Thursday, August 26, 2010


Ezekiel Emanuel (Obama's Health Czar)(left)

John Holdren (Obama's Science Czar)(right)

"Conversely, services provided to individuals who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens are not basic and should not be guaranteed. An obvious example is not guaranteeing health services to patients with dementia." (Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel) It is also Dr. Emanuel's considered opinion that Alzheimer patients should receive no care at all.

"The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive fertility control." (Dr. John Holdren) Dr. Holdren went on to say: "Adding a sterilent to drinking water or staple foods may be viable....To be acceptable, such a substance would have to meet some rather stiff requirements....It must be uniformly effective, despite widely varying doses received by individuals, and despite varying degrees of fertility and sensitivity among individuals; it must be free of dangerous or unpleasant side effects; and it must have no effect on members of the opposite sex, children, old people, pets or livestock."

The official adaptation of this administration to the U.N. Agenda 21 "Sustainable Development" program, appears to be sending our government's "moral compass" into a tailspin. We have to wonder why the President of the United States would surround himself with these two proponents of forced sterilization and population control, unless he himself is a proponent of the same? It should give the normal American citizen pause to think that these two Czars will be the ones in charge of the new Health Care in this country.
Anyone with doubts as to Barack Obama's agenda, need only research the advisors he has appointed. Several of them are avowed Communists, Marxists, and all are extremely radical Socialists. Barack Obama has spent so much time apologizing for America's failures, that he has lost track of America's accomplishments, or does not recognize America's accomplishments. Make no mistake, when Obama said he was going to fundamentally transform America, he wasn't kidding. The process, has begun, actually it started several years ago, and many administrations ago. It is Barack Obama however, who is determined to see a One World Order, and it is Barack Obama that intends on leading America headlong into a nation where there will be no affluent middle-class. He is sure that the government knows what is best for America, and he pledges his allegiance to the United Nations, and Agenda 21. His loyalty to the U.N. will only last until the people of this country and the world are all dependent upon the One World Government, and that is when his absolute loyalty to Islam will come to light. Those in America who haven't recognized the well, not so subtle support that Barack has afforded Muslims in this country, are either blind, or in denial, that we could have possibly made the ultimate error, and elected a man who's self proclaimed job it is, is to transform America, to the highest office in the nation. The hope and change that many Americans were searching for is not in Barack Hussein Obama, it never was. Our hope is in God, and God alone.
I will not say that Barack Obama is "the anti-Christ", but there is no doubt that he is, anti-Christ.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


August 24, 2010: Perhaps one of the most inane comments coming from Vice President Joe Biden. Considering the fact that "Joe" spends most of his waking hours with a size 10 shoe tickling the roof of his mouth, his statement regarding the state of the nation yesterday was even more ridiculous. I quote: " America is heading in the right direction." Yep, that's what he said!!!
Does anyone remember when the American assault on Iraq began? We were all sitting on the edge of our seats watching the war happen... Do you remember the Iraq Defense Minister coming on Iraqi TV telling the world and the Iraqi people that Saddam's Army was repelling and defeating the Americans at all points along the front lines? He would make his announcements every few hours from different locations he was running too. Meanwhile, the American Marine and Army forces were spending more time looking for the opposing forces, than fighting them. This Iraqi Defense Minister knew full well that Baghdad was falling to the American troops, and that his entire world as he knew it, was going to change forever. That didn't deter him from broadcasting his victory over America propaganda message. Even as the American troops were at his doorstep, he just kept saying to the Iraqi people that there was no reason to fear the Americans, because they were being defeated on all fronts. While I was watching this guy make a fool of himself, because I knew the truth about what was happening there. I thought to myself, "how pathetic and desperate this man must feel." In my mind's eye, yesterday, Joe Biden was that Defense Minister. Joe Biden was telling the American people that this country was heading in the right direction, knowing full well, that DOWN is not the right direction. Was Joe lying to the people, or was he making a feeble attempt at bolstering the morale of his troops? After all, it is obvious that at least 80% of the American people, both democrats and republicans are aware that America as a nation, is faltering, and that Barack Obama and his Socialist policies, are the main contributing factor.
The question however, does Joe Biden even realize that this country is financially doomed, morally corrupt, and sinking like a rock, a big, big rock? Can the Vice President, the second in command actually be so mentally defective as to not see the true state of this nation? Or, is Joe Biden just as good at lying to the American people as his boss is? When Barack Obama opens his mouth, everyone knows that a lie is about to be told, but as for Joe Biden, I just don't know. Maybe that's giving Joe a pass, perhaps it's true what they say, "ignorance is bliss"...
At any rate, regardless of what Joe Biden tells us, the country is in a nose dive. If you're in an airplane, and both engines have stopped running, and the plane is pointed nose down, with no chance of coming out of the dive prior to impact, common sense will tell you that your plane is NOT heading in the right direction!!! I need to stress this each time I write, and that is, none of this is happening by accident, none of it! The plans are well laid by the left, and have been for years, the only way to a one world order, is to bring about the demise of American capitalism, and to remove God from the minds and lives of the American people. Then, and only then can the "fundamental transformation of America" be realized. No America, our President is NOT inept, or ignorant, or stupid. Barack Obama is diabolically intelligent, and he is loyal to Allah, and he is so good at lying, that left actually thinks that Barack is on their side.
It should be pretty plain by now to see where America, and it's people are positioned. We are fighting against some insurmountable odds. Islam and the elite far left extremists are both working toward the same goal. Islam wants to make Sharia Law dominant over the world, and the far left wants to rule and control the worlds power and people. Today, both the Left and Islam appear to be working hand in hand toward the same end. But, the end is not going to be the same, when the dust settles, Islam and the Far Left extremists will have to battle one another for the ultimate Total Control. Where does that leave us, "We The People"? Will we all be left existing in densely populated "human settlements" totally dependent on government, for food and shelter, or will we be slaves too Islamic global rule? We are, if nothing else at the most serious crossroads of our very existence, can we save ourselves through the political process? Are we a doomed society, that will someday be erased from history, by a future generation of "World Citizens? I believe that "tolerance" and political correctness are the two main vehicles that have brought America to this juncture. A return to God and morality are the only things that can keep this country, this world, from falling into the precipice of no return.
Our children and grandchildren are the targets of both the Godless Left, and the Allah worshipping Islamic State. They are both in obvious agreement that the way to conquer America, is to do it quietly, stealthily and systematically through the education of this nation's youth.
" All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind, have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth." (Aristotle)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yes America, the United Nations has a plan for your local "sustainable" community, and your local officials will implement it! America, along with 177 other nations around the globe are bound by the Agenda21 contract with the U.N. Note: This global contract binds all nations and spreading regions to the collective vision of "sustainable development." They must commit to pursue the three E's of "sustainability": Environment, Economy and Equity referring to the UN blueprint for environmental regulations, economic regulations, and social equity. Did you catch that last one? "Social Equity"; another name for "redistribution of your wealth". Yes, America we are signed on to this agreement thanks to George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., and Barack Hussein Obama. To throw a few more names into the fire, just for future reference; Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, and a host of other congressmen and women who have been in office way, way too long!!!

