Saturday, March 17, 2012


Marine Corps Lance Corporal Edward J. Dycus, 22 years old of Greenville, MS.
Executed by his Afghan Army counterpart on February 1, 2012

  Wouldn't it be a good thing if Americans were made privy to the truth surrounding the death of this young Marine?  The Pentagon released a statement alleging that LCpl. Dycus was killed during combat operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.  The truth of course, is that LCpl. Dycus was cowardly executed by an Afghan Army soldier who shot him in the back of the head.  Why would the Pentagon lie to the American people about the circumstances surrounding this Marine's death?  Because corruption in Washington, D.C., may start at the White House, but it certainly doesn't end there.  Where is the apology from Hamid Karzai?  
  In all my years, I've always assumed that politicians lie to the people, make promises that they can't possibly keep, and in actuality never intended to keep.  Like most Americans, I became accustomed to the political lies, and like most Americans, I expected them, and accepted the lies as normal.  While the political lies are the norm, the expectation and acceptance of the lies should never have become the norm.  For many years now, the American people overlooked the lies and the corruption of our President and the other legislators, sadly that is how we arrived where we are today.  Our Presidents and Representatives have become so accustomed to lying to the people, that falsehoods spew from their mouths like lava from a volcano.  Our Presidents and legislators know we will accept the lie, because that is all we've been getting for all these years.  Cover-ups, back-room deals, and blatant, bald-face lies are constantly coming at Americans from those big grinning and smiling legislators like a speeding bullets.  Bullets aimed at the very heart of America.  
  Through it all however, there was always this sacred trust, a bond, if you will, between the American people and their military leaders.  The Generals and the Admirals were always respected and held in high regard, as they, above all our leaders would always tell us the truth.  I regret to inform you, this is no longer the case.  The Generals and Admirals, those to whom we have entrusted the very lives of our sons and daughters, have been corrupted by this and other administrations.  The once honest and trustworthy hierarchy of the United States Military have become as dishonest and corrupt as those civilians who appoint them.  As a veteran myself, I have always defended the integrity of the military from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, to the newest recruit.  It appears that even the highest ranking officers in the Pentagon have now submitted themselves to this administration, and are now aiding the President in lying to the American people.  The Pentagon has dishonored themselves by spreading lies about LCpl. Dycus' tragic death.  They have dishonored themselves by placing the whims of a corrupt Socialist/Progressive President above the truth.
  So, I have to ask, is this the end of honest and responsible government and military leaders?  The Senate and the House have been rendered irrelevant by this President, the courts have been corrupted as well.  Now, the last bastion of honor left in Washington, D.C. has been tainted.
  I don't know about you folks, but I get this empty, sick and hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach, when I think about what our nation is becoming.  
  It was written in a recent article that, "America will one day laugh at itself for taking Barack Obama serious".  I think: "America will weep for the same reason".
God Help Us
The Watchman   

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Which one is the Taliban spokesman?  The idiot with gun, or the newly deaf pea-brain holding his ear???

