Saturday, March 6, 2010


  I spoke to a Pakistani Christian a couple of weeks ago, I asked him to express his thoughts about Barack Obama.  All he said was this:  "The roots of Islam run deep in Barack Obama."  That's it, I asked myself.  Then it occurred to me, that's enough.  This was a short but profound statement from a Christian born into a Muslim country.  He knows what he sees, and he sees Islam in the president.  I and my wife saw it too, and most of our Christian friends saw it.  For some reason we have been distracted of late from that line of thinking.  I have for the past several weeks been racking my brain, asking myself, what am I missing?  It came to me, clear as a bell.  I was watching Sean Hannity, one of his guests was non other than Mosab Hassan Yousef.  Mr. Yousef is the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, the founder of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.  Please google Mosab Hassan Yousef for more information on him.  Suffice to say, he states that he was Muslim, and has converted to Christianity, his story is very interesting, please do check him out.  The most interesting thing I heard was this statement, " Muslim's need to be liberated from their God".  I watched the entire interview, it was quite intriguing.  In an interview with Matthew Kaminski of the Wall Street Journal, Mosab was asked if his father was a fanatic?  Mosab answered this way; " He's not a fanatic, he's a very moderate and logical person.  What matters is not whether my father is a fanatic or not, he's doing the will of a fanatic God."  I have been basically preaching for a couple of years now, that there are no moderate Muslims, and in essence I have been correct.  If in fact a Muslim is a Qu'ran believing and following Muslim, they are merely one fatwa away from becoming a terrorist.  (fatwa:  order from a cleric i.e. Imam.)  I also found from reading the Qu'ran that it is justified to lie, as long as the lie leads to the glory of Allah.  What am I leading up to here, you ask.  What has all this got to do with "Clearing the smoke, and seeing behind the mirrors?  I'm coming to that, believe me.
  For several months now, I've been following Glenn Beck's show describing the Progressive assault on America.  The Progressive/Communist/Marxist movement is taking over what we read, what we say, what we tolerate, what is being taught to our children in school.  Glenn speaks the truth, Progressivism is a cancer, it is eating away at our Constitution, our liberty, and our freedom.  It is teaching that America and Capitalism are bad, and evil.  The Progressive movement is removing God from as many aspects of our lives as it can, the progressives are relentless, and ruthless.  The progressives believe in big government, and the people's dependence on big government.  They believe in redistributing the wealth so that everyone is equal, whether they work or not, whether they pay taxes or not.  Progressivism and Communism are both unsustainable, history has proven this over and over again.  So why are we being driven into this Socialistic/Communistic/Progressive direction?  Because it is the vehicle being used by our president to indoctrinate the American people to accept being told what to do, how to do, and when to do it.  Glenn Beck insinuates that Barack Obama is a progressive, even Obama himself has made reference to his fellow progressives.  I contend, that Barack Hussein Obama, is NOT a progressive, he is Muslim, and he is loyal to Islam and to Allah.  Barack Obama is using the progressive movement and his so-called fellow progressives to attain his true goal, and that is the advancement of Islam to world domination. 
  It is not important that you believe or even agree with my contention, all I ask is that you ask yourself these questions:  Why, when Barack Obama mentions the Qu'ran, does he refer to it as the "Holy Qu'ran"?  Why doesn't he afford the same respect to the Holy Bible, he does claim to be Christian doesn't he?  It is my considered opinion, that Progressivism is a cancer, and it is spreading throughout America, and it needs to be stopped, of this there is no argument.  It also occurs to me, that every cancer, has a root cause, a mutating cell somewhere deep inside.  It hides and festers and spreads throughout until it is discovered and then, it is given the name cancer.  The festering mutating cell in America is Islam.  We can not ignore it any longer, it needs to be eradicated.  Through the push to be politically correct, through the mandates of the government for tolerance, we have been allowing the infiltration of Islam into our country, our schools, and yes, many Christian religions in America are stressing tolerance of Islam.  Those churches need to re-familiarize themselves with the Ten Commandments, especially number one:  "I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD, THOU SHALT NOT HAVE ANY GODS BEFORE ME"  I think that pretty much tells how far our religious tolerance should go. 
  I pray that I am wrong, but I firmly believe that Satan and his minions, like Barack Obama, are going to use the visible Progressive movement as a disguise for the stealthy Islamic movement.  Soon, when Obama has achieved what he considers all to be in place, his true loyalty will be revealed.  I sincerely believe this to be the truth.  I again pray I am wrong. 
  Glenn Beck, I urge you to look beyond the Progressive movement and into the depths of Islam, and their goals.  I remember when the spread of Islam dominated your program.  I don't know if you were threatened to lay off Islam, or if you have been distracted by the visibility of Progressives.  Look inside the progressives, you will find that Islam, Socialism, Communism, Marxism, and Fascism have one common thread,  the control of We The People.

