Saturday, August 7, 2010


I don't know about you America, but I'm getting really long in the tooth for this blame it all on George Bush excuse from the White House, and Congress. So I did some research, and I found enough information to set the record straight.
Headline: November 9, 2006, Democrats Will Have The Majority In Both Houses!!! The story went on to mention that Dems will have a 51 vote majority in the Senate, and at least a 40 vote majority in the house. That count and amount translates to: Republicans no longer control the purse strings. When you take into consideration that the president does NOT control or enact spending bills, the conclusion is that George W. Bush, could not have been responsible for any spending between January 2007-2008. Congress however, is another story all together.
In my research, I found that some huge increases in spending occurred in the budgets from 2007-2009. In the 2007 budget US income was 2.4 trillion dollars, but the spending was 2.8 trillion dollars. In the 2008 budget US income was 2.66 trillion dollars, but the spending was 2.9 trillion dollars. In the 2009 budget US income was 2.7 trillion dollars, and the spending was 3.1 trillion dollars. See the pattern here, in each of those consecutive years, our government was spending billions of dollars more than they were taking in. Now here's where it gets good. Barack Obama is now president, the House and Senate still have the super majority, Republicans are helpless to stop any spending bills. So let's look at the 2010 budget, US income 2.38 trillion dollars (down 11% from 2009), US Spending 2010 3.5 trillion dollars, an increase of (15.6%) over 2009. The present congress has not even attempted a budget for 2011, but according to the Congressional Budget Office, America's proposed deficit will rise from 11.9 trillion dollars 2009 to a whopping 15.1 trillion dollars in 2011.
The point is this, Barack Hussein Obama was elected to the United States Senate in 2005, so that makes him a Senator for all of 2006, 2007. It also means that Barack's democratic cronies have been in complete command of the House of Representatives, and the Senate for 2007 and 2008. If spending was a problem, how come Barack Obama didn't say anything about it when he was a Senator during the George Bush administration? Well, I'll tell you why, because Barack Obama was voting for all the spending bills right along with the other Democrats who controlled both houses.
The bottom line here is; Barack Obama's administration did inherit this budget crisis, and the out of control spending, but the Democrats did not inherit it from George W. Bush, they inherited it from themselves. Blaming the previous administration for all your problems is easy to do, but, when you and your present administration were the cause of the budget crisis, the blame by all rights falls on your own shoulders. One can only blame a previous president for the things that the previous president had control over. It was the Democrats in the House and Senate that drove our nation into a debt crisis, and it is the same people who are still driving this nation into a financial abyss.
Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, you can all blame the Bush administration for the problems you created, and are still creating. But, understand this, the American people aren't buying the tired excuse "it's Bush's fault" anymore.
Please pass this information along, because the closer we get to the November mid-term elections, the more Obama and his minions will be pushing the blame Bush rhetoric hot and heavy. After all, the lame excuse is all they have. As always though, there will be people you will listen to that excuse. It is our obligation to do all we can to disseminate the truth to those who are not as well informed as we are. Vote this November, and take someone with you to the polls. November may well be the last chance we have to save our Republic politically.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Sharia compliant, what does that mean to you? Sharia compliant is the first step toward total dominance of Sharia Law over America's constitutional law. With the amount of new Muslim Mosques being constructed in America today, it is important that Americans consider all the ramifications of tolerating and complying to the laws that govern Islam. Hence the terminology "Sharia Compliant". In order to be Sharia compliant, a nation must allow the Muslim population to govern themselves and have their own courts in their own communities. Halal food must be served in schools where Muslim children attend, I can go on , and on, but I'm sure you understand where Sharia compliance leads, without me spelling it out. Here are some facts you may not know; the United Kingdom has as of 2007 no less than 1,689 Muslim Mosques, also as of 2007, the United States has no less than 1,462 Mosques. Another tidbit for thought, (the United Kingdom is Sharia compliant, and it's not working out so good, sort of like National Health Care.) Each time the followers of Islam are allowed to erect a Muslim Mosque, the United States gives up the territory/land that the Mosque now sits on. Under Islamic law, where there is a Mosque, the land becomes sovereign territory of