Here is another little surprise in the Obama Health Care Debacle: Deep inside the Bill, democrats managed to bury "Community Transformation" plans. Inside the Affordable Health Choices Act (affordable...right), lies the community transformation plan that will be carried out using federal (tax) dollars. The scheme will be under the direction of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The CDC will distribute the money too the various state, local, and 'community' entities responsible for implementing the plans. Doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy, just knowing the UN and our corrupt government is going to be taking care of you? It's really kind of a bribe thing. You see, now that this administration is bankrupting all forms of local governments, they will now offer monetary incentives to the starving communities, all the locals have to do to get the federal hand out, is bow down to government and submit. This is how it will be coming down: Under the UN sustainable development plan, the state and local governments are eligible for grants(bribes), as are "national networks of of community-based organizations"... The transformation plans must include "activities"(distractions) for all ages, beginning in public schools, with the focus on eating healthy food, and adequate amounts of physical activity... CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL!!!

Maurice Strong, a proponent of "sustainable development" said the following in his opening speech at the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development: " Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class- involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing, are NOT sustainable. A shift is necessary!!! Is anyone else feeling just a little twinge of Marxism here, or is it just me? This entire plan has been embraced by 178 nations. Because it sounds so good. I mean, think about it. What's wrong with preserving this planet for our grandchildren? What's wrong with trading our cars for bikes and living(existing) in densely populated "sustainable communities"(the UN likes to call these places "human settlements"). We will all be able to dialogue from our single dwellings, and share a common ground, where we will all be equal? I beg your indulgence while I impart my opinion of the plan: " Marxism has never worked for any society in the history of this planet (not even a "sustainable society"). Socialism has never led a society to prosper, actually, it results in poverty. There is no "freedom" if you are forced to live as a "collective". Oppression is rampant in a collective society. A social disaster will certainly ensue!!! God help us, maybe that's what we need to happen in this country to wake up!!!"

This Agenda21 plan may already be slowly inserted in your community, you/we all need to be diligent, and vigilant. Here are a few clues/buzzwords to listen for: "visioning", "partners", "stakeholders". If your local civic officials and community organizations start placing any or all of those words into speeches and conversations, then Local Agenda 21, is more than likely being implemented in your neighborhood. Ask questions of these officials, but DO NOT readily accept their answers. These people are socialist activists, and they will know how to spin. As North Carolina School Superintendent Jim Causby said after attending the 1994 Model School Conference: "We have actually been given a course in how NOT to tell the truth."

Even though our presidents have signed America up for this United Nations Agenda 21, bear in mind, it is unconstitutional, in every way, shape and form. It is imperative that we see the warning signs in our local areas. We must learn to recognize the unconstitutional shadow government of laws and regulations that are being forced on us while we're watching the latest "Dancing With The Star's" episode. While we're lining up teams for Fantasy Football. While we're all watching to see where Obama and family will be vacationing next.

My research tells me that "We the People" can not place our trust in Republicans or Democrats, we must place our trust in God. We must pray for guidance in selecting new government officials that will keep good morals, truth, honesty, integrity, love of this nation, and it's people. Most of all, a healthy embedded Christian conservative attitude.

