Sunday, December 25, 2011


What can you say about Bill Maher?
Maher, Bill:  Cable TV Talk Show Host (Comedian?).  Other synonyms describing Bill Maher:  vile, offensive, abject, degenerate, depraved, despicable, disgraceful, disgusting, immoral, ignoble, loathsome, nauseating, repugnant,repulsive, sinful, vicious,vulgar and worthlessly wretched.
  There are more descriptors for Bill Maher, but then I would have to lower myself to the same depths of slime this so-called man obviously inhabits.
     I am not in the habit of lambasting anyone in my articles, but in the case of Bill Maher, I find that I must make an exception.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and that of course includes Bill Maher.  I do have to draw the line however, when that man insults my God, my Savior, and my Faith and those with whom I share my faith.  In this particular instance, the subject of Bill Maher's despicable comments is one, Tim Tebow the rookie quarterback of the Denver Broncos.  We all know how devoted Tim Tebow is to his Christian faith, and how he makes it known that he praises God openly for all the things that happen in his life, including his successes.  Tim Tebow, is a stand up for Christ kind of guy, he is perhaps the best example for the young people in this country and around the world.  His dedication to his faith, is nothing less than exemplary.  In actuality, he is an example for all closet Christians to follow.  Tim Tebow is being mocked by low-life's like Bill Maher, because he is not afraid to wear his faith as an outer garment.  The rest of us, in my opinion are falling short of our faith, because we are not being subjected to the same ridicule as Tim Tebow.  So many of us call ourselves Christian, but we hide it from the public, as if we're ashamed to be follower's of Christ.  So then, where are we when we're ashamed to be Christians in the big scheme of things?  There is now doubt in my mind that Tim Tebow is pleasing to  God, the question is, are we?
  In the case of Bill Maher, his judgement will come, and he will be judged by his actions as we all will.  The Bible says, judge not lest you be judged, it does not say do not judge.  Our Lord and Creator gave us the gifts of free will and discernment, and yes with those gifts, we are able to choose whether we actually watch and listen to a moron of Maher's caliber or not, and we are able to discern whether the rantings of an Atheist who also happens to be an ingrate, are dangerous and damaging to our thoughts, our faith and the thoughts and faith of our children.  So with my God given gifts, I for one, refuse to watch or listen or patronize Bill Maher or those who sponsor his program.  
  If the young folks in this nation were encouraged to use Tim Tebow's dedication to his faith, and take example of his courage and fortitude, this nation would be a much better place in which to live. 
  Clicking on the Title of this article will link you to the full full story about the despicable ranting tweets by Bill Maher regarding Tim Tebow. 
God Help Us
The Watchman  

Saturday, December 24, 2011


"For there is born to you, this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord." (Luke 2:11)

    The first gift of Christmas was a child, the only begotten son of God whose mission on earth was take away the sins of all mankind.  For those that believe in Him, shall live forever.  Jesus told the world, "I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the father but through me."  The gift of eternal salvation, eternal life in heaven has been made available to all men, but not all mankind has accepted this gift.  It makes me wonder how many untold millions of people have passed on, who chose not to accept the Lord's gift. 
  My Christmas wish to all my readers, is that you do not miss the gift, and you do not put off till tomorrow accepting the gift, if tomorrow doesn't come for you, it will be too late.  Tell your children about Jesus and the gift of salvation, the true meaning of Christmas.
  God Bless You, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
The Watchman 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


If Muslim students are allowed to pray in Public school, why aren't Christian students afforded the same courtesy?  Is there suddenly a double standard in America's Public School System?

  Because there is a huge, overpowering double standard in America.  Simply put, if you belong to a so-called religion (Islam) that kills, and threatens to kill innocent people, you get treated special.  However, if you belong to a truly peaceful religion (Christian), and you won't stand up for your rights, then you get treated unfairly, even persecuted.  It is all an attempt to appease Islam in America.  I mean, after all the government isn't afraid of Christian reprisal, neither are the school districts, or state and local governments.  Plain and simple, if your religion/faith doesn't threaten the safety of others, be prepared to be stepped on, and ignored.
  This one-sided affair that liberals and those politically correct school officials are having with Islam, is the direct result of the truth not being preached from the pulpit, and because our local, state and federal governments are terrified of offending Islam.  The affair with Islam is also being encouraged by the lack of interest in the goings on in local public schools.  In the picture above left, you see Muslim students in a Green Bay, Wisconsin public elementary school taking time to pray.  This picture was not staged, it is an actual photograph.  The picture above right of course is something we used to see in classrooms around the country in our public schools.  Christian prayer is now forbidden in our nations public school, but Muslim students are given the right to pray within our public schools, even to the point of leaving an in-session class to do so. 
  I honestly feel that the Christian families and especially the parents have no idea this in school Muslim prayer is common practice.  I also feel that Christian and Jewish parents do not understand that we are in fact, in the midst of a holy war.  The parents of Christian students who attend public school need to make themselves aware of this Islamic infiltration into the classrooms across America. 
  Christians around the globe are as I said, in a holy war, and the holy war in which we are engaged is with Islam, make no mistake about this.  It is important to remember that Christians did not instigate this holy war.  The holy war is the result of the false and violent teachings of Islam.  Muslims have been educated to believe that there can only be one religion in the world, and that is Islam.  They have also been taught, that it should be the goal of every Muslim to expand Islam at all costs.  If it takes violent jihad or stealth jihad, the Muslim goal is the same, eradicate Jews and Christians and establish Islam as the only religion on earth.
  This Muslim prayer exercise in public school, is not a faith based rite, it is a form of brainwashing the children from Christian families.  Remember, it is NOT necessary for Muslim children to pray during class time, as they can make up prayer time after school.  However, the insistence of classtime prayer is a direct effort by Islam to steal the minds of your Christian public school children.  You think I'm off the deep end on this one right?  Well, let me explain, then you decide.
  Elementary school age children are very gullible and anxious to learn, for the most part anyway.  Quick question, how many times has your child asked you for something, and when you tell them NO, they come back with Johnny and Billy's parents let them have it?  Don't deny it, that retort was used by all of us when we were children, and your children have or will soon use it on you.  Nine times out of ten, children want something for the simple reason that some other child has it.  Not because they need it, or life wouldn't be bearable without it, but if Johnny and Billy have it, they want it too.  This is a normal reaction, and the purveyors of Islam know it.  Brainwashing is something that Islam and the Muslims have mastered over the past century and a half.  Christian parents can ill afford to make the mistake in thinking that Islam can not reach your child.  Because they can, and they are trying to do just that with every passing day.  I caution you to give some thought to this fact.  Islam is offended by Christians and Christian prayer.  Because it offends them so, they have managed to jump on the same band wagon as the Atheists in this country.  Banning words like Jesus, Lord, Amen, Christ, Benediction and God from all places, public and private.  While at the same time, securing special public Muslim prayer rights.  Suddenly God is forbidden, but Allah is now to be accepted in the name of political correctness and non- discrimination.  Truly I ask, is no one able to see that Islam is being protected, while Christianity is being persecuted?  I see it where the Ten Commandments are being removed from city halls and schools around America.  Where Christian prayer, the wearing of crosses and even saying Merry Christmas is now deemed offensive.  Yet, Muslims claim the right to pray 5 times a day, they actually demand time be set aside to pray, and in the name political correctness, the Muslims are achieving their goals, and Christians are being forced back into caves.  Do not assume for a moment that just because you are raising you children in a house that worships Christ that they will somehow be immune to the pressure at school.  When Christian children see that they are not able to leave class early to go pray like their fellow Muslim classmates, they will question it.  They will see that Muslim students receive special treatment and privileges that Christian and Jewish students do not receive.  It will not take long before your child wants what the Muslims students are getting, it's just natural.  That's the brain infiltration the nation of Islam is looking for.  Showing that one is entitled to special treatment just because one is Muslim, will certainly make Islam much more appealing to young fertile minds.  Islam knows they can't possibly convert all older Christians and Jews.  So, they need only for the parents to accept Islam and look the other way when special rights are given to Islamic students.  The childish wants and envies will take care of the rest.  Soon, your 8-10 year old daughter will come home wearing a burka or hijab because she wants to be Muslim at school.  Think it can't happen?  It will happen, believe me.  More than one Christian has been converted to Islam, and they start young, very young.  Islam knows that it cannot achieve the ultimate goal of world domination through 100% total violence, so it's through the indoctrination of the minds of our children that their successes will come,  however, only if Christian parents allow it to happen.
  This is the alarm I sound, get involved in your child's school and the curriculum they are being forced to study.  If it isn't right, it's up to the parents to change it.  If special treatment is being doled out on the basis of religious belief, parents must take action to bring those privelges to an immediate halt.  There is no time to wait.  In the infamous words of John Wayne, "We're burning daylight."  For every moment Christian parents remain in the dark, it's a successful moment for Islam and Muslim indoctrination of our youth.
God Help Us
The Watchman