Islam, likening the Mosque site to an Embassy. How does that affect me, you ask??? The answer is, it doesn't, unless your neighborhood farmer, your neighborhood church, your neighborhood school district, or the city or town managers sell the property to a group of Muslims for the sole purpose of building a Mosque. Then it will affect you, believe me it will affect you, big time!!! Muslim's have a tendency to set up housekeeping around the vicinity of their respective Mosques. Muslims will be looking for neighborhoods to move into. You say, well, that should raise my property value, I'll just sell out, and move away. Something to consider, these Muslims who are now infiltrating your area, aren't wealthy Arabs, they are mostly poor, and if you research Muslim communities in the Netherlands and in the U.K., you will find that they are considered poverty stricken slums. Here's what will happen to your neighborhood: A few homes will be purchased at fair market prices, then a few more for a little less, soon when your neighborhood is inundated with men in turbans and women wearing traditional Muslim garb, like long black dresses and their faces are covered with the ever so stylish hijab/veil, your property will become worthless. Soon, you will be begging to sell your home at any price too anybody, because Muslims will intimidate you at your home, they will will force your schools to comply with Muslim prayer, and your children will be afraid to walk the neighborhood alone, especially if you are Christian or Jew. The Muslim community will not be tolerant of your faith, or if you are atheist, your lack of faith. This way of taking over neighborhoods, isn't anything new. The Muslims learned this from America back in the 50's and 60's. Some of you may not be old enough to remember, so here's a short explanation: In large cities like Chicago where I was born, there was a group of organized Afro-Americans, back then of course they were referred to as Negros. They would come into a predominantly white neighborhood, find a nice home for sale, and under the cover of darkness they would send in a white Liberal attorney and make an offer well above the the asking price, an offer to good to refuse as it were. The seller's didn't even know who the anonymous buyer's were, they just took the dough, and got out. A few days later, a Negro family would move in. These attorneys came from organizations as the ACLU, they were called "Blockbusters." Soon, because of the racial divisiveness that existed in those days, it resulted in many, many homes being sold to whoever they could sell too, before the fear of property devaluation became a reality. You see, the "Blockbusters", relied on the animosity that existed between Blacks and Whites, they took advantage of both races. Pretty sneaky, huh? This same technique is what the Muslims will use to enter your neighborhood, and within a few months, completely take it over. Make no mistake, the Muslims in this country want to take over, and their goal is to make Sharia Law, the Law of the land, and make Islam the only religion of the world.
Muslims, and the Islamic influence are making huge strides into the United States, they use our self-professed tolerance of all religions as a tool to gain access. Keep in mind, Islam does not tolerate any other religion, not anywhere in the world, and they will not tolerate Christians and Jews in this country either. Think this can't happen in America? Allow me to just mention one incident, that will show you, it will only take one local judge to bring Sharia Law into the same "protected area" as religious freedom and tolerance. A couple of months ago, a New Jersey woman went to Family Court seeking a restraining order against her Moroccan husband who repeatedly forced her to have sex with him. But Judge Joseph Charles denied her the restraining order because he felt that the "husband acted in accordance with his Muslim beliefs, and he did not have any criminal intent to his sexual assault." That ruling may be understood in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Saudi Arabia, but not here, not in New Jersey, and surely not in America, where people are equally protected under one constitutional law. But it happened here, the ruling was overturned, but next time, will it be overturned. There are many Muslims running for political office in this country, from local to the Federal level. As more and more Muslims gain higher political offices, the more Sharia compliant this country will get. Bare in mind, we already have 2 Muslims in our congress, and they took their oath of office on the Qu'ran, not the Bible. Please understand, the Qu'ran says it is justified to lie as long as it benefits Allah, and that lying to non-Muslims is not considered a lie. Judges in America are already beginning to legislate from the bench, take Vaughn Walker who just recently in the state of California decided that a Law that was passed by the people was unconstitutional. The judge is required to enforce the law, not decide whether it's unconstitutional or not. With the stroke of his pen, he nullified all of votes of the people. If it can happen in New Jersey and California, it can happen, and will happen in your home town, if you allow it!!!
