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Islamic Law: Saudi Woman Beheaded for "Witchcraft" - Atlas Shrugs

Dateline: December 2011
Location: Saudi Arabia
Event:  Execution
A young woman "Amina bint Abdulhalim Nasser was executed by beheading for allegedly practicing witchcraft and sorcery.
Comment:  Phillip Luther, the interim director of Amnesty International's Middle East and North Africa program condemned Nassar's killing, calling it "deeply shocking."  Luther said that a charge of sorcery is often used by the Saudi government as a smokescreen under which they punish people for exercising freedom of speech. (What freedom of speech would that be?)
  This form of execution may be barbaric, medieval, over the top, brutal, and of course appalling, but it is in fact Sharia.  This pea-brain Phillip Luther of Amnesty International is obviously clueless when it comes to Sharia justice.  I am certainly appalled, but shocked, no, I'm definitely not shocked.  Anyone who has an ounce of knowledge regarding Sharia Law, and it's barbarism should know that this beheading is mild compared to the other Sharia punishments that are routinely handed down by Sharia courts.  
  Using this fine example of Sharia Law at it's best, one must ask, why are so many Americans so intent on allowing it to proliferate right here in America?  I, for one, can't figure out what the draw is.  Where is the appeal?  Why isn't there a nationwide outcry by women's and gays organizations?  Do they not understand the dire circumstances surrounding their very existence in America, should Sharia Law be applied along with Constitutional law?  Attempts by Muslims, and I'm not talking about these so-called extremists, I'm talking about the run of the mill moderate Muslims, (if there is such a thing), which I seriously doubt.  Attempts by Muslims in America to allow the implementation of Sharia courts in America are constantly being brought to the forefront at all levels of U.S. governments.  I believe that even the ACLU thinks it might be a good idea for U.S. courts to use Sharia in adjudicating cases where there are Muslims involved.   Just as nothing the Muslims do surprise me, nothing the ACLU does or says, surprises me either.  
  As America, (not all of America), but certain elements of the politically correct government and social organizations continue to invite, appease, endorse and encourage Islamic infiltration into all aspects of America's government and educational systems, it occurs to me that our survival, as a free nation is in very serious jeopardy.
  For nearly 50 years now, the left has been indoctrinating our citizens from a very young age to lean toward a liberal ideology.  I think that the dumbing down of America may have finally reached it's peak, and Islam sees us as easy pickings.  In retrospect, perhaps we are!  We have elected a President who respects and protects Islam at every turn.  Our social organizations have developed into politically correct, not wanting to offend anyone institutions.  What better time to infiltrate America?  Not only have we removed the lock from the door, but we've actually invited the fox into the hen house.  If someone in authority doesn't do something, and fast, Islam (the fox) is going to eat the hens (us) alive. 
  It is important to mention that we have at least three o Republican candidates who recognize the threat of Islam and creeping Sharia in America, for what it is; stealth jihad!  Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachman have not been afraid to call a spade a spade, and they have vocalized there opinions regarding Sharia in America.  In a 2010 speech to the American Enterprise Institute, Speaker Gingrich stated it very profoundly and correctly when he said:  " Stealth jihadis use political, cultural, societal, religious, intellectual tools; violent jihadis use violence.  But, in fact they're both engaged in jihad and they're both seeking to impose the same end state, which is to replace Western civilization with radical imposition of Sharia."  He went on to describe Sharia as a "mortal threat to the survival of freedom in the United States."  Again, his statement couldn't be more truthful or more valid or more correct.
  There are numerous accounts of Sharia already being imposed on American citizens.  One such example is:  a blind student at St. Cloud University being exempted from class because Muslim students objected to his seeing-eye dog on religious grounds, (of course).  Muslim demands, from separate swimming times for men and women at America's schools, to wearing hijabs when being photographed for drivers licenses, and wearing long scarves on roller coaster rides at public amusement parks, all are part of the stealth jihad.  Muslims are the first to cry religious persecution when these demands are not tolerated, regardless of the reason, Muslim are expert at playing the victim card.  
  Story has it that the influx of Muslims into America is due to the fact that they are trying to escape the brutality of governments from their own countries.  That excuse my friends, is an outright contrived lie so that they might bypass immigration laws and enter this country as political refugees.  Has anyone considered the fact that very few, if any  persecuted Christian Middle East refugees are offered asylum in America?  I have, and the American Christian churches should also look into that particular oversight.  Here is the truth behind the influx of Muslims into America.  They are not running from Islamic rule or Sharia, but they are an invasion force coming to our shores to establish an insurmountable beachhead, from which to launch assault after assault on the American way of life, the Christian and Jewish religions, and our very freedom and liberty.  Islam, given the opportunity, will help Barack Hussein Obama to finish shredding the U.S. Constitution, the American economy, and the Faith and principles that this nation was founded on.  Islam's goal is to replace God with Allah, Constitutional Law with Sharia Law and Freedom with Dhimmitude. 
  This brings us to the question of era.  Have Americans finally become so dumb, so weak and so tolerant, that we no longer deserve our own nation?  "A republic, if you can keep it?" ( Benjamin Franklin)
God Help Us
The Watchman