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Islamic Law: Saudi Woman Beheaded for "Witchcraft" - Atlas Shrugs

Dateline: December 2011
Location: Saudi Arabia
Event:  Execution
A young woman "Amina bint Abdulhalim Nasser was executed by beheading for allegedly practicing witchcraft and sorcery.
Comment:  Phillip Luther, the interim director of Amnesty International's Middle East and North Africa program condemned Nassar's killing, calling it "deeply shocking."  Luther said that a charge of sorcery is often used by the Saudi government as a smokescreen under which they punish people for exercising freedom of speech. (What freedom of speech would that be?)
  This form of execution may be barbaric, medieval, over the top, brutal, and of course appalling, but it is in fact Sharia.  This pea-brain Phillip Luther of Amnesty International is obviously clueless when it comes to Sharia justice.  I am certainly appalled, but shocked, no, I'm definitely not shocked.  Anyone who has an ounce of knowledge regarding Sharia Law, and it's barbarism should know that this beheading is mild compared to the other Sharia punishments that are routinely handed down by Sharia courts.  
  Using this fine example of Sharia Law at it's best, one must ask, why are so many Americans so intent on allowing it to proliferate right here in America?  I, for one, can't figure out what the draw is.  Where is the appeal?  Why isn't there a nationwide outcry by women's and gays organizations?  Do they not understand the dire circumstances surrounding their very existence in America, should Sharia Law be applied along with Constitutional law?  Attempts by Muslims, and I'm not talking about these so-called extremists, I'm talking about the run of the mill moderate Muslims, (if there is such a thing), which I seriously doubt.  Attempts by Muslims in America to allow the implementation of Sharia courts in America are constantly being brought to the forefront at all levels of U.S. governments.  I believe that even the ACLU thinks it might be a good idea for U.S. courts to use Sharia in adjudicating cases where there are Muslims involved.   Just as nothing the Muslims do surprise me, nothing the ACLU does or says, surprises me either.  
  As America, (not all of America), but certain elements of the politically correct government and social organizations continue to invite, appease, endorse and encourage Islamic infiltration into all aspects of America's government and educational systems, it occurs to me that our survival, as a free nation is in very serious jeopardy.
  For nearly 50 years now, the left has been indoctrinating our citizens from a very young age to lean toward a liberal ideology.  I think that the dumbing down of America may have finally reached it's peak, and Islam sees us as easy pickings.  In retrospect, perhaps we are!  We have elected a President who respects and protects Islam at every turn.  Our social organizations have developed into politically correct, not wanting to offend anyone institutions.  What better time to infiltrate America?  Not only have we removed the lock from the door, but we've actually invited the fox into the hen house.  If someone in authority doesn't do something, and fast, Islam (the fox) is going to eat the hens (us) alive. 
  It is important to mention that we have at least three o Republican candidates who recognize the threat of Islam and creeping Sharia in America, for what it is; stealth jihad!  Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachman have not been afraid to call a spade a spade, and they have vocalized there opinions regarding Sharia in America.  In a 2010 speech to the American Enterprise Institute, Speaker Gingrich stated it very profoundly and correctly when he said:  " Stealth jihadis use political, cultural, societal, religious, intellectual tools; violent jihadis use violence.  But, in fact they're both engaged in jihad and they're both seeking to impose the same end state, which is to replace Western civilization with radical imposition of Sharia."  He went on to describe Sharia as a "mortal threat to the survival of freedom in the United States."  Again, his statement couldn't be more truthful or more valid or more correct.
  There are numerous accounts of Sharia already being imposed on American citizens.  One such example is:  a blind student at St. Cloud University being exempted from class because Muslim students objected to his seeing-eye dog on religious grounds, (of course).  Muslim demands, from separate swimming times for men and women at America's schools, to wearing hijabs when being photographed for drivers licenses, and wearing long scarves on roller coaster rides at public amusement parks, all are part of the stealth jihad.  Muslims are the first to cry religious persecution when these demands are not tolerated, regardless of the reason, Muslim are expert at playing the victim card.  
  Story has it that the influx of Muslims into America is due to the fact that they are trying to escape the brutality of governments from their own countries.  That excuse my friends, is an outright contrived lie so that they might bypass immigration laws and enter this country as political refugees.  Has anyone considered the fact that very few, if any  persecuted Christian Middle East refugees are offered asylum in America?  I have, and the American Christian churches should also look into that particular oversight.  Here is the truth behind the influx of Muslims into America.  They are not running from Islamic rule or Sharia, but they are an invasion force coming to our shores to establish an insurmountable beachhead, from which to launch assault after assault on the American way of life, the Christian and Jewish religions, and our very freedom and liberty.  Islam, given the opportunity, will help Barack Hussein Obama to finish shredding the U.S. Constitution, the American economy, and the Faith and principles that this nation was founded on.  Islam's goal is to replace God with Allah, Constitutional Law with Sharia Law and Freedom with Dhimmitude. 
  This brings us to the question of era.  Have Americans finally become so dumb, so weak and so tolerant, that we no longer deserve our own nation?  "A republic, if you can keep it?" ( Benjamin Franklin)
God Help Us
The Watchman