America, your country is be stolen, sold, given away right before your eyes. What can you do? VOTE in November. If a candidate in your district is Muslim and wants to take an oath of office on the Qu'ran, DO NOT under any circumstances vote for this person. If we want to keep this country as our country where everyone is equally protected under one set of laws, it is imperative that number one: You Vote This November, and number two: You Vote For a Christian Conservative. Test your candidates, ask them the tough questions. Seek the Lord's Divine Guidance before casting your vote. This November is our Republic's last chance America. If conservatives do not take the majority in the House and Senate, America loses. If America loses, in less than two years time, you will not recognize this America as the country you grew up in.
God Help Us

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Is anyone in California upset? Why aren't the voters in California gathering in the streets from one end of that state to the other with torches and pitchforks. Are the people of California or the people of this country for that matter, aware of what Judge Vaughn Walker did to them yesterday? Oh yes people, the judge did stick it to you on a grand scale! A U.S. District Court Judge just stole, and or nullified over seven million votes, and voters. He made you irrelevant and single handedly put you in your place. Now, I'm not exactly sure why Judge Walker did what he did, there are I'm sure, a number of reasons. One could be, because he himself is openly gay, and he wanted to make a statement to all the straight voters out there. The other could be, perhaps he plans on marrying his own guy-pal, and he already ordered the rainbow colored Tinkerbell brides maids dresses, or tuxedos, and it's too late to get his deposit back. Whatever the reason, you can bet it isn't because the law banning gay marriage in California, is unconstitutional. The law does however, interfere with the gay agenda. Doesn't it upset anyone that less and 3 percent of the population is dictating policy to the rest of the nation? It bothers the heck out of me!!! It's not the fact that gays want to get married, although the thought is rather repugnant, and regardless of what they say, it's not a normal healthy lifestyle. It's the fact that one person assumes he has the power, and the right to steal the votes of seven million voters. More disturbing, the people appear to be going along with this travesty of justice. I know, the people of the state of California will of course appeal Judge Walker's ruling, but they have to appeal it to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which by the way, is the Judicial house of Liberal/Progressives, so, we pretty much know what that decision is going to be. Is there ever going to be an end to the blatant usurpation of the people's rights, and authority?
What ever happened to judges that used their power to enforce the laws passed by "We The People"? Judges aren't appointed, or elected to legislate from the bench. It is not up to a District Court Judge to determine if a law is unconstitutional or not. The Supreme Court is asked to do that at both the State and Federal level. One biased judge does not a Supreme Court make. No, one man in this nation has been given the power by the people to deem a law duly passed by the people to decide what is constitutional or not. A judges place is not to change the law, but to enforce the laws as written in a judicious manner, until that time when the law is changed, and or amended by the people.
It is my understanding that even appointed judges can be impeached for ruling either incompetently, or basing a judgement on self bias. It was always my understanding that judges were not to allow personal bias to influence decisions made from the bench. Has Lady Justice removed the blindfold in this country. What ever happened to equal justice under the law? Has it been replaced by social justice? Is America no longer a nation of laws? Are we now a nation of men. Justice, in order to work correctly and fairly, must remain blind.
People in California, and the Nation need to be up-in-arms over this judges gall, and his ruling!!!.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When Did Elected Officials Become, Leaders of The People?

It is true, many of our elected officials were leaders. Some, like George Washington, was the leader of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Dwight D. Eisenhower was a leader in the United States Army, and Supreme Commander of the the Armed Forces during World War II. There are many leaders among us that will never be elected to public office, yet there are many men and women in public office that are not now, never have been, and never will be leaders.
