Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yep, if the words come from the Oval Office, and it's passed along by none other than our man Gibbs, it must be true. Things like Obama isn't going to lose any sleep over FOX News Channel, especially Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. Then why the big war? That's a question everyone asks, and nobody answers.
Did you know that there is a big meeting scheduled in Copenhagen this December. There is a Global Warming Treaty waiting there for Barack Obama's signature. He gets to sign away the entire sovereignty of the United States to a new international consortium, that will take your hard earned money, and give it to third world countries as sort of an apology for the U.S. destroying the climate. Isn't that wonderful? I guess our president hasn't apologised nearly enough so far. Taking into consideration, that there is no such thing as global warming, there is climate change however, and I imagine that we modern western capitalists are responsible for that too. You can bet our anointed one, the omnipotent Barack Obama, is going to make America pay for all those carbon footprints we've left all over the planet.
My Lord, what is this world coming too, do you know there are still people out there who think that Obama is doing one bang up job? They love him. His accomplishments include staying in a war he promised to get us out of. Tripling the nation debt, and in record time I might add, he's only been in office nine months. The real unemployment rate is sitting at or about 15%, not 9.8% as touted by the White House. The value of the American dollar is dropping like a rock against almost all foreign currencies, about 5% a week is the nearest estimate. Obama can't make up his mind on whether or not to send the requested troops to General McCrystal, because, as he puts it, he's being very careful. I may be mistaken, but wasn't it Obama's strategy in Afghanistan in the first place, now he's not so sure. So they're right back to blaming George Bush again. I don't know what we put in the White House, but whoever, or whatever he is, he should not be the President of the United States.
The answers we get from Robert Gibbs, sure make me sleep better at night. It's the truth he's telling, but I sure am having a tough time believing any of it, I'm just sayin'... God Help Us


In the coming days, I will be posting about the Global Warming Treaty that will be signed in Copenhagen this coming December. I am in the process of investigation, so that all my facts will be accurate, please bear with me. See you all tomorrow. ~Jer

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Contrary to popular belief, Obama told the country exactly what his plans were prior to being elected. Actually, five days before the election he told the American people that " we are just five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America. I saw no reason to disbelieve him. I saw who his campaign people were, I saw through his personality, and his mastered technique of the English language. America was given clues as to this radical's agenda from the beginning of his campaign, and voters fell for him and his lies like dominoes. What in God's precious name, did people think he was talking about when he said "fundamentally change America"? The reason this man was elected to office, was because of the left's real hatred for George Bush. They were able to convince the people that after Bush, we needed this so-called change. The Obama campaign outlined it's agenda, right from the beginning. The Obama campaign lied to the American people, the lies were exposed on numerous occasions, and no body paid attention. The only excuse for Obama's climb to the White House is the fact that not enough people watched shows like Glenn Beck, Hannity, or got their news from Fox. But those people who did watch the conservative media, are not without guilt in this past election. Neither Glenn Beck, nor Hannity endorsed John McCain for president. Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Colter also put down McCain, is it any wonder, that republicans didn't come out and vote. I understand that John McCain was not the best man for the job, but in my heart of hearts, I truly believe that America wouldn't be faced with this impending doom, had McCain been elected. I'm not even sure how McCain was able to achieve the nomination in the first place. But the fact remains, no body in the conservative media truly supported him, and therefore he lost. The final result was, that "We the People" lost too. Because of the conservative lack of foresight, we now have a radical socialist/communist for a president, whose plan it is, is to fundamentally change America. He is shredding the constitution, he is usurping the people's rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He is stepping on the first, and second amendments as though they never existed. He is spending our economy into oblivion, he has endorsed the murder of millions of babies, he's put our troops on hold while he dances with illegals in the White House. Does the name Nero ring a bell with anyone, well it does me.
We, as conservatives can not start giving ourselves excuses, by saying we didn't know what Obama was all about. We all knew, and enough people chose to ignore the warning signs, and voted for him anyway. I may add, that any self respecting conservative that stayed home on voting day, is just as much to blame for this man being in office, as those who came out and voted for him. Those who stayed home, and didn't vote for John McCain, in order to "make a statement", well, thank you for your statement! If we survive this administration, and we are not a banana republic by the end of his administration, I pray this will just go down in history as a lesson learned. GOD HELP THIS NATION