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

US Navy paying $15/gallon for green fuel

By an Obama Executive Order, the U.S. Navy is now paying $15.00 per gallon for Green Fuel.
Millions of Americans are protesting the Canada to the Gulf Keystone pipeline.
I have to agree, I would not want to have that oil pipeline running through my back yard, nor would I want it to be constructed on the proposed route.
I, however am upset over the fact that there needs to be a Canada to Gulf pipeline in the first place.
  I personally think that the protests against the Keystone pipeline construction are aimed in the wrong direction.  A pipeline that carries that much oil over so far a distance although not inherently dangerous, would be terribly unforgiving should a mishap (a breach/break) should occur somewhere along the span, that is not under constant human oversight.  So I totally understand the misgivings of the folks who live where the pipeline route is proposed.  To that effect, we need to examine the whys and wherefores of this Keystone project.
  The only reason for this pipeline proposal is that we have an administration who has done all it can to keep this nation reliant and dependent on foreign oil.  Understand that foreign oil doesn't only mean oil brought to our shores by super tankers from the Middle East.  Foreign oil also comes from Mexico and Canada.  Those two countries may be our neighbors, but they are still foreign countries, and America is still purchasing the oil from them, so the resulting semantics are the same.  Foreign oil is foreign oil!  Contrary to what the Obama administration says, it is dead set against any oil or natural gas drilling on U.S. soil.  It is also profoundly against the mining and or burning of coal or any other fossil fuel, clean or dirty.  So, in order to slow our dependence on Middle-Eastern oil, the U.S. oil companies have opted for a less expensive oil they can access from nearby neighboring countries.  It should be noted that simply because the Obama administration touts the environmental virtues and benefits of green fuel, bio-fuel and other supposed green energy sources, green energy hasn't a chance of replacing fossil fuels.  I'm certain that there will always be places where wind generated electricity will be very beneficial to smaller communities, some may actually be able to sustain solely on wind power, for the most part however larger cities and towns require much more energy than wind power could hope to generate.  There are viable solutions like combining energy sources and resources to provide the necessary power America needs.  Unlike the Obama administration's idea of abandoning substantially more inexpensive fossil fuel for substantially more expensive green energy, is ludicrous at best, and will not work, at least not in the near future.  
  Forcing the U.S. Navy to purchase $15.00 a gallon green fuel has two advantages for the present administration.  Number one, it keeps Obama in good standing with the environmental community, and two, Obama gets to grease the palm of T.J. Glauthier a member of the Obama transition team and a well paid strategic advisor for "Solazyme" the California company, that just happens to be selling a substantial portion of the bio-fuel to the Navy.  What a coincidence, huh?  It is also noteworthy that Glauthier worked on the energy-sector portion of Obama's 2009 stimulus bill.  What were the chances of that?  
  The bottom line here is this:   There is absolutely no reason for the Keystone Pipeline Project, because there would be absolutely no need for the Canadian oil, if Americans were allowed to drill in America.  Oil drilled in the Gulf States, would already be in the Gulf States.  American citizens should not be protesting against oil per say, but against this administration which is strangling the nation's economy.  What better way to show military financial waste than to force it to buy $15.00 a gallon fuel?  In turn, what better way to cook the numbers and the books regarding the profitability of bio-fuel companies.  Then turn around and demand that the Defense Department cut military spending.  I tell you, Obama is diabolical.  He is always 3 steps ahead of any Congressman or Senator.   Obama has been groomed to financially destroy America, and that is what he is doing, and there isn't one legislator in D.C. that sees it, or at least none will confront the President about it.  Meanwhile our nation continues down the track at full speed and around the next curve, the bridge is out.  
God Help Us
The Watchman  

Study Shows Majority of U.S. Mosques Repositories of Sharia, Jihad, & Muslim Brotherhood Literature and Preachers

 Islam has a vision and a plan for your country, your children and your religion.  The question is:  Is it the same vision you have?