It came to me last Sunday evening while in church, and someone suggested that we pray for our leaders. I'm like, what leaders? In order to be a leader, one must lead something. It has always been my understanding that we elect public officials as servants and representatives of "We The People". When did public servants go from servants of the people to leaders of the people. In my view, it is "We The People" who are supposed to be in charge, and our duly elected public servants answer to us, not the other way around. George Washington, by his own admittance, was a servant of the people, and the nation. When did the American people relinquish the control to elected servants? I honestly think the worst thing Americans ever did, was to allow politicians to think of themselves as leaders, instead of servants and representatives of the people. This is a Republic, although it is governed by elected officials, those officials are to be carrying out the will of the people. "We The People" are not, and should not be considered servants of the government. That's not how this Republic was established, or how it was intended to be run. The will of the people, is just that. The will, or wishes of the servant of the people are to be held irrelevant when voting on legislation. The elected servant of the people, is to represent the will and wishes of his/her constituents. It is the elected public servant's duty to ascertain the will of the majority of those he represents, and cast his vote accordingly. If the elected representative feels strongly that the people's will, is somehow flawed, it is also his obligation to make that known, and even persuade his people to look at things from his standpoint. However, if they are not swayed, it is not the representative's right to vote against his people. This is exactly what has happened, these elected servants have been elected, and re-elected for so many terms, that they deem themselves somehow more intelligent than those they represent. None, and I repeat none of these career politicians are irreplaceable. To bestow the title of "leader" on someone, is to assume that everyone else must follow. I think our servants, have been referred to as leaders, for too long, or at least long enough for them to assume that we must now, all follow. In this Republic, that concept is not going to work, nor, should it! If "We The People" want someone to make all our decisions for us, we would be electing political mommies, and daddies, instead of representatives. The word "representative", is after all, self explanatory, is it not? I am 100% convinced by these facts that definite term limits are necessary, and should be pursued by "We The People."

It is high time "We The People" recognize and correct our past mistakes. Let's elect representatives who will know their place and do their duty in carrying out the will of the people. Let's keep our elected officials in a position to answer to us, not the other way around. When the government fears the people, that's "Freedom". When the people fear the government, that's "slavery."
I'd rather have a servant that prays, along with the people, wouldn't you?

Monday, August 2, 2010


Once again, under the cloak of darkness, and by placing the mirrors and smoke in the right place, Barack Hussein Obama signed over America's sovereignty of our water ways, oceans and Great Lakes to the control of the United Nations. That's right folks, while America was intensely watching as Mel Gibson decided to leave the country, another party at the White House, and Obama defending the Health Care Insurance mandate as a tax, topped the news, Barry and Hilary, placed the control of our waterways into the hands of the International community.
On the afternoon of Monday, July 19, 2010, Barack Hussein Obama signed an Executive Order establishing the National Ocean Council. The establishment of this council was done under the guise of protecting America's waterways, but what it is, is Obama's way of enlisting the United States of America into the LOST, (Law of the Sea Treaty). A treaty that has been rejected time and time again, because by signing on to this treaty, America would be relinquishing waterway control to the International Community, which by the way is unconstitutional.
If you will, please go to the following website: , you will see the July19, 2010 Barack Obama Executive Order. Pay close attention to Section 1: Purpose: The terminology "Social Justice" pops up like a sore thumb. Also, pay close attention to Page 6, Sect. 9c: "Applied to International Law. The entire order is written so that one would read it as all good things, and with benefits for America and it's waterways. In actuality, the Executive Order cedes the control of sovereign waterways of no less than 31 states. If you live in a state that borders any of the Great Lakes, or major rivers, especially those large enough to be used for river commerce, well your state no longer controls the use of those waterways, the United Nations does. Some examples: Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, are all states that have shoreline on at least on of our Great Lakes. Wake up, it's not your shoreline anymore, it belongs to the international community. Washington State, Oregon, borders on both sides of the Columbia River, it's used for all type of commerce, from the logging industry, to the grain and paper industry. No longer will the waters of the Columbia, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, or the Kenai River in Alaska be sovereign to those states.
The president usurps the laws set forth in the constitution, and this isn't the first time, unfortunately, it won't be the last time. I have heard no outcry from wither Democrats, or Republicans on this latest executive order that has signed away another piece of America to the International Community. Where are our congressmen and senators? The truth is, America's entire legislative branch of government has been rendered irrelevant by Barack Obama.
America is in dire straights, this administration must be stopped, or we will all be leasing land from someone in the Netherlands, or Russia, or China. As America is slowly but surely being slipped into the International Community, we are a losing our rights to own private property, soon, individuals will own nothing, all you have now, by "equal justice" and through the redistribution of wealth, will belong to everyone.
We have a mid-term election this November, I suggest that if you want to retain your property and possessions, that you get informed, and ask the candidate of your choice where he/she stands on "social Justice, and redistribution of wealth. If they are in favor of either one, or both, run them out of town on a rail. Vote conservative Christian. The country you save, will be your own!!!
God Help Us!!!