Thursday, March 17, 2011


Obama, is he indecisive? I don't think so! Saying President Obama is being indecisive while the world burns, is the same pass he gets when the media says: "He just lacks experience". Obama has all the experience he needs to carry out his agenda, and all the chaos that exists in America and the world is music to his ears.

Egypt's Mubarak goes down and the Muslim Brotherhood is on the rise, Saudi Arabia is under the gun, along with Bahrain. Yemen is in total disarray and Libya's Gaddafi is putting the killing blows on the rebels in his country. Obama is throwing all the regimes he apologised to last year under the bus. America's economy is two feet away from the tank of the eternally lost, and the dollar is taking a big hit because of what Geithner said "slipped out", that wasn't a slip of the tongue at all. He said that America is very much interested in establishing a One World Currency. He was just adding more fuel this nations chaotic financial system. It's part of the Progressive Obama plan.

Japan, our biggest and most trusted ally in Asia is going through a three time barrage of disasters that equal Biblical proportions. First the 9.0 earthquake, then a 35ft tall tsunami wave devastates half the island of Japan, and if that wasn't enough, the Japanese people are dealing with what could possibly become the nuclear disaster of the 21st century. Two, perhaps three nuclear core melt downs. Needless to say, the Japanese are in dire straights. Facing the possibility of food and clean water shortages, not to mention housing and shelter for the displaced hundreds of thousands of men, women and children. God help them.
However, in the Obama White House, all is well. The president is able to party like he was a Kennedy, golf without missing a stroke, and pick his winners for the Final Four in college basketball. Cool, calm and collected is about all you can say about this guy. One would think that any sane president would be pulling his hair out right now. Decisions have to be made, and they should be the most difficult decisions of this man's presidency, but his he worried? No, he is not. Why? Because chaos was this man's goal, and chaos is what most of the world is in right now, but not Barack Hussein Obama, no sirree not Barack Hussein Obama.
The media can give him a pass if they want to, the congress can try to understand what he is or isn't doing, and Obama's worshippers can continue to be led down the Socialist/Progressive path, but as for me, I'm not fooled at all, not one little bit. Most of you who keep up with my Blog know, although you may not want to admit it, but Barack Obama's agenda is to fundamentally change America, and that is what he is doing. He is fully sound of mind and body, and he is fully capable of carrying out his plan, and well.....America, we're allowing it to happen. No, I don't know how to stop him, obviously the congress can't stop him, the Supreme Court can't stop him, so who can stop him? My guess is only We The People, and only with the help of God.
Sustainable communities, political correctness, hate speech, bailouts, global warming, Obama Care, Cap & Trade, energy crisis, no oil, no drilling, no solutions, gun control. These are all Obama instigated games and they are all leading to one thing. Control, control, control.
Make no mistake, Obama can rest easy as his plans are being carried out to the letter. World populations are doing without needed grain, because America is burning their food so that we might have fuel for our cars. It doesn't make sense, ethanol is not even a feasible alternative to petroleum, but America is under orders to do it anyway. Where are the pioneering men and women who weren't afraid to take a stand against evil? Where are the farmers that say, we don't want subsidies to grow corn for fuel? We can't in good conscience watch thousands of people starve because the food we used to supply to the world is no-longer there! Where are the farmers who refuse to take those 30 pieces of silver, to betray the hungry? Where are the patriotic American citizens, the ones that know right from wrong, good from evil and will stand against the evil regardless of sacrifice?
Just because there is no honesty and integrity left in Washington, D.C., doesn't mean the rest of America has to follow suit.
We will all have to answer for our actions, and our failures to act. What will our answer be when God asks us: "What have you done for your fellow man"?
Read Psalm37:9
God Help Us
"The Watchman"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Adrian Peterson, you whining spoiled brat!!! Have you no shame? Have you no honor? Are you so disconnected from the average American football fan, that you should dare compare your life to that of a modern day slave? In the first 3 months of the 2011 NFL season, Adrian Peterson will have been payed more money than the average football fan will be able to earn in a lifetime. That's right, in the upcoming 2011 season, Adrian Peterson's earnings will be 10.72 million dollars, just in case that doesn't startle you look at it this way" $10,720,000.00. Believe me Mr. Peterson, you pathetic ego maniac, there isn't one slave in any country that wouldn't trade paychecks with you.