Fact:  90-95% of all conflicts in the world today involve Muslims fighting Non-Muslims, or each other.
  There are Muslims vs. Jews in "Palestine", Muslims vs. Hindus in Kashmir, Muslims vs. Christians in Africa, Muslims vs. Buddhists in Thailand and Muslims vs. Russians in Caucasus, need I go on?  I didn't think so. 
  Fact:  Over the past 1400 years (since the founding of Islam):  270 million non-believers have been murdered by Muslim jihadists. 
  Fact:  Islam destroyed the Christian Middle-East and Christian North Africa.  It is estimated that upwards of 60 million Christians were slaughtered during this conquest.  Also half of the Hindu civilization was annihilated with that some 80 million Hindus murdered.  Islamic jihad also destroyed over 10 million Buddhists.  All this in the name of Allah.  Yet there are those who tout Islam as the religion of peace.
  Fact:  There are a little over 1.4 billion Muslims in the world.
              There are an estimated 280 million Americans
              There are 5.5 million Israelis surrounded by 350 million Arab Muslims.  Those are insurmountable odds in any one's book.
  Fact:  The world population of Christians has increased by 47%
  Fact: The world population of Buddhists increased by 63%
  Fact:  The world population of Muslims increased by 235%
  Fact:  The Jewish population has decreased by 4%
    A recent study conducted by TRI (Terrorism Research Initiative) of 100 Islamic Mosques in the United States of America has revealed some rather enlightening facts:  Over 80% of the Mosques in the U.S. are in fact repositories of Sharia, Jihad and Muslim Brotherhood literature and Preachers.
  The random survey of 100 Mosques in the U.S. was conducted to measure the correlation between Sharia adherence and dogma calling for violence against non-believers.  Of the 100 Mosques surveyed, 51% had texts on site rated as severely advocating violence; 30% had texts rated moderately advocating violence' only 19% had no violent text on site. The Mosques that were more Sharia adherent were more likely to feature violence positive texts on site than were their non-Sharia counterparts.
  Allowing and encouraging the proliferation of Islamic centers, i.e., Muslim Mosques and the government's appeasement of Islam in America, is equal to handing your assassin the sword with which to chop off your own head.
   Islam has but one goal, and that goal is world domination, and many countries are contributing to that end, some unknowingly, but contributing all the same to their own demise.  America is following suit, "with a passion".  In America, while Christianity is being mocked, discounted and erased, Islam is being protected to higher and higher degrees, even to the point where Americans are being forced to give up the rights to many freedoms, so as to not offend Islam.  It is apparent that our nation's elected leaders are either blinded by political correctness, or they are in league with Islam.
  One fact that truly troubles me are the amount of Christian churches in America that come to the defense of Islam and the Mosques they wish to build.  Throughout history, both Jews and Christians by the millions have fallen to the sword of Islam, and still are today.  Anyone who has ever actually read the Koran, must know from the knowledge it imparts, that Islam can not, because it will not co-exist with any other religion or government.  It would be safe to say that Islam has been the worlds killing machine for well over a thousand years.
  Sometimes I fear that the true enemy of Christians and Jews, will not be recognized for who they are.  I may be putting myself out on a very thin limb here, but in my opinion the worst enemy of Christians and Jews is their own apathy in the face of Islam and Islamic jihad.  It seems that ever since losing all but one of the Crusades against Islam, the Christian church has taken comfort in the position of the persecuted.  At least some Jews have outgrown that victim role, those of course being the Israelis.  The Jews here in America will still live in the past "holocaust" era when it suits their agenda.  What will it take to get Christians and Jews alike to realize that Islam in all forms are enemies, and apathy and appeasement of Islamic demands are the fuel Islam needs to prosper?  Here in America, the Muslims have also learned hold to play the "victim card".  Playing the "victim card", affords the Muslims to demand and receive special rights under America's constitution that Muslims do not believe in.  Well, you don't have to believe in the Constitution to use it to your advantage, do you?  The same holds true for the hearts in general, of good easily deceived Christians.  Uneducated in the history of Islam and the brutality of their conquests in the name of Allah, is one reason why American good hearted Christians have been lulled into the Muslim "Islam is a religion of peace" profession.  Which by the way, is a blatant outright lie.
  From 10-13-2011 - 12-11-2011 Islamic terrorists have murdered 1,374 innocent Christians, Jews, Arabs, Indians and Africans.  In the last two months that averages out to 22 people a day who fall to the sword of Allah.  These are men, women and children.  Islamic jihadis murder brutally and without discrimination.  Their methods are barbaric and their reasons are insane.  Islam is anything but a religion of peace.  I understand, that in the huge scheme of things and with a world population of over 6 billion people, that 22 brutally murdered people doesn't seem very significant.  All I ask is that you put that number in perspective.  Take that number 22, and put it in your own neighborhood.  Does it appear to still be minimally acceptable?  I don't think it does, as a matter of fact it is totally unacceptable, isn't it?
  The next time you are in church, look around and count the 22 people near you.  Then imagine them either blown up, beheaded, slashed beyond recognition, or worse.  These people that are murdered daily have done nothing to provoke Islam, but worship in their own faith, just like you and your family.  Think about this when Muslims want to build a Mosque in your neighborhood, near your church or near your child's school.  Under the guise of a religion, Muslims will try to infiltrate your neighborhood.  Islam is NOT a religion, but an all encompassing way of life, it's followers are forbidden to obey any man made laws, and their goal is world domination, and they do not care how that is accomplished.  Do not be fooled, educate yourself about Islam.  Islam has a vision for you, your children and your country.  Is their vision the same as your?  
  The silence of the Christian churches is deafening when it comes to stopping Islam.  If Christian churches feel persecuted because of Islam, or Gays, or Atheists, it is because Christian churches remain SILENT.
God Help Us
The Watchman  

Friday, December 9, 2011


The Christian Saviour Is Born

  Like it or not, it's Christmas time.  This is the time of year we Christians celebrate the birth of our Saviour.  We call it Christmas, because Christ is the center, the focal point if you will, of the season.  To us Christians, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is the Messiah, and He came to take away the sins of the world.  To Christians, Christ is everything, and our salvation.  
  Christians have every right to speak of their religion in public, and in public places.  It doesn't seem to deter Muslims from speaking of their faith, simply because it would offend Christians or Atheists, so why are Christians being singled out as the only offensive faith?  It couldn't be the fact that it is the Christians that have it right, or could it?  
  Here it is plain and simple, if you are and Atheist, Muslim, Hindu or even a Jew.  We Christians know that you don't believe in Christ, but we do, and we have every right to do so.  So everyone else needs to back off, and let the Christians celebrate the birth of our Saviour.  If you do not wish to celebrate this Christian Holiday, then don't!  When the 25th of December comes around, if you are say an Atheist, then tell your boss, you don't want the day off, and if you work, then you don't want any holiday pay for that day, as you do not believe in celebrating a day that recognizes a someone you don't believe in.  A better gesture would be to offer to work for a Christian on Christmas so that he might celebrate with his Christian family.  I saw an Atheist billboard that said "There is no god, no devil, so why not just be good for goodness sake."  So, why not work for a Christian this Christmas, and give him the time and a half, for goodness sake?  Maybe if all the Atheists and Muslims and Jews worked for a Christian on Christmas, then Christians may in turn work for a Muslim on Ramadan, or a Jew on a Jewish Holiday, and an Atheist on say, oh I don't know, April 1st maybe.  What a wonderful and peaceful way to get along...
  Not happening right?  I know that, it was just a suggestion.
We could carry this thing even farther.  Say for instance, during those Christmas sales, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Atheists and all other non Christians could shop those sale days and tell the store clerks, "I don't believe in Christmas, so I insist on paying the full price and not the sale price.  Wouldn't that be wonderful for the retail businesses?  I think it would be.  
  So hey, if Christmas isn't your Holiday, don't join in the celebration, trust me, not one Christian will miss your presence.  Basically just shut up, and leave the Christians alone to to exercise their right to free speech, freedom of religion and freedom to assemble, just like you do.
The Watchman   

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The Lord said " I will not destroy it for the sake of ten."
(Genesis 18: 32)

