Friday, December 3, 2010


NOT!!! - GERALDO RIVERA: Read This Before Voting on the DREAM Act

Like all of Geraldo Rivera's journalistic attempts, this OpEd for FOXNews is no different. It is chock full of melodramatics. As in most of Geraldo's editorials it begins with his bloviations about how wonderful and brave he has been, as FOX's "War Correspondent". I don't mind a man polishing his buttons once in a while, but Geraldo, next to Bill O'Reilly, you've got to be the biggest ego maniac on television. To swipe a phrase from O'Reilly, "And that's the memo."
I certainly understand that Geraldo Rivera fashions himself to be the champion of the Illegal Aliens in America, he's in good company there's also Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. John McCain was a champion for the Illegal Alien plight, until he found out that his political career was in the dumpster, so he changed up. At least Geraldo is consistent in his beliefs, and is determined in his convictions, feeding his own ego is necessary at all costs. If you can actually get through his entire OpEd without throwing up, you'll find that his statements completely miss the mark, and his emotions are controlling his brain. Geraldo, no matter what you say or write, you'll never be able to convince the majority of American taxpayers that amnesty will be anything but disastrous for America.
In the FOX OpEd Geraldo speaks about all the brave Illegals who are in harms way in the middle east. I was in Vietnam, I knew many brave men, and guess what? None of them Illegal Aliens, at least not as far as I could tell. Every last one of them spoke fluent English, and none of us non-coms had to learn Spanish to convey orders. I won't detract from the bravery of these men, but number one, they should not be serving in the military in the first, which tells me, they either lied (again) to gain access to the service, or their recruiter forged documents. Anyone serving on active duty that is found to be an Illegal Alien, needs to be removed from active, and prosecuted for conduct unbecoming. If it was his/hers recruiter that did the lying, or knowingly turned a blind eye to obviously forged documents, that person needs to be stripped of their rank, and prosecuted for conduct unbecoming. Illegal Aliens, regardless of what country they are from are NOT to be in the military, period. Compounded criminal acts, do not somehow turn out to be the right thing to do, just because the person is of Hispanic lineage.
Bottom line, it's not the brave, the hard working, the families, the legal immigrants, the law abiding naturalized citizens that are the subject here. Understand, there is no such thing as a law abiding Illegal Alien, you can not be Illegal and law abiding at the same time. It must be understood, there brave men and women from all nations. Bravery is not what makes a person a citizen, honesty, that's what qualifies to make a person a candidate for citizenship. Being Illegal is NOT being honest. Lying to get into America, then lying to get a job then lying to get into the military, none of these acts are the acts of honest and forthright citizens. As former military, I have nothing but respect for bravery of these men and women that Geraldo writes about, but keep in mind, it's not a matter of bravery. If we give passes to those Illegals in the military, then we must understand that if they are then allowed to bring family into this country, then we are forced to take the bad with the good. America doesn't need Mexicans like the ones pictured above. America doesn't need or want Mexicans that are loyal to Mexico, Saudi's that are loyal to Arabia, Egyptians that are loyal to Egypt, and so on and so on. America needs and welcomes those who wish to become Americans, and only those who want to become American. Honesty will be a good start.
So you see Geraldo, your statements are as empty as Al Capone's vault, you know what I mean.
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

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