The world is on fire, hundreds of thousands of Japanese people are facing and coping with the results of a natural disaster of Biblical proportions, and American professional athletes are crying because they will only be earning tens of millions of dollars, this next year. What a class act from the NFL players. The gall for a professional football player to say: "Without the players, there is no football"!!! Is that right? Well I've got news for you prima-donna football players, without the average fan that is scrapping by earning an average of $40,000.00 a year, there would be NO football. That would put you so-called modern day slaves in quite the pickle, wouldn't it? You might actually have to get a real job. Let me ask, just how much of that college education were you able to retain? I'm thinking that most of you complaining thugs, (not all), that were given a pass through the higher education system because of your athletic abilities, would in fact have a tough time forming a complete sentence, or filling out an employment application. Just what is it you want to collectively bargain for anyway? Is there health care out there that you can't afford? Is your family going to starve if you don't earn 20 million dollars a year instead of 10 million? What is it exactly? After some rather exhaustive research, I came up with a few figures which will certainly add to the sympathy for NFL players and their "modern day slavery" situation. The lowest average pay for a player came in at a paltry 1.4 million dollars a year. That just makes me so very sad. Just for kicks, let's see what other complaining footballers have to gripe about. Peyton Manning earns an average football salary of (are you sitting down) $30,800,000.00, that's 30.8 million dollars a year, (that doesn't include his several millions from commercials.) Poor unfortunate Tom Brady has also joined in the whining brigade because he only enjoys a base salary of $21,000,000.00, that's 21 million dollars a year. I am sure that Drew Brees is also in the top 10% of NFL wage earners. The point I'm making is this, anyone who manages to earn yearly salaries upwards of a million dollars, has no legitimate reason to complain, and they certainly aren't even remotely akin to a modern day slave. Oh, I know that professional football players only have a limited amount of time to earn their lifetime salaries, due to the great physical strains placed upon their bodies. Blah, blah, blah, sorry, no excuse there, at least not in my book.

It's time for professional athletes from all sports to look themselves in the mirror, and instead of seeing a super star, they need to see the human being that God has blessed with physical talents, and even more so, the amount of good breaks and opportunities that are responsible for where and who they are today. Take a lesson from those who haven't been as fortunate.

"Thou shalt not steal." "Thou shalt not covet."
Good words to take to heart mister Adrian Peterson.
God Bless The People Of Japan
The Watchman

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Palestinians Hand Our Sweets To Celebrate The Muslim Massacre Of Israeli Family

Another barbaric Muslim tradition. Passing out free sweets to celebrate the massacre of an Israeli family. Peaceful Muslims, followers of the peaceful way of Islam and Muhammad sneaked into the home of an Israeli family and stabbed to death the father, mother, a 12 year old son, a 3 year old and a 3 month old infant, all while they were sleeping. There is no honor in Islam or the ways of Muhammad. Do we know why Muslims murder Israelis, because they are Jews, no other reason, none at all!!!

I have included a link to the Atlas Shrugs website, there you will see the graphic photographs of the carnage left in this Israeli home. WARNING!!! THE PHOTOS ARE PRETTY MUCH UN RETOUCHED, THEY ARE GRAPHIC AS I SAID, AND THEY ARE NOT FOR THE EYES OF THE FAINT OF HEART!!! WARNING!!!

Islam proves once again that they are not the "peaceful religion" they would like you to believe they are. By their own holy book the Qu'ran, they are instructed to kill Jews and Christians as we are nothing but apes and swine. There is NO tolerance in the Islamic faith for Infidels, that's us, by the way. Muslims are instructed to convert Christians and or turn us into slaves, or eradicate us. That's the tolerant peaceful Islam we aren't hearing about.

Okay, yes there are bad people in every society, there are brutal murderers, psychotic killers, and even cannibals. In every society there are lunatics, barbarians, rapists, and home invaders. However, there is no other society that I am aware of that celebrates the murder or shall I say senseless slaughter of innocent human beings. Only Islam, Only Islam celebrates when innocent men, women and children have there lives brutally snuffed out at the hands of jihadis.