Dateline:  November 15, 2011
The U.S. Senate voted 93-7 to approve a defense authorization bill that includes a provision which not only repeal the military law on sodomy, it also repeals the military ban on sex with animals i.e., bestiality.
  I guess we all saw the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" coming down the road, and soon to follow, the obvious changes in the laws governing "sodomy".  After all, if a government is going to acknowledge and condone homosexual behavior in the public sector, then the same must follow suit in the military.  Relaxing military regulations to accommodate this military homosexual abomination, apparently comes along with the depravity that has a strangle hold on those who actually make the laws that we are all expected to live by. 
  It troubles me to realize that there are but 7 out of 100 Senators that see a problem with repealing Article 125 of the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice), in it's entirety.  It troubles me to think that this repeal was either passed by 93 Senators who never actually read Article 125 and voted blindly to repeal it, or worse yet, Article 125 was read aloud, and understood by the entire Senate, and still it was passed by all, but the "Righteous 7". 
  For me, the most disheartening thing is the fact that not one Senator, not even one of the "Righteous 7", spoke out against the repeal of Article 125.  To God, the silence in the Senate Chambers must have deafening.  None, no, not one Senator had the fortitude to stand and speak out, against this abomination with righteous indignation, no, not one!  One hundred of our nation's elected representatives, has taken it upon themselves to vote in favor taking our military to a new moral low.  Yet, there are those who tell me that America is not on the road to perdition.  The world is sinking into a darkness as never before seen on the face of this earth, and it is America's new found immorality that leads way.  Why do I say this?  I say this because, this repeal was voted on in the Senate on November 15, 2011.  Today is December 6, 2011 and I've heard no public outcry.  The Christians of America and the world have slipped into a state of hopeless mediocrity and apathy.  This assault on all that is right, will pass and the professed righteous people will protest with a whimper and not with a roar.  
  The names of the "Righteous 7" are:  Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), Senator Rand Paul (R-KY.), Senator Mike Lee (D-OR.), Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR.), Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR.), Senator Tom Hardin (D-Iowa), and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont).  The rest of America's Senators are either spineless or morally corrupt or both.  If your state Senator's name is not among the 7, then you need to do some serious house cleaning this coming election.  If it's not too late.  If you pride yourself on your morals and principles, you need to know that your elected Senators, if not on this list of 7, are not on the same page you are.
  I am embarrassed that Senators Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee are not among the "Righteous 7".  Obviously, taking a stand against immorality is not on either Senator's priority list.  It troubles me to think that somewhere in the recesses of their minds, they do not find the acts of bestiality and same sex sodomy repulsive and repugnant.  Not to mention, against the natural scheme of all creation.  Then again, perhaps neither of them actually read Article 125 of the UCMJ to understand exactly what it was that they were voting to repeal.  Of course, if that's the case, then I find them both despicable and if they are Christian, I find them to be derelict in their faith.
  There is no doubt that homosexuality exists, and if need be, the rest of us have to tolerate it.  However, to repeal regulations that condone and encourage homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle, and remove a ban on bestiality, as if they feel that that disgusting act doesn't occur in the perverted society in which we now live, makes me seriously question the judgement of those to whom we have entrusted our nation.
  The Lord, when speaking with Abraham regarding the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah began with trying to find 50 inhabitants who were righteous, then 45, then 40, and Abraham was able to negotiate with God down to the number of 10 righteous.  Needless to say, there weren't even ten righteous to be found, and God kept his promise, Sodom & Gomorrah were destroyed.  God always keeps his promises.  If we are to learn from the Biblical historical events, we must make the connection with what happened last November 15, 2011, and it's relationship with the events of Sodom & Gomorrah.  That being, our Senate had the arrogance to hold a vote against God.  Do you understand?  The elected leaders of our nation took a vote to disobey God, and God did not win.  Biblical history bears out the fact that God never loses.  The ramifications of a vote to disobey God's laws of morality is like assuming man has the power to defeat God.  The Lord will not withhold his wrath forever.  The evidence of moral depravity in this nation is proof that the Lord no longer blesses this nation.  He has turned over our future to our free will, and as a nation we shake our fists at heaven defying the One who created everything.  
  It should frighten every citizen, that there weren't even 10 righteous men to be found in America's Senate Chambers. 
God Help Us
The Watchman       

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sheriff’s ad draws atheist ire -

    Sheriff Ed Brown of Jacksonville, NC. wrote, and paid for an article to be published in the Jacksonville Daily News, a local paper.  Sheriff Brown is a deeply caring and religious person, and his article was a statement of his own opinion regarding America's turning away from God, and the ramifications of that turning away.  The article was clearly targeted toward believers in God.  As a matter of fact, the first three words of the third paragraph of his letter are:  My fellow believers.  The letter obviously comes from Sheriff Browns heart, and it made no demands on anyone of any religious, or non-religious persuasion.  It was simply a letter from the Sheriff encouraging self examination, which we all need to do, more often than not.  Re-directing our individual moral compass to lead us in the proper direction is necessary, now and again, wouldn't you agree?
  It appears however, that a group calling themselves the Freedom From Religion foundation, has taken offense to Sheriff Brown's article.  They (the foundation) state that because Sheriff Brown is in fact a Sheriff, then his article violates the "separation of church and state".  I think it is time the foundation re-read the Constitution's first amendment.  There is no mention of separation of church and state.  It does mention however that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."  Sheriff Brown's published article did not ESTABLISH a religion, and by this 1st Amendment, Sheriff Brown has a right to his freedom of religion and his freedom of speech, and the newspaper has the right to print Sheriff Brown's article.  The space in the newspaper was bought and paid for from Sheriff Brown's own finances, so where's the rub that has the Freedom From Religion foundation's feathers all ruffled up?
  As you know this Blog is totally the opinion of this writer, it is my right under the Constitution to write, at least so far, anyway.  I have come to the conclusion that Atheists, as a whole are deathly afraid of the conviction Christians have upon those who do not believe.  It appears that Atheists are huge champions and proponents of "freedom of speech", unless it comes from believers in God.  Atheists seem to believe that only they can be right, therefore, everyone else is wrong.  Atheists have no hesitation when it comes to calling believers idiots, fools and numerous other insults, because, that is, in actuality, their only defense.  Atheists can not prove there is no God, and they can not understand how believers believe through faith alone.  It must be truly frightening to suddenly come to the conclusion that this life is all there is, that there is no here-after, no salvation, that when one's life comes to an end that you just cease to exist.  Perhaps that's why Atheists have this penchant to discount faith and God, and the need to pull others into this live for today because this is all there is, kind of lifestyle.  I imagine, and justifiably so, that the Atheist doesn't want to leave this world, and then just never be.  He doesn't want to die alone, he's frightened and needs the support of other non-believers to sort of escort him into nothingness.  Sad, isn't it?
  By the same token, as a Christian, I would certainly love to see all the Atheists come to Christ, but I know that won't happen.  So I can only plant seeds, and God makes them grow.  We, as our founding fathers so eloquently put it were born with certain inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I believe that Atheists have the right to live their lives according to their own choosing, that they have the liberty and freedom to go anywhere and practice their non-faith as they please, and pursue their happiness that way.  I do not believe, that a believers right to practice and profess his faith in God in a public forum, infringes upon the rights of the Atheist to disbelieve.  I believe that the right of a minority to disbelieve is equal to the right of the majority to believe if they so choose.  If an Atheist doesn't wish to conform, then he/she shouldn't have too.  However, the Atheist does NOT have the right to demand that all people give up their right to believe, anymore than a Christian has the right to demand an Atheist  come to Christ and believe in God.  The choice is theirs after all, we have free will, do we not?  Unfortunately for the Atheists, they live in a country that was founded, and is well documented, on Judeo-Christian principles.  We are one nation under God, and our form of Government will only work if there is an inherent belief in Divine Providence.  Without faith in the Creator, our form of Government will not stand.  These are just the plain and simple facts.  
  We, as a nation are blessed as our population of professed Atheists are minimal. The problem we do have however, is that we are allowing the minority dictate to the majority.  That destructive practice must come to a halt.  If one chooses to not believe in God, then that is your choice.  The non-believer however, has NO right to expect the believer to conform to non-belief out of political correctness.  
  Christians have the same exact rights as those who do not believe.  Christians have the right to express, and practice their faith in a public forum.  It should also be said, that believers also pay the majority of taxes to the state, so the public schools, public courthouses, public town squares and all other public buildings and surrounding public areas belong to the believers also, equally.  I would encourage believers to aggressively and legally combat those who would force the will of non-believers upon them.
God Help Us
The Watchman  