Friday, March 5, 2010


  The lack of integrity, and the increase of dishonesty.  The lack of morality, and the increase of depravity.  This is the United States of America.  The increase in tolerance, the lack of discernment, the increase in apathy, the absence of emotion and caring.  This is what we have become.  It is time to read Matthew 24. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Judge Rules Teacher has Constitutional Right to Display Patriotic Banners that Mention "God"

Let's hear it, one win for the good guys!!! The Thomas More Law Center has come out victorious in San Diego, California. This case is living proof that God still hears prayer, and answers, even in California.

Judge Roger Benitez ruled that Poway Unified School District violated math teacher Bradley Johnson's rights, when they ordered him to remove two banners from the wall of his classroom. Please click on the link above, and check out the entire story. The Lord is still in control, and He loves us. Amen


Once again, the media, the bloggers, the so-called analysts and protocol and politically correct experts are missing the mark. Need I remind everyone that your president has an agenda, and he is determined to succeed. How many times is it necessary to remind people to look beyond the obvious. If you are still judging this president, and his policies by looking at their face value, Obama has once again succeeded in pulling the wool over your eyes. My fellow patriots, it is time for all of us to understand that Barack Hussein Obama, does not have our best interests at heart, nor does he care if this country's economy goes down the tubes. This is the plan!!! It's not a terrible mistake by an inept young president. It is a cold, calculated, diabolical method of bringing the United States under control of the extreme far left, the Progressive left, if you will. Reality, is this, my opinions, and your opinions have absolutely no bearing on what Obama is doing. He does not care if We The People reject his health care plan, because in essence there is no health care plan. The proposed Obama Care plan hasn't a prayer of working. What you must understand is that Obama already knows it can't work. He's pushing it because it will result in control and redistribution of wealth, no other reason. We The People must watch what he is doing, and not what he is saying. It should be pretty obvious that if Obama is speaking, he's lying, period. Every time Obama makes a speech, his lies are the only thing transparent. To put it simply, Obama's lies are self-evident. This man and his Czars are expert at throwing up smoke screens, we have to be able to see through those smoke screens, and see behind the mirrors.

Openly Gays in the military, and Women on submarines. Today I read several blogs, and online news articles asking: Does Obama really think that these actions will increase our military readiness? The answer is NO!!! Obama, doesn't want to increase our military readiness, he wants to destroy it. Now do you see why none of this makes sense. We all know, that the "Don't ask don't tell policy" has been working very well since it was implemented. One of the only things Bill Clinton did right. We also know that women don't belong on submarines, at least not with a crew predominently made up of men. Common sense dictates that, but again, there is no common sense or logic here. Submarines were designed for one gender, and that's male. Retrofitting subs to accommodate women will be extremely costly, and yes Obama knows this. The more confusing and costly Obama can make things, the better chances of success for his agenda, savvy? If it were necessary to put women on subs then why not just establish a submarine with an all female crew. Very little retrofitting required, if any at all. I'm sure that the Navy has very competent and capable women, well able to man and operate a submarine with the same expertise and efficiency as a male Captain and crew. Once again, it is Obama's intent to keep all aspects of government, and military in total disarray. If I can see this, why can't the military leaders. Heck, I was just a sergeant in the Marine Corps, many years ago, and I can certainly recognize a snow job when I see one. If there ever was a snow job, this is one, and this one is of biblical proportions. It's every bit as huge as the global warming scam. You see, the distractions? That's what this administration wants.

Assuming that Obama is somehow naive, and simply making errors, is a very serious and dangerous assumption. He is not making errors in judgement, he is not inept, he does not care about America as we know it, and he did promise to fundamentally change America. He does see the Constitution as a flawed document, because it limits federal government control, his words, not mine. Forgive me, but I see no flaw there. How much proof do we need. I for one have seen the trees, and I am not distracted by the forest, or the other way around. I can clearly see what Obama is doing, and if you all look close enough, you will too!