Thursday, December 2, 2010


Mullen: Troops Who Balk at Change in Gay Service Policy Can Find Other Work -

Admiral Mike Mullen, in my opinion made the dumbest statement of his career. Today he said: "Troops who balk at change in gay service policy can find other work." This is obviously a statement made by someone whose bunk mate will either never be gay, or by a gay Admiral who hopes to get in on a little of the well.....action as soon as he's allowed to come out of the closet without blowing his retirement. Unless Admiral Mike Mullen plans on sailing aboard his new Flagship, the USS Gay Ship Lollipop and intends on allowing his now openly gay Executive Officer share the new Admiral's Quarters, perhaps he should not be speaking for our nation's military, and that includes all the branches.

It never ceases to amaze me how tolerant someone of high rank can be, especially when he knows that the new changes won't affect him. I have yet to see an Admiral in shared sleeping quarters on board ship, or a Captain either for that matter. I guess it's okay though if the Admiral's crew spends the lonely afternoons and evenings playing Kissy-face, at least until it's time for their watch, and then again what will the boys be watching Admiral?

I am so glad that my service time in the Marine Corps was in the 1960's, and not now. If the don't ask don't tell policy is repealed, you couldn't make me enlist in the military again. I'm thinking there are plenty of active and reserve duty Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airman who will most certainly take Admiral Mullen's advice and vacate the military ASAP. Somehow, I don't see where gay men and lesbians are going to be clamouring to enlist in the military service. Admiral Mullen may be able to put together a "Light" Brigade, and maybe with some luck and promises of a lot of free recreation time get a crew together for the boat he'll be sailing into combat on. But, I have my doubts that either will ever happen. Just to clarify something, I have no doubt as to the fact that there are gays serving bravely and heroically in today's military. I do not, and will not question the fact that many gays, past and present have served this country honorably, and will in the future. But if these gays want to be sure somebody is watching their backs, and not their "backsides" in a firefight, I believe keeping silent about one's sexual persuasion should be the "order of the day."

It pains me to think that a man with so little respect for the majority of men and women in service to their country, can actually be in the Navy long enough to ascend to the highest military rank, and yet be a pathetically miserable suck-up, and cave to special interest pressure. Perhaps, I just answered my own question regarding Admiral Mullen's success in the Navy. After his statement today, I doubt very seriously that Admiral Mullen will command much respect from his subordinate troops. He will never get any respect from this old Marine, and that's a fact.


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