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Before and After Pictures, when do Christians take a stand?

This is beyond reprehensible!!!

  Who is to blame for this incessant religious persecution against Christians?  Is it the Atheists, the Muslims, the Military, Obama perhaps?  The answer is:  None of the above.  The true questions should be:  Why are Christians allowing the persecution to go on?  Why are Christians afraid to stand up for what they believe?  Why are Christians so willing to take a back seat and cower before human authority, when they preach that God is the soul authority?
  Here we have a case of American warriors who are fighting at the behest of the so-called Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces.  They did not ask to be in Afghanistan, and when they enlisted in the military, they were not asked or ordered to leave their religious beliefs at the outside gate of their boot camp.  In 1967 when I first enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps, our motto was "God, Country and Corps", when did the United States Government ask the American people if they could remove "God" from that motto?  When did the United States Government decide to twist the 1st Amendment from "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.", to "Unless you are a Muslim or Atheist, you have no freedom to practice your religion!".  A large part of exercising one's religious beliefs, entails the designation of places to worship one's God.  According to this article by Politico, there are two Muslim Mosques on this military base.  What are the chances that on the front of these Mosques or, up atop the spires of these Mosques there are symbols depicting the Muslim faith?  Oh yes, you can bet there are "Crescent Moons" predominately located to indicate that the Mosque is a place to worship Allah, the Muslim moon god.  When was the U.S. Army manual rewritten so that no religious symbols could be permanently affixed or displayed on a chapel interior or exterior grounds?  When I was a Camp Pendleton USMC base, every religion had signs and symbols designating a place of worship.  The Synagogue had the Jewish Star, the Catholic Church had their Crucifix and the Protestant's had their Cross.  Maybe the Marine Corps just had their own regulations regarding religious symbolism, or maybe they never read the U.S. Army manual.  During WWII, there were many authentic photographs of Christian and Jewish houses of worship, each had a symbol of designation.  In Korea, it was the same, and I can personally attest to the fact that in Vietnam, churches on base or a base camps had religious symbols on the tents and hooches designating that that place was a house of worship for Christians and or Jews, respectively.  So, why not in Afghanistan?  Why not in Iraq?  Why not in Pakistan?  Why not on a U.S. Military Base in any of those countries, and now, not even on Military bases within our own borders?  If you want to know the answer, ask yourself; when was the last time an organized group of Christians from your church stood up, locked arm in arm against the ACLU?  When was last time a group of Christians prayed at a public event, when prayer was banned from that event?  When was last time Christian patriots stood locked arms and blocked law enforcement from removing the Ten Commandments from a public building?  I'm going to take a wild guess and say none of you, including myself have ever exercised the other 1st Amendment Right of Free Speech and peaceful assembly to petition the government for a redress of grievances.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that American Christians have a reason to petition the government for a redress of the grievances of religious discrimination, and persecution. 
  When Muslims feel discriminated against, they come out and protest in the thousands, when Atheists feel discriminated against, they scream and yell and whine and moan that they want equal time to be recognized as believers in nothing.  When any ethnic group feels they have been discriminated against they protest loud and long and in numbers that cannot be ignored by law makers.  But when Christians are persecuted and discriminated against, where are the multitudes, where?  Where are the 70% of American Christians that should be taking a stand against the evil of this world and this country?  
  There is only one reason why Christians are being persecuted in America, and that is because Christians of the many denominations will not stand together.  Christians are being persecuted in the United States of America, simply because United States Christians allow the persecution to take place with only a tiny cry of "foul", when it should be a ROAR!!!  
  I don't think American Christians understand that they (we) are the majority in this country.  We Christians have numbers high enough to elect or throw out a President, elect or throw out a Senator or Congressman, if only we would stand together.  There is no one to blame for Christian persecution in this free country that was founded on Christian principles, no one to blame but Christians themselves.
There is no law, Federal, State or Local that calls for the "separation" of church and state!!!  It is impossible to be in violation of a law that does not exist.  Pray in public, and remember, it is still okay, and legal to say "Merry Christmas"
God Help Us
The Watchman 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Is this still true?  I think not!

Dateline:  September 12, 1782
Subject:  The Congress of the United States approves the Aitken Bible (written in English)for use in American schools.