Dateline:  Thursday, March 15, 2012
Headline:  Washington Post

  I'm curious as to how one goes about talking peace with a barbaric horde of Islamic jihadis.  Do you sit at a table in a office complex, or do you sit cross-legged in a tent somewhere in the desert?  Do you take the grand mullah at his word, write an agreement on paper, or is it just a handshake between enemies?  I can see no reason for the Taliban to discuss peace with Americans, after all, didn't Barack Obama already give the Taliban and Al Queda the time-line for America's withdrawal?  I'm sure he did.  If I knew when the enemy was scheduled to pull out from the battle, I would simply wait for their departure and walk in and re-establish power.  Although most of those Taliban look ignorant, they aren't degenerate enough to look a gift-camel in the mouth.
  Although Hamid Karsai is as corrupt a our own President, he would like the Americans to leave his country.  I've never been a quitter, nor have I been one to run from a fight, but let's face it, the odds against America coming out of this on top, are pretty slim.  Don't get me wrong, our troops are more than capable of kicking the Taliban across the Gobi and back again, but not unless they are allowed to do so.  President Obama with his new "don't shoot anyone" rules of engagement have our warriors fighting with on hand behind their backs.  President Karsai on the other side, is consistently holding on to their other arm and just won't let go.  Even American troops, as well trained and as brave and courageous as they are, cannot win a battle given those odds of "look ma, no hands".  There was no such thing as fighting a war with the goal being "not to lose" prior to Obama.  If our fighting men and women aren't going to be given the green light to win this thing, then they will just be in Afghanistan till they are all blown up, either one by one, or five or ten at a time.  The only way to win a war, is to kill the enemy and keep on killing them till they get tired of dying, then perhaps they will stop fighting.  Unfortunately, this battle we are engaged in in the Middle East, is unlike any we, as a country has ever fought.  This is not a war of nation against nation, this is a holy war (like the terminology, or not), and the Taliban and Al Queda are willing to die for their Allah.  The most prestigious thing in Islamic jihad is to be martyred for Allah, it guarantees them a spot in heaven.  Being martyred is the only way for these people.  Death, doesn't frighten them, they look forward to it.  How can you defeat an enemy that has no fear of death?  There is only one way, and I know that it's not politically correct, but you have to kill each and every one of them, period!  Obama knows this, and so does Leon Panetta, the entire congress, every General, and down to every Private.  If you do not admit it, you are doomed to be beaten.  If you cannot recognise your enemy, then his patience is his most formidable weapon.  He will simply destroy you by attrition.  World War I and II, were not won by trying not to lose.  Korea, Vietnam, there was surrender, and literally hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians died anyway, especially in Vietnam.  Look at Korea, divided into two nations.  North Korea has thousands of Christians locked up in concentration camps.  So, I ask, how exactly, did that war end?  You know the answer!  Iraq is already being taken back over by Al Queda, and when we leave Afghanistan, it will also fall back into the hands of the Taliban, you know it, and I know it, and of course thousands of civilians who were friendly to the Americans, will die at the hands of the Taliban.
  Unless the United States is intent on cornering the Opium Poppy market, I think it may be time to either tell Hamid Karsai to take a hike, and arm our troops and let them win this thing, or tell Hamid Karsai, hey, here's your country, such as it is, you talk peace with the Taliban.  America is leaving, as you demanded, and we're taking our big stick with us.  Continuing to spill American blood and spend American treasure with no intent to completely decimate the enemy is futile, and foolish.  As my dad used to say, "either lead, follow or get out of the way.  But for God's sake, do something!!!
God Help Us
The Watchman

