extract, then it should be understood, that it (the oil) is also not theirs to sell.    
  I personally feel that the American citizen, for the most part has been completely left out of the oil equation.  Only the citizens of the state of Alaska appear to be profiting from crude oil extraction, and that is because Alaska is selling their oil to the oil companies, and therefore every year citizens of Alaska receive a check from the oil companies for their share of crude oil profits made by oil companies.  That does seem fair, doesn't it?  Sure it does, it's Alaska's crude, because it's extracted from somewhere in the state of Alaska.  So I ask you, why aren't checks being cut to citizens of Texas, California and Oklahoma?  Is their oil any less valuable?  While we're at it, when Alaska became a state, their oil became a state right along with their dirt, snow, ice and rocks, and of course the people.  In my way of thinking, and I may be wrong, so this is just food for thought.  Why is oil found in Alaska owned by Alaskans, but oil found in Texas and Oklahoma belong to oil companies?  In actuality, we are the United States of America, are we not?  Then if we agree, why doesn't all the crude oil belong to all the citizens of the United States, including the Alaska, Texas, California and Oklahoma oil?  Crude oil is a natural resource found on America's soil, and on America's off-shore.  
  I know that oil companies take great risk in funding oil exploration, but when they find oil, the profits are substantially higher than their initial outlay.  I am in favor of the oil companies making profits, and huge ones at that, the more they make the better.  However, in my mind, the crude oil being extracted from soil, either on-shore or off-shore belongs to the American citizen, and as such owners, should be receiving remuneration from the sale of their oil.  I know, in America, we enjoy some of least expensive gasoline prices compared to other nations, especially in Europe.  So, perhaps in essence, that is where our profit sharing is, even as the prices reach $4.00 per gallon.  If that is the case, then all gasoline prices, not counting state, local and federal taxes, should all be the same.  By the same token, let's allow other nations to take care of their people, but America needs to take care of it's own, and that includes the sales of America's natural resources.   
  On another similar subject, how many American citizens know that the governor of Idaho either has, wants too, or intends to sell a 50 square mile parcel of American soil to the Chinese?  Well, it's true, it's factual, but it isn't very satisfactual, if you know what I mean!  It seems that China wants to build a 50 square mile all inclusive self-sustaining city, free of encumbrances and taxes, right in the middle of America.  Just between you, me and the fence post, I don't know who gave permission to the governor of Idaho to sell any such land to a foreign country, let alone, China!  The land that makes up the state of Idaho doesn't belong to the governor or the people of Idaho exclusively.  Idaho is a state within the and part of the United States of America.  As far as I know, America is not for sale, and no governor of any of our fifty states has a right to sell any parcel of America to a foreign country.  To allow this to take place, means the people in Idaho must have peeled one to many potatoes.  Worse yet, should the federal government approve a project like this, the ramifications will be devastating to all of America. With that in mind, I'm thinking Obama will jump to approve this Idaho debacle.  It would be just one more strategically placed nail in the American economy's coffin.  No doubt Obama is standing at the ready to hammer in that final golden spike.
God Help Us
The Watchman