  In the early to late 1780's the Aitken Bible (the first to be published in America) was not only the Bible approved  for use in schools, but in many cases the Aitken Bible was utilized as the first primer (reader) in both homes and schools in the colonies and in settlements to the West.
  Where has America gone wrong?  The Holy Bible, once the mainstay for all laws and principles has in 235 short years become a controversial Christian hate book.  How can a book filled with God's word be read and preached, then suddenly become the target of the American main stream?  I think that Samuel Adams hits the nail on the head with this statement:  " A general dissolution of principle and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy.  While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue, then they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader."  A few thousand years ago, somewhere between 384BC and 322BC, Aristotle wrote:  "Tolerance is the final virtue of a dying society."  If Aristotle were more aware of the coming Savior, perhaps he would have written: "The tolerance of evil is the final virtue of a dying society."  Because Aristotle lived so very long ago, I guess we'll have to give him a pass on that one, although he wasn't very far off in his prediction.  America is the longest lasting democratic republic to exist on the planet, and now we see the principles upon which it was founded eroding away with time.  It is the tolerance of evil the will be the demise of America.  Most other European countries have already fallen victim to tolerance of evil and ungodly things.  As Europe is today, America will surely follow.  America has but one "virtue" left, TOLERANCE and it will be the underlying factor to cause the certain death of this once great nation.
  America was once a country that prided itself on it's Christian heritage, and now through the tolerance of homosexuality, same sex marriage, support and protection of Islam and it's false god "Allah", laziness, apathy and last but certainly not least America's shunning of God and God's laws, America is well down the road to perdition. 
  The new media and media standards in America are a sure sign that Satan as prophesied will have a hand in the destruction of America.  Media giants like:  Google, Apple, Microsoft and many more have decided what information and what speech will be disseminated or omitted from the Information Super Highway, as it was once called.  Today we just refer to it as the Internet.  Many of these media outlets have recently banned any and all Christian and Jewish information, including advertisements, and Biblical speech of any kind.  The Holy Christian Bible, the first Congressionally approved text book has now been deemed hate speech, and therefore must be censored from the public eye.  The media giants and lobby groups have begun to champion a movement to remove God and God's laws from the public forum.  There will soon be no debate of what's right, and what's wrong.  The beginning of the second Dark Age is upon us, make no mistake about that.  Blindly, Christians will be going through what I call the second persecution (the first being the prior Dark Age).  There is no doubt that soon, gag orders will be handed down from liberal courts to Christian preachers and priests that preaching certain scripture text from the Bible is forbidden from the pulpit.  Under the guise of political correctness and tolerance, any sermon containing statements condemning what the Lord has already condemned will not be allowed.  Men of the cloth will be tried and jailed, and Christians will be forced to either stand, or cower in fear, and run.  
  As George Washington stated:  Will American Christians prefer to die on their feet?  I ask, will American Christians today, after years of apathy, prefer to live on their knees?  
  I for one, will not use Facebook, as it is anti-Christ and anti-Christian.  I do not know how long this blog I write will be allowed to be published as I believe that Blogspot is affiliated with Google in some way.  As things are right now, I'm not sure that this article will be allowed.
  Points to Ponder:  APPLE has twice removed applications that contained Christian content from it's iTunes App Store.  Apple admitted that the apps were denied access because it considered the Christian viewpoints expressed in those applications to be "offensive". Of the 425,000 apps available on Apple's iPhone, the only ones censored by Apple for expressing otherwise lawful viewpoints have been apps with Christian content.
FACEBOOK has openly partnered with homosexual activists to eradicate anti-gay comments on it's platform.  All of which suggests that Christian content critical of homosexuality, same-sex marriage, or similar practices will be at risk for censorship by FACEBOOK.
MYSPACE has already enacted a policy banning "homophobic" content.
  If you think the second persecution isn't right around the corner, think again.
God Help Us
The Watchman   

Monday, November 21, 2011


Hey PETA, where are you???

I wish I had gotten a hold of this story a couple of weeks ago.  Only two days before the Thanksgiving Holiday, I regret I'm a little late.  Most American families already have their 20+ pounders at least half way through the thawing process by now.  It certainly will be worthwhile remembering for next year's Thanksgiving, and you can still return your Butterball Christmas bird if you have the wear-with-all to do so.  No telling how many PETA officials are aware of the Muslim/Sharia method of Halal slaughter.  The animal must be awake and aware while their trachea, esophagus and jugular vein are slashed and the Muslim prayer " Bismillah Allahu Akbar" which means (in the name of Allah the greatest.) is said as the life blood drains from each of the animal's bodies.  The folks at Butterball have stated that all of their whole birds are certified Halal.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Thanksgiving Holiday and the Thanksgiving Turkey somewhat of an American Tradition, and weren't the Pilgrims giving thanks to the Lord?  Actually, it's really not the meaning behind or for the Pilgrim's celebration, or even the fact that for all intensive purposes, Allah was probably not mentioned at the first Thanksgiving table back in 1621.  So, why the Halal Turkey?  Stealth Sharia compliance, that's why. 
  For me, it is the way Butterball has been so disingenuous regarding the new Halal way of slaughter and blessing, and the way Butterball decided to keep the Halal certification a secret from the general and predominantly Christian American consumer base.  Who purchases the largest amount turkeys from Butterball to celebrate a predominantly Christian Holiday, anyway?  I guess Butterball figures that what Christians don't know, won't hurt them.  I rarely take offense at menial religious protocol, after all, I have no problem eating kosher hot dogs for example.  Then again, at least the Jews and I worship the same God.  Islam, well I'm not sure which moon god they've chosen as their Allah, but he certainly isn't the Lord of all creation, and therefore, he isn't my God.  To know that the folks at Butterball have taken it on there own to get my Thanksgiving turkey blessed by some Imam who represents the Muslim mush-god they call Allah, well...It is this behavior by Butterball that deeply troubles me.  It is one thing to become Sharia compliant of one's own volition, it is another to have Sharia compliance forced down one's throat, and this time I mean literally.  It makes me wonder how many other meats and fouls we are eating that have been inhumanely slaughtered and blessed in the name of Allah, without our knowledge, to appease the Muslim population.  
  The Butterball corporation needs to know how their largest consumer base feels with regards to their stealth Sharia compliance, and their deceptive ways making almost all of America compliant to Muslim whims.  Since I was a child some 62 years ago, the name Butterball has been an American Institution right along with the Thanksgiving Holiday, and I take umbrage to the way Butterball has in my opinion tarnished both of those institutions with this violation of American consumer trust.
God Help Us, 
The Watchman   

