Thursday, July 14, 2011


In a world where words and phrases like "melting pot" and assimilation have given way to words like "multi-culturalism" and "plural relativism", it is no surprise that the last bastion of individualism is being removed from this "everyone should be the same" society.  I can remember growing up in the fifties and sixties youngsters were being encouraged to "find themselves", express their own "individuality".  Today, societal pressures have a tendency to want everyone to be lumped together with everyone else.  Students are being taught that it's not necessary to try and excel.  Quite the opposite actually.  In academia and even in school organized sports children are being taught that just showing up for an activity makes you the winner, as in today's mind, there are no longer any losers. 
  Back in the day, before typewriters legible printing and writing were necessary.  Companies and individuals corresponded and kept records through the art of handwriting.  People were dependent upon their ability to communicate through handwriting.  Not everyone had the blessing of good "penmanship" however.  Penmanship was the true art.  It is what set one person apart from the others.  I mean if you were capable of penmanship that literally anyone could read, you were lauded.  Unfortunately with time, handwriting either printing or cursive gave way to speedier techniques of written communication.  A technique referred to as "Shorthand" was invented.  Shorthand was also an art, but once learned and mastered, the art of taking "dictation" was much more efficient and time saving in the office.  Today, words like dictation and Shorthand are seldom heard, and as far as I know never taught.  The advent of "Dictaphones" (hmmm, there was an invention) came on the scene making Shorthand a lost art.  In this modern age, we have texting on mobile telephones that has made one on one audible communication a thing of the past.  No more need for conversation, looking someone in the eye, face to face intercourse.  It's gone, it's all gone.  Why, these days employees are even being fired by email.  In my mind, a pathetic, cowardly thing to do. 
  Remember when a letter was fun to get, not necessarily fun to write but certainly a pleasure to read.  Letters usually came from far away places, from a soldier at war in a foreign land, a loved one who was home missing her boyfriend or husband.  The smell of her perfume (meant only for your senses) that quietly escaped when you opened the envelope, that contained news from from home and secret "I love yous".  Letters from mom and dad, friends who for a brief moment took time to write and let one know that they were in their thoughts.  The best thing about the letters, is you could tell by the "handwriting" who wrote the letter, you could recognize their style of penmanship.  Letters were not just words on paper, they were thoughts and feelings, dreams and disappointments, shared hopes, shared fears and shared love, conveyed from one another the only way an individuals special handwriting could convey.  Remember the fanciful "S's" and elaborate "A's", and best of all, the signature at the end.  Ahhh, that signature, it was the one unique and personal thing about handwriting, it turned a plain old name into a real tangible individual, identification mark.  Recognizable to the recipient of the letter.  
  Every one's signature carries with it a one of a kind flair.  It can be simple, or flamboyant, but it was one of a kind.  
  It grieves me to see that school systems in Indiana and Illinois will no longer be teaching mandatory cursive handwriting.  Without handwriting the individual person, then personality of the sender will be lost forever.  There has been only one thing that a reasonably educated human being has to their own individuality, and that was their own unique signature.  The pluralism and relativism of this modern progressive society is now stripping away one more of those identifiable individual traits that is the essence of personality.  Will our youngsters be taught that is no need for individualism, no flair, no flamboyance and no need to be unique.  I'm afraid that is what the long term ramifications of no-longer teaching cursive writing will be.  A sad, very sad day it is, when your child or grandchild signs your text message with a number not a name.
  So there you have it, the beginning of the end of individualism.  No more closeness felt through a handwritten letter.  The only thing our grandchildren will know are the cold block letters that show up on a telephone or computer screen. 
This has been a melancholy message from,
The Watchman    

Sunday, July 10, 2011


While America and the rest of the free world slumbers, a disease of Biblical proportions is invading their society.  The diagnosis:  Passive Complacent Euphoria Syndrome.  Prognosis:  Demise; Imminent.
The most common name for this disease is "Islam" it's symptoms are creeping Sharia Law and Sharia Compliance by the victim.  This disease has a tendency to cause memory loss to it's victim, names, dates and important events are among these, i.e., 9/11/2002.

  P.C.E.S. (Passive Complacent Euphoria Syndrome) is a direct result of it's mental disorder affliction called "Liberalism".  Liberalism and P.C.E.S. are synonymous with one another.  P.C.E.S. cannot survive without "Liberalism as it's catalyst.  The combination of "Liberalism and P.C.E.S. result in the often times fatal progression of Islam and Sharia into free societies around the globe.  Islam is highly infectious and highly contagious, containment is not only risky to the victim but in most cases Islam will be resistant to any medication.  In order to stop Islam from spreading, Liberalism and P.C.E.S. must be prevented.  Already one third of the world has fallen victim to this triple threat.  Failure to recognize the presence of the disease is the most common reason perpetrating it's spread.  Unlike many physical cancers, Islam gives many ominous warning signs.  Islam touts what it's intentions are, tells it's victim how it will infect and take over, Islam's inventor even had it's intentions written in books, i.e., The Koran and Hadith.  Islam (the disease) has been an affliction on humanity for thousands of years, it has fatally destroyed many countries and societies throughout the centuries.  As far back as Aristotle who recognised P.C.E.S. gave his warning to all mankind.  "Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society."  Little did he know how tolerance of evil would be so prevalent in our modern society.  How could Aristotle have known that free nations around the globe would actually embrace the barbarism that comes with embracing Islam?  He must have seen the signs, perhaps a message from God Almighty told him to warn America and the world of it's impending doom.  Either way, like other diseases of society throughout the ages, Islam is recognisable for what it is and for who it is.  If a disease can be recognised soon enough, it can be held in check, perhaps even cured.  Denial of a disease, will not make it go away or make it somehow less fatal.  Denial that the spread of Islam is the most impending and dangerous threat to the free world today, is nothing less than playing Russian Roulette with all the chambers loaded. 
  Islam and it's followers, "the Muslims", are deceivers, they will lie, cheat and steal their way into governments from local to Federal.  Islam will use America's penchant for honesty and fair play against itself.  The following are a couple of quotes from the disease itself:  "Our confrontation with America used to be like confronting a fortress from outside.  Today, we have found a loophole to enter the fortress and confront it from within." *Moammar Gaddaafi
Or, how about this one"Thanks to your democratic laws we will invade you; thanks to our (Islamic) religious laws we will dominate you." * Archbishop Giuseppe Bernardi of Izmir.  Last but not least:  "We will use American kindness, fairness, compassion, freedom of speech and non-discriminatory policy toward us.  We will then stab America in the back."* a nameless Muslim Imam.
  Islam, will not stop invading and destroying nations and societies of it's own recognizance.  Islam feels no guilt, it will progress until all the world bows to Allah.  Islam will take away all freedom of choice, it will tell you what to wear, what to eat, where you can go, and when.  Islam is the complete antithesis of the American Constitution.  Islam will not under any circumstances obey or adhere to any man made law.  Islam is recognisable, and it can be stopped, but not without a concerted and combined effort of all denominations of Christians and Jewish peoples throughout America and the free world.  Islam has a goal, and that is complete world domination, and they (the Muslims) are willing to die for Islam's cause.  The question, are you willing to die to preserve your freedom and that of your children and grand children?  If you are not willing to take a stand against Islam today, you are damning your future progeny to a lifetime of slavery to Islam.
  Take the medicine America, see the disease, and destroy it before it spreads.
  God Help Us
  A sincere warning from:
The Watchman