I don't know when Jesus will return, but my heart tells me, American Christians will soon face the hostilities of this world. Jesus said: "If they persecute me, they will persecute you." I see nothing that indicates that American Christians will somehow escape the suffering and persecution that will be coming our way.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Return To The Global Agenda

If the above two cats look like they just swallowed the canary, they have!!!

Now that Barack Obama has signed Executive Order # 13547 creating the National Ocean Council, he has opened the door for controls of our ocean shorelines, and the shorelines of the Great Lakes, to the rule by the United Nations. No longer are our beaches and shores the sovereign territory of the United States, and even those owning private property along this nations oceans and lakes, are subject to those same rules as set forth in the United Nations Agenda 21. Rather than try to somehow explain this massive Global takeover to you, I recommend you research this on your own.
Please read:

If that link doesn't work for some reason, just search United Nation, and search their website by inserting "Agenda21". Believe me, that's all you'll need.
There are at least 22 chapters, not sure how many pages, but you can read on and on, and on. Each chapter will show you what our past presidents and our current president has done to the sovereignty of America, and to your Unalienable Rights. When the United Nations is through implementing Agenda, America will be about as Orwellian as ever predicted, and then some.

Those two cats in the above picture have in fact swallowed the canary, our liberty and our freedom has been eaten, and what wasn't devoured, has been sold to the UN.

After reading and researching since 4:00AM, I am simply sickened by what I've found. Tomorrow will be another day.


Sunday, August 22, 2010


Inscription on the Georgia Guidestones

What is "Sustainable Development"? It can actually be best described by it's proponents as written in a paper called the Bruntland Report. An article entitled: "Our Common Future", released during the 1987 United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development:
"Development that meets the needs of the present
without compromising the ability of future
generations to meet their own needs."
It reads like pretty good advice, and it even sounds well reasoned and insightful. That is until you research the inner workings of such planning, and it's detrimental ramifications on the unsuspecting people of this planet.
Agenda 21 was actually given it's birth during the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), also known as the Rio Earth Summit. It was attended by 178 nations, and all of them adopted Agenda 21, and pledged to evaluate progress made in implementing the plan every five years. President George H.W. Bush was the man who signed the agreement for the United States. Congress never really authorized the implementation of Agenda 21, however, in 1993 President Bill Clinton established , by Executive Order, the President's Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD), for the purpose of implementing Agenda 21 in the United States. It is important to note that even way back then, the ever charming Nancy Pelosi had her dirty little fingers in this plan. She introduced (HJ Res. 166), that urged the President, and Congress to "assume a strong leadership role in implementing the decisions made at the Earth Summit by developing a national strategy to implement Agenda 21, and other Earth Summit agreements..." If nothing else, this certainly makes great ammunition for the implementation of strict term limits for congress. Because Agenda 21 was hatched through the United Nations, many politicians knew that the American people would more than likely balk at it's implementation, and not vote for any politician in favor of Agenda 21, thereby slowing the Agenda 21 implementation process, so as with any good Progressive idea, the changing of names of programs had to be considered, "people don't like it, change the name and feed it to them again" It is the Progressive way. Realizing that this public distaste would surely occur, J. Gary Lawrence, a city planner for Seattle, WA. wrote: "Participating in a U.N. advocated planning process would very likely bring out many... who would actively work to defeat any elected official... undertaking Local Agenda 21. So we will call our process something else, such as "comprehensive planning", "growth management, or "smart growth." (READ: The Future of Local Agenda 21 in the New Millennium, The Millennium Papers, UNED-UK, Issue 2, 1998, 3.) It will blow you away. Isn't it nice to know that this nation's "servants of the people" aren't servants at all, but allies in the most diabolical, far reaching and treacherous scheme ever known to man. Our elected and appointed officials are working every angle to implement redistribution of wealth, control of the populace, and population control, through methods set forth by all those "powers that be" we've been hearing about all these years. Yes, America, it's happening, and it's happening here and it's happening globally. Make no mistake, the future of this planet is in the hands of a few very, very, mentally ill and powerful men and women.
This is the first part of a series. I hope I have piqued your interest! I will be following up in the coming days, perhaps weeks, with more on this diabolical plot to rule the world. Agenda 21 is complex, but it is just the tip of an iceberg so large, and so icy cold in it's inception, and it's implementation, that after you see it all, you'll want to fire every government official that ever knew anything about it.
Controlling the worlds food supply, dictating where you will live, work and play. How you will travel, the education of your children, where you can go, and where you can't. What you will eat and drink. But take heart, they are doing it for you, because they know best what is good for you, and for the "collective" they are forming. In the next few Blogs, I will tell you who is doing this to you, why they are doing this to you, and what if anything you can do about it. I will be making the connection between Agenda 21, the open borders, the racial unrest, the Islamification of the world.
Here is a point to ponder: Those who are implementing Agenda 21 would like to keep the earth's population under 500 million people. To accomplish this, 9 tenths of the world population would have to be eliminated. Are you still in favor of government health care???
The Watchman