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


How about a modicum of perspective here?
A headline from the AP March 11, 2012:
  U.S. Service Member Held In Mass Shootings of Afghan Civilians.
  Other headlines I've read across the Internet are damning to say the least.  One is already predicting the "Death Penalty" for this Army Staff Sergeant, as if to call him guilty. 
  The one thing that hasn't been in print, or in the media that I've seen in the past 3 days, is where Barack Obama calls for restraint, and orders the American people "not to jump to conclusions" on this matter.  Instead, the President immediately gets on the blower and calls President Hamid Karsi to apologise for the heinous behavior of one of our soldiers.  Of course we all know that Karsi isn't looking for an apology from Obama, Karsi wants this American soldier's head, on a stick, although he didn't actually come out and say it.  I distinctly remember immediately after the Fort Hood shootings and Maj. Nidal Hasan was in custody, Obama, first told the country to have restraint and not to jump to conclusions.  When the underwear bomber was subdued and in custody, Obama had the same advice for the American people, when the New City bomber was captured, again America was cautioned to hold our tongues and our ire.  So, where is the call from President Karsi and President Obama to the Afghan people to hold their tempers, do not jump to conclusions?  I imagine that the call for restraint will not occur, as this American Army SSgt. is not Muslim, and under this Obama administration apparently does not merit the benefit of the doubt.  It wouldn't surprise me if Eric Holder isn't already preparing a multiple murder charge against this soldier, or maybe he could be contemplating extradition orders for him to be sent back to Afghanistan to stand trial.  This would be understandable, as Obama and his cronies disregard the war, they pretend that there is no Muslim terror, and they believe that every act of terrorism aimed at the United States is merely a minor law enforcement problem, to be handled in civilian courts.  Do not be surprised if Holder and Obama are giving serious thoughts to sending this man back for trial, under the fair and judicial Sharia Law.
  Forgive me, I was chasing the rabbit again.  I think it is time for the condemnation to end and for some serious research be done on the Staff Sergeant's past record.  Perhaps, there is something that happened to him in the past that might just explain why this man slipped over the edge, at least temporarily, then came to his senses and turned himself in afterward.
  From what I have been able to glean from bits and pieces, this soldier had previously been deployed to Iraq 3, that's three tours.  He is now on his 4th that's fourth deployment, this time in Afghanistan.  There is a human side to our warriors, let's not forget that!  This Army Staff Sergeant is a husband and father of two children.  He has been in the Army for 11 years, it would be my guess that this 38 year old man has spent more time overseas fighting at his country's call to arms, than he has spent with his wife and children.  As a Vietnam era Marine who spent more time in Vietnam than at home, I can attest to the strain a 3 time deployment can put on a soldier, let alone being deployed for a fourth time.  I was fortunate enough to not have had to leave a wife and children behind.   There was also an extenuating circumstance blurb that I picked up on a FOXNews cast yesterday.  It was only mentioned one time, and never mentioned again for the rest of the news cast day.  It was mentioned that this American warrior was seriously injured in a military vehicle roll over accident on one of his previous Iraq deployments.  It wasn't mentioned if this rollover was caused by an IED or any combat related circumstance.  It did mention however, that this SSgt sustained "brain damage" from this rollover accident, but he was deemed "able for duty" by the Army.  My question is, was he really "fit for duty" and ready for another deployment to a hostile country?  Shootings like this are more times than not the work of a madman, or a Muslim jihadii.  
  An Afghan farmer who allegedly lost 11 members of his family, is extremely distraught and understandably so.  But Mr Khan had this to say:  "This is an anti-human and anti-Islamic act.  Nobody is allowed in any religion in the world to kill children and women."  Although my deepest condolences go out to this man, I think he's been sniffing too much camel dung.  The brutal murders of innocent women and children in Islamic countries is an everyday event.  Not only that, but if Mr. Khan is a devout Qur'an believing Muslim, he would be dancing in the streets and handing out pastries had this same exact tragedy happened to an Israeli family.  The very religion of Islam, breeds brutality and violence.  Someone should get this man, and President Hamid Karsi a subscription to a good news paper, maybe even the address of websites like "Jihad Watch" or "Act for America" to bring them up to speed on the barbaric nature of Islam.
  I am asking that the premature condemnation of an honorable soldier that has served his country for 11 years be halted, until such time as the whole truth is known, including the entirely possible and telling medical extent of this man's brain injury is brought to light.  In respect to his children and his family, who, I can only imagine what terrible hell they must be going through, in light of these circumstances.   
  Unlike President Obama, I respect the warriors of this country all the time, and not just "generally" as he so eloquently stated it.  Perhaps a call to this SSgt's family from the President is in order, to encourage her and the kids that all is being done to get to the bottom of this event, and that her husband and the father of her children will be treated fairly.  Of course I know that this family doesn't deserve a call from the President, after all she can't further his re-election prospects and she isn't Ms. Fluke of Georgetown.  She's just one of many American wives trying to keep things together at home, while her husband is deployed.  God Bless Her and the children.  My prayers for her strength and peace, and that she knows that God loves her and the children.
God Help Our Warriors
The Watchman