Saturday, February 19, 2011


Coal/ Oil/ Natural Gas

What if the private energy companies and the states that have the untapped resources told Barack Hussein Obama to take a hike? What if the states exercised their states rights and began drilling for oil both offshore and on land? What if the coal mines reopened regardless of orders from D.C.? What if natural gas drilling doubled in America? What if states that have access to the necessary water ways began building oil refineries and distribution depots?

If only the governors of our natural resource states had the guts to stand up to Obama and his minions. America's people would be put back to work. The economy would begin to boom, and the states would climb from their bankruptcy positions. Once announcements were made that all these explorations and drilling and mining were being put back in place, the price of foreign oil would drop like a rock. The economy of every country runs on energy, and especially on it's own energy resources. What if America took the lead in energy exploration and development again? Wouldn't it be a wonderful thing?

Where are the Governors whose responsibility it is to keep their people employed and safe? Where is the Association of American Governors? I think it's high time that American States begin looking after what is good for their people, not what's commanded by the Federal Government. As I see it, there are two entity's holding America down, one is the President and his Progressives and the other is the Environmental community. It is the environmental community that has placed the noose around the American worker's neck, and it is the President who keeps tightening the knot. The unions aren't helping matters either, they are not in any way shape or form working for the worker. Any organization that thinks the only way to benefit the worker, is to strangle the life from the employer, is certainly not on the worker's side. It is the Unions, the Federal Government, the Environmental false science that have caused this country to have 10% unemployment, not the corporations and manufacturers. It's high time the members of these unions start to realize that it is the exorbitant wages and entitlements they demand that causes companies to shut down in America and open in China or Mexico. All people deserve to be treated fairly, this is true. Look at it this way, if there were more companies in America, and less able workers, then the companies would have to vie for good dependable employees. The way things are now, it is less expensive for a company to shut down, put its American employees out of work than it is to try to meet Union demands. If you belong to a union, it's time to hold your union leaders responsible for talking you into thinking that corporations have an endless supply of money to pay you. Time to wake up America!!!

Back to energy and the exploration and production of energy. There is of course no doubt that fossil fuels can not and will not last forever, this is a fact. It is also a fact that alternate energies must be explored, experimented with and developed. Believe me, if someone was to discover or develop a viable alternative to oil and coal, the people of this nation would not have to be forced to use it by the Federal government or environmental groups, the people would flock to a fuel source that is more efficient and less expensive. Up till now however, that new viable energy source has not been found. Ethanol will never replace petroleum, Wind Power will not replace coal fire electric power plants, and solar will not replace fossil fuels either. None of these alternative energy sources can replace what we have been using, at least not yet!!! All alternatives must continue to be researched and developed. New and innovative sources must be found, because we are running out of time. But by forcing the scientific and research and development people to use non-viable alternatives, stifles their ability to proceed. We need to be able to utilize our present energy resources to lead us to the energy sources of the future. We cannot survive if we continue to choke the lifeline that feeds the innovation and ingenuity and invention.

Call your Governors, encourage them, embolden them to put America back to work. There is only one way to energy independence, and that is to produce your own energy, and produce it now!

God Help Us

"The Watchman"

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Probably one of the best indicators that America should fear a Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt and America, is the fact the former President Jimmy Carter says "there is nothing to fear from the Muslim Brotherhood". Now there's a RED letter statement if I've ever heard one!!!

Actually, I believe Jimmy's exact words were: " I think the Muslim Brotherhood in not anything to be afraid of in the upcoming (Egyptian) political situation and the evolution I see as most likely. They will be subsumed in the overwhelming demonstration of desire for freedom and true democracy." There is one thing you can always count on Jimmy Carter for, and that's his uncanny ability to be totally wrong about almost everything. There are some underlying frightening things about Jimmy's speech, I guess the most frightening, is the fact that he is speaking to students at the University of Texas. As if the students in America aren't being indoctrinated enough with insane liberal mumbo jumbo, they have to listen to the rantings and ravings of the worst president in American history, at least until Obama. A simple trip through the "Way Back Machine" to view some of Jimmy Carters other foreign policy bunglings and one would realize that this particular former president shouldn't be speaking to anyone about foreign policy, let alone students. During Carter's administration, Iran fell to Muslim extremists, today they are known as the Muslim Brotherhood. That episode in Iran led to the American Embassy hostage crisis, and let's not forget that Jimmy was very jubilant regarding the so-called free and honest elections in Venezuela, you can guess where those led.
Yes, Jimmy Carter is an excellent barometer of foreign policy, a simple calculation is all that is required: Jimmy Carter in favor of it = don't do it!!! How simpler can it get. Jimmy Carter needs to just go home, sit on his porch swing and dream of giant peanuts. His Visa and Passport should be revoked, and as a good measure, he should be placed on the no-fly list. Our current president, Barack Hussein Obama is having no problem bumbling foreign policy all by himself, he really doesn't need the insights from Jimmy Carter to make things worse, if that's possible. An afterthought, the Muslim Brotherhood doesn't require any encouragement from Jimmy Carter either. If there are any reasonably sane conservatives out there in the field of education, please, please keep Jimmy Carter away from the children of the nation.
God Help Us
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Situ