When jihadis hijacked American airliners on 9/11 and crashed them in to the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon, Muslims celebrated and danced in the streets praising the terrorists who perpetrated the act. Today, in Palestine Muslims once again danced and celebrated the murder of five innocents and passed out sweets to the citizens so that all could take part. Yes, this act of violence was carried out by just a couple of Muslims, but the most frightening part about it, was that the act was celebrated by Muslims in the streets of Palestine. I don't know about you, but to me, the stabbing to death of five people is hardly a reason to celebrate. Let alone warrant the celebration of an entire community. I don't care who they are!!!

This my friends is coming to America, and the liberals and the Progressives are inviting them here. It is common knowledge that Islam/Muslims are not compatible with any other society or religion. It is common knowledge that Islam's agenda is domination of the west, not assimilation. Islam, through it's actions and words of their Imams have made it perfectly clear that Israel must be wiped from the face of the map. Islam, through it's Imams have declared a holy war against Israel and America (The Great Satan as they call us), yet our government, from the White House down to local municipalities have been bending over backwards to please and appease these people who follow this barbarous belief, why?

It would be much easier to not blame an entire society for the atrocious and repulsive acts of a few, if the entire society didn't take part in the celebration of the carnage. If Islam didn't hold those perpetrators up as hero's of Allah. If the hijackers from 9/11 weren't praised as martyrs for Allah. I mean, who is this Allah anyway? He certainly is NOT the same God we Christians and Jews worship! Islam's prophet is Mohammad, a murdering lunatic pedophile, and sole author of the Qu'ran. No, Mohammad and Allah are not the same as our God the Creator, and our Jesus the Savior. Islam and Mohammad are evil and directly descended devil's spawn. Islam has no place in civilized culture, as their beliefs are not those of civilized people.

There is but one alleged devout Muslim who I am sure will speak out against the dastardly and cowardly murders that sparked this Blog article, and that would be Dr. Zuhdi Jasser. Dr. Jasser has made numerous appearances on the Glenn Beck Program, and O'Reilly's Factor. Dr. Jasser is even testifying in favor of the Rep. King hearings on the radicalization of homegrown Muslim terrorists in America. From all outward appearances, Dr. Jasser is a kind family man, an intellectual and purports to be a devout Muslim-American. That's where the rub comes in. Devout Muslims can only be loyal and obedient to Allah and the Qu'ran, they can not according to the Qu'ran, be obedient or submissive to any man made law. This poses the question to Dr. Jasser, which is it, are you loyal to the Qu'ran, or to the Constitution and laws of the United States? Of course one could counter that by asking me if I am loyal to the laws of God as written in the Bible or am I loyal to the Constitution and laws of the United States of America? I, can say unequivocally that I am loyal to both, as my Christian Faith does not encourage me to kill and or make slaves out of non-Christians. I'm afraid in all honesty that Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, being a devout Muslim and under the direction of the Qu'ran can not be loyal to both his Faith and the Constitutional man made laws of the United States. Another troubling component is that Dr. Jasser claims to be only one of many American-Muslims who are denouncing the terrorist activities of his fellow believers in Islam. Unfortunately, Dr. Jasser is always alone on stage and I've not seen or heard any other supposed moderate Muslim speak out and stand up next Dr. Jasser. So, where are all these other Muslim-Americans who are against the teachings of Mohammad? Either Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is a fallen away or backslidden Muslim, or he is lying. From my research, true followers of Islam are also followers of Mohammad's Qu'ran to the letter, or they simply are not Muslim.
Due to the political correctness and the mandatory tolerance being forced upon Americans, there appears to be no stopping the influx of Muslims into our country. What we all must do however, is prepare ourselves for the impending fight that most certainly lies before us. If you live near a Muslim Mosque, you may want to keep your eyes and ears open in the neighborhood. Muslims will infiltrate your local governments as soon as there are enough Muslims to sway the vote in their favor. If this happens, and you are either Christian or Jew, be prepared for the persecution to start, and rest assured it will. If you have a neighbor who is Muslim, remember according to their holy book they can not take up with non-believers (Infidels if you will), they can not be your friend. They can lie to you of course, that is their way to gain your trust, be forewarned, do not turn your back to them. Killing Infidels in their sleep or from behind makes no difference to them, as they are murdering for Allah. Now that's the peaceful Islam we are NOT hearing about.
God Help Us
"The Watchman"