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

US Navy paying $15/gallon for green fuel

By an Obama Executive Order, the U.S. Navy is now paying $15.00 per gallon for Green Fuel.
Millions of Americans are protesting the Canada to the Gulf Keystone pipeline.
I have to agree, I would not want to have that oil pipeline running through my back yard, nor would I want it to be constructed on the proposed route.
I, however am upset over the fact that there needs to be a Canada to Gulf pipeline in the first place.
  I personally think that the protests against the Keystone pipeline construction are aimed in the wrong direction.  A pipeline that carries that much oil over so far a distance although not inherently dangerous, would be terribly unforgiving should a mishap (a breach/break) should occur somewhere along the span, that is not under constant human oversight.  So I totally understand the misgivings of the folks who live where the pipeline route is proposed.  To that effect, we need to examine the whys and wherefores of this Keystone project.
  The only reason for this pipeline proposal is that we have an administration who has done all it can to keep this nation reliant and dependent on foreign oil.  Understand that foreign oil doesn't only mean oil brought to our shores by super tankers from the Middle East.  Foreign oil also comes from Mexico and Canada.  Those two countries may be our neighbors, but they are still foreign countries, and America is still purchasing the oil from them, so the resulting semantics are the same.  Foreign oil is foreign oil!  Contrary to what the Obama administration says, it is dead set against any oil or natural gas drilling on U.S. soil.  It is also profoundly against the mining and or burning of coal or any other fossil fuel, clean or dirty.  So, in order to slow our dependence on Middle-Eastern oil, the U.S. oil companies have opted for a less expensive oil they can access from nearby neighboring countries.  It should be noted that simply because the Obama administration touts the environmental virtues and benefits of green fuel, bio-fuel and other supposed green energy sources, green energy hasn't a chance of replacing fossil fuels.  I'm certain that there will always be places where wind generated electricity will be very beneficial to smaller communities, some may actually be able to sustain solely on wind power, for the most part however larger cities and towns require much more energy than wind power could hope to generate.  There are viable solutions like combining energy sources and resources to provide the necessary power America needs.  Unlike the Obama administration's idea of abandoning substantially more inexpensive fossil fuel for substantially more expensive green energy, is ludicrous at best, and will not work, at least not in the near future.  
  Forcing the U.S. Navy to purchase $15.00 a gallon green fuel has two advantages for the present administration.  Number one, it keeps Obama in good standing with the environmental community, and two, Obama gets to grease the palm of T.J. Glauthier a member of the Obama transition team and a well paid strategic advisor for "Solazyme" the California company, that just happens to be selling a substantial portion of the bio-fuel to the Navy.  What a coincidence, huh?  It is also noteworthy that Glauthier worked on the energy-sector portion of Obama's 2009 stimulus bill.  What were the chances of that?  
  The bottom line here is this:   There is absolutely no reason for the Keystone Pipeline Project, because there would be absolutely no need for the Canadian oil, if Americans were allowed to drill in America.  Oil drilled in the Gulf States, would already be in the Gulf States.  American citizens should not be protesting against oil per say, but against this administration which is strangling the nation's economy.  What better way to show military financial waste than to force it to buy $15.00 a gallon fuel?  In turn, what better way to cook the numbers and the books regarding the profitability of bio-fuel companies.  Then turn around and demand that the Defense Department cut military spending.  I tell you, Obama is diabolical.  He is always 3 steps ahead of any Congressman or Senator.   Obama has been groomed to financially destroy America, and that is what he is doing, and there isn't one legislator in D.C. that sees it, or at least none will confront the President about it.  Meanwhile our nation continues down the track at full speed and around the next curve, the bridge is out.  
God Help Us
The Watchman  

Study Shows Majority of U.S. Mosques Repositories of Sharia, Jihad, & Muslim Brotherhood Literature and Preachers

 Islam has a vision and a plan for your country, your children and your religion.  The question is:  Is it the same vision you have?

