Friday, October 28, 2011


"I wasn't aware that Mohamed Elibiary was a memeber of the Muslim Brotherhood"

  Woahhh, is that a hair style, or are you sporting a skunk skin hat?  Please accept my apology for that remark, I couldn't help myself.
  It appears that our Director of Homeland Security, is either a closet member of the Muslim Brotherhood, or she is as incompetent as I always believed, or she is one of the President's useful idiots.  I believe she is the latter. 
  In recent hearings in the capitol, Janet Napolitano was questioned by Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas as to her knowledge of what she actually knows about the goings on in her organization under her watch.  Apparently according to her own testimony, she knows nothing.  She admittedly stated that she knows who Mohamed Elibiary is, after all, she should, she did in fact, swear him in as a Homeland Security Advisor.   She did obviously authorise his "Secret" security clearance, because she's the only one who could.  However, it also appears that no one within America's Homeland Security Office vetted this Islamist prior to issuing the Secret clearance. 
   None of this is very surprising, as our President is also a closet Muslim for now, anyway.  Although he peeks his head out of the closet door more often than most people realize.  It's not the people's fault for not recognizing Obama's feigned passion for Islam, it's because most Americans still get their news from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC.   It is true, they do broadcast the news, but they do not broadcast the truth.  Therefore no one who listens to the main stream media will even know about this breach of U.S. security, or what our  pretending Muslim sympathizer President and Homeland Security Director are doing to compromise the safety of American citizens, here and around the globe.  I don't believe that Napolitano is truly incompetent.  I believe she was placed in that office by Barack Hussein Obama for one reason, and one reason only.  That is, to look the other way while the President undermines and continues to weaken the security of the United States.  Needless to say, it appears that she is wearing the Obama blinders with pride.  She has learned to lie and deceive and do that little side step with all the expertise of a well manipulated marionette of the President.  To simply say Napolitano is clueless, is not unlike saying Obama is clueless.  Believe me when I say:  "neither one of them are clueless about anything."  The Obama agenda is obvious, and he has placed like minded people into seats of power that will aid him in creating the deception and the chaos needed to destroy America and our way of life.
  I must say, it certainly piques my curiosity as to how Obama manages to demand complete loyalty from his minions like Napolitano, Reid, Pelosi and a host of others.  I can only assume that all of them feel there will be a place for them, when the building of the One World Order begins.  Perhaps, they've even been promised high positions when Obama becomes King, Potentate or whatever the New Social Society chooses for the leader of the New Order.  It would be most advantageous for these little Obamanites to look down, and keep notice of how precariously close to the edge of the abyss they are treading.  With Obama at your back, well...need I say more?  I would venture to say that there will only be a couple of the present Obama minions who will be carried to the New Order with/by Obama.  Only those who are currently members of the George Soros, Barack Obama inner sanctum, will be allowed to share in Obama's glory.   
 Caution, playing with fire can get you burned.  Backing Obama will not secure one's future.  That not only goes for those who are close to him, but for those who would defend him and his agenda.  Obama will throw you under the bus faster than he threw away the white side of his family heritage.  Obama has no loyalty to America or it's people.  He has no loyalty to Islam or Christians, or Atheists or Gays.  Obama worships himself above all else.  When Obama is finished with his useful idiots, they will be discarded like yesterday's trash, and never thought of again.  
  My father used to tell me:  "Son, a liar is worse than a thief."  This President lies without conscience, and he is stealing the freedom and liberty away from America.  He has no God but his own ego, therefore he has no need of a moral compass, as he is already pleasing to himself.
The Watchman      


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Trust me.