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


TN. State Rep. Rick Womick

TN. Gov. Bill Haslam

                  Tennessee Gov. Refuses to Denounce Rep’s Anti-Muslim Remarks -
  The state of Tennessee may very well have the only politician in America who is honest and forthright about the Islamization of America and his home state.
  In a speech last Friday, November 11, 2011 (Veteran's Day), the Tennessee state Representative stated that the Muslim Allah is a false god.  Representative Womick also warned Tennesseans about a Muslim Immigrant "population jihad".  I salute you Rep. Rick Womick.  A state legislator that is not quaking in his boots when the truth about Islam must be told.  If only Tennessee's other representatives, senators and governor had the same courage.  I would have thought that the Representative from my district in Middle Tennessee would have come to Rep. Womick's aid and defense, but no!  It appears that all the other Reps and Senators of Tennessee are doing their best to avoid making any comment, and obviously that's their way of distancing themselves from Mr. Womick.  From Governor Bill Haslam to all of our state Representatives may I say, in all sincerity you are the largest group of pathetic pansies ever to cast a shadow in the Tennessee state house.  Although Governor Bill Haslam refused to denounce the statement by Rep. Rick Womick, he stumbled all over himself long enough to spit out the fact that he disagrees with the statement and the opinion of Rep. Womick.  Unfortunately, that tells me that Governor Bill Haslam is caving to Islamic pressure and prefers to live as a dhimmi rather than to live free.  I just wonder how many of our state reps are looking for the Muslim vote, and how many are simply terrified to voice their real feelings regarding Islam and Sharia.  
  My complete and total support for Representative Womick, with the hopes that one day he will run for Governor of Tennessee will be foremost in my mind, especially when Tennessee elections come around.
  It does appear that there is no stopping the influx of Muslims into Middle Tennessee, one should note however, I don't think anyone in this state is actually checking the immigration status of the new Muslims in this area.  Another thing to take into consideration, there are no affluent Muslim neighborhoods in American cities.  All of the areas that have large Muslim populations are in fact ghettos, and just like the illegals from Mexico and South America, Muslims are a big drain on taxpayer funded entitlements, and growing larger every year.  It is a fact that Muslims do believe in multiple marriages, and because plural marriage is not recognized in the United States, Muslim men collect entitlements for one wife, then claim the others as dependents.  I would love for someone to investigate the number of Islamic Muslims who are now on the Tenn Care rolls, just a thought.  Understand that within the boundaries of Muslim communities there is an attitude propensity toward Sharia (Islamic Law).   Those who do not think that Muslim communities will have boundaries, need to visit Deerborn, Michigan.  The safer thing to do would be to research Deerborn on the Internet. 
  I applaud Tennessee Rep. Rick Womick for his courage in sounding the alarm.  I will pray that those who are of the same thought, will find the courage to stand with Rep. Womick.  I just wonder if there are any patriots and true Christians left in the Tennessee State Legislature.  I guess that remains to be seen, doesn't it?  It would not surprise me to see Rick Womick as the only man and last man standing.
God Help Us
The Watchman

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


What do we think the actual chances are for successful and productive solutions from this committee? 
Answer: NONE

  If there ever was a committee designed to fail, it is this one.  What was going through the mind of the guy that thought this "Super Committee" idea up, anyway? 
  Putting myself out on a limb assuming the man behind the Super Committee idea, was none other than Barack Hussein Obama, I imagine that in his eyes, this is about as successful as he expected it to be.  Although Obama feigns an irritation at the lack of deficit reduction progress by his committee, inside he's once again laughing at these useful idiots we have elected to represent the people.  Let's put the formation of this Super Committee in perspective.  Obama's idea of success, is the creation of more chaos.  These dopes, on both sides of the aisle know that by placing 6 far left Liberals and 6 right wing Conservatives in a room, with the assignment of deficit reduction, can not and will not be fruitful in any way, shape or form.  So, what did the Commander of Chaos do?  He suggested just such a committee, and the Republicans fell for the idea hook, line and sinker.  Obama and his Democrat Socialist/Progressives successfully out maneuvered the Republicans once again.  The only suggestions that will come forth from the inner sanctum of this committee, is the conclusion that raising taxes is the only way to reduce a gigantic deficit that Obama choreographed in the first place.  It is no doubt that the Republicans on the committee are going to cave to the Dem's, and in the end, Obama gets exactly what he wanted in the first place, to raise taxes to cover his extreme spending.  Meanwhile, all of America is watching another one of Obama's orchestrated events, "Occupy Wall Street".  There is no rhyme or reason to OWS, there doesn't have to be.  Obama needs to do everything he can to keep the focus off the White House, and off Eric Holder.  Obama is the "Sultan of Sleaze" the "Duke of Bedlam", and the iPod, iPad and iPhone preoccupied American people haven't the slightest idea what their President has planned for the demise of freedom and liberty in America.  
  There will be no solutions from the Super Committee, and Obama will convince the American people that cutting $600 billion dollars from our defense budget is one of the only ways to cut the deficit.  This way Obama has his cake, and eats it too.  Obama has no use for the military,  nor is he concerned with national defense.  Since coming to office, Obama has taken all the necessary steps needed to weaken America's military capabilities.  He began with his apology tour of the world, in order to undermine our nation's reputation as a formidable military might and staunch ally to our friends.  He has disrespected every ally we had, beginning with the UK, and just recently ending with turning his back on Israel, our only true ally in the Middle East.  His nuclear arms treaty with Russia requires America to disarm while allowing Russia to proliferate nuclear arms.  He has taken the side of foreign governments against states in the USA, i.e., Arizona and now Alabama regarding state legislation concerning illegal immigration.  Knowing full well that no state should or would be in the position to make such legislation, if the Federal Government was in fact doing their job.  Obama has signed over the coastal shore line and the control over the Great Lakes and our inland waterways to the U.N.  Thanks to Obama, INTERPOL can operate within our borders with impunity.  All of the above detrimental decisions made by Obama, were made without the consent of congress, so in essence Obama has succeeded in making congress irrelevant.  
  Obama is the King of Chaos, and anyone who thinks that the formation of this so-called Super Committee is anything more than just another distraction, has their heads in the sand.  The Obama Super Committee was destined to fail, because it was designed to fail.  While the American people are worried about the economy and jobs as Obama so eloquently puts it, over and over again, he continues to kill any and all ideas that create jobs in the private sector.  Let's face it, Obama has destroyed any chance for America to be energy independent for at least the next ten years.  We need oil, are we drilling? NO!  We need natural gas, are we drilling? NO! We need coal to make electricity economically and efficiently, are we mining?  NO!  There is no logic to the predicament America is in, but there are people to blame, and regardless of the imbeciles occupying Wall Street, the blame doesn't belong to bankers, oil companies, coal companies, or any other big or small business.  The blame belong squarely on the White House and it's occupants, period.  It's not the jobs or the economy, it's the preservation of the greatest nation that ever occupied space on the face of the earth, the USA.  
  America's worst enemy is the enemy within, and he and his cronies are in control.  The occupation of America must be brought to an end, and the occupiers and the enemies of freedom and liberty must, at all cost be ejected from the White House.  If America can not accomplish this task at hand with the peaceful election in 2012, there is no doubt that task will have to accomplished the hard way in the near future.  Is this a call to arms?  Perhaps.
God Help Us
The Watchman