Monday, February 14, 2011


Someone please explain why Democrats/Liberals/Progressives will only obey Federal Court rulings when the ruling agrees with their agenda. I have always been under the impression, that when a Federal Judge makes a ruling, that that ruling takes precedence and must be obeyed, until a higher court or the highest court in the nation overturns the lower courts ruling. Is that wrong, or are we already living in a Progressive Communist nation?

It appears to me that our President and his administration are paying absolutely no attention to the fact that the Obama Care Bill has been deemed unconstitutional by Federal Judge Vinson (pictured above left). When we consider that at least 26 out of fifty states have filed suit against the Federal Government concerning the constitutionality of many aspects of the Obama Care bill, is there actually any doubt as to the attorney's opinions of those states, that perhaps they are correct, and President Obama and congress are wrong? Also, we must consider the fact that in excess of 700 companies, businesses, congress, federal employees, unions and a couple of states have been granted waivers from implementing Obama Care, an opt-out if you will. The fact that any waivers have been granted brings forth the question: If this plan is so wonderful, why do so many want out of it, and why is the government granting opt-out waivers in the first place?

It is my considered opinion that we are missing some very important points here. For one thing, the Obama Care law is, or should be dead in the water. But is it? It doesn't appear so, as many institutions are implementing the program just as if Judge Vinson never even made his ruling. That my friends bothers me. Ignoring a Federal Judge's ruling, and proceeding with the implementation of a program deemed unconstitutional is nothing less than a complete usurpation of the laws set forth in this country, for all to follow. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that include our President, our congress, and anyone else falling under the constitution? And isn't the complete disregard of our Constitution, grounds for impeachment? And why hasn't the impeachment process already been started by some Conservative Republicans?

While many states, and congressmen are looking for ways to get out of Obama Care, they should be spending more time stopping the implementation of the Unconstitutional Bill. Has anyone approached Attorney General Eric Holder regarding his obligation to enforce the ruling of Judge Vinson? Has it not come to the minds of anyone, Republican or Democrat or Independent that Attorney General Holder is derelict in his obligation to enforce the law? It has always been my understanding that when a Federal Judge strikes down a law he deems unconstitutional, that ruling must stand until the ruling has been appealed, and overturned by a higher court. In this case, the next higher court, is the highest court. Will Obama, his administration, his minions and his Czars be able to ignore a ruling by the Supreme Court too? Will Americans allow President Obama, Attorney General Holder, and the entire Progressive left to blatantly show that this nation's highest court has become irrelevant? It remains to be seen. From what I have observed from this administration since Judge Vinson's ruling, I would have to say yes. Obama and his Progressives are paying no heed, nor are they giving credence to Judge Vinson's ruling. Like so many other illegal, shading and unconstitutional dealings this administration has taken part in, this one I'm afraid will be no different. Obama and his people are ignoring this, and as always you don't hear much about the blatant disregard for the rule of law on the news. While news sources cover and devote their time to the events in Egypt, the Obama administration continues to press on with their agenda. While America is watching the smoke screen, Obama is working his deceitful and diabolical plans for the demise of America behind the smoke. "Never waste a good crisis", remember that statement. As Americans, we have to watch both of Obama's hands, we cannot afford to be distracted.

So, again I ask you: "Is this still America, a land of laws, a Republic that is governed by the people, or have we already slipped into the Progressive Communist Society where the government controls the people, not the other way around? God Help Us


"The Watchman"