...Dateline November 9, 2011...Time 2:00 PM EST...All communication of television and radio signals will be simultaneously shut down across the nation by the U.S. Government.
  My question, what's the motive behind this test, better yet, does the Federal Government need to have the ability to shut down radio and television signals?  According to those conducting this test of the new and improved EBS (Emergency Broadcast System), the reason for assuming responsibility of communications at this magnitude is just in case of a national emergency, all people can be notified and instructed at the same time with same same message.  Sounds good, doesn't it?  What an administration, always thinking about the citizens and our safety.  It is important to mention that only the President has the authority to activate the new EAS (Emergency Alert System), it is also important to note that the President of the United States wouldn't know the truth if it slapped him in the face.  So, in case of an actual (or made up) national emergency, the only instructions and information will be coming from the Obama White House.  That fact alone is incapable of giving me the warm fuzzy feeling of safety.  Only the President?  Let's understand, his authority has been handed over to the Director of FEMA.  (That should give you some comfort, not!)  This test will be conducted as a joint effort with DHS (Janet Napolitano, mmmm, that's comforting too), and the FCC (isn't that Mark Lloyds organization?)  You all remember Mark Lloyd, don't you?  Here is a refresher:  Mark Lloyd is Barack Obama's appointed "Diversity Czar", he is a "Fellow" at the Center for American Progress, a George Soros funded Socialist think tank.  (Isn't it nice to know that we have a Communist/Socialist in charge of all radio and television transmissions in America, and the information it will convey?)  NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and of course the NWS (National Weather Service).  In plain English, NOAA, DHS, FEMA, FCC and NWS communications and information disemination services are now under the control of the Executive branch of government, (Obama).
  It is no secret that Obama is facing a severe up hill battle toward 2012, and considering his lack of accomplishments, his abysmal record regarding the economy, his apologies to every Sultan and King in the world for America, I believe it is safe to say that he is virtually un-electable.  So, if we the people can see it, then so can he.  Barack Obama may be a liar and a traitor, but he's not an idiot.  Obama has had an agenda since he began running for office.  He told the American people that he wanted to fundamentally transform this country, and that is exactly what he is doing.  To fundamentally transform anything, it is necessary to shake the very foundation, and that is what he has managed to do, on a grand scale I might add.  Obama has managed to tear down any progress made over the past 50 years regarding civil rights, in essence he has once again revived the conflict between Black and White in this nation.  He has turned the not so well off against the well off.  He has managed to frighten seniors, and at the same time encourage the youth to be defiant of their elders.  The plan is to destroy America, and all it stands for, and the way to do it is through chaos, and all we need to do is look around to see the well orchestrated chaos, this President has started and continues to fuel.  Is he done?  Not a chance.  Can he get re-elected?  I don't think so.  Is he worried?  He is NOT!!!  That my friends is the frightening part.
  If this was any other administration, I don't think the new EAS being under control of the White House would bother me so much.  We have a President whose only expertise is deception of the people.  Anyone who believes that Barack Hussein Obama doesn't have an underlying motive for his total control of the airwaves, is still in denial about this diabolical, pathological liar we have as President.
  Point to ponder:  Obama sees his re-election chances about to be dashed upon the rocks.  In order to maintain power and control over the American people, one of Obama's minions decides that it is time for a national emergency.  Obama agrees, and shuts down all radio and television communications.  A fictitious emergency scenario is announced by the White House, and people have no way of knowing the truth, because all information is coming from one, would-be dictator.
  Far fetched, huh?  You're all rolling your eyes and thinking that this time "The Watchman" has really gone off the deep end.  I say to you, I am not paranoid, I am realistic and a student of history, both ancient and recent.  If my theoretical scenario sounds over the top, give this some thought.  In the 1930's Adolf Hitler controlled all communication in Germany.  Since that time, the USSR and now Russia have that capability, Iran has used it's power to shut down all communication including the Internet in and out of their country, anyone speak to the Cubans from the 1950's, how about the folks in modern day Venezuela and or China?  I believe I've made my point.  Free elections can and do sometimes result in the wrong man taking office.  I did not vote for Obama, but I have no doubt that many who did are suffering some serious regrets.  Do I think he is just going to walk away from power without accomplishing his intended mission?  No, I don't think so.  He will however, speed up the chaos, to bring America into line as a Socialist country as expediently as possible.  The One World Order can not come to fruition as long as America holds to it's moral, Christian foundation and Constitution.  Christianity is the thorn in the side of Islam, Socialism, Communism and Marxism around the world.  Christianity is one thorn that must, at all cost remain stuck in the side's of dictators and tyrants everywhere.
God Help Us
The Watchman