Fact:  90-95% of all conflicts in the world today involve Muslims fighting Non-Muslims, or each other.
  There are Muslims vs. Jews in "Palestine", Muslims vs. Hindus in Kashmir, Muslims vs. Christians in Africa, Muslims vs. Buddhists in Thailand and Muslims vs. Russians in Caucasus, need I go on?  I didn't think so. 
  Fact:  Over the past 1400 years (since the founding of Islam):  270 million non-believers have been murdered by Muslim jihadists. 
  Fact:  Islam destroyed the Christian Middle-East and Christian North Africa.  It is estimated that upwards of 60 million Christians were slaughtered during this conquest.  Also half of the Hindu civilization was annihilated with that some 80 million Hindus murdered.  Islamic jihad also destroyed over 10 million Buddhists.  All this in the name of Allah.  Yet there are those who tout Islam as the religion of peace.
  Fact:  There are a little over 1.4 billion Muslims in the world.
              There are an estimated 280 million Americans
              There are 5.5 million Israelis surrounded by 350 million Arab Muslims.  Those are insurmountable odds in any one's book.
  Fact:  The world population of Christians has increased by 47%
  Fact: The world population of Buddhists increased by 63%
  Fact:  The world population of Muslims increased by 235%
  Fact:  The Jewish population has decreased by 4%
    A recent study conducted by TRI (Terrorism Research Initiative) of 100 Islamic Mosques in the United States of America has revealed some rather enlightening facts:  Over 80% of the Mosques in the U.S. are in fact repositories of Sharia, Jihad and Muslim Brotherhood literature and Preachers.
  The random survey of 100 Mosques in the U.S. was conducted to measure the correlation between Sharia adherence and dogma calling for violence against non-believers.  Of the 100 Mosques surveyed, 51% had texts on site rated as severely advocating violence; 30% had texts rated moderately advocating violence' only 19% had no violent text on site. The Mosques that were more Sharia adherent were more likely to feature violence positive texts on site than were their non-Sharia counterparts.
  Allowing and encouraging the proliferation of Islamic centers, i.e., Muslim Mosques and the government's appeasement of Islam in America, is equal to handing your assassin the sword with which to chop off your own head.
   Islam has but one goal, and that goal is world domination, and many countries are contributing to that end, some unknowingly, but contributing all the same to their own demise.  America is following suit, "with a passion".  In America, while Christianity is being mocked, discounted and erased, Islam is being protected to higher and higher degrees, even to the point where Americans are being forced to give up the rights to many freedoms, so as to not offend Islam.  It is apparent that our nation's elected leaders are either blinded by political correctness, or they are in league with Islam.
  One fact that truly troubles me are the amount of Christian churches in America that come to the defense of Islam and the Mosques they wish to build.  Throughout history, both Jews and Christians by the millions have fallen to the sword of Islam, and still are today.  Anyone who has ever actually read the Koran, must know from the knowledge it imparts, that Islam can not, because it will not co-exist with any other religion or government.  It would be safe to say that Islam has been the worlds killing machine for well over a thousand years.
  Sometimes I fear that the true enemy of Christians and Jews, will not be recognized for who they are.  I may be putting myself out on a very thin limb here, but in my opinion the worst enemy of Christians and Jews is their own apathy in the face of Islam and Islamic jihad.  It seems that ever since losing all but one of the Crusades against Islam, the Christian church has taken comfort in the position of the persecuted.  At least some Jews have outgrown that victim role, those of course being the Israelis.  The Jews here in America will still live in the past "holocaust" era when it suits their agenda.  What will it take to get Christians and Jews alike to realize that Islam in all forms are enemies, and apathy and appeasement of Islamic demands are the fuel Islam needs to prosper?  Here in America, the Muslims have also learned hold to play the "victim card".  Playing the "victim card", affords the Muslims to demand and receive special rights under America's constitution that Muslims do not believe in.  Well, you don't have to believe in the Constitution to use it to your advantage, do you?  The same holds true for the hearts in general, of good easily deceived Christians.  Uneducated in the history of Islam and the brutality of their conquests in the name of Allah, is one reason why American good hearted Christians have been lulled into the Muslim "Islam is a religion of peace" profession.  Which by the way, is a blatant outright lie.
  From 10-13-2011 - 12-11-2011 Islamic terrorists have murdered 1,374 innocent Christians, Jews, Arabs, Indians and Africans.  In the last two months that averages out to 22 people a day who fall to the sword of Allah.  These are men, women and children.  Islamic jihadis murder brutally and without discrimination.  Their methods are barbaric and their reasons are insane.  Islam is anything but a religion of peace.  I understand, that in the huge scheme of things and with a world population of over 6 billion people, that 22 brutally murdered people doesn't seem very significant.  All I ask is that you put that number in perspective.  Take that number 22, and put it in your own neighborhood.  Does it appear to still be minimally acceptable?  I don't think it does, as a matter of fact it is totally unacceptable, isn't it?
  The next time you are in church, look around and count the 22 people near you.  Then imagine them either blown up, beheaded, slashed beyond recognition, or worse.  These people that are murdered daily have done nothing to provoke Islam, but worship in their own faith, just like you and your family.  Think about this when Muslims want to build a Mosque in your neighborhood, near your church or near your child's school.  Under the guise of a religion, Muslims will try to infiltrate your neighborhood.  Islam is NOT a religion, but an all encompassing way of life, it's followers are forbidden to obey any man made laws, and their goal is world domination, and they do not care how that is accomplished.  Do not be fooled, educate yourself about Islam.  Islam has a vision for you, your children and your country.  Is their vision the same as your?  
  The silence of the Christian churches is deafening when it comes to stopping Islam.  If Christian churches feel persecuted because of Islam, or Gays, or Atheists, it is because Christian churches remain SILENT.
